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What the Hell, Don - You Keep Pumping Me For Money?

Posted By: Lion
Date: Friday, 17-Apr-2020 18:03:47


Don, what the hell are you thinking??

Every time you show up in my inbox, you are badgering me for money.

You get pretty aggressive with your talk, too.

You tell me things such as "You need to step up", or "Why haven't I heard from you yet?". or "My whole family e-mailed you, and we haven't seen you donate anything."

Then you say things like; "You can be part of the Gold Card Club", or other non-sense that sounds like I'm entering some lame buyers club.

Please, Don. Are you for real?

What kind of a bubble do you live in, Don, where you think you can just E-mail random Americans, and demand money from them?

Just because we gave you a vote, and an E-mail address in a survey, you think you have the right to demand money from us?

You don't.

Do you understand, Don, the very system you preside over, has already stolen all of our money, and we don't have any money to give you?

Do you not understand that as you sit up there in your ivory towers, the people who put you in power have been raped and robbed so many times, in so many ways, they are tapped out?

Perhaps in your world, money is the only thing that counts.

Perhaps in your world, you see yourself as another oligarch who can buy another election, and use the little people's money to do it with.

Perhaps in your world, you think the only thing Americans care about is Left or Right, Democrats or Republicans.

But in my world, it is a bit different.

In the real world Don, it's not like that at all.

On Capitol Hill, inside the walls of the swamp, you and the swamp creatures can play the Democrat - Republican game all day long - and you do, and it is a disgusting show.

Do you know what most Americans see when they look at DC?

They see the worst B movie ever written, with horrible actors, being played out in front of them, every day.

They see the least amount of intellect ever assembled in one place, especially from the side who identify as Democrats.

Yes, Don, Americans get the FACT that Democrats are literally demonic creatures from the pits of hell, who belong in prison for the mentally deranged.

There is no question about that.

However, there is a growing concern as to WHY you, as President, play ball with these creatures.

Playing ball with them as if they are some kind of legitimate governing body, is almost as ignorant as the demonic Democrats themselves.

Why do you do it? Good God, man - are you out of your mind?

"The Democrats won't let me do this; or the Democrats did such and such..."

Stop the crap, Don. There are things you DON'T do because YOU don't want to do them, not because these clinically insane despots prevented you from doing anything.

There are campaign promises you won't keep because you don't want to, Don - not because some simple minded, moronic, Democrat stopped you from doing it.

Own it Don.

You wanted the big chair.

You got the big chair.

Don't shit in the big chair, Don.

It would behoove you, Don to remember the words of WWII General George S Patton:

"We just fought a war on behalf of these filthy sons-a-bitches who aren't civilized enough not to shit in the same place they sleep".

And don't - I repeat - DO NOT make the mistake of shitting on the American people.

Most Americans know that DC swamp creatures - Democrat or Republican - don't give a hoot about them, even in their wildest dreams - yet the swamp creatures are more than happy to use every producing American as a PROFIT CENTER - while robbing the American people blind.

Just how much longer do you think we will allow this absurd show to continue?

Do you not understand the biggest percent of Americans, save for the ones with an IQ of 6 or less, understand the DC swamp is the problem, and therefore can never, and will never be the solution?

Yet, you have the audacity to demand we give you money to continue this shit show over and over and over?

Stop the bullshit, Don.

We gave you a vote because you acted like a leader instead of a politician.

We gave you a vote because you claimed to have more balls than a big brass monkey.

Do you know what a leader is, Don?

JFK was a leader, Don.

JFK was willing to do the right thing for the American people, without compromising, and JFK didn't give a damn about Republican - Democrat bullshit.

That's what a leader is Don. A leader does right by the people who follow them, and a leader sure as hell doesn't sell his people down the river for money and power.

You see, Don, it's all about what you are made of.

Leadership is about what you are, and what you bring to the table for the benefit of the people.

You say you are a deal maker.

You make deals, and you want money to fund your campaign.

We, the American people will then offer you a deal.

Here are the terms of the deal:

Since 1913, the system you now preside over, has permitted the fiat, fractional reserve, banking oligarchs to rob us blind.

The system you preside over has traded us, our birth certificates, our souls, our productivity, and our lively hood as cattle futures in the stock market - from cradle to grave.

From these trades, your system, and the fiat, fractional reserve bankers have generated multi-trillions of dollars, stolen the proceeds, and used the proceeds to make war, to destroy, to tighten the noose on Humanity and enslave every man, woman, and child in America.

The one BIG PROBLEM you now have, Don, is all that money generated since 1913, does not belong to you, nor does it belong to the bankers.

It does not belong the British Royals.

It does not belong to the Vatican.

It belongs to us, the American people.

It is our money, and we now demand it back.

If you think that is just a rhetorical statement, you would be mistaken.

If you want money for your campaign, give us our money first.

Obviously, the fiat, fractional reserve, thieves from the central banks don't want to allow the American people access to our straw-man accounts, which are collectively worth trillions of dollars - all of which belongs to us.

No thief wants to return what they stole.

Ah, but remember your inauguration speech, Don?

"...a time when the immense power of the few will be returned to You, the American People..."

Here is my proposition.

Let's play the casino circular financing game, just like the political pigs in DC play:

You find a way to deposit Twenty Five Million of my money, tax free, with no strings, and no preconditions, into my account.

Then - against my better judgment because it would be like giving a fifth of whiskey to an alcoholic - I will kick back Twenty Five Thousand to your political campaign as a donation.

I would do this only because a deal is a deal, and I am a man of my word.

Before finalizing this deal with you Don, there are other stipulations we require, regarding the Bill Gates 'plannedemic virus'.

We know the viruses are bio-weapons, custom designed in labs from research funded by front companies of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

We know where the Bill Gates virus(s) initially came from, Don.

We know what the Bill Gates viruses are, Don.

We know what the Bill Gates viruses are capable of doing, Don.

We know what the Bill Gates viruses are not capable of doing, Don.

We know how the Bill Gates Viruses are activated, Don.

We know that you are playing ball with the lunatic principles involved, just like your are playing ball with the lunatic Democrats - and going along with the terrorizing of the American people - all in the name of profit.

This will cease - immediately.

We know your game plan for "re-opening America for business".

Your horrible plan for 're-opening' is not only - unacceptable - is diabolically evil on its face.

Don't even try it.

You will fail - in the most egregious manner you have ever known.

A wise man knows when to talk and when to listen.

I for one, do not appreciate you terrorizing my people, and your actions will NOT be tolerated.

What you are doing now, is more than absolutely shameful - it is a criminal act in and of itself.

Do not be so foolish as to shit on the American people again, Don.

As I have previously stated, to do so means your legacy of anything save for that of a useless tyrant - goes down in flames.

I have my doubts you are unaware of the number of principles involved here, or that you are unaware of the size and scope of this operation.

Nonetheless, you will find a synopsis of the principles here:

I tell you these things, not just for my own benefit, but for your own good, as well, and in good faith.

At this point in our time line, you are one thin hair away from open revolt of the American people.

Believe me, you do not want to go there, and neither do we.

However, at this juncture, the American people literally have nothing to lose by blowing the lid off.


Your system, and your love affair with the Central Banking cartel have already stolen everything from us.

When the SHTF, you will have lost control of the situation.

That will spell the end of your career.

It is you and your cronies who are promoting the extreme, and totally unnecessary panic and fear porn of the Bill Gates viruses, in order to install a complete fascist state.

The fear porn is not working, Don, but the righteous anger among the American people is mushrooming by the day.

The longer your system demands Americans cannot exercise their freedoms and liberties, the less powerful your system becomes.

The more you crack down on American liberties, the more resistance you will get.

You are closing in on the point where you, or any state governor can make demands, or write executive orders till you are blue in the face - and your EOs won't mean squat.

You, and your system are losing credibility by the minute.

If you continue on your plannedemic path of using this contrived panic to further your agenda, you may as well follow it straight to hell - because you will leave no other choice, for the American people, for yourself, or for your fellow despotic psychopaths planning this criminal operation.

We offered you a deal to save face, Don.

Take the deal, or go down in flames.

We don't have anything to lose.

Because of your extremely inflated ego, you have a lot to lose.

It's sad to say, but the fate of a Republic rests in your hands now.

It's time for YOU to STEP UP, Don.



RMN is an RA production.

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What the Hell, Don - You Keep Pumping Me For Money?
Lion -- Friday, 17-Apr-2020 18:03:47
What a roar Lion. Good point. Just say "No-Kitty!"
Nameless_one -- Friday, 17-Apr-2020 18:03:47

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