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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 31

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:26

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave Part 31

At Home
Buffy was really down this morning. Bree and Phil had left and were going into trying conditions for a few days, and she would have to reset her daily routine back to before the happy vigor they had injected into the lives of her trace community. As they had driven away She was glad that the day when she could be with the rest of the group at Homer’s was only a couple of days away. Depression, even fleeting depression, was bad for anyone… but it was even more danger for a Mother to be. It opened one’s mental doors to worry, and the excesses of flesh ’cures’, both chemical and otherwise that worry ALWAYS produced. She thought of her own Ken’s very seldom but real events with alcohol. Homer had always warned them of the dangers of worry. It eventually will destroy lives, no matter who you are. Concern is fine, but must be controlled, less it advance to worry,.

She knew that most would say that her advanced pregnancy was an excuse for depression. Homer had wisely said .. Alexandria, you eat for two to build your baby’s physical health… when you mentally ‘eat’ depression and worry, be very sure that you are also feeding it to your baby, as well..

She went to her computer to study, and was cheered inside as she looked at the short piece of chain Bree had often teased her with. She had placed it on the floor beside her chair, because It reminded her that true love has no bounds. -- Because Love lives solely within one’s mind. And thus one’s mind either nurtures it or kills it.

She dutifully continued her homeschoolmarm lessons until it’s built in break. She made a mug of green tea, and went to sit on her porch. She thought further on the serious danger of allowing worry to invade ones mind. She recalled a particular lesson Homer had used to elucidate, and it did indeed light up her understanding. God’s Word, he began, is both a Spiritual and Flesh oriented document. One has to properly understand it with the two edged sword that divides ones flesh marrow from ones spirit. As an example of why depression and worry is disaster especially to Christians, he picked two verses Christ used just before his return to His Father… She had memorized them especially because she had then recently experienced miscarriage. The verses appear ridiculous to most. People have used them as the basis for many new denominations, while the world in general quoted them as clear evidence to totally reject all things God. CINO’s basically ignored them and went on with their ’services’. Few could see HOW these verses warn against depression and worry, but they surely do… for those with Spiritual eyes. They are from Mark 16
17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Homer went on to explain in a few sentences: He prefaced them by saying… do not think on the obvious flesh meaning of the words. Open your mind with it’s Spiritual eyes.
The evil one is the ruler of this world, the symbol of which is that old serpent. His desire is to rule your mind, for thereby does he control your works. The serpent succeeds when he successfully tempts your flesh with “food”, as he did with Eve and the tree. He fails miserably when you deny his offer of “bread”, as Christ did in his temptation. When one ‘drinks’ or ’eats’ the physical substance enters your body and satisfies your hunger for food. The poison things are his devils, which are simply flesh lures, and naturally tempting to all people. When you ’eat’ those things with your mind, it makes you want more and bigger servings, more often.

They are not little spookies with horns and forked tails…They are things like pride, envy, greed, sloth, gluttony, lust, etc.. and many more. These focus their attacks on your mind. The flesh is naturally attracted to them.

The new tongues are the Word of God, which most fail to understand because they cannot divide it properly.

The sick are those Christians who have made their interpretation of God’s word the walls of their own personal prison. Denying to themselves the freedom to fully enjoy life without WORRY of offending God or any one else. These forget that Christ himself was once fully flesh, as were all of his followers. Yes, they were concerned, but only his betrayer WORRIED about flesh desires. They were all typical flesh, just like you are.

When concern evolves into WORRY, it opens your mind wide to evil. So.. He went on. Remember that you are for now flesh, not Spirit. So when you want to smoke, have a beer or two, swear when you hit your thumb with a hammer, tell raw jokes with your friends, or look on the opposite sex with true appreciation for their flesh beauty… those are simply normal flesh tendencies and normal for all flesh. If it offends someone, temper it well down for their sakes so as to not offend. But, in the end, only yourself has the right to control your actions… It is when your mind opens sufficiently to admit the demons pushing the lures that you fall. Worry opens the first crack in your mind, as you lose focus on your Spirit. Drugs, Chemicals, excessive, alcohol, whatever, and they open it wider to accept all those vices that ultimately infect both your body and your mind .

Thoughtful and sincere concern actually exercises your search for true remedy.
Worry blows open all locks. Basically, you lose control, and seek flesh remedies. Forgive yourself first. Then accept once again that you are fully and only flesh, for now. No, it’s not easy. At all. But, you can do this…

With A final draught from her mug, Buffy returned to schoolmarm class with a smile, and a new perspective.
Las Vegas, Nv
After Phoebe and Horace had entered Las Vegas, they stopped at a small casino for it’s breakfast buffet. They were finished, and were reviewing the map Clive had given them last night. When they left, Phil went to hussy to wait, because Phoebe had spotted a hair salon. She went inside with some questions for the consultant. His name was Renoir. Phoebe started with == I have this piece that I like, as she flipped her black curls, but I have grown weary with it’s color. It is of all natural hair, but I question how to change it’s shade without undue damage, could you advise? Oui, he said, and pointed to the chair in the back. He removed her wig and exclaimed… Madam, why would you cover such beautiful auburn tresses? It is a shame to do so... He grabbed a brush and quickly reshaped her pixie cut.. And looked at it, front, sides and back. It had grown some since ehe first adopted it a couple of weeks ago, and with his hands, he grabbed hand fulls, and looked at it as he explored different style options… She said, Renoir, I appreciate your efforts, but I enjoy different colors as well, could you advise me on my wig for now?
He shrugged, shook his head and said Oui.. He picked up the wig, examined the lable inside and said…as he fingered the hair texture, this is human hair, and like all human hair, will eventually deteriorate with coloring, and even faster to some chemicals. It is black, which means that the hair is difficult to lighten a great deal, and bleaching will rapidly ruin it. There is a treatment that is temporary, and will help, but it must be done in several steps, not all at once, and most of the curls and body it now has will suffer, thus must be restyled as often as normal hair that has no natural body. It will take 2 days.
Renoir, I am a tourist, and do not have several days.. Nor can I return to you for changes.

Is there a way I can buy the treatment from you and do it myself? She held up a C note== Renoir stopped shaking his head no at the presence of the bribe. He raised a finger and went into the back. He returned with a box of bottles and a baggie of white powder. This is 300, he said, and I will include two colors of your choice, plus a sheet of detailed instructions. You must be very careful to use only distilled water and whole, fresh un pasteurized milk, both at room temperature. And of course thoroughly clean, non metallic vessels. He looked at her with squinted eyes, tilting his head. She smiled, as she turned to the mirror to replace her wig, and said, light brown and medium dishwater Blonde, please, pressing the Benjamin in his hand. As he went to the back again , she walked to his till to meet him.
Then, Less another 400 cash, she walked to a nearby family dollar to buy a couple of plastic shoeboxes, two large wooden spoons, and then finally to a patient Horace waiting in the truck.
She and her Pentagon crew were still spooked about the tailing she had recently survived, Cum laude, and all knew it was but a matter of time until a new and much more competent bunch of suits were tailing her. She drove to the mission at lunch, and via her agency cell, Christy and Old Goat had arranged a meeting for later today at the Pentagon. After work she drove to the Large Silver Springs mall, and went inside. In the restroom she changed into her running attire, placed her street clothes in a Victoria’s Secret bag she had brought her running attire in, and exited out the Malls opposite side. She spotted the lady sitting in a handicapped spot, wearing an old and now obsolete Washington Senator’s visor. She drove her to the Pentagon Visitors entrance and left. Christy proceeded to the large green area where Old Goat and #6 were waiting. They both agreed that a trip to Rocksense West was very useful, but not on Rocksense’s dime quite yet. Maybe later that would be very useful, but her first look should be on Spaceforce’s dime, and that she should persuade her friend Jennifer to go along as useful camouflage when she met her friends Phil and Danielle for some intel background on Rocksense West. Christy smiled broadly.. THAT my friends, is NO problem, believe me. When? . Let us work some logistics first, Christy… Soon, but wait a day or two, OK?. Christy hugged her “dad” nodded bye to #6 and swinging her Victoria’s Secret bag , she strolled out and hailed a cab back to the Mall, smiling broadly. Meanwhile, far up at a third floor Pentagon office window, an employee appeared overly interested in Old Goat’s nonchalant meeting after normal work hours…

They had followed Clives map, Ignoring the tourist signs that hyped ’Wheeler Pass’, and continued up US 95 to SR156, Lee Canyon Road… The peak was obvious at it’s 13000+ feet on their right center as they turned. Danielle read Clives notes as Phil drove. As altitude increased, so did nature’s beauty. As 156 split into 158 and 157, they followed 158 until its pavement ended in a i8o degree loop back to itself. From there they continued west on an unimproved but decent gravel road which looked to head generally south. There was a crude wooden sign which said “Pahrump 36 miles”. When they were at perhaps 8000 feet, The road was climbing a sub- peak of sorts, and on their left, Danielle immediately recognized the large graveled area with the warning signs that George had driven her to at midnight on her only trip to Rocksense West… As she was excitingly telling the details to Phil, they passed a rough vehicle trail also on the left which led down the hill and would appear to circle behind the fenced Rocksense property. Continuing only a little further, they saw Marcy’s truck in a small green area to their left. They pulled up beside the truck and parked. They also saw a Volkswagen pulled into some taller bushes on the other side ot Marcy’s truck. They got out to stretch their legs . It was too early for lunch so Danielle brought out a couple of bags of mini ritz PB crackers and a bottle of Iced tea to share. Phil dug out both his and Danielles burner phones to check bars and possible messages . At this elevation and due to the higher peaks around, there was barely one bar. There were no messages either.
They walked toward the small stream, enchanted by the many cliffs, crags and canyons as well as the surprising lush vegetation in spots, and how it was such a contrast to the arid desert land below.. On a lonely crag a few miles away, a huge eagle’s nest was visible, and they could hear the occasional SCReee sound the hen called as she circled in a figure 8 pattern high above it.. Obviously young there, Phil thought. If it was merely eggs, she would be setting on them instead of protecting… as the sun had not risen high enough to fully relieve the night time desert chill. They followed the small stream down a way as it wandered through the underbrush, and heard several critters as they dashed away at their approach. They returned to their truck and retrieved a couple of folding lawn chairs and sat beside the small stream, talking and watching the eagle soar. Uver her young. Then another SCree sounded close behind them. Another eagle with a writhing snake in it’s claws, and only a few hundred feet up came from behind them and headed directly to the nest. Daddy was bringing lunch, Danielle ventured… A voice from behind them said… not exactly.. It’s momma who is bringing lunch, daddy guards the home…They turned to face a smiling Marcy and her eldest daughter. Both had cloth headbands and a a knotted kerchief gathering their hair in the back. Their faces were virtually identical, they had the same dark eyes, and suntanned smooth cheeks. The same full lips and pleasant smile. Each were dressed in jeans and a plain, buttoned flannel shirt with its shirttail hanging over their jeans. Both wore comfortable hikers on their feet. Her daughter had an open top cloth bag with shoulder strap. That’s Amy and Andy, she said. This is their third clutch in three years. Always 2 young each time. Welcome, said Marcy, grandfather said you would come today. We are waiting lunch for you. Ready? Sure, let me put these phones away. Oh, they will work up there, she said… My brother uses one in his business. He’s off today… That’s his car, pointing to the Volkswagen… I don’t have one though. -- Would you accept one that connects to the group, Danielle asked… Sure, she said. Phil handed Danielle hers, he tucked his in his trousers, and retrieved the third burner for Marcy. The last one was for Christy when she came.
Marcy said.. it’s a walk through the brush… you all will be more comfortable if you pull your shirt tails out.. Debris has a way of collecting and going down your waist. The shirt tails deflect it well..
They left the same way down the small stream past the vehicles, and then up hill along a slightly larger stream that joined it about a hunderd yards further down. After another 30 minutes later, they emerged into a mountain glen, where the stream had formed a small pond. At the edge of the glenn was a wide area with 3 fairly large buildings of rock, wood and adobe, and a smaller one, dome shaped and off by itself. There were 8 people , visible, 6 of them smaller children. All looked att the visitors. The two adults waved in welcome, and headed for one of the large buildings, which it was soon discovered, was their dining room and general common space for meetings or whatever.

A man of about 30 approached. Marcy introduced him as her brother, Jim. Jim held a BSIE from UNLV, and was the electrician for much of the Indian nation on the reservation, which included several tribes. He installed and maintained Solar Panel Systems to power the widely scattered groups needs for cell phone and other chargers, water pumps, minimum refrigeration, and lighting. Most heating and cooking needs were still satisfied by Propane, fuel oil or wood.

A woman waved to Marcy, and went back inside. Marcy told Phil and Bree.. We have prepared lunch for you and Sarah just said it’s ready. On the way to the long house, they stopped by a free running fountain powered by the spring which eventually formed the small creek, and washed their hands and face, using a dish filled with fresh smelling liquid soap, and drying on cloth towels.
The lunch consisted of warm fry bread, mashed pinto beans, a big dish of strips of venison in a spicy gravy, and a huge plate of crisp mixed wild greens. A glass of cool herb tea accompanied the meal. After Lunch Marcy pointed to the smaller building at the edge of the glen. Grandfather will meet with you when the smoke stops coming from the small vent.. If you need to use the restroom, there-- she pointed to a path that led down hill behind the long house, and well below the spring water source, which was slightly higher than even the main area . It’s not the Ritz, she smiled, but it is quite comfortable..

To be continued:
The previous Part 30 is here:

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