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Jim Jordan Wrestling Coach -- Is Tavistock on the Case?

Posted By: MaryMaxwell
Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41

Wrestling Coach Jim Jordan Allegedly Cried, To Get Victims to Shut Up

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

I am writing this article from my Australian brain rather than from my American brain. Who, better than the Aussies, know the score, as to institutional suppression of evidence of child sexual abuse? (Note: although the MSM has presented this wrestling case as anti-Trump, I have no interest in it as anti-Trump.)

A man named Jim Jordan, age 55, was a wrestling coach from 1987 to 1995. As an Ohio Republican, he got elected, in 2006, to the US House of Representatives. Not only is he a member of the House, he was the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee. "Ranking member" is equivalent to "shadow" chairperson, during a time when his party is not in power.

The Oversight Committee is extremely important. Anyway, Jim Jordan recently got transferred to another vital committee, the Judiciary Committee where he, with no previous experience, is now the ranking member.

Come Home, Cardinal Pell -- We Were Lifted by a Song

Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse began in 2014 and ended in 2017. I assume it was meant as a whitewash, as all Royal Commissions are. However, there was a popular voice in it. Survivors of child sexual abuse -- many of them age 60 or more -- got together to insist on being heard.

Before you know it, Melbourne singer Tim Minchin had composed a song, "Come Home, Cardinal Pell," that enlivened the RC's hearings. In fact, the money from Minchin's song allowed a band of survivors to fly to Rome and watch the interrogation of a cardinal who had covered up the crimes of Catholic priests.

Today, Americans are not very aware of the overwhelming findings by Australia's RC, as to the number of children who had been abused in an institutional setting -- churches, schools, Boy Scouts, sports teams, etc. Or of the resoluteness with which the officials of those organizations covered up the abuse.

Let me cut to the chase about Jim Jordan. The brother of one of the alleged victims says that Jim cried, over the phone -- for half an hour! -- while trying to get the brother to drop the allegations, back in the days when the story was emerging.

The allegation of abuse was against a sport doctor, not against Coach Jim. So why did Jim try so hard, I mean cry so hard, to preserve the ongoing abuse? In my opinion, that is what was occurring -- he was apparently tasked with protecting the predator so that the practice could continue at that school.

Granted, Jordan may have additionally been motivated to avoid unwanted publicity for his team. The same could be said of the bishops who suppressed information "It will hurt our religion!" But I want to look deeper.

I think the officials of institutions who were called to testify in Sydney (and elsewhere, as the Royal Commission took its show on the road) were motivated to make child sexual abuse happen.

Why Cry?

I think the fact (if it be a fact) that Jim Jordan cried, is a key. Surely he must have been pressured to put the kibosh on the story when it was starting to come out several years ago. Why would he do so? Didn't he have a care about his kids who would suffer damage from the offending doctor?

In my 2017 book, "Deliverance!: A Royal Commission and Pizzagate Reveal Society's Hidden Rulers," I am mainly concerned with the official endorsement of child sexual abuse. As I have stated before at GumshoeNews, my first tip-off came at the very first RC hearing I attended (October 2015) where the House Master of Geelong Grammar, Robert Bugg, was in the witness box.

I was impressed by his apparent contempt for the commissioners. He certainly showed no shame about having covered up the abuse of Geelong students by a certain dormitory assistant, Philippe Trutmann, despite that man's having been convicted in court. Bugg mainly avoided blame by saying he was not aware that the abuse was happening.

Jim Jordan has said the same thing. It was all happening n his watch but it was "Greek to him." May I remind you that he is now the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Does This Bell Have a Pellian Knell?

For want of a better term, I hereby adapt Tim Minchin's term "Pellian knell" to use as a label for a phenomenon that we need to uncover and explain. I propose that a situation has a Pellian knell if someone high up is making the abuse happen at a lower level.

Maybe the person higher up is himself or herself a pedophile but that is not necessary. By the way, George Pell is now in prison in Victoria for his abuse of boys. (Note: Yours Truly is on record saying that I think Pell is innocent of those particular charges, as I don't think he would have risked assaulting boys in a cathedral sacristy, but I may be wrong, of course.)

For my theory, the Pellian knell person is one who is sponsoring the abuse -- and, by the way, Jim Jordan does not fit the pattern as he was not high enough, as a coach, to run the operation at that Ohio school.

I would be willing to imagine that such sponsors could live fairly far away. Indeed, I suspect that it all emanates from Tavistock in England.

In regard to Jim Jordan, I speculate that the person who decided that Jim would rise to the top Republican position on the Judiciary Committee may have a Pellian knell. So who is that? I don't know. You could look at Congress's records for the formality of that assignment to the legislative committee, but it was decided on by Party and no one has to account for decisions made by Party.

Recall that Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House during George W Bush's presidency, had also been a wrestling coach and went to prison in 2015 -- albeit for a short sentence of 15 months -- for, according to the New York Times, "illegally structuring bank withdrawals he used to buy the silence of a former student he sexually abused."

There again, the positioning of Hastert into the Speaker role must have been done, I claim, by someone considerably senior to the very lackluster Rep Hastert.

High Ups

The search for a Pellian knell ended in the House of Lords, in my opinion, in regard to the outrageous killing of 20 children in a school in Dunblane Scotland in 1996 (a few weeks before the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania).

In an article at GumshoeNews I blamed the Dunblane massacre on Lord Cullen, as demonstrated by his unfairly running the Cullen Inquiry, about the massacre, and also on a Scottish member of Parliament, George Robertson, who, in good Pellian-knell fashion, was later appointed to the job of Secretary General of NATO.

Are you following me? I labeled my article "Toff's Clinic: A Place Where Dunblane Killers Can Go for Treatment."

In that article you will find this tantalizing quote from Tim Minogue, a journalist who had been contacted by Lord Burton about Dunblane:

“Lord Burton knew of my contact with The Housemaster and we had an exchange of views. I found him to be a pleasant, and I believe a decent man, but he was over-keen to protect his organisation [the Freemasons] and blamed the Speculative Society clique in the judiciary, and the police for a cover up ‘at the highest level’ of the Dunblane tragedy.

"He told me that a Scots Tory Law Lord and member of the Speculative Society had pounded his fist on his desk in the House of Lords to emphasise that he [Burton] should let the matter [of the Dunblane massacre] drop."


And here, for conspiracy theorists, is an intriguing quote from It has to do with events at the White House on September 11, 2001:

"Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who is third in line for the presidency …. is told that Vice President Dick Cheney will soon be calling him on the secure telephone in his office. However, Cheney is currently having problems using secure phones, and Hastert is too. Hastert later recalls, “To use the secure phone, you have to push a button and turn a key. On that dreadful day I couldn’t make the thing work…."


Back to Oz

GumshoeNews editor Dee McLachlan and I have spent most of the last two years digging into the apparent control of the Australian government by a pedophile ring that is possibly based in Victoria or South Australia. Policemen and policewomen stand by, willingly, as children are stolen from a protective parent.

They also shy away from dealing with the crime of child abuse.

Recall Denis Ryan, police detective in Mildura, and author of Unholy Trinity, who said he could not get fellow cops to help him deal with the pedophile priests. The cops treated their fellow cop Ryan cruelly, when he insisted on pursuing the matter.

Recently, a researcher Karen Brewer, whom we had never heard of, made a bold statement that all members of the Australian government, are handpicked and recruited from a pool of persons involved with pedophilia.

We have not tracked Ms Brewer down for an interview, much less investigated her claims, but she makes sense. In Australia, you usually can't just pop up out of the blue to stand for Parliament. You have to be "pre-selected" -- officially! -- by your Party, of which Liberal and Labor are the two biggies.

Please tune into the video here to hear what Karen Brewer says about the similarity of background of all our leaders:

Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB, recently ran for the Republican nomination in the NH presidential primary. See her story below

Maxwell contests Trump and Weld in NH:

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