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Lucifer's Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 23

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:57

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 23

The gazebo, Homer’s place

Clive, Buffy, Bree and Phil sat across from Marcy and her 2 daughters. Ken was still crawling over his new hussy, this time though with pencil and the notepad he had brought for the Study… He was recording numbers, descriptions and details of the many parts and fluids needed to reinvigorate the Ford.

Marcy began to speak… Danielle, I greatly understand the relief you two must feel now. We, she looked at her daughters, are fortunate to live with my people on lands my people have lived on since there were memories. My father, his father, and most of our immediate family are all together in several adjacent buildings. The main house was constructed by our family nearly 200 years ago. In addition, our ways are not obstructed by laws of the US government. We don’t have any of your laws that govern our daily lives. Our laws, however, do reflect basically what the US constitution started with 250 years ago, and has been so for millennia. The law of of our people has always been Do not kill any of the Great Spirits’ life, except for food and clothing as you need. Use every part of the gifts you so receive. Squander nothing. Honor all men. One would not steal from themselves, so take nothing that is another’s. Kill men only as they disrespect these laws and thus dishonor the Great Spirit. And when you must kill, do it swiftly and with great force. These are the basic laws that are from old time, the way of the people.

There are also laws concerning the Spirits of evil who are enemies of the Great Spirit, and thus our people. These evil Spirits have always been, also. Grandfather has shared many stories with us, but certainly not all. These evil Spirits can live within almost anything, from the prettiest flower to any flesh life. Sometimes the evil ones appear in their own skin, but seldom, because we know the creations of the Great Spirit, and thus we are not deceived. In addition our elders know the medicine of the Great Spirit which defeats their attempts. My father and his father are two of these elders. The people call them Shaman, which is, very roughly ,‘wise’ in our language. The people depend upon Shamen for protection from evil Spirits, in addition to healing for health, as well as everyday advice. A shaman cannot charge for such services, for if he should, he will lose his gift.
Shamen grow fewer each year among the people. They, like all do, pass beyond to the Great Spirit when they die. Very few of the young among us will devote the many years necessary to learn the way. Most seek quick rewards of easy wealth and quick pleasure.. They cannot discipline them selves to invest the time required to learn Wisdom, because it has no silver to offer them.

Danielle, Since I have been a member of this Group, I have come to learn that God and my peoples’ Great Spirit are basically the same Entity. Also, Their Entity also has the same Entity for an enemy. He is called by many names in english-- Lucifer. Satan, accuser, etc. And his followers you call devils, demons, evil spirits, etc. In our tongue the many evil ones as well as their leader are called by one name only, “chindi”. This is because they are the same, in their evil, though indeed they may exist as separate physically… yet we call them a common name, “chindi” because they are of the same spirit.

Danielle, your mission to Wheeler mountain is a dangerous one, not just because of the evil humans in the Rocksense building there who are trying to capture you. The real reason it is dangerous is WHY they are trying to capture you. They are the human servants of the chindi. That building is built over the portals that has housed chindi for eons. It is they who wish vengeance on you. Your Spirit, she nodded to Danielle, then she looked at Phil, and yours too are equally, both hated and feared by the chindi. The chindi are the ones who sent their human servants of Rocksense against you -

One place of the chindi is but 5 miles away from my home. I can see it by just looking across the canyons. But, make no mistake in thinking that it is the ONLY location where they stay. There are many many such locations both in America and throughout the whole earth.

My father and grandfather through the Great Spirit has denied they come close to our home… and they obey. Never the less, we can observe them at times in the distance, visiting wherever else they choose by their craft. They enter and leave the portals there at their will, yet they never come to our ground. They are fearful of the Shamen.

Do you have any clue at all why they desire to capture and destroy your spirit? … For surely they do. Grandfather said that his elders told him years ago that in the future, the
Great Spirit would send destruction on the chindi and drive them from this land. The destruction would come from the chindi’s own human servants, and would be accomplished when the chindi resumed the human sacrifice of the innocent that our people destroyed long ago..

Marcy, thank you… No, and Yes. First, the No. We have no idea really why they are so determined to capture us.. We are not anything special with regards to ’secrets’ the PTB has instructed us in..
And we have been very careful to not even betray the name of our agency..

Now the Yes. I know that my Spirit is … well, strange.. Most people know their own spirit is strange, also, and it truly is. But, I am fortunate that I now recall my name from the beginning. It is Brigdht. I have always loved Poetry, Nature and Healing, and something else, that I do not yet know. The early Celts had a Pagan Goddess they revered by that same name, and to whom they ascribe the same attributes. Phil also recognized me as Brigdht, so his spirit and mine must have been close back then… she reached for his hand --- because we are one again. 4 years ago ’chindi’, I guess attacked my mind, and destroyed our love. We were really only released from the spell a few days ago, after I accidentally found this amulet, at the very building you identified as Rocksense west.
She pulled the amulet from her bosom and placed it on the table. Marcy’s eyes widened.
May I? she asked,,, Of course, said Bree.
Marcy picked up only the silver chain, and examined it closely. The amulet itself she was careful to avoid. She explained that the sign was taboo for any but a shaman to touch, but yes, she had seen such signs that had been etched eons ago on rocks, in many places, and knew that none but a shaman must touch them.. She said that her grandfather had told her that the spiral sign was a message of life from the Great Spirit, indicating constant change, its beginning and it’s end. This chain, she said, belonged to a Shaman it‘s marks so declare… Where did you get it? I bought it from a tourist shop in Pahrump. Marcy shook her head slowly… She looked at the clasp closely. Suddenly Marcy looked up to Danielle, and with tears running down her cheeks, she exclaimed… this was my Grandfather’s … this is his mark on the clasp!!
This is why the people are dying.. The children and grandchildren steal from their elders, and sell to the merchants, and then lie to their elders about it. The people are dying…they kill themselves… the chindi could not, but their own children can and do.

Danielle reached across to Marcy and squeezed both her hands. Marcy, she said, I would so love to meet your grandfather. Would he allow it? Yes, Marcy said.. But for now , the day has near gone, the way is far, and Grandfather rises and sleeps with the sun. You have much to do here for a few days yet… We have no cell, so here is what we can do… We are about 5 miles off of the Wheeler pass road. From Pahrump, Go 160 east to Wheeler Pass Road. Turn right and follow Wheeler Pass Road for 9.5 miles from the intersection There will be a very small green valley with a small stream on your right. Less than a mile from Wheeler peak. Parked in the small valley will be my truck. You can easily see it from the road. She pointed at the truck. . I can also easily see my truck from my home. Park beside the truck and wait. When I see your truck there I will come, and we can return to my home. It’s a rough walking trail of about 5 miles... A good 45 minutes. Wear good shoes.

Marcy, we will surely come.. Hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday… Thanks so much..
Buffy walked over to where Ken was playing with that hussy, touching her and smiling. With some effort, she managed to squeeze herself between the two. Ken looked up at her with a look of oh… honey, … WHAT?… She declared… Ken, tell ya what… Our supper is close to done now, its been in the oven for a while, and we 3 are hungry… So, … you can bring your filthy hussy home with us… I will even put up with all her dirt for a few days. She placed her hands on her hips, and looked directly in his face…and said…LETS GO.

The others broke into loud laughter… Ken looked at them with a stunned expression of surprise on his face… So what did I do? What’s so funny? They continued to chuckle among themselves, as Phil, Bree, and Buffy walked to the SUV, and Clive mounted his four runner. Ken climbed into his hussy, and they headed for home as a convoy. Clive took the 6, and the SUV was point. They put Ken and the hussy in the middle, ‘just in case’ one of her vital components might have experienced too much excitement with Ken’s many explorations of her secret parts, and thus swoon away.

LVPD.. Break room…

The Clyde, Sniffy, Jim and two of the suits, the AIC and Bob, were talking… The AIC spoke…Well, it’s time to call your hounds back to the porch to rest. We would appreciate you leaving a watch dog or two though. … I have it from upstairs that the runners are no longer visible to normal observation. You will not find them. That does not mean, however, that they have left Clark county. They found help. They are still here. You of course know the huge expanse of land that is Clark county. There is a tremendous number of rocks to hide under. So long as they hide, no problem.. We can wait. But Upstairs has advised…they will come out soon enough. That is the problem.. They have a mission.

We are looking harder than ever to discover their helpers, both here and just recently, especially back east among their known associates. We, of course will be around until we find them, you have my cell if you find something that should interest us. Thanks for your help… and with that, the suits left.

At Home…

Bree had prepared a chicken casserole, and placed it in the oven on low before they had left. It’s aroma tickled their hungry bones as they opened the door… She checked it, and yelled to Clive… There’s plenty, and you are welcome. Clive, probably thinking of the can of cold chili that awaited him, accepted. The 3 guys camped at the counter on barstools and jawed, as Buffy and Bree worked. After Bree had given Yough his supper, she began to manufacture salads as Buffy sat a large pot on, put in 4 crumpled strips of left over breakfast bacon, and dumped in two cans of mixed veggies. She then prepared a skillet of her famous (to Ken and Clive) white gravy for use on the casserole. Finally, a pan of biscuits went in the oven. She sighed, pulled her kitchen stool up to the counter, as Danielle walked around and camped on the empty stool between Phil and Clive, and poured herself a glass of tea. He looked at Danielle… Yanno, he started, you guys have received gifts for your task from everyone but me… be right back. He went out to his four runner and came back in a minute carrying a cloth range style zipper bag. He opened it and withdrew a Springfield XDS in 9 mm. It’s Hot, he said… as he offered it to Danielle, muzzle up, holding the rear of the handgrip. She firmly grasped the weapon with her full right hand covering the slide. Keeping the muzzle up, while pivoting on the stool 180 degrees, away from all. She then released the magazine, catching it as it exited, and placed it between her knees. She then racked the slide, catching the live round as it fell through the magazine well, and then latched the slide fully to the rear. Pivoting back to the counter , she placed the mag, round and finally the cleared weapon on the counter.. She smiled at Clive, who said… I sorta suspected you two spoke my language… . It’s yours for the trip. I know you can just buy one with your new CC Permit, but this one is lucky. I carried it in my boot top in the ’stan.. It saved my bacon a few times…. So I would like it back when you are done.. She gave him a big hug and a kiss on his cheek.. Thank you, she said..
All then looked closely at the cleared weapon… It’s bluing was worn shiny in places, and it had a few scratches. It had seen use. Clive reached back in the bag, withdrawing a small bottle of CLP… It’s hooked on this stuff, he says… She accepted it with a nod, and placed it on the counter.
He then took the bag and walked up to Phil‘ stool, and said.. Here’s a tool for you.. He withdrew a mate to the pistol grip Mossberg he almost always wore as he walked around the trace, complete with a canvas single point sling, and offered it to Phil. Familiar?, queried Clive. Phil grinned and quipped -- yes, which he quickly proved. With muzzle up and hand fully surrounding the receiver, he verified the slide safety on at the back of the receiver. Pressed the slide release n the back of the trigger, and racked the slide only an inch or so. Phil nodded thanks… Clive smiled.. Shoulda known, he said. It’s yours for the trip, he said,, this one is a virgin. No history. I bought it as a spare, because I learned the hard way a few times… Stuff breaks.. with weapons, as with many other critical tools… Two is one, and one is none.. Murphy is an equal opportunity asshole… And not only that, but Murphy was a freakin’ OPTIMIST..

All laughed.. Then Buffy said, lets eat… Danielle is hungry… Clive looked at Danielle, who was just calmly examining and appreciating the SDS, and was oblivious to the conversation the other 4 were having. Then, the 3 guys looked to Buffy, who was smiling and pointing to her belly. All laughed again, except Clive who had not yet been advised of the second Danielle, who was due to join them in 7 weeks… but they will soon fill him in.. Clive and Ken went to clean up, Phil collected the hardware to place it in their room. Danielle washed her hands in the kitchen sink and began dealing five hands of paper plates, forks, napkins and salads on the counter.
32 Miles east of Pahrump, NV

Weep was doing a preflight inspection of a familiar airframe, it having merely another modification to his proven designs. This mod was to the onboard surveillance system, and in the small airframe, it’s the new system required the removal of other sensors not related to stability and flight control as well as virtually all of its invisibility cloak hardware, and proximity detectors.
He would have much preferred to use one of his larger vehicles as the test bed. They, would not have required any removal of those other systems which he considered critical ‘eyes’ for mission safety. His technicians had been developing the new system for a couple of years, and they had completed and tested it and were satisfied with it‘s design. It had been shelved. It had never yet been flight tested or even completely exercised.

The order by #2 for increased surveillance had spurred him to possibly put another star on his shoulder by putting it into action and bringing another tool.

The things this new system brought to the table were two. First, it could locate humans within structures or cover not just by their body heat, which was not new at all, but by the natural resonance of their DNA response to its probes. It could thus identify people individually, so long as one had a DNA sample on board to compare. This was germane also to remote DNA collection, as an unknown response could record the spectrum for later analysis, identification and comparison to future physical samples.

Second, once individuals were recognized, It also had the capability of transmitting pain, sounds, and thoughts that were tuned to their individual DNA resonances. This is the portion of the system that required the most bulk, for due to the small area available on the small ship, their transmitting antenna must be small. Small antennas are notorious for their inefficiency, thus a powerful transmitter must be used. Powerful transmitters were heavy, and required lots of onboard energy. Thus other systems that used the ship’s energy must be removed. Weep mused to himself… Physical things require volume.. We have not yet learned how to warp that law”…

My first flight will be short, though… I am curious if this system can penetrate that bunch of Indians 5 miles away … Nothing has worked, yet..

At home…

They had finished supper, cleaned up the counter and kitchen a bit, and Buffy had made a pot of green tea, that they were enjoying with conversation. Clive had excused himself and left 10 minutes ago. Just a minute ago, Ken must have heard the hussy whisper, for he went outside, about 30 minutes before dark. The three just cracked grins, and continued jawing and enjoying. A hour and a half later, Phil went outside… Buffy and Bree, just looked at each other and shrugged. There were several buckets full of various types of goo that Ken had drained from the hussy, and a trash can half full of filthy filters and assorted rubber parts. There was an assortment of greasy tools on a piece of plywood, that Yough was guarding. On another piece of plywood covered with a tarp sat several large pieces of hussy that he had removed, from somewhere deep within her secret parts.. Ken had drug his light bar from the shed, and it was brightly lighting the engine area, and Ken’s upper body was deep within, only his legs and hips were visible. After another 5 minutes, he emerged, smiling, wiping his hands on a rag. Almost done for now, he quipped to Phil, as he retrieved a clipboard and recorded more parts to be purchased. Be right in, Ken said… as he turned yet again to his hussy… Sensing that he did not want to be interrupted in his visit with the hussy, Phil simply said… OK I will tell them and returned inside. Danielle, had just left for a trip to the necessary room, so Phil sat on a stool and talked to Buffy for a while . Ken says that he will right in, he said. She grimaced and rolled her eyes at the ceiling. If he thinks he’s gonna sleep with that bitch, he’s got another think coming…. I’m setting up the lawn sprinkler, she joked. Bree had returned just in time to hear it. They all had a chuckle, and jawed another little while. Phil sat a few minutes more then said, dear ones, I have a busy day tomorrow, I think I’ll go get ready for bed. Ten minutes laater, Ken came in, nodded to Bufy and Bree, and went into their room. They shortly heard the shower running… Bree looked at Her Friend . Buffy arose, doused the kitchen lights and walked around to face Bree, who was standing with open arms. They hugged each other, and went to their rooms at the opposite ends of the house.

As Danielle entered their room, Phil was just coming out of the bathroom. She stripped, and went in for her shower. When she came out with a towel wrapped around her, Phil was in his robe, kneeling silently beside their bed , his hands joined and his head resting upon them. She dropped her towel, and removing Phils right hand and arm from the sleeve of his robe. She kneeled closely to him, placing her right arm in the empty sleeve.
Then forcing both her small hands into his, she lowered her head on the four hands, and closed her eyes….

To be continued:

The previous Part 22 is here:

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