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Mr. Oxygen’s Billy Goat Therapy. Determining Vitamin C Type and Amount Necessary In Cleaning Out, Detoxing, Anaerobes & VIRUSES

Posted By: mroxygen
Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41

Mr. Oxygen’s Billy Goat Therapy. (C)
Determining Vitamin C Type and Amount Necessary In Cleaning Out, Detoxing, and Treating All Our Anaerobes and VIRUSES.

All my writings and teachings are all in my humble opinion, and published under my inalienable right to speak. None are meant to cure anything and do not intend to either. It's just an educating discussion, people. Do everything only under the supervision of your health care provider skilled in the oxidative modalities and detoxing.

Humans are complex biologically. As I write to offer help to people, I use a balanced mix of science and plainspeak. Enough proof, but less gobbledygook is offered.

Life works because Nature perfected itself to this point by trying out everything, keeping what works, and discarding and recycling the rest. If we choose well, we live. We choose badly, well…

Source never judges us - as “She/He/IT” has already designed, planned it all this way, and knows, that even by tossing us into this terrain as memory wiped dumbed down Spirits, EVERYONE is eventually headed Home again. Even the gods.

Spirits - WE are directly connected through OUR Hearts Inside Source, and WE are way beyond the mere artificial mental "soul construct." We are taught to reverently call ourselves, “soul.” We were programmed to believe mentally we are souls. Actually, WE really are undiminished full Spirits, not created by gods, and far vaster, more powerful, and actually part of Source IT-self.

The closest SOURCE comes to openly interfacing with us as humans is to live in our Hearts and send us a teaching LightBeing every 2,000 years - as measured in Earth time. That way the truth is never lost to us.

WE can choose to split ourselves off of being part of an oversoul group collective. This is so we can be more enabled in our more independent and self-determining Spirit form. Of course we need someone like Ron Amitron or another LightBeing to help us do that.

Source, our Divine selves, and the dimensional duality gods all merged, creating this combined playground we live on for us. All of this exists so WE can still express ourselves creating our being here while pretending to be limited as humans first - while we're still unknowingly being able to project our reality and selves out from within an artificially constructed soul group.

We are experiencing this place while genetically chakra and brain altered - blinded, suffering, and doing our best to enjoy life after life. Genetically hampered by others, we need to recognize eventually that WE do pop out of the matrix one way or the other: Either needing a total repair & recharge, or experiencing graduation. Either as a trusted co-worker with SOURCE, or WE decide we are still needing more experiences somewhere.

WE can consider this kabuki passion play as how Source gets its jollies by slowly savoring and experiencing it ALL THROUGH us pretending to be seemingly hampered by time and our locally programmed belief systems. ALL our toil and suffering and joy is relished as an opportunity to joyously create. WE are IT’S Avatars. ALL the gods in all the expressions themselves are also included.

Once something is created it persists, especially if it procreates. That’s where all these species, worlds and galaxies came from. The less experienced - or less evolved - fight over it all. The rats.

It’s all happening at once, but to our senses it seems like a game of: toss em’ into time and dimensionality, damage them, control them, shake it up real good, and wait to see what pops out of the expanse at the end. They either make it, or…

WE are all at some stage along the path of this. WE just change dimensions, worlds, species, whatever. IT’s the ultimate personal and collective “Where we go one, we go all.”

The gods and Source have apparently decided to speed up forcing the outcomes of our free will choosing humanity representing Nature’s expressing Itself here en mass. Our present local foray into being trapped Spirit in our little local space and time and dimension upon this terrain will change, and is changing. There is ONLY the NOW while WE evolve. Or appear to evolve, as WE never really left Source. WE are dreaming it all.

OUR task, now that the swamp is being drained, is to use our full creative abilities to overcreate the dimensional rat’s creations that are holding us down unnaturally. A big concern is our health.

This writing is meant to wake us up to putting together all the reports and experiences laying all around us in plain sight. And to realizing how Nature is just standing by waiting for us to choose Her over our being a slave addicted to sugar and carbs that turn into sugar and smoking and drinking while all the while being controlled by our programmed tastebuds.

How many people are there who complain they eat right but are still disappointed? Ask them, are they still being a slave? Still addicting themselves to stress sugar and carbs and smoking and drinking and controlled by their tastebuds?

Please be compassionate. Who can blame them, us, what with all the missing minerals and oxygen and missing pure water - and all the advertising that the rats subject us to everywhere. We are the result of what we have chosen. But it seems like we are forced to choose. We are the result of the simple duality operation of cause and effect. You did the best you could. But you CAN say no at any point.

We can now choose to transition back to Full Nature Eating. But the rats don’t want us to, so they make it as hard as possible, to keep US from waking up. Intergalactic politics. They know that if we daily start taking our full portions of Natural Vitamin C, it will fix the majority of everything and they will loose control. I finally realized how simple it is and am sharing.

WE only find out when we get older that all the choices we made are finally manifesting, so we call it old age. Our youthful Natural Energy full electron charge seems to unfairly disappear, and that stops automatically keeping undesireable results at bay and away from us. No one teaches us it’s a rat scam illusion.

We forget that All ENERGY is ultimately Spiritual Source Energy, as Energy is neither created or destroyed. So even after ego manipulation by us or gods selfishly lowers IT’S levels, WE can call from within our Hearts to fix it or get it fixed.

WE can choose to get ENERGY - which is the process of getting more electrons back - at any stage of our journey, depending upon the sincerity of our efforts. Results vary.

I am blessed to still be a student of Ron Amitron today, and while he was here living among us. He stated HE was a Hard Holographic Projection direct from Source, sent to remind us of the real PATH WE all travel. Many a clairvoyant tested him. He showed us even those temporarily currently expressing as rats travel the same Path. IF they have Heart Spirit.

I witnessed Ron heal everything imaginable, with our permission or the permission of our Spirits. HE was able to go anywhere in time and bi-locate between any worlds. Clairvoyant people I know would report all seeing HIM there. HE could focus Source Energy on persons, places or things, freeze timelines, change or crash timelines, resurrect warriors, and do other (what we from our unnatural states consider amazing) things.

HE created our REAL timeline jumping Sovereign Soldiers. HE created our true multi-cultural multi-country Earth Sovereign Space Fleet which was recruited and equipped from Earth’s past, present, and future. All perfectly logical and normal when we know the full story that’s been hidden from us for so long.

The changeable immortal energy is all about electron flow exchanges. Donating electrons, lots of them. All our healing comes from that.

My OxyLift supplement is based upon free flowing harmonium ions. When I started out, without knowing the full scope of this work yet, I knew enough to advocate it.

I taught people that the best way to heal is they had to get more full charge electrons absorbed by them somehow. Through a healer working directly with Source (no middlemen, no channels), or through Nature or therapies such as Source expressing IT-self through electron flooding Active Oxygen and Nature’s Vitamin C, etc.

Source creates us, and darkness tries to take our charge away to vampire off of it. That is what we are here experiencing. This up and down back and forth in a duality time matrix zone.

WE are 50% Divine, and keep being pulled back or down - our pure charge being grayed out - by our environment, and though the bad choices we seem somehow always to be forced into choosing between. The bad choices seem to be coming from errors incorporated into our ego belief systems by the environment. In truth, it’s not God’s “fault” - it’s our own choices, coming mostly from our 50% human self while error creating out through our inherited belief error untruths.

That is why Active Oxygen is made available to heal us if we choose it. Same with Nature, IF we choose it. Believe the rats’ lies - or the Truth hidden in plain sight. We choose.

Proof abounds why Mr. Oxygen and I always advocate using Active Oxygen Electron Donators for healing - Sample Gov Medical Citations Proving What I Teach:

These are friends of mine, physicians Dr. Robert Rowen, and Dr. Howard Robins cured coronavirus Ebola with Active Oxygen Ozone and had their study published by the government. When Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19 came along they were ignored.

We live in a duality. As part of Nature IT-self, we are supposed to make our own C, the biggest Natural Electron donator there is in the physical. WE don’t make C, so Nature does. I am being shown that we can still always choose to regain all our taken away abilities and Naturally fix ourselves by eating enough Natural C for long enough. A Billy goat Naturally makes 12-100 GRAMS of natural C in his adrenals daily, and doesn’t get sick.

Unlike us, a Billy goat’s l-glucono lacto oxidase Vitamin C production system works. That's why they never get sick. That’s why I call this Mr. Oxygen’s Billy Goat Therapy.

Even though our ability to make our own C is genetically turned off, Nature shows us we can still clean out and repair the artificial damage. We have to choose to eat right!

By eating enough C for long enough everything changes! We make enough immune system Active oxygen to kill and flush, to kill and flush. All the evidence is there, see all my articles about it. We just have to choose to do so. I’ll expand on this more in the next section.

We can eat enough of a better than Organic (16 holes in the "Organic" labeling law), Natural Whole Vitamin C Complex in wild fresh fruits, or in dried concentrated blends of the rarest highest C content fruits and vegetables. If we cut open or heat or moisturize C, it disappears. It's so full of electrons it just has to give them away.

Problem is, our current food supply is currently stuck with our corporate mindset of greed based farming on used up demineralized hardpan soils since the 30’s! Then the 50’s came in with the biggest rats starting subsidies mandating the use of artificial fertilizer and robbing our Organic Sulfur Oxygen transport out of Nature, and out of our food supply.

This was the beginning of our cancer and other mass diseases epidemics. Nature’s full spectrum Minerals and Oxygen transport mechanism of Natural Sulfur are both now missing from our diets. So is good Oxygen rich and memory blanked Oxygenated Tesla Natural water.

That is why we have to supplement, to get the good stuff that’s not in our supermarkets and healthfood stores. I supply three replacements, OxyLift and OxySulfur, and the Smacker. Active Oxygen harmonium ions with full spectrum Minerals, including the missing Organic Sulfur, and the less expensive and better than Hydrogen water, the Tesla charged microclustered water.

Minerals, Sulfur, Active Oxygen, and electron rich pure charged microclustered deprogrammed water - yeah,… that’s the ticket!

If we review my writings and lectures worldwide over 30+ YEARS you will notice I always fully advocate “The closer to Nature we get, The healthier we will be, and the further away - the sicker.” There is a sound basis as to why I always say that. WE are Nature. We need electrons. Nature gives them to us. Processed food doesn't. Why we all get sick.

Mother Nature takes care of her children. You will also notice I am always talking about Ozone and Peroxide because they are, like Silver, and SUPER Natural Vitamin C, our BIG ELECTRON DONORS.

Sickness is darkness stealing our electron charge, and piling up the leftovers inside us. Which anaerobes live on.

Health is cleaning out the dross, and getting our charges back. That’s the beauty of Vitamin C and Spiritual Source healings, never too late to start, and never to early to use to prevent. All I ever advocated is returning us to normal. Naturally, Wholistically.

The and my Vitamin C link will help you get there if you choose to act now. Joyfully.

To be continued.

This is getting long, so look for part 2 of Mr. Oxygen’s Billy Goat Therapy next.

(In my writings, uppercase “WE,” & “OUR,” or IT” references Divinity. Lowercase “we” and “darkness” refers to diminished suspect gods and humanity. )

Thanks, Mr. Oxygen, Ed McCabe(C)(R) by Ed McCabe, 2020, Elder of The Breath of God Ministry

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Happy Oxygen!

"Then You Will Know The Truth and The Truth Will Set You Free" - I wrote this back then. This is a long, long term project.

Happy Oxygen!

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