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To: Actors and actresses rule the people AND Q's hint on Soros and “The Photo”!

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41

Watch the EVIDENCE, if you can handle it but you MUST step OUTSIDE/BEYOND your paradigm of “honesty” and “fair” game. If you can't, you'll just close your eyes, crawl under the bed and PRETEND “IT IS IMPOSSIBLE”.

The physical characteristics of fonda and perogi are VERY close.
Take a look.
Fonda birth year: 1937
Perogi birth year: 1940
Fonda: weight 58Kg
Perogi: weight 60Kg
Fonda: Height 173cm
Perogi: Height 165cm

The next ones are perot and clark.
Again, the physical characteristics of them are VERY close.
Perot birth year: 1930
Clark birth year: 1927
Perot weight: 61Kg
Clark weight: 72Kg
Perot Height: 166cm
Clark Height: 176cm
Please note from the link below that perot is listed to be an “Actor”!

The actors made FOOLS out of you people in Montana! They put “Meatloaf” to be your “Sen”! They are laughing their heads off, on your patriotic thrives for freedom and honest government! The people don't know WHO their enemies are and they won't accept the truth, because it is SOOOO UNBELIEVABLE!!!

The KNOWN, not hiding to be actors in leader positions are reagan, arnie and jessie that comes to mind.

What about grumpy?
The link below tells the story. (highlight link and right click to open in new tab or page)

By the way, seth mayers is ALSO a fake and hammering grumpy.

These actors and actresses are back on the saddle, after they “show” the gullible people some of their fabricated documentaries about or character assassinations of those who DISCOVERED their SCAM, making them look like kuuks or at best, redneck hillbillies. Age old PROPAGANDA tricks but they STILL work mightily!

Remember in the truman (interesting name) show, when the “bus driver” said he can't drive the bus because he is an actor, not a bus driver?
You may have heard that Bruce Lee was NOT a fighter. He was an ACTOR, who ACTED out the fighter role and he was a VERY good ACTOR! If you “old” guys remember, everybody wanted to be Bruce Lee in those days. Hey, I was pushing my open hands into a pail of sand/gravel too. Lol.

On the other hand, Chuck Norris is a fighter but he wasn't a very good actor. He certainly wasn't as “refined” as Lee was.
By the way, have you seen Norris lately?
He aged a LOT!

ALL of these identity issues could be solved in a week, if the connected to it entities would subject themselves to half a dozen INDEPENDENT DNA tests!
Will they?
NOT LIKELY! When the stakes are this high, they NEVER will accept such UNDENIABLE PROOF, which doesn't help their cause as it is a STRONG indication they are HIDING something. They MUST FEED the guessing game in people, in order to stay in their positions!

The only way to PROVE the REAL identities of these entities, if DNA and FINGERPRINT samples would be collected MANY TIMES from them, NOT JUST FROM ONE but FROM SEVERAL DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. Like fingerprints from the glass they drank from, etc.

The following “argument” is even more faaaar out for most people! Just “take it or leave it” reader. No need to get upset!

It is also a POSSIBILITY, that these actors and actresses are TRULY PROTECTING mankind from total annihilation. Because they are in high positions, they are CONTROLLING the very COURSE of mankind but there are some outside entities who are THREATENED and view mankind as a real threat to them. Mankind has the potential to rise above these entities and they want to rule the roost. Kind of like them monarchs and priests. NONE of them gave up their powers WILLINGLY!

These actors and actresses are trying to SUPPRESS mankind's advancements in order to PROTECT mankind. It is like the story of hiding the helpless, baby Moses in the basket from those who wanted to kill him. Symbolically, Moses to be mankind and those who hid/protected him the actors and actresses. The ACT MUST BE VERY REALISTIC, TO BE BELIEVABLE...BUT NOTHING IS PERFECT, SO WE HAVE THESE DISCOVERIES OF THEIR TRUE IDENTITIES!

Of course, the whole acting charade could serve as a money making opportunity for them but the fact that there are others who CONTROL them, might be an indication that these actors and actresses are not malevolent but benevolent to mankind.

Ultimately, IMHO, whatever the case is, the old saying should be followed and embraced by the leaders of mankind.
“HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY”...even if it puts mankind into the cross-hairs of those entities who hate and want to genocide mankind.

If mankind have to, let us die in HONOR than COMPROMISE and accept cosmic slavery. IF we happen to disappear from the cosmic chess table, other surviving races will look at mankind as “HONORABLE”, not as “COMPROMISING COWARDS”.

Watch the FAKE charades and weep reader. They made FOOLS out of us! When you hear these “crisis actors”, crack a short but real FUNNY joke so they can hear it or show something funny to them, that is hard to resist not to laugh.

Q's hint on Soros and “The Photo”.

Give a “One way ticket” to these FAKE, PRETENDERS to get out of your life
get yourself a “One way ticket” out of this madhouse. UNLESS, of course, you are happy, happy, happy the way things are.

RMN is an RA production.

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To: Actors and actresses rule the people AND Q's hint on Soros and “The Photo”!
sonofthewind -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41
Reader: "For SonoftheWind: This is unintelligible. Try again." (no msg in this post) *NM*
hobie -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41
Re: Sorry, but this how the RMN page printed it out. I couldn't do anything about it. FIRST time it happened. *NM*
sonofthewind -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41
It's the Yahoo Link that is making it go 'wide' ....
RumorMail -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41

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