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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 36

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:26

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 36

Bethesda MD

Meav Nichols had just picked up her sister, Jennifer O’Dannon to take her to IAD for her early morning flight to Toronto. Meav was glad to get away from her husband for the morning. Meav, for her age, was still quite the eyeful. She at age 56, didn’t look a year over early forties, and her husband of 35 years, Cary, was still smotheringly protective of her when any male came within spitting distance. Even their pastor. They had never had children through. It was of course, no fault of Cary’s.

Jennifer’s husband had died 4 years ago, and she was still emotionally attached to his parents and children, which were mostly Jennifer’s age. Jennifer’s late was the son of a French mother and Irish Father, and Danielle had always exhibited the stereotypical anger and sensual qualities of both nations-- depending on her mood at the time. Mostly, it leaned toward the sensual French side with Phil, anyway. Jennifer said good bye at the curb of the AA terminal. Per Danielle’s instructions, her luggage was only a small valise and an overnight bag. She pulled out a paperback, sat patiently in the main AA lobby, and waited.

Christy, meanwhile had parked in long term parking, and she took the shuttle to the SW terminal. She immediately spotted her contacts, The older one, say mid 50’s, was wearing the same obsolete Washington Senator’s visor she had worn when she had picked up Christy at the Mall Thursday. The younger one was a tall blonde, about her age. She handed them the agency prepared IDs , the tickets and VISA cards, and then walked the distance to the AA terminal, and met Jennifer. They then exited the Commercial terminal, and hailed a cab to Signature Flight Support, the General Aviation facility on the other side of IAD.

It was a long ride around. She entered, and they deposited their luggage on an empty flat cart just inside the entrance. At the reception desk, she inquired for a Captain Luke Avery. The lady smiled and pointed to the Uniformed USAF Captain sitting in a comfortable lounge chair, munching Signature’s free fresh baked
cookies and sipping coffee. She approached him and offered her travel document. He looked at it, smiled at her and said… 15 minutes, ladies. And pointed to the sleek Gulfstream Jet parked just outside. You two are it for today… you will have the whole cabin for yourselves… You may want to use the restroom now.. Of course, we have one, but it is not as fancy nor well equipped as that one… he pointed. They went to check it out as The captain beckoned to a uniformed Second Lieutenant and pointed to their luggage.
At Home…
Phil was greasy, and grimy…He was wiggling back and forth underneath and fiddling with hussy’s lower private parts. There was a tarp on the ground nearby, where he put some pieces as he had removed them. Danielle had appeared with a second cup of coffee for him and sat a spell. Ken and Clive had run to Moe’s to pick up the O2 sensors and should be back any moment. Phil triumphantly displayed both of the originals now lying on the tarp to her. It had taken the better part of two hours to get them free, and would take at least that long to replace them. Danielle had dressed in her CK skinny jeans outfit

And her no longer black wig. It was no longer black, because she had sweet talked Clive into helping her ’borrow’ a quart of milk from the Wilks sole female breeding cow last evening. Quite a lesson, she smiled, as she recalled. One limp wrested squeeze and you get a warm facial. She had used Renoir’s trick to change her color to dishwater blond. Good job, too, all admitted. Phil actually preferred her natural Auburn, though he would never confess it . Danielle knew of course, so whenever possible, she went Au Naturale…

Anyhoo, Danielle was ready When Clive got here, for them to head out to Nellis, to pick up Her mom and Christy. Clive actually only went with Ken to Henderson to keep him company. He did not want to get greasy with Phil. Clive had cleaned himself up this morning. He had actually shaved a day before Sunday‘s group meeting. He was dressed in a nice pair of slacks and a white shirt, and wore shoes with clean socks instead of comfortable boots. Quite a change. He just explained that he hated to look like a bum at the first meeting of anyone. Looking like a bum takes at least two days for anyone to get used to, he smiled.

10 minutes later, Buffy hugged Bree, Ken did also. Greasy Phil was waving, but Danielle came up, looked carefully for clean spots, tiptoed, and planted a long one on his lips. Ken and Buffy applauded.
High Over Kentucky, and Going Higher

The Gulfstream GCR business jet is something else. It was THE best there was, until just recently. It could cruise at over 50,000 feet, at Mach 0.85 for 7000+ miles. Some of the Boeing commercials could get there also, but their pressurization system would not allow it with passengers per FAA safety regulations, because failure at that altitude would require too long to descend to a safe altitude without placing undue stress on the airframe.
Most Commercial jets cruise at 30,000 ft on average, give or take. The reason the higher altitudes are desired, other than greater fuel efficiency, is for the extreme high speed winds aloft, which often exceed 100 mph. When its blowing the direction you are going, it adds directly to your ground speed. Not through the air, of course, but over the ground. Shorter time to destination. Of course, the opposite is true also. If it is blowing against your travel direction. It subtracts from your ground speed. So you burn more fuel, because it takes you longer to get to your destination. So pilots search for the altitude that has the greatest wind component in their direction.

ATC often assigns Business jets the higher cruising altitudes above 35000 feet anyway, for it places them 10-15 thousand feet above the much more plentiful Commercial flights, increasing flight safety for all.

Today was good. The winds at 50,000 feet from the east coast to eastern Missouri were right on their tail at near 250 MPH, giving a ground speed of 850 mph at normal cruise thrust. ATC just had cleared them to proceed on course at FL 48 -- ie 48,000 feet. If the winds were to hold (which they won’t) they would get to Nellis an hour ahead of schedule. Like all things of nature, the winds will change. Sometimes often.
US 95, Nevada
If someone who didn’t know them were sitting in the back seat, they would easily assume they were either married or lovers, that pair Danielle and Clive. Not for their words, necessarily, but for their obvious comfort with each other, and their often hand pats and looks they made at each other’s face. Clive loved Danielle. No it was not physical in the least, and both knew it. It sure was a sincere mutual respect and trust, though. It began over a week ago, when Clive had driven Phoebe to buy hussy parts in Henderson, get hussy her big brother papers, buy Danielle’s new namesake furniture and such. During all the hustling Brihgid had figured Clive out, and she treated him to a date for lunch. Clive had not had a date alone with a woman since forever, so Clive picked the perfect spot.. An really nice Italian restaurant with a spectacular view of Lake Mead. Brihgid eventually made him open his heavily armored and guarded secret vault, and show part of it to her. Danielle held his secrets so close, that Clive only remembered when she smiled at him with that ’we got a secret’ look. He trusted her now, more than even.. well. Just wait.

It was a good 2 hours to Nellis, and they did not waste the time, I promise…
Jennifer was enchanted. At 48000 feet, and in the clear visibility of the High Pressure area they were in, the view was spectacular. The entire cabin was theirs alone, and like a teen she went from side to side, grinning at Christy and pointing. Glenn, the co-pilot would sometimes come back and point out cities and sights to her. Actually, it possibly had a lot more to do with Christy’s great looks, than Jennifer’s entertainment, because he never missed a chance to smile at Christy and swap howdies.. Tough luck, dude. Christine Bales had kicked the butt of many wanna be’s much more interested than you.
Since Christy’s divorce, she had prepared a large sign, and installed it with many stakes and nails on the path to her heart. It read in large block letters POSITIVELY NO MEN ALLOWED. And she meant it (sorta).

The ’sorta’ part was that she had no idea yet what it would take. She like most humans yearned deep inside for a soul mate. Someone who was her reflection in life’s mirror so that they together could compensate the things that each other lacked. And, she reluctantly admitted that it must therefore be a man, for she could think of nothing sicker than a lesbian relationship for herself . What others did was others business… she had her own rules, thank you very much. Sure, she loved other women, but not THAT way. Her thoughts were interrupted by Captain Averys’ voice over the cabin speaker.. Ladies, the winds look to be the same or even possibly greater over Colorado and northern New Mexico.. I estimate another 2:21 to Nellis..
At Home:
Ken was laughing at Phil. And holding up a pair of heavy gloves. Phil had his wrench slip and it smacked his knuckles on hussys rejection of his attempt to tighten some of her pieces. He had asked Ken if he needed a torque wrench for the O2 sensor torque. Nah, Ken said, I always just tighten it as much as possible, and then give it another half turn.. Phil tried. Ken laughed and then offered the gloves… Phil almost said a bad word.

Ken took over, and 20 minutes later, they were done, and lit hussys fire. Hussy was feeling all warm inside and much better. No check engine light and her exhaust was almost completely odor free. Phil went in to clean up a bit, kiss his bruised knuckle and picked up the 2 glasses of tea Buffy had placed on the counter. He joined Ken on the porch, and handed him a glass of tea and $80 to cover the parts cost that Ken had told him earlier.
They sat and watched Yough stealthily checking out a clump of brush just 20 feet out of the yard. Something there, said Ken. There won’t be long, though. Buffy came out to join them… I’m excited, she said to Ken… Phil thinks almost as highly of that Christy girl as he does of Danielle. She looked at him…. You even call her Cutie, she teased… Sure must be a special girl… She is a Cutie, Phil said, and in more ways than one… But, he said Danielle has her beat hands down, with me… Just then a jackrabbit barely escaped a lunging Caucasian Shepherd to the trace, and disappeared into the desert. Yough gave it up, came back and lay down, waiting and looking.
Las Vegas Blvd
Clive had shared quite a bit more with Brighdid in the past hour. Danielle had removed a tissue from her bag and scooting close to him she wiped a pent up tear from his right eye, patted his shoulder, and laid the tissues on his right leg. They were both silent for a moment.

Clives birth name was Chanoch Reinosch. His mother was Mormon, his father Jewish. As he told her, Imagine living with that name kindergarten through high school. He learned to fight early. He joked that he could easily relate to ’the boy named sue’ that Johnny Cash popularized in song. Of course no girl his age could admit to dating such a person so named to her friends. There was one though… she did, and .. we did it all…He played football, and the cheerleaders would practice when we cleared off the field. She was special… she was not on the first team, but she tried harder than the rest put together. I would wait till they were done, and take her for a coke. She was it, as far as he was concerned, and she thought the same about him.

She was really the only one in school that bummed around with him at all. I guess she missed a lot of peer stuff by being with me, but she always chose me over anybody. Proms, whatever. When I enlisted at 18, mostly to get away from small minded conceited people, I found true brothers.

They didn’t give a crap if your name was Satan, in fact they hoped it was. If you could shoot straight, and hated evil stuff you were plenty.. Those first four years, she wrote to me at least 3 times every week. Every week. I went home, and we decided we had been apart too long. I agreed. We hitched. 4 months later, she was killed when a damned drunk driver took her out… she was WALKING, mind you, in the middle of the block on the sidewalk coming home with a bag of groceries. It was only a half block from our house, and I was cutting the grass. Not 30 seconds previously we had waved at each other. I heard the wreck, and looked… she was not visible. The car had flipped as it jumped the curb. I was the second on scene. She was under the car, her head flat as a pancake.. Blood everywhere. The guy was writhing. The SOB I remembered from high school.. The son of the towns best lawyer. The first guy there went to call an ambulance, and I choked that SOB to death, right there. I then took a metal window sill piece that had broken off and pushed it through his gut. I was still twisting it when the ambulance came. No one ever suspected. It was a mess. Blood everywhere. Another blow hit me when the autopsy revealed that she was 5 weeks pregnant. Neither of us knew.

That story was the reason for Danielle’s tear wipe. But… There is more… stay tuned.

I just could no longer be associated with that corrupt town. Too many bad memories. My parents were distraught, and they made it worse with their bullshit sympathy. So I re upped. The army was a good thing to keep your mind clear of personal problems. You have not got enough time to worry on them long. The Rangers were even better at it. Memories are for when you are done working.. Meanwhile, kill the SOBs and they won’t have any memories to consider. Well, I had just been there and done that exact thing, So in the Rangers I found even more and closer brothers. All of them had been there and done that also.

Then, this happened.. He held up the remaining half of his left arm, and laughed. It takes two hands to choke someone to death, Danielle. God just didn’t want me to do it again.. He knows me best, because if that SOB was not taking a dirt nap, I would crawl to Timbuktu, on my belly to do it again.

The Wilks are my parents now. To them their son lives in me, or what’s left of me, anyway. Homer and Ken and Alexandria and the rest are my siblings. They are my family. He looked at Danielle, was quiet a moment then said… Damned if I don’t believe I have adopted you and Phil too. I love you guys. She lent into him and kissed his cheek… It’s mutual, Clive.

A moment later, just as the golf course clubhouse was in view, Danielle said…
Clive you never mentioned her name… Christine, he replied. Christine Jacobs.
The Clubhouse:
Christy and Jennifer had only been there 5 minutes or so. They were sitting in a metal glider on the veranda, with a clear view of the circular driveway. Several cars had stopped and folks were coming and going in side. They didn’t pay much attention when the next one did, because it was not her Danielle.. She had shoulder length Blonde hair. It was not until the lady started running and yelling MOM, until they realized… They responded instantly, meeting her halfway and hugging like crazy… They did not notice, either when a one and ½ armed man walked past and somehow managed to carry 4 pieces of luggage to the back of the SUV with 1 ½ arms, It was not until Clive returned until they did.. Danielle and her mom didn’t notice him coming, but Christy did. She was curious. When Danielle introduced them, they shook hands. Danielle didn’t pay attention when their eyes locked on each others and the handshake was a bit long. But Christy Did. So Did Clive. They walked to the car with Danielle and Jennifer rattling a mile a minute jumped into the back seat and closed the door, still rattling. They did not notice when Clive stepped ahead of Christy and opened and held the door for her with a nod of howdie. But Christy did. She watched him walk to the drivers door and Christy said to herself… Well what is this? She looked at her no men allowed sign… Why was that damned thing leaning sideways now?
To be continued:
The previous part 35 is here:

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