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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 27

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:57

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 27

At home
After supper, Phil and Clive helped Ken begin putting hussy back together, As Ken reassembled, . Clive was hunting through the boxes, sorting parts and rearranging them in the reverse order of Ken’s Parts order list, which he had made as he removed them..
Ken meanwhile was cleaning fuel system components such as fuel pressure pump, regulator, fuel manifold, injectors and miscellaneous small parts in the ultrasonic cleaner Ken had borrowed from work. Each cleaned part was stored in a baggie, from a box Buffy had offered, when asked. It was going well, and in 3 hours, under the light bar, they had reconstructed quite a bit of hussy, reducing the three boxes of parts down to just over one, plus one of the large canister thingys they had got from the Ford garage.. Actually many of the parts reassembled themselves, as many were only gaskets, o rings and rubber seals which were installed when the main item was mechanically mounted. By 9 it was time to quit for the night. Yough was glad for the dark and silence, and he so displayed by stalking into the weeds, looking for jackrabbits who may now approach closely.

They reloaded the shop equipment into Ken’s work truck, and Ken and Phil headed inside.. While Clive headed home.. Bree had filled Buffy in on Clives ’her’ earlier, and they were scheming and drinking green tea. In any case, Buffy had a new understanding of Clive’s sometimes ‘moody’ spells… The guys enjoyed a cup of tea, but Ken soon headed off for a shower and bed, followed by Phil. Soon afterward, The girls straightened up the kitchen a bit, and followed their mates. As Bree entered, Phil had just finished his shower, and was putting on his robe… Danielle gave Phil a quick kiss, and stripped on the way to the shower. As she closed the door, she said, be right there, babe, save me the right sleeve and half of your robe…
Bethesda, Md

We have previously observed that Christine Bales was no dummy. Lets see why.
Christy, the now lowly Rocksense clerk, had begun her agency career in the FBI as a field agent in Mobile, AL, 14 years ago, now. She had, at age 21, graduated Auburn with a Criminal Justice flavored degree. Her first job was at the Phoenix city, AL, police department.. PC is a small town on the border between AL and GA. PC was noted as the most corrupt city in AL, other than, of course, Montgomery. Since the late 20‘s, prostitution, illegal gambling, untaxed alcohol, dope trafficking and assorted mafia type enterprises were PC’s main industries. PC’s graft dollars flowed liberally to Montgomery, who mostly winked and shrugged. On the income side, the money came from Chicago, St Louis, NY, as well as many others..

Phoenix City, due to their many national connections had naturally attracted a lot of attention from the FBI over the years… Well, after only a couple of months in PCPD, Christine Bales was thoroughly disgusted. She was even thinking of total career change to anything other than law enforcement. At the time, she was dating the only other young guy who was disgusted in PCPD. He had recently made his application to the FBI, and was just waiting to hear. Christy instantly applied, as well. Both were eventually accepted. After a year of specialized training, Christy found herself in the Mobile field office, as a liaison agent assigned primarily to PC. She actually did not have much detailed knowledge about details of PC’s many enterprises --- but she did know someone who did.

He was a 40 year old lecher, who, when not at the whorehouses, was always sniffing around her continually. Holy crap, she thought… I am not THAT good an actress… But, she had a job to do, so she called him, talked a bit about old times, and reluctantly agreed to a date to have dinner with him at his favorite club… She recognized several guys there from the dossiers she had been fed by the agency. So far, so good, she thought. After dinner, three of her targets and the lecher, along with several “ladies”, were invited to the casino, an attached back room guarded by a huge bearded fellow with biker tattoos on most of his exposed large arms. Well, long story short… lecher tried his damdest, but finally had to succumb to the wiles of another young “lady”. Christy was pleased that she never saw him the rest of the evening. The other 3, who obviously had their minds on ‘business’ other than women, had picked up another couple, and all sat at an empty poker table. The girl with the new guy was obviously bored and lonely.
Christy went to the necessary room and switched on the recorder in her bra. The wireless microphone was in the necklace she wore, which also served as the remote on off for the recorder, via a touch switch on it’s pendant. Well.. Here goes, she thought, as she retrieved her nearly empty glass, and smiling, she strode over to the table, and standing close to the bored woman who looked at her and smiled back. Got some extra in that bottle?”, she asked. The lady smiled broadly, motioned to the empty stool beside her and held up the bottle… An hour or so later, after the guys had finished their ‘business’ and their thoughts changed to ladies, Christy and Lucy, went ot the necessary room.. On their way back to the table, Christy grabbed Lucy’s arm, and laughing, said “I’ve got a game in the car, that the guys would just LOVE, she winked, I’ll be right back… That was the last they ever saw of Christy that night… Christy hopped into one of the many taxis outside, and said… PCPD, please… 10 minutes later, she was in her car, on the way back to Mobile, listening to one of her many “Alabama” CD’s, tapping along to Jeff and the boys and occasionally helping with the vocals. She also was carrying an hour+ long recording in her bra… That’s the beginning of Christy’s career -- But, here is the punch line… She is STILL an FBI agent, though you would never expect it. She has two incomes and three jobs now, #1 - A GS11 Deep cover FBI agent, in a ‘good guy’ group, which was her ‘price‘ for agreeing to the deal in the first place. #2, a lowly clerk, a civilian employed by Rocksense, Inc.-- and #3-- her most enjoyable of all… volunteering at the ‘mission’.. Yes indeed, Christine Bales is far, far, from a dummy. During her life with the FBI, she has also grown her acting abilities considerably on the side...
At home:

Things were progressing at a very fast pace with the hussy restoration. When he had left this morning, Ken had taken the injector pump/distributor and fuel injectors with him to work to clean, adjust and calibrate them during lunch. He would only need to borrow a fuel pressure meter set tonight for the final tweeks on hussy. May even be all done tonight, he thought.. Bree had picked up a short chain from Ken’s shed, and she and Phil were in the camper, cleaning away. Each time Buffy stepped on the porch, Danielle would shake the chain at her. Three times only did Bree relent. Two morning breaks and when Buffy produced a tray of sandwiches and a pitcher of Tea at lunchtime.
By 3 pm, they were done in the camper. Danielle and Phil walked to the porch, and poured some tea. Of course, Buffy heard them, and when she stuck her head out, Bree smiled at her, made a come on gesture, and said, I put the chain away for the day… Buffy went back inside, shut down her computer, and reappeared on the porch with a paper plate of warm blueberry muffins she had taken out. Phil grabbed one and moved to the step, as Buffy joined them.. they jawed and enjoyed for a while, then they heard Clive’s 4 runner coming up the trace…
Silver Springs, Md,
Rocksense, inc

Christy had called in sick this morning… the suits were interested.. They were looking around. They had tracked her car to Firestone, where she was waiting for service… a tire rotation and balance, oil change, wheel alignment, engine tuneup, wash and wax, the works… a suit went in the waiting room, saw her reading a magazine and waiting, while listening to music on her earbuds.
The suit noticed the service # 16, in the tray sitting on the hood of her car. He walked to the desk and asked the service manager how long would it take for him to get a tire rotation… Be a while today, we’re swamped this morning… at least not until two, he said. The suit noticed the clipboard as he held it up.. The next blank line was #17..
The brown sedan relocated to a spot where they could observe both her car and the 5 service bays, which incidentally was close to McDonalds, and waited.

Meanwhile, on the fifth floor, Lew, AKA #6, Never realized that his assignment to Rocksense had been under review by quite a few people for nearly 7 months prior to it actually occurring. He had been quite happy as CO at Nellis AFB, as was his family. None of them liked DC. Been there, done that, they all said… It sucks…

A few hours after He had received the ’random’ call from Christy, he been issued a new cell. Equally scrubbed. As he was going over the security and evaluation reports about Christy Bales… His new cell vibrated.. He answered, and a voice said…9:45 sharp. And went silent. .. Hmm he thought, as he looked at his watch, it’s 30 minutes to the Pentagon,.. Not much time..

Meanwhile, Christy had walked to the side entrance at firestone, and drove away in the car that had been left the night before, parked in a spot near the side entrance for her by the good guys. As she drove, she glanced at the clock in the car. Hmm… gotta hurry.. 9:45 == Hope I can dodge some traffic… Damned suits are a pain in the rear… they move as slow as molasses, sometimes…

Could it possibly be that Christy’s random call was not as random as it appeared to be? … hmmm
At Home..

Clive drove up to the porch said howdy, accepted a muffin from Bree. and ambled over to hussy. He went directly to the camper, which had it’s door and all it’s windows open, airing out.. He went in for a bit, and holding the muffin in his mouth, quickly came back out , fanning his face, Wow, he managed as he retrieved the muffin, you guys need to borrow some more Clorox? Wow… They laughed, as Bree said… a big strong Ranger dodging a woman’s best friend… Be ashamed Clive. He grinned…
Shoulda been here earlier, Clive… Danielle set off two bug bombs before she would even enter… she needed some grenade throwing instructions, too as her first one landed wrong, and rolled under the couch cabinet… Danielle stuck her tongue out at Phil, Clive had a good laugh …
Yanno, he quipped, you guys are sluffing off, it’s early yet since Ken won’t be home till near dark,,, Whassay we tour the trace a bit?
Great Idea, they agreed… They loaded in Buffy’s SUV, and headed up the trace toward the Wilk’s Home.
Lew walked into his Pentagon office intending to go into his conference room. His Adjutant met him before he even got to his office, and saluting, said .. This way, sir.
Back down the corridor a bit, the Adjutant opened the doorway to the several acre green area located in the center of the multi story drab walls of the Pentagon.. There were many benches and picnic tables spread about, and many pentagon employees had there breaks and lunches there. There were many doors around the walls periphery to the labyrinth of inside, as well as several cafeterias scattered around the walls periphery.
The adjutant pointed to a table beneath one of the trees that also grew there.. Two men in suits were seated, talking to a cute blonde dressed in blue walking shorts with a loose comfortable top..

As he approached, his boss waved.. And as he sat, His boss said… Lew, this is Christine Bales… She is your eyes and ears at the Rocksense Gig… Well, he said, I thought from all the details and reports security had supplied me recently, I knew all about you… apparently security is full of crap in DC also.. They all had a chuckle at that… Her call to you was to cover the reason for you to invite her to your office there.. She has much you should be aware of to tell you, and it would cause a stink if you were inviting a pretty green eyed third floor clerk to your conference room on the fifth floor, you know.

Around here, most think Christy is the daughter of this old goat, AKA her boss, so they don’t pay much attention when she occasionally stops by. Old goat, do you have some words? First and foremost, Lew, the club has your office wired.. If we sweep it, they will just replace it with new stuff that is more covert… so, its best to know, especially when they don’t know we know… it may be useful… you can send texts over your cell. both ends are rattled with a daily look up log, If you need something quick. That said, Nellis has, as you recently learned in your initial briefing here, several of our covert contacts on base. Of late, we have learned from them that the greys are being very active of late. Our sole contact at Rocksense west has indicated that he possibly knows why. We need to get Christy out there on some pretense… We are working on that, now. She has some very good, personal, ex MD friends somewhere in Clark county NV, ...Fully TS cleared, and not debriefed. They are former employees of Rocksense that are on the run, because … Uhh…the club wants to eliminate them. All we know so far, is that they are implicated in some sort of ’unfaithfulness’ to the darker portions of the club… That dark effort is headed by the #2 guy at Rocksense east. Needless to say, Space Force is highly interested in the greys latest ship developments, but we do not have enough ’In’s’ yet.

Yes, Christy does have a way to contact her friends, but given the events on both ends, does not dare to give them details except personally, and face to face. As a matter of fact, she has advised me that these two have, over the past 3 years, grown as close to her personally as her family. She would protect their safety with all she has. Christy smiled broadly, and nodded her concurrence.

So, Lew, watch your six closely at Rocksense… Your other two groups at their competitors look clean… so far. After she meets your inquisition demands this week, there is no clean reason for another conversation with her. It wont work twice. Since your office is wired, have the discussions in the SCIF with noise makers, OK ?

To be continued:
The previous Part 26 is here:

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