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Russell Brand: Are Women Tricked Into Believing They're Failures?

Posted By: Swami
Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:42

Are Women Tricked Into Believing They're Failures?

Shouldn't women be telling other women about the details of miscarriages?

And don't some women claim to enjoy abortions? Don't some women have multiple abortions?

Is she expecting the "patriarchy" to provide her with "matriarchy" services?

Hospitals are for profit corporate constructs. If we can't trust the government, how can we trust a "creation" of government, like corporations? The more government is treated as mommy and daddy, the more fascist it becomes. The tighter the sticks are bound. As you ask control-freaks and financial-junkies to create more laws, that they can use against you, and everyone else. Or just whine about it until laws are changed to give women extra everything. Women are dependents, they have a tendency to suck.

The best thing you can do, is to teach yourself, and others. Maybe we'll get back to giving births at home. Cut out the middle man.

What is the definition of the word patriarchy? All brick and mortar type of hierarchies? All merit type of hierarchies? All men? All government employed men? All corporate employed men? All government employees? All government and corporate entities? The societal general perception? The definition in a particular dictionary?

All those fashion statements. Peer pressure. What lines you are supposed to live your life within. Proximity based perceptions. The hive mind. Submerged. Foggy. Ignorance. Leaders and followers. Cliques. Exclusive circle of interactions. All are based on past choices. See in the mirror, your past participation. For what reasons, back then, did you choose? What are you experiencing now? Reverse engineer. Contemplate.

Shallow, superficial, choice making effort, has shallow, superficial choice making results. Who's your role model?

Lack of prerequisite knowledge is the fault of both the student and the teacher. The student has to have the desire to learn. The teacher has to have the desire to teach. The casual feedback between the two as ideas are evolved, determines the rate of comprehension. This requires there to be a student and a teacher. Failure of one or the other to be there, creates a discontinuity of perception transfer. Idea will not be conveyed. It will have to be discovered, again.

Generations can be thrown into disarray by many problems, when manifesting into the physical world. For example, wars, supply/demand, fluctuations of environmental conditions, and many other variables, can prevent proper germination, development of the seedling, or maturity of the desired life form.

There are many women who have had miscarriages. If a women has yet to write a book to enlighten other women, is that the patriarchies fault? In the same way men have experiences, and don't share those with every man, women don't share every experience with each other either. Governments, corporations, hospitals, people collecting a paycheck, are not known to have emotions, or basic mutual respect. Product, service, exchange.

A sheltered life has a limited experiential vocabulary, so/sew to speak. Many people have difficulty articulating ideas, in order to convey meaning. Textbooks that people in the educational industry use are always lacking nuance. Usually because they are written by a single human being, with a single experience. Read more than one book. Get the advice of more than one seasoned tradesman, etc.. Be a pioneer in your own life. Has her girlfriend also had a miscarriage, is she authorized to speak about it? Maybe not, and the discussion was proven to be useful.

Government, corporate, paycheck collecting harshness, is the result of accountability and manipulative desires. Businesses have bills to pay, a roof over head to maintain, food to put on the tables, etc.. Manipulative corrupt behaviors are parasitical entities feeding on the former and you, both. Personal education is on you and those that claim to care about you.

Government, corporate, paycheck collecting harshness, affects men in different ways. Wars, & men are also frequently made the beast of burden in all domestic issues.

No getting enough emotional support, pampering, education, or free medical attention, is the patriarchies fault? What's the definition of patriarchy?

?Not getting what you want = You are a failure?

Sounds like a mother's guilt trip, husband's guilt trip? A guilt trip looking for a scapegoat?

If there was no malicious act that caused the miscarriage, but not enough emotional support, or education ahead of the event, or during the event, does this deserve to be labeled with such a broad brush? Patriarchy?

Patriarchy appears to be defined as, anytime I'm not getting what I want, its the harshness of reality, er, I mean patriarchy.

The nebulous patriarchy. The rug under which all confusion and discomfort is swept. The corruption in government and other institutions is obvious, but how does this end up transitioning into all men? Is there a vision problem. A detail oriented concentration problem? Perhaps its an emotional filter problem.

Some people claim they can take care of you, for a fee.

Some people want someone else to take care of them.

If someone asks to be taken care of, and someone else agrees to do the caring, there is nothing in this equation that says, experience, education, and emotional support.

You can call a plumber, but there is no guarantee that what shows up can do the job. But since you don't know how to take care of your own plumbing, you also can't tell if you have a seasoned plumber. Which is usually why a woman wants to be hitched to a man. So he can take care of things like that. A patriarchal interface, so to speak.

The interactions between other mate pairs should not be dictated by government, or social engineering, because a particular women, or small percentage, blame the government, corporations, & paycheck collectors, for speaking without a matriarchal mask, as they conduct business, or corruption. That would result in more government, more patriarchy. Her experienced trauma is not worth more government.

If women's conditions have been marginalized, how come they live longer than men? Wouldn't they be experiencing greater stress than men? Wouldn't that kill them off sooner?

Do men feel like they are failures and marginalized, when a women leaves for greener pastures?

Are children marginalized, and put on a path of failure, when their father is pushed out of the home?

Wouldn't stable families make these things easier to deal with?

What goes into making stable families?

I don't think anyone considers a women that has had a miscarriage, as being a failure?

I think of a soil that is not presently in the right condition to germinate a seed.

Governments, corporations, and those concerned with collecting a paycheck, are not known to be outside the box thinkers. They are not know for being problem solvers.

Getting hung up on one's emotional or physical condition, and how others are treating you, does not solve the problem. But it is also not a women's job, to logically contemplate the cause/effect of the present situation. People cope in different ways.

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