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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --Part 24

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:57

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --Part 24

32 miles east of Pahrump, NV

Weep had just returned from his test flight, and his technicians congregated around the small ship… Weep said -- well, yes and no. The vision over the area we are having difficulty with is still denied. As I proceeded over the area numerous targets appeared. They were, it turns out merely animals, such as deer and other critters. The system worked good on them. I even caused a bobcat to roll and scream in agony, and leap off a cliff. .. But as I proceeded directly over our main target, the display showed only a few jagged horizontal bars. When I exited the area on my flight path, again the screen filled with numerous animal targets. I then proceeded to Pahrump, where many DNA targets of human signature appeared. I selected one at random and energized the weapon portion. Immediately, the car rhe person was driving, veered into a telephone pole, and the human stepped from the vehicle, then fell upon the pavement, writhing in pain. I then switched modes. The human jumped up and began chasing the others that had approached the wreck to help him, and, he began attacking them, obviously, appearing insane to them. Many of the targets on the display then turned yellow, indicating fear, as you had advised me. Then, I returned here, passing directly over our prime target. The display returned to the jumbled mess, as before. This time, however, I felt a turbulence and obvious loss of speed control and 3D stability. As the video and proximity warning systems had been removed for installation of this new system, I could not determine the cause. As it was dark outside, it is virtually certain that the usual swarms of vultures, eagles and crows were not to blame. It was if a large invisible hand had grasped the ship and flung it in the direction of this base. As I approached certain demise against this cliff,
the all abrupt motion ceased, control returned to normal, and… here we are… Perhaps if we install it on one of the larger vessels where the normal systems can remain operational
I can include some crew, and maybe together we can gather more details………..

At home…

Danielle and Phil both opened their eyes simultaneously at 5:30 AM, still locked in the tight embrace they had shared all night. After a final, open mouthed silent yawn from Danielle, Phil whispered…. come here, fox breath… Their lips tenderly met and then they began talking. Honey, he said, I have got a hankering for a big stack of your famous pancakes… it’s been WAY too long. Danielle was indeed, among their friends at least… the absolute Queen of pancakes. She had of course received her initial secrets from Jennifer, her Mom --- but had added her own twists to the recipe. The resultant pancakes were so good, that even Jennifer had conceded to her the Tiara. They had enjoyed them so often during their first 9+ years of marriage, that her pancakes were a staple almost every morning, when she had had the time before classes.
They slipped on their robes and ventured out.. The house was dark. She lit the kitchen and counter., They could hear muffled sounds from Buffy and Kens room.. Ken had to work today.. Bree put on coffee to brew, and then silently explored Buffy’s cabinets. Phil took a stool, as is the wont of many hubbies, and so, just silently observed… as their appetites quickened..

She had found the electric griddle, as well as the majority of the ingredients, as Buffy strolled up, having sniffed the still brewing, universal morning fix. She stifled a small yawn, nodded a ’mornin‘ To Phil, and hugged Bree. What you got going on, she asked…
?Pancakes? She asked… Buffy smiled broadly… I absolutely LOVE them, she said, my favorite is IHOP when we have time… Phil grinned… he thought to himself,,, ‘I USED to, also, until… ‘… Bree then said, I have found most everything I need. But,, would you have some REAL Vanilla Extract and some Amaretto, and a bit of Almond extract, perchance? Buffy replied -- the vanilla and almond, no problem… I SHOULD have some Amaretto…. She retrieved a small step stool from a cabinet under the counter, and explored the cabinets above it… She shortly held down a small bottle of Amaretto, Ken infrequently had dribbled in his coffee. Bacon, on the side, Buffy asked? Yes indeed, Phil and Danielle said, almost simultaneously…
While Bree began her mysterious batter preparation, and Buffy was starting the bacon, Ken came up, to the counter, said hi y’all, and plopped on a stool wanting some coffee.

Do I sniff Amaretto, perchance? Bree smiled and placed the Amaretto on the counter…
He looked at the electric griddle and asked… Pancakes? Buffy nodded, and Ken exclaimed YUM… Phil just smiled.
Buffy was just finishing up on her bacon task, as Bree finished final approval of the grill temperature by flinging a few drops of cold water on it, and mentally evaluating their dance on the hot grill. She turned to her batter, and made a slight adjustment of it’s consistency with cold water. Using a wad of wet paper towels, she cleaned its surface, and looked approvingly at the burned texture of her wipe. She began her mental calculation again, and dipped spoons full of batter from a ladle and distributed it on the grill, She picked up the spatula, holding it over the sink as she lightly sprayed it with cooking spray.

Buffy had placed the platter of bacon along with a dish of butter, and a new bottle of Real Canadian Maple syrup on the counter. Bree was carefully monitoring the edges of the cakes. She quickly flipped each over, as Buffy stood by with a stack of paper plates. Bree was mentally timing. Soon, she looked at Buffy, who offered a plate. The first stack of 4 went to Ken, as Phil glared… Soon he was presented with 4 also, as Bree turned to her wad of paper towels, and scrubbed the grill once more. And, repeating the water sprinkling ritual, she repeated her previous tasks. While she waited until her mental timer buzzed, she looked at Buffy… Great pancakes depend on proper grill temperature much more than people realize… too low, and they cook so slowly they are tough and chewy. A bit too high and they are burned, destroying their texture and flavor.
Secondly, one must judge the moment the cake tells you to flip it. And flip it only once, she added. A second flip is disaster on texture.

As the second batch were running, Buffy looked at Ken, who was holding out his empty plate, a look of epicurean bliss on his face… Phil was glaring at him as he munched on a slice of bacon…

Finally Bree managed to get her own double stack… The others watching, each in awe of their enjoyment… Buffy demanded… Bree, dear friend .. you have to give me the recipe and ALL your secrets. Sure, Danielle said… but, dear, its not the batter, really… Most batters are nearly equally good… The secret is simply batter consistency, time and temperature.. Those are the most important ingredients. Buffy put on another pot of coffee…

Ken dressed for work, and then returned to the counter. Phil, buddy, the truck needs major surgery, I’m afraid. We can, though, do it on an out patient basis. He produced a clipboard with 3 full 8x11 sheets, neatly hand written on both sides. These parts will be needed. Buffy can drive you to Henderson later to shop for them…
The engine model number, the YofM, the chassis number, the VIN number, and notes you will need are listed on the bottom of the last page.

Many will be available at Moes auto parts in Henderson. Some are OEM.. He will advise you where to get the ones he doesn’t have in stock. Also, in the shed there is a small pressure washer, with a couple of gallons of degreaser beside it, and a couple of paint brushes in a small pail beside the degreaser. The entire engine area needs a good going over.. It’s just not civilized to put new parts into a greasy, grimy area. Don’t worry about getting water in the holes in and around the engine.., they have all been drained of goo, and their drains are open… It’s dirty work.. There are several sets of dirty coveralls in the shed, hanging on the back wall, and a set of rubber muck boots beside them. With that he hugged and kissed his wife. Then, chuckling, said have a good day to Phil and to Bree he said ‘Best pancakes ever’ and left for work.
Rocksense West
George was sitting in a metal chair beside his desk, while #2 sat in his plush and comfortable desk chair. Weep was on the couch, and Anu stood beside George. Weep had just finished the details of his test flight last night. All were very interested, and had praised Weep for his breakthrough. #2 said… This is an absolutely great and timely development. We can locate those two much more easily now, because we have lots of DNA from both of them. What is it’s detection range, Weep? We are not yet certain, Sir, for specific ID of any specific individual, but it is at least five miles on human DNA differentiation from other flesh. As for the punishment part, it appears to be a mile or so. My technicians tell me that with larger antennas that range should triple. We can of course install larger antennas on our larger craft, while maintaining all other systems capability, including cloaking.

Fantastic, Weep, keep it up--- you just may be heading for another star. Weep looked pleased.
He turned to Anu and George… you two make a list of the most probable locations to watch, hopefully before they arrive near the mountain.
Weep said… well we have made progress, but our observations are still completely denied within a few miles of that close by Indian area. That problem, we still have no idea of how to overcome… we certainly are devoting a lot of thought to it, continually.
#2 replied … I will ask upstairs for new ideas… I know they have been aware of it…I will ask again, and keep you advised.

Lucifer was thinking long and hard to search out the reason for the inability of his state of the art hardware to be blinded in certain areas.. It was not unique to Pocksense west, he mused for he had reviewed many such reports from spot locations, planet wide While the new equipment Weep had developed was a good breakthrough, and would offer grea assistance to track down the individuals of the accursed remnant, he was greatly concerned about it’s blind spots… There is no technical reason for it… It just defies science, he mused… Such characteristics do not make sense, they just seem to bend physical laws, that have always been. Adding to the confusion he felt, was the sure knowledge that the blind spots changed location at times, swapping positions with areas of formerly opposite characteristics … he continued to muse about it…. He then angrily recalled… the Imposter had said. to that accursed David, and just as our servants had him cornered…. And David was in extreme fear of the terror of imminent death…
Ps 91
3 Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. (KJV)

Lucifer was furious because He had forced himself to recall the words of the Imposter…
Never the less, as there was no one else around, he allowed himself to realize the possibility that the search for them was futile, … until the time was at hand. BUT--THEN -- when the time has finally arrived…he comforted himself with the thought that the Imposter also had said... ALL of His Elect would be killed by the Beast… ALL…

At Home…

Buffy and Bree were sitting on lounge chairs on the small front porch, sipping the last of their coffee and watching Phil as he, dressed in coveralls, drug stuff from the shed, and liberally painted the engine area of hussy with degreaser. Just as he was connecting the hose to the pressure washer. They started down to join in.

No, Buffy.. NO. said Danielle.. First of all, this is our job. Second, your advanced pregnancy needs rest, not labor YET. Third, and she looked firmly in her face, If you recall our discussions last Friday, the day we first met, you said how much you were studying your butt off online so you could be a home school Mom… Remember? She looked at Bree and nodded… Well, buddy, I have not seen you spend a single minute doing it since we first arrived. … Therefore, if you don’t park your butt in front of your computer.. NOW.. I am going to enlist Phil to come help me chain you to the desk..OK?
Buffy hugged her best friend, and whispered… OK, but can I stop by the bathroom, first?

Just as Buffy went back inside, and Danielle was considering how best to clean inside the camper, Clive walked up from the trace… Some folks get to have all the fun, He said.. Phil shut down the pressure washer and joined them… after a few mutual wisecracks between them, Clive said… I can take you into Henderson this morning to get some parts if you like… Great Idea, Bree said.. I banished Buffy inside to study her schoolmarm tasks. Buffy heard the pressure washer shut down and bravely, in fear of chaining, stuck her nose out.. Hi Clive, she waved, as Bree glared at her and shook her finger. Clive stated, I had just offered to drive them to Henderson for parts, and we were thinking it over. Buffy went back inside briefly, and returned tossing Clive the Key fob to her SUV.
This has a greater chance of getting them in one trip than your small car…
They agreed… Phil said.. I’m wet dirty and stink.. I need to finish while I am already so dirty… Danielle, get a wad of cash from inside, and you and Clive make the trip.. OK?

Danielle, disappeared inside, and showed up shortly with the truck title envelope, which she stuffed in her new large purse, dressed in the same new western outfit she had worn yesterday at their Bible study meeting, complete with black hat… As Bree and Clive walked to the SUV, she turned to Buffy, shaking her finger, pointed to the house and said GO… Phil will rat you out if you come out… and then the chain… Buffy did a mock salute, and said… Yes Ma’am…

As they drove away, Phil started the pressure washer back up and grimaced at the hussy, holding the pressure washer wand while he struck a threatening pose…. Yough was just watching… he thought -- My humans are weird indeed. This noise they enjoy is disturbing my nap, and scaring away the neighborhood jackrabbits.

To be continued:
The previous Part 23 is here:

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