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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 42

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:26

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 42

For those that are still hanging on, we need a few words of explanation for this rambling and seemingly diverging story. Many have ceased following it at all.
That is good.

Some few have recognized the Spiritual awakening that hints of the ultimate objective, and are still looking for some conclusion.
That is better.

Fewer still understand the significance of the fortieth part, which we have just concluded: The number Forty in Biblical significance means in a word, probation or testing, wherever it is used within it. It essentially is a weeding out of those that have no interest.

That is best, for it means those remaining may have the ability to see with other eyes.

The human, inanimate, real or otherwise impersonators have all now been mostly introduced. They were selected for both their animate, human and spiritual characteristics to mimic the actual earth today, and of course to attract those who can identify with them, either with their flesh or Spiritual characteristics.

Finally, the story will evolve much faster now, and even more will lose interest, but maybe one or even two of them will hang on.

That is actually the goal. I know, I’m nuts....already at the bottom of the deep edge…… So, just humor me.

PS... Please overlook the typo's, past, present and future.
Marcy’s Place:
Marcy, Danielle, and Phil sat on the rug in front of Hatalii. He was yet standing, and looked to them as if he had aged a great deal in two days. His hair appeared mostly grey now, and as he sat upon his rug, it was now with obvious difficulty. His face was pleasant and peaceful as always, and as he spoke, it was with his normal vigor and confidence.

His first words were directed to no one of them in particular. He gazed over them and began: The Great Spirit has led me on a Journey. I went to a land that was peaceful.
The people had broken their spears and were burning them, and they shared great joy.
The two shields had both mended themselves and had merged into one shield.
This one shield had spread over all the land. It was transparent and allowed only the light from above it to pass. There were no shadows nor was there darkness anywhere in the land.
His gaze lowered, but was directed to no one of them particularly. Danielle, the brief dream you had of the spears and shields was given for you and your people to understand and to help accomplish. Marcy, you already know of the shields and spears. The Great Spirit of our people will unite with Bridhig and her people, for the Spirit of all people is One. The Great Spirit you already know lives in His very nature. All natural things. He surely contends also with the chindi. Hence they are natural, also. Use Wisdom. Knowledge is useful only to expose the essence of the spears, and of the shields. Wisdom is needed to repair the shields, break the spears and and to kindle the fire that will do so. For, the spears are natural, as are the shields. Only after the shields merge into one, can the spears be completely destroyed. You must deliver these words to the one who instructs both of you at your meetings. He looked directly at Marcy…. I will take food and water now.
The Pentagon:
Old Goat and #6 were having an interesting discussion. #6 had received an advance report ou the ’it’ from their lab at Nellis. As he looked at the report, he vocalized the high points to Old Goat…
“They have discovered two interesting things that had not been found on the autopsy of 70 years ago. First was that the ’clothes’ worn were indeed impervious to any chemical substance they had tried so far in an attempt to breach its protection. In addition the material had the ability to resist any physical breaching attempt delivered with an impact velocity of greater than 15 to 20 feet per second, including both gunfire and blades. In addition it was essentially impervious to flames and heat, as the mere 30 mil thickness of the material exhibited a measured R factor of over R-2000, which was the limit of their delta T equipment for a 30 mil distance in vacuum.
The physical ‘armor’ capability was not produced by its ability to stiffen instantly, as peak force measurements on each side of the material did not follow conventional impact theory, Instead the impact was much reduced by ’help’. It was somewhat like the ’reactive’ armor we employ on vehicles like tanks. But only ‘somewhat’. The protection did not ‘use itself up’, like our explosive reactive armor does. Repetitive blows at the same point did not diminish it’s protective ability. We are investigating further of course.
The material can be cut and stitched quite easily, though, so long as the impact velocity of the tools does not exceed it’s threshold of resistance. In its normal and relaxed state, the material is quite supple.

The second and possibly a breakthrough occurred on close examination of the animal puncture wounds which apparently dispatched the entity. The depth of the wounds has grown deeper, even as we did the inspection. There is no liquid, or oozing as one would expect from decaying human flesh. Instead, there is nothing. The bottoms of the wounds have produced a void, that is a growing hollow, or emptiness. There is no noticeable odor. The weight of the carcass as it was originally received by us was 43 pounds. It is now, 31 hours later just over 39 pounds. The chemical analysis is continuing, but examination of the ‘flesh’ material at the bottom of the wounds revealed a high concentration of sulfur, apparently derived from sulfur dioxide, as well as hydrogen sulfide, both common components of carnivore saliva, or ‘doggie breath‘. It does for now appear that these things are reduced to nothingness by the presence of the common element S, ie sulfur. The thin sliced portion we dissected completely vanished from our dish after a short exposure to pure sulfur.”

Old Goat then looked at #6, and said… We need to take a trip to Nellis…. Like now…

Comment: Sulfur as many know, is the Biblcal brimstone. Pure sulfur is ignited easily with even a small flame. It’s burning produces a nearly invisible and translucent blue flame along with a very offensive odor, which most recognize instantly, some embarrassingly so, depending on who else is present. The odor of burning sulfur diminishes rapidly in the presence of pure Oxygen. The odor takes somewhat longer to disappear completely in the normal air all conventionally breathe.
At Home:
Christy rolled up to Clives spread on the 3 wheeler with a big smile on her face. Clive sensed her excitement. Christy, while still with Jim in Searchlight had talked to Old Goat, and placed her cell on speaker phone so Jim could listen. Now, she was just about to fully brief Clive, and when possible Phil, Danielle, and Marcy. The 3 had been cleared by Old Goat for her to do so. Old Goat was on his way here, she said, and the three would be expected to sign the formal, standard text classification documents.

Homer’s clearance approval was for now on hold, due to his ex-con status. They were still working on it, though. While Christy and Clive were rolling the three wheeler into the shed, she was disclosing the details and answering questions that he had not yet fully figured out. They closed the shed, and they stood facing each other. Whether it was from the relief she felt at having more fully briefed allies with her now or his demeanor, I can’t say for sure, but they embraced with real meaning, and both of them got the same interpretation.
I looked for her NO MEN ALLOWED sign, but it was not visible anywhere, either to me or her conscience, which simply said... Nothing… at all…. it just shrugged.

Buffy and Jennifer waved as they passed them sitting on the four runner, talking to each other. Clive quickly started up and followed them to help unload their treasures,
As they unloaded, Buffy grew aware of some sort of strange change in Clive, whom she had sensed out for a couple of years was mostly always introverted. Not obviously, as he was always friendly and helpful, but distant in a way, you know… females can always somehow sense such things.

The ladies had finished the easy part, and Christy and Buffy went to say hi to Yough, who had been watching and willing, but Ken was at work, and no one would install his pack.
Clive finished unloading the heavy stuff, and Buffy and Jennifer went in to direct the unloading.
When Clive came back out, Christy was scratching and rubbing Yough’s willing belly. Christy would look at Yough, uttering silly sounds, then back to Clive with a larger smile than usual, he imagined…
Clive thought … ‘Nuff said, Yough… Remember that you promised to keep things close.
Marcy’s Place:
They were nearly back down the trail to hussy. Phil and Danielle had sensed the urgency in Hatalii’s tone, and were heading back to deliver it to Homer and the rest. Specific plans were needed badly now, for the humans of Rocksense who had been their main pursuers were failing even though they were aided by the chindi. Now that the chindi had withdrawn their overt aid from Rocksense the chindi were focusing on their own spear, pursuing them on their own, as the ‘it’ attack on them had proven. The broken spear of Rocksense was still deadly, even though it’s reach was less due to their internal turmoil. The third spear had already been exposed by Amok‘s slice and dice event. It was great danger to all flesh, for it was pointed not just at them, but the entire planet. Chindi and their human helpers were everywhere on the planet. They needed whatever Wisdom that Homer could reveal about what they already knew here and now. Much of the knowledge to defeat their local spears was already extant. The ’it’ and the device may soon provide the rest of the knowledge they would need, they believed. The problem of the third spear was for other groups who were aware of them to engage. The Great Spirit would have to help them, and somehow, they knew He would.

Phil remembered well what an aged professor said to his class once.

Ones experience is the best teacher of all, for the abrupt and unannounced test given by ones sudden experiences always proceed the lessons to be further studied. Any one can easily buy any knowledge they desire, on any subject just as you students do when paying for tuition.

But experience? Not so. It cannot be purchased at any price. Experience requires that you earn it… all by yourself. Thus , he continued, even though you may learn much from other’s experiences, it requires faith in others to be believed, and absolutely accepted. Few have that faith, just as few deserve to be believed.

Were you as a young child warned not to touch the flame of a burning match? Yes, of course we all were. But most had to have the experience for themselves before they believed. Such it will be in life. He finished in a smile with… Believe it…Or not…

They hugged Marcy, and headed hussy toward Las Vegas, as it would be a much faster route, even though it was a longer distance.-- there would be Interstates soon, much of the way. As they passed the large graveled area, they noticed that both gates were raised on the road to the building. The furthest portions of the area was marked with yellow crime scene tape, and two suits with four armed AF uniformed men in fatigues were stationed in front of the raised gates.
At home:
Hussy had delivered them safe again to the Burns, which was their first sop of choice. Ken had called and said he would be maybe an hour late. He was involved with an emergency on an 18 wheeler who had to be towed in. It was loaded with a Reefer carrying 36 tons of fresh beef sides, which would soon spoil without refrigeration. Lots of bucks there. They had rigged conventional AC power to the load, while the diesel generator was being repaired.

Clive stood by as Christy briefed Phil and Danielle, who actually did not need much more to fit the pieces. They pretty much already knew it all anyway. There was, though, a complete relief and big news coming to Phi and Danielle from Christy. The relief was evident in their faces, even though they had got used to the situation as it had become..

Christy informed them that they could have their own ID’s back. They could finally allow Phoebe and Horace Mergenhagen to have their long delayed rest.

Old goat had seen to it that all BOLO’s Federal, State, Clark County and Las Vegas were rescinded as of 11:00 AM EST. And that all the pertinent offices had been officially informed.

Phillip Warren and Danielle Meacham were now legally allowed to live without fear of the human beast, at least, chasing them. In addition, all seizures and legal claims related to their indictments were relieved. That, he said may take a few days, but it would come soon, with documents mailed to them, their claimants and all credit agencies

We also get the right to repay VISA for loaning us 22k, smiled Phil. Our unfrozen bank accounts will insure it happens soon. Debt free, again, quipped Danielle, They embraced with joy, and shared a long kiss. Buffy happened to come on the porch, and witnessed most of it. She clapped, and pointed to hussy, hey guys, your room is there, remember?

Christy and Danielle, loaded into hussy’s small back seats, as Phil and Clive loaded in front. The headed to Homer’s place, so Danielle and Phil could give him the message Hatalli asked they deliver. They also wanted to speak to him regarding the wisdom they needed to use the knowledge they had, and the future knowledge they expected from Nellis.
GSFC, Washington DC
Teko was weary from 28 straight hours of tinkering with the device they had found. It had arrived by AF courier merely 5 hours after it had been picked up from The Burns.
Not by chopper to A Gulfstream jet but via F-22 Raptor, and delivered from IAD to NASA via chopper.. An expensive trip. But, Old Goat was pressed for time.

To his credit he had succeeded in a lot, but was totally stumped, now, waiting glossa and language experts to help decipher the many strange symbols and glyphs.
Some he thought resembled Sanskrit, others Egyptian, or others the ’wedges’ of ancient Babylon. He was just scrolling them while waiting for help.
The projected 3D screen produced three planes of such symbols. His finger could scroll the figures, vertically and horizontally. He was confused momentarily because inserting his finger into the box, would scroll all 3 planes simultaneously. He quickly found that one function of the three remaining indents would individually move a selected plane to the front of the projection, but each time he tried to scroll, all planes were equally scrolled, He then found that constant pressure on the first indent allowed the previously selected front plane to be scrolled individually. Why, he wondered. There were much less complex selection and movements which would do the same with four controls and 3 planes. There was a good reason for that, he knew. Anyone with the tech savvy to build such a device surely knew all about permutations and combinations. Some glyphs on the planes were common geometric figures, circles, triangles, squares and the like, but many were unrecognizable as anything to him. Some combinations of the glyphs when lined up on would cause another glyph somewhere else in the 3D matrix to change color, or be enclosed with a small blinking box. He sensed that some combination of the four indents was an ‘activate’ function. But he was not ready to experiment with that idea just yet. He needed help on what the strange glyphs represented, particularly those that were not basic geometric figures.

There’s some wisdom in that line of thinking, teko… knowledge is also good. It even sometimes helps to have as much as you can.
To be continued:
Part 41 is here:

RMN is an RA production.

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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 42
Watchman -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:26
As I Alluded to on a prvious post ... I know how this story turns out ...
Journey -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:26

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