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CLS Mil Rpt 4/15/2020: Earth Under Attack! New Time Traveling Defense Fleet Soldiers Needed. SignUP Window CLOSING

Posted By: mroxygen
Date: Wednesday, 15-Apr-2020 02:32:04

Beyond anything you hear from another. I attest it is all completely true, Ed.

Many perks and upgrades are included. Calmness is one. Pilot a LightShip. Save our LIGHT world.

As - and if - you choose to volunteer and defend our Earth Planet homeland as a presently manifesting any age man or woman, you will be volunteering an aspect of you as Spirit appearing as you are from the prime age of the life where you are volunteering from. Your peak version of your youthful Spirit self will be assigned very advanced Light weapons and Light armor which are installed once you are transported into the Earth future timeline for advanced warrior training and advanced fitment.

You can help the process by clearing yourself now and as we continue to go along with the clearings suggested below.
You will know that you are safe, because as Spirit you are existing above the lower dimensional fray you are engaging in, and will never permanently fall in battle, as that would erase all versions of our humans volunteering from their curent various Earth nations and dimensional timelines and our current families there.

Soldiers are taken from time while existing in our past and future where you are taken aside and secretly offered this recruitment. All Earth Defense Fleet Sovereign Soldiers are recruited as free choice loving volunteers . You being injured would be too disruptive, which is not allowed, so no worries. We are the superior force and your contribution is honored as The True Light defends it's territory here with it's own children.
If you happen to be injured while serving with the freedom loving forces, you as Spirit are immediately resurrected and healed. You will notice very little difference to your life here as a Human when you choose to volunter and help save us all.

Many of us have enlisted long ago. I and others know what is going on. I fell and was resurrected twice that I know of. Very cool. Some of us get memory recollection cross overs from our Spirits in battle. Some are more able to recall, and all our stories do agree...

You may write to CreationLightship to be included in this glorious time limited offer. Offer ending soon. You won't notice a thing, unless you want to. No liability, plenty of avancement.

You can open this in your browser:

Staying Calm in the Storm - Alien's Feeding off your Energy System

Ron Amitron Quote
”Get out of the energy of the Mind Matrix. You'll never have peace until you release yourself out of that.” …Blessings Ron

Dear CLS Friend,
Hear straight from Ron Amitron and gain a wealth of valuable assistance. Listen to his radio show archives HERE.
TTS's [Time Travelling Soldiers] are requested to send weekly reports. Share your CLS Questions and Testimonials to

Important - Staying Calm in the Storm
Important - Alien's Feeding off your Energy System

Dear Time Traveling Soldier (TTS) and CLS Friend,
RE: How to remain calm and on the New Earth in the midst of the storm.

Have no doubt that we're in the midst of a battle for a planned global alien takeover. The names of the players are withheld but include large corporations and global leaders in partnership with the darkside Alien Galactic Federation and the ET Underground Industrial Complex.

The darkside script, to lull you into submission, is sugarcoating this as a "global reset" that will take us back to better times. The opposite is true. The "reset" will move earth's residents quickly towards a heavily controlled mind matrix of physical and mental control. This is war and how does it affect you?

As seen in the movie, Jupiter Rising, the aliens are harvesting and feeding off fear/trauma, etc. from the emotional energy systems of fearful people across the planet. [Eating our LOOSH] This is a huge energy harvest to fuel their alien armies in a global abduction and attack. Our CLS friends who wish to remain safe and emotionally neutral are continually removing themselves from the alien mind matrix timelines.

  No emotions = No alien abductions = No harm to us

  Accomplished through Timeline/Spacetime Crashing, Mind Matrix Removal, Emotional Clearing and your specific Whole Lifetime Clearings -   R.A., BBS Archive 04.04.11

We live and love on a planet of duality, a dark planet. Yet, the Lightship sees all in perfection. The result of this is that if you wish for help, you need to ask Ron and the Lightbeings on the Lightship. They cannot see the problem unless you ask specifically and clearly. These requests can be made only through your own Spirit in your own heart center or the CLS website. Do not pray for help or you will become prey. Unless you wish to be hooked up with dark energies which include the alien mind matrix and alien abduction, do not join group prayers, group meditations and the like... "Run, don't walk! " [Away from them]" - R.A.

Protect yourself and your family. You can remain on the CLS Timelines of peace and the New Earth with Timeline Crashing and Clearings. Stop wondering and whining and do the work. Ron's website is a gift to humanity to help us during this troubled time.

"Get yourself and your family out of the energy of the Alien Mind Matrix. You'll never have peace until you release yourself out of that." - R.A.

Time Traveling Soldier Report Summary as of 4/1/20

Ron and the Elite TTS have amassed a large and highly skilled army and are battling around the clock. We are receiving reports that the alien targets for the CLS TTS are in undisclosed key areas as well as removing aliens in the hometowns of our CLS friends.

The battles are thick and heavy. Reports indicate heavy battling above and below ground. Explosions and flashes of light, battlecraft and "strange" alien creatures have been seen. Our courageous TTS's are reporting strength on the battlefield as well as at home. Sometimes soldiers need time off from the battlefield and a day of rest is required. Returning refreshed the next day to kick more alien a__.

Special Forces Time Traveling Soldier - Final Enlistment Call

If you wish to join the Time Traveling Soldiers the final enlistment period ends Saturday 4/4/20. [Ask] To learn more about Time Traveling Soldiers, who they are and what they do, see the 3/22/20-3/25/20 CLS newsletter. A brief report from our soldiers is requested weekly. If you've enlisted within the last few weeks, we've got it. There's no need for an additional email. Enlistment may reopen later this year.

TTS's are required to have recently completed the Emotional Clearing prior to active enlistment. The following healings are strongly recommended for TTS and non-soldiers to remain calm and on the New Earth in the midst of the current earth turmoil. Do the clearings and repeat as needed during the midst of the storm. Doing a clearing only once is not enough during this troubled time.

Most of our CLS friends already have Whole Lifetime Clearings. You may purchase the Unlimited version to heal and clear these again.

Mind Matrix Bundle – Remove yourself from the Alien Mind Control Matrix

Timeline Crash and Spacetime Crash – Timeline Crash COVID-19 Alien Mind Control and stay on CLS Timelines of Light

Galactic Federation Clearing

ET Underground Industrial Complex Clearing

Infection Clearing – Clear COVID-19

Fear Body Clearing - Clear if needed

Whole Lifetime Clearings specific to your needs - Trauma, Infinite Sadness, etc.

Alien Oxygen Code Removal - Remove alien codes from air

Crystal Skull Energy Cording Disconnect

Mind to Heart Drop

Increase Life Force Energy Command

Add all completed healings to the New Earth Transfer to hold the energy. Let us know if you have any questions on the TTS or how to select/run the healings.


The CLS Team

PS-1 Running the healings and strengthening your Spirit doesn't mean ignoring the physical and conventional aspects of prevention and healing. Washing your hands and so on should not be neglected. Seek medical assistance if needed. The clearings will assist and not interfere with medical aid.

PS-2 All healings are Powerful and Active. The Healings must be purchased for full price (or special pricing approved by a CLS Team Member). If using shared/stolen/borrowed/refunded/expired aka false logins the healings will not work. If you requested a refund for a healing, that healing was deactivated. How does the Lightship know I've used a false login? The Lightship detects each person’s unique Spirit energy signature and connects them with their Spirit’s unique original blueprint. If a false login is used it registers an unrecognized login to your energy signature and cannot work. Using a login that was gained outside of CLS integrity (a false login) allows in dark energies from unknown sources (Listen to last 10 minutes of BBS Archive 11/11/11). This is a situation that was very distressing for Ron. To release energies from using a false login use this free clearing - Link


Stay heart centered, peaceful and on the New Earth. Listen to Ron discuss the importance of Timeline Crashing and give sample healings and more on the BBS Radio Archive. This is a prerecorded radio show from 11/25/11. All healings in this show are available on the website Listen Now

Extreme Emergency free healing (Emergencies only) - Link


“Keep doing your clearings.” - R.A.

The website allows all to connect directly with 100% Divine Source Energy. Ron Amitron, our beloved Master Healer, is on the Creation Lightship and with the support of the Light Beings he powerfully impacts lives with Divine Source Energy by healing, clearing and strengthening both body and Spirit. Setting aside an hour a day, or one day a week to clear densities is a good way to stay Heart Centered on the New Earth as well as prepare for ascension. This is a gift to humanity to remove densities and make your life better. Your Love Donations allow us to teach others how to use the healings and carry on his healing mission.

Healings for Time Traveling Soldiers and CLS Friends – Links

Timeline Crash and Spacetime Crash – Timeline Crash COVID-19 Alien Mind Control and stay on CLS Timelines of Light

Infection Clearing – Clear COVID-19

Natal Barcode - Clear COVID-19

Fear Body Clearing - Clear if needed

Crystal Skull Clearing

Alien Attack Page

Mind Matrix Bundle – Remove yourself from the COVID-19 Alien Mind Control Matrix

Galactic Federation Clearing

ET Underground Industrial Complex Clearing

Whole Lifetime Clearings specific to your needs - Trauma, Infinite Sadness, Panic Attack, etc.

Alien Oxygen Code Removal - Remove alien codes from air

New Earth Transfer


Healing with the Creation Lightship
Special # 1

Purchase one Whole Lifetime Clearing and get one for half price. Or purchase any clearing on the website for $100 or more, and get a Whole Lifetime Clearing for half price. The Whole Lifetime Clearings are in the "Category: Current Lifetime Clearings."
Special # 2

Complete four Whole Lifetime Clearings at regular price and your 5th is complimentary.

To activate this Special Offer send us an email request with: The name of the Whole Lifetime Clearing you purchased and a copy of your receipt. Include the name of the Whole Lifetime Clearing you would like to purchase at 1/2 price. We will send you a reply and then you are ready to order and run the clearing.

Healing Testimonials

"Enlistment - would say I too feel what others are, but would add I feel secure and it is easier to stay at peace. I am sleeping well, although I do not need as much sleep (4-5 hours) but feel as if I had 7-8 hours. I have always been able to see, since I was 4 years old, and I seem to be in tunnels. I see flashes of light, and then I see the aliens. Actually for those I see I have gone in to the Alien Attack Removal Clearing and entered them for clearing, and while I could not always name them I describe them. There are a few I can name, and thought about sketching them, but somehow I do not think that is a good idea. All in all, being enlisted makes me strong, and my health is very good. Always, thank you for all that you do." Ms. Y.K.

"TTS Report - My wife, dog and myself have enlisted with the TTS Vikings... We see and hear explosions, flashes of light, black aircraft zipping through a dark alien sky. We're fighting the battle with strength. Things are in our favour here at the moment..." Mr. R.T.

"Enlistment ...I saw myself in an accelerated training for the TTS, now I'm dangerous. Watch out alien army here I come! Feeling great at home too!" - Mr. J.W.

"Enlistment - Dear CLS team, Thank you very much for re-enlisting me and enlisting my three kitties/ I feel good, with more awareness, insight and perspicacity, as you said. Kind regards." - Ms. L.U.

"Enlistment - I ran the emotional body clearing and purchased and ran the Crystal Skull Energy Cording Clearing for both of us. I feel the expanded, in the flow, keen sensory perception." - Ms. R.S.

“Thank you for keeping the website up and allowing us to connect with 100% Source Energy." - Mr. J.M.

Thank you for your

beautiful testimonials

Healing Tips

How long is the timer [on the clearings] set for? Reset the timer for a longer period of time for more powerful results. The healings remove densities. More densities take more time.

Is the "Healer" image BIG enough? Increase the clearing page/image size (in the internet browser window). The larger the "Healer" image is the more powerful the results. Small images reduce surface area (on the monitor screen) of "Healer" and decrease effectiveness.

Is your photo current? Place a large and recent photo of yourself (or the person/child/pet/plant you're clearing) in front of the monitor running the clearings. Outdated photos are not as effective. Recent photos carry your current energy. With your photo in front of the monitor (with the clearings running on it) you can leave the house and let the clearings do their work.

Get a current photo of yourself using your cell phone. Use a smart phone to take a snapshot of yourself and then send it to your network printer at home or work to print it out (black and white is ok too).

Daily Do's

Increase Life Force Energy Command - “I now increase my life force energy.” - Say aloud 10x or more in a row.

Stay peaceful with the Mind to Heart Drop. – “I command my Spirit to drop ALL my thoughts into my heart and MAKE ME REAL. I now command my body to accept this healing energy.” - Count from 10 to 1 backwards: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Say aloud 10x or more in a row.

Command your body to Shrink Wrap your auric field close to your body.

Since 2005

Dedicated to the Creation Lightship Clearings, Ron Amitron and living in the New Earth energy. The Creation Lightship (aka CLS) is actively working through the website and its clearings to carry on the mission of Ron Amitron by removing darkness from Earth. The Creation Lightship has always and continues to keep the website, which bears its name, safe and the clearings active. As a result, many enjoy its benefits worldwide. Beware of imposters, the Creation Lightship (CLS) is not affiliated with any other websites, blogs or forms of communication other than those noted on this website.

Live in Peace,

The CLS Team
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This message was sent from

Creation Lightship
CLS Light Energy Clearings
404 North Mt. Shasta Blvd.#147
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Creation LightShip

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