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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 34

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:26

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 34

Pahrump, Nevada

After dinner at the Nugget Casino, Phil and Danielle walked toward the Holiday Inn Express, the point where all the crap had really begun--- the crap had ended up well worth it, because it had resulted in lifting Anu’s curse that had separated her from Phil beginning 4 years ago. As they walked, she looked up to the fourth floor window where she was staying at the time. Neither her nor Phil had understood it 4 years ago, and Phil is not yet fully aware of all the details yet, but she pretty much thought she had it mostly figured out. At least since she had found the Amulet and dodged Anu‘s second attempt at rape. It was the second, attempt because Anu had indeed also tried Eons ago, and was foiled by ?someone? Who she was now convinced was the spirit of none other than Phil. Surprisingly, somehow she knew that Bill Meacham’s spirit was also involved back then. Exactly how, she did not yet know. But she would.

Her first recall actual began at the Las Vegas airport, when she had inadvertently grasped the Amulet at the gift shop to compare it to other jewelry there, and then looked up to see a totally befuzzled Phil, staring at her across the concourse. At that moment, she became totally aware that her ex husband of 9+ years was her mate since forever past, and would be so forever in the future.. She became aware that her spirit was, indeed Brighid, and Phil‘s spirit was close to her then, very close. In the next five minutes, after she had run like crazy, calling his name and leaping into his arms, Phil had recognized her also, and not as just his Danielle, for after she had shown him the Amulet, he called her plainly by a name he had never in this life heard or could possibly imagine--Brighid . She would explain it to him fully, eventually, when she understood more.

More would come she knew, for in the short fitful nap she had in the car after Alexandria and Phil rescued each other that very first night, she had many flashbacks to her past. She understood none of them then, which is why the nap was fitful, but she has figured at least some of it out since. More will come in the days ahead, she was sure…
Holiday Inn Express, Pahrump, NV
George Henly, The case AIC, and 2 suits were at the bar talking about talking about business. They had just left a table in the coffee shop where they were talking business. Their search for Phil and Danielle had turned up nothing. They had, however, seen things that led them to believe the Pentagon Space Force crew was here in town, and interested indeed in the Rocksense West facility, 32 miles to the east. Their man in the supply delivery company had said he had been transferred to a new route, and a new man had taken over. They had often had suspicions about the supply company owner, as he had often been pretty vocal about the necessity of Space Force to bust up the monopoly that Rocksense enjoyed with space and air vehicles. His supply company also had contracts at Nellis AFB.

George and the AIC were therefore, very interested. George mentioned also the suspicions of Anu about the new delivery guy that they had discussed earlier in the day… The two suits were just sitting at the bar, playing video poker. George and the AIC were sipping on Coronas. After a bit, George said… well I’ll head back now… lets stay in touch… If they are here, we will know soon enough anyway… they have a mission to blow our operation apart.. And they will try.

Holiday Inn Express, Pahrump, Nevada -- a few minutes earlier

?Honey?--- she snapped back to the present as a voice interrupted her thoughts, Phil was asking, wanna go in and grab some water or tea? As she opened her physical eyes as well, she found that they were standing in front of the coffee shop at the Holiday Inn Express. Oh babe, sure she said…sorry. It’s fine sweetie, I know my mate pretty well. When she twists her mouth back and forth like that, while fiddling with her hair, I know she’s busy…
They ordered just a bottle of water each, with glasses, and the menu‘s “munchie special“, a platter of sliced mixed fruit. Danielle explained where her mind had been the past few minutes, and also about her visions in Buffy’s car a couple of weeks or so ago on their escape from Las Vegas.

Danielle just about had a mild seizure as George Henly and a suit walked from the bar,
talking, and passed within 5 feet of their table, exiting the coffee shop via the same door they used to enter. Phil sensed her alert, but only looked at her in surprise at her facial expression. It exhibited both fear and anger. George and the suit stood outside the big front window a moment, still talking. Soon George entered the Tan Toyota pickup, and drove away. The suit came back in, looked appreciably as he checked out and smiled at the platinum blonde with the black cowboy hat, and walked back into the bar, turning his head and taking another obvious look from a different angle.

Danielle slowly let out the deep breath she had been holding, and picking up a bit of melon on her fork, she smiled at Phil, who was still confused. Phil of course had never seen George. But Danielle, oh yeah…

She will fill you in, Phil… just hang on a bit…
Bethesda, Md
It ended up as sort of a draw, that mental battle between Christy and her conscience. In a way, they both won. Christy got her way, and her conscience made it’s points well. She went to her bedroom, set her alarm for 11:50, and went to consider the words she would use when she called Phil and Danielle. Christy originally had much more knowledge of and respect for Phil, than for Danielle. She thought a bit first.

At first, she thought of Phil’s ex wife as someone she could never approve of, for Phil to her was totally not worthy of a real woman’s rejection. Elective Training? Sure. Natch.
All men need and thrive on regular training by real women. But, Phil, in her opinion as a real woman, was surely the innocent one in their marriage. Over time, however, she had changed her opinion. After 3 years of being so close to Jennifer and Phil, she understood that they both not only deeply loved Danielle. Both Phil and Danielle had seriously tried for 3 years to figure out the reason but had failed.

It was not sex, infidelity, money problems, or any such major problem they could collectively find. Neither got physical, ever. They truly respected each other. They went to a marriage counselor together. And they had continued to live together amicably as they tried. There had to be some other thing than Danielle to blame for their breakup. It could only be from external evil attacks, she mused, but what?

It was only recently, when she had learned of the prevalent evil at Rocksence, that she understood more. The evil at Rocksense was not the normal cutthroat completion between USG contractors. It was more. Old Goat had discussed with her recent events that had occurred in the Aerospace community which he and others felt were not just natural, but supernatural. And somehow, Phil and Danielle had something that Rocksense wanted. Desperately. And Old Goat wanted her to try to find out what it was.

Those reasons were enough that she not only now accepted Danielle, but trusted her more each day. Danielle’s return had not only provided great joy to her friends, though, it had made Rocksense their collective enemy .

For over three years, Phil and Jennifer had never let a day go by, that they had not prayed for Danielle‘s return to them. From the joy Jennifer had expressed, and the past three weeks of Phil’s obvious joy at Danielle’s complete return, “out of the blue“, literally, he had said.. All knew that their prayers had been answered. That is proof enough that SOMETHING supernatural was indeed involved, and was concerned about Phil and Danielle.

Maybe other, more physical help could be of real value now. She didn’t know exactly what, but she would try her best to find out.. Because she was going to Nevada day after tomorrow…
She smiled, as she flipped through several channels of the evening news for long enough to garner the collective “head lies”, sighed, and headed for bed with a book until she got sleepy.
Pahrump, Nevada

As they had walked to hussy, Danielle had dumped on Phil all she had been considering this evening.. She detailed completely the events from her lunch with George and her new husband Bill Meacham that first day, to their collective joy after their strange and totally unexpected reunion at LAS. By the time they were finished reviewing it from each others perspective, they had arrived at hussy. They paused at the truck door, and looked into each others face. What they saw was not just the physical… It flashed for a few moments of something more, something not possible to see with physical eyes.

Their lips briefly met and Phil gathered her in his arms and walked around to the drivers door… Honey, he stated, lets scoot the seat up so you can drive… I need to think a bit… She smiled at him, and they loaded up. They both knew this was far from over, as there was more than normal flesh things pursuing them. They also both clearly understood that they would finish it together….

As Danielle coaxed big old hussy to the RV park for the night, Phil dug out his burner to check messages, TWO NEW MESSAGES, it said.. He hit speakerphone. The first was Christy .. Expect a call today at 12 pm EST.. As he glanced at the current time, Danielle broke into a huge smile, and hussy weaved a bit as she slid her rear back and forth on the seat in a sitting down happy dance… What time is it now?… We have another hour, Phil said, smiling at her… He hit NEXT.

It was Jim, Marcy’s brother. Phil, he said, my solar panel order just came in late today.. The installation I was waiting to start may interest you in two ways. Other than the system particulars and installation, the place is a Paiute settlement 30 miles south-southeast of Pahrump, in the boonies. The people in that area have a long history with chindi and flying machine lore. They have stated that sightings near them have increased greatly over the past few days. Sometimes, 3-4 each night. They also have a Shaman who will talk with you… He claims he has talked with chindi in person. I know enough Paiute to help some with Shaman talk. They all speak English anyways, except that sometimes, English has words that do not express true meanings. You are more than welcome to come tomorrow. We may end up spending the night… They like me for some reason…. Or, maybe it’s the money they get for helping… anyway, let me know by 7 tomorrow morning, and I will tell you how to meet up.

That should be fun, babe… I want to go too, said Danielle.. Phil nodded..

Sometimes, Phil and Danielle, plans have a way of changing quite suddenly, you know…
At home:
Toward evening, Buffy was waiting for her Ken to get home. She had prepared supper, and was sitting on the porch with a glass of tea, feeling the new life growing stronger within her as it sought for a more comfortable position. She was thinking… 6 more weeks and I can see you, hug you, and kiss you… Ms. Danielle Alexandria Burns…

She heard a unfamiliar sound coming up the trace toward her. Clive drove up on his 4 runner, parked in the yard and waved. He got off and moved aside as a big delivery van pulled into the yard with two men inside. One walked to her on the porch with a clipboard, while the other went to the back of the van, opened the doors, and disappeared inside . The man with the clipboard said, we have a delivery for Ms Danielle Alexandria Burns… She looked at Clive who was in stitches.. She looked down at her belly, and then said.. Yes, she managed, I am her mother… Tears started to form..

As the men began unloading, Clive walked up to hold doors and such, as Buffy guided the men to the soon to be Danielle’s mostly empty room. Yough was just watching from his guard position. As the men had finished and were loading up to leave, Ken arrived. The truck had to wait until Ken had pulled in, then they departed. Ken looked at Clive who was standing beside his wife, with an arm about her shoulders and Buffy streaming tears down her cheeks. What’s going on? said Ken. Buffy ran to him, and grabbed his hand, pulling him inside the house. Clive followed to help Ken rearrange the furniture.
Yough retired to his now permanent position as guard underneath his soon to be lifetime responsibility back window, and just listened...
Pahrump, RV park.

They had returned Jim’s call, and accepted his offer to accompany him on his job tomorrow. Of course, Jim said. Danielle is more than welcome also. My little VW, does not have much space, but that’s not what I drive on work jobs, anyway. I am provided with a large 4 door Pickup, that has a complete back seat and plenty of room. Sinee the warehouse is north of Pahrump a few miles, and we will be going south, I’ll go get it loaded and ready and pick you up at the RV park. Ohh , sometime around 8 or so. Great, they said.

8:32 the time read. They were watching the phone closely, with
anticipation of Christy’s Call. Danielle readied their bed, Phil watched her climbing up and down, arranging the bedding, plumping the new pillows, sniffing them, choosing hers, and installing pillow cases. They had also bought a wool blanket, because the desert can be downright cold at night. She climbed up, tucked herself in, and was pleased with the surprising comfort. She stuck her head out, beckoned to Phil, and said teasingly, c’mere, baby… As she climbed down, Phil walked over to the sink to splash cold water on his face, and then… The burner phone lit up…
At Home:
Clive Ken and Buffy had finished supper, and after they finished straightening up, they sat back down for a while. The furniture is perfect, Buffy said, just perfect.. Clive and Ken agreed..

Clive got chastised, because he was in on it, and had not leaked a drop. Clive explained, well Danielle is very good at keeping things close. So I reciprocated. They looked quizzically at him, but he just smiled.

He was of course thinking of the way Danielle had kept close all the personal things and the deep hurt he had served her out of his heavily armored feelings vault, and she had kept them close. The advice and comfort she had presented had helped him in his prison of solitude. It helps because it feels better when you can talk to others about it who understand and will help you by not betraying your trust. …

I miss them, Clive stated, have you heard anything? he asked. Not a peep, Buffy replied. Not a peep. As she shook her head.

The real reason Alexandria loved Danielle, is probably because she had lost her only sibling when she was 12. She was 12, and Penny was 13. But together they added up to one. They had shared every and any event of their individual lives in intimate detail since Buffy could recall, as if each were talking to their own self in their bedroom mirror.

Well, Of course, Alexandria had a void within her.

As a matter of fact it was Penny who had nicknamed her Buffy. She had never, until that time she met Danielle only a little while ago, that she felt that feeling return. Penny, was a year older, But they often lent each other a shoulder to cry on. And never did either say a single word, until they had finished their sobbing. Danielle did that same exact thing.
And then cleaned her face, just like Penny and her would do for each other. Then they shared their lives, in detail. That is the reason Buffy fell so in love with Bree. And Buffy sincerely hoped, she would not lose her replacement sister… not ever.

To be continued:
The previous part 33 is here:

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