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"It is an insane and deluded state of mind to think that we are all alone in this Cosmos!" Beware of "The Galactic Federation of Light" - GK

Posted By: Bob
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:55

"It is an insane and deluded state of mind to think that we are all alone in this Cosmos!

This planet from its very inception has always been interacting with extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional life.

We have all come from somewhere else to be here.

Some of us have been here from the very beginning in one form or another and some more recent;

But we are all extra-terrestrials and we are all inter-dimensional beings. Having said that we are all ETs, there are good and bad traits in every race, just like here on Earth.

Again, it is said, ‘as above, so below’.

This just has to be one of the most important statements ever! Remember this planetary reality is a fractal of the Universe, which really is what the statement ‘as above, so below’ is saying, and if you look around on our planet you can see many councils, hierarchies, governments, empires, federations, spiritual hierarchies, etc.

It is the same in the Great Arena. This structure also applies to the replicated synthetic Universe which occupies a portion of the Great Cosmic Arena.

What this demiurge has done in the past few millennia, is send extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional races here that represent an undesirable energy; they embody negative and dark energies.

They are more proficient at mind control, genetic manipulation and creating sophisticated societal infrastructures of control. The plan was for these negative races to set things up and create such an undesirable environment here.

Then, other more desirable groups embodying the synthetic positive white 'love and light' energy, would come in right at the end of the cycle, be our saviors, give us amazing technologies that create awe and wonder, and present their version of spirituality in all its flavors, catering to every culture and mindset.

This would in turn lure people into their collective domains and realities; even if there appeared to be differences in ideologies and destinations. Again, this is another case of the ancient strategy: ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’.

The grand irony is that we are moving beyond the need for technology.

When technology is to be introduced and implemented into a reality, the appropriate way to go about it is to ask the consciousness of that reality and the higher aspects of all the Beings experiencing that reality, if it is a part of their journey to be experiencing that type of technology.

This way, one is not imposing onto the journey of the consciousness of that reality and all the Beings that are experiencing life within it.

Following is an example:

Currently, we have a large group of ET races from, ‘The Federation of Free Worlds’ and an associated group called ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’.

These groups are here behind the scenes interacting with the militaries and governments and a whole variety of key areas of infrastructure on our planet. They are also interacting with private individuals whom they feel would make good ambassadors.

They want to implement a whole new level of technology into our Human Domain.

I had a meeting in Europe with a Being who is an ambassador from these federations who has through a mutual agreement, taken over a Human body. This is commonly known as a ‘walk-in’. Twice a week he is picked up and taken into a ship. He is then scanned and all his experiences are recorded.

His travelling spirit then leaves the body, which is maintained in stasis on-board the craft, and his spirit then travels back to his reality, which he refers to as another Universe in order to report on his “mission”.

This Being told me that their Universe was created by a group of Beings whom they see as their ruling entities and refer to as “the gods”. That came as no surprise! He also shared that no one gets to see the gods, but do get to meet or interact with their representatives.

My reaction was, “Oh, sounds like a cosmic priestly cast to me.”This Being shared with me that there have been very large meetings by many races that have been deliberating about coming here to this Earth and implementing a new infrastructure.

The intentions of this Federation of Free Worlds and Galactic Federation of Light are to remove the ruling Earthly cabal, introduce new technologies, heal all our illnesses and clean up all the pollution;

Also, to introduce new cultural philosophies and new spiritual teachings and welcome us with our representatives and ambassadors into the Galactic Community as a member of the Federation of Free Worlds, and The Galactic Federation of Light.

I was informed that this plan will take about 10 years to complete and that those plans have already begun to be implemented. Part of their plan is to recruit around 100 of the top celebrities, because the ET’s know that people no longer trust politicians and eminent people in society, and therefore look towards celebrities more as role models. They want to train them and use them as their public face.

My reply to that statement was with the question,

“During those meetings, in those inter-stellar council chambers, where there are thousands of races represented, was the consciousness of our Earth Mother present and participating in these deliberations? What about our Human Group Soul Consciousness? And, was the consciousness of our solar system, the Sun, present and participating in these meetings as well?”

He sat back in his chair and replied, “Well I hope so!” He reacted with a stunned and shocked look on his face, because the realisation of what I had just posed to him was beginning to sink in. I then proceeded to say, “Well if you are a representative and an ambassador, then you would have to know so."

You and your people, your ‘Federation of Free Worlds’ may have good intentions, but if our Earth Mother and our Father Sun were not present at these meetings along with our Human Group Soul Consciousness, then you and your Federation are actually functioning from a more shallow level of life than you realise, and unfortunately you are unknowingly imposing.

”These kinds of experiences have led me to make the next statement to my fellow Humanity:

"Don’t allow your desperation for change cloud your powers of discernment.”

It all sounds wonderful and fantastic being welcomed into the Galactic Community. However, there is more to this than meets the eye. There is also more to this than what merely satisfies our yearning and aching for change and freedom. I am now going to use an earthly analogy:

If one looks at a country that is being run by a dictator, who controls and treats his people with contempt, there are other countries on our planet that wish to help the people that are suffering within that awful dictatorship. What happens next is that an envoy from the United Nations then visits this country and has meetings with the dictator to try and implement change.

The dictator of course refuses and the envoy leaves. The united nations then implement laws and protocols to systematically remove the dictator. The dictator tries to hang onto power for as long as he can even though his removal is inevitable.

The dictator is eventually removed one way or another by the United Nations and the people celebrate. They celebrate because they now feel they are finally “free”.

They send their representatives to the next meeting of the United Nations and these representatives and ambassadors to their people stand there so proud with tears, and the people of their country and others from all over the world watching on TV.

With celebrations occurring all over their country expressing songs and emotions and tears flowing as they watch the proceedings of being welcomed into the Global Community, and finally thinking that they are “free”. The question to ask next is, are they truly free?

The answer is, of course not! Granted, they are freer, as they have more room to play in and now with access to new technologies, the people have more toys to play with.

We all know who and what the United Nations is, so all these people have done is gone from a smaller dictator style version of slavery and containment, to a global sized style and version of control, slavery and containment. It is exactly the same scenario for our planet. This is where we are at right now!

These extra-terrestrial governing groups come here presenting and implementing the exact same scenario but simply on a Galactic level and in some cases on a cosmic level. As amazing and exhilarating as that way of life seems to us right now relative to the amount of suppression and slavery we have had to endure as a Human race, it is still containment within a governing structure.

I know from personal experience that these “Federations” are not what they seem as they tried to recruit me as one of their ambassadors for their Earth Mission.

There are many races within the greater empire that have not had exposure to Earth and her Humanity and literally are not aware of who and what we are. Just like there are people on our planet that live within a dictatorship and live a quarantined life from the rest of the world,

So too is it out in the Cosmic Arena with races who are unaware of life beyond their limited domains and isolated realities. Different races out there have access to different realities. Some have access to more than others and some have a greater level of technology than others.

There are also many races out there that function without the need for technology and achieve all that needs to be achieved with a synthetic light body and a replicated god mind consciousness. These are the beings who present as “angels” and “ascended masters”.

Because they do not know our full history and cannot time travel or have access to the true knowledge and history of Humanity, they are reliant on their collective hive mind data bases.

Others consist of AI, artificial intelligence which is where our Humanity is currently being funnelled. These races unfortunately do not have a full and open conscious connection to the Universe. Their collective hive minds are massive “Mind” like entities that do have an incredible amount of knowledge and energetic power and this is why when one is connected to these “mind entities” it feels like one is connecting to “God”.

I know this from personal experience as I remember having aspects of self-journey through these domains during my Universal Journey. Also in this life time, some of the races I have interacted with require you to connect with the intelligence or mind entity of their craft when one is aboard.

Even though these mind entities can make you feel euphoric and blissed, for the aware it is disconcerting because this mind entity or artificial intelligence is actually functioning within one’s mind.

These are the kinds of races that come here, transmit their messages through human channels and communicate with others via mental telepathy. Fair enough, there are those who genuinely want to help and do have our best interest at heart, but unfortunately they do not see who and what we truly are, because they themselves are coming from within a limited paradigm.

Then there are some races that know exactly who and what we are. Some say,

“Oh you poor little children, look at you, you squabble and fight amongst yourselves, steal from each other, hurt and even murder each other in every way possible. You are not evolved. Come let us be your mentors.

We will guide you; here, have this technology”.

What I hear and feel energetically is “Good little child, now run off and play with your new toy whilst we continue to control you”.

This form of manipulation takes place with our Earth Mother and her Humanity because there are numerous races of Beings who due to their cultural program are insanely jealous of us.

They cannot deal with the fact that there is another race of peoples that exist who access more life force and have the potential to be more powerful than they are. The basic ethos of their cultural program dictates that there is no way we are going to allow this to happen for we are the masters.

These nefarious extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional races are not telling the people they are in contact with, that they are the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes on our planet, influencing and manifesting this undesirable environment here on earth.

They are the ones that create divisions and they are the ones that create the wars. They are the ones that have been allowed to come here to influence and manifest things into what they have become.

So when the end of the cycle comes they can propagate this notion that we are an immature, violent and even dangerous race and that we need their mentoring and especially, their “custodianship”.

It is so important to understand how powerful you are!

You hold all the codes of the Universe, inside of you.

Hu-man means ‘God-Man’, a ‘Godly being of Godly mind’.

Remember: you are a Universal Being of Universal Intelligence, Universal consciousness and Universal Love and Light.

This truth is inside of everybody; the veil is lifting, so stay true to your sovereign spirit because you will remember! . . . . "

George Kavassilas

Copyright © 2012 by George Kavassilas

N.B. The information and knowledge contained herein may not be suitable for your situation. Use your own level of discernment when reading the message presented and consult with other professionals where appropriate.


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"It is an insane and deluded state of mind to think that we are all alone in this Cosmos!" Beware of "The Galactic Federation of Light" - GK
Bob -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:55
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Bob -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:55

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