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Biden Out of Touch With Reality - CNN fierce attack on Biden - "Boiling" Army & Generals - Video

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Tuesday, 17-Aug-2021 20:52:19

Biden: 'It Is Not Inevitable' That Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan (July 8, 2021)
Biden is increasingly looking like a buffoon.

The "head on the table" is demanded in the USA: CNN fierce attack on Biden - "Boiling" Army & Generals - Video
Is it time for him to be replaced by Kamala Harris?
By WarNews 24/7
(translated from Greek)

A catastrophic choice, an incompetence, the most shameful decision by an American president that led to the betrayal of the Afghan people."

These are some of the "jewels" that accompany Biden in the last hours of those who and the media supported him in the last US elections.

When even CNN launches a fierce attack on its close ally, T. Biden, then the countdown to his replacement by Vice President Kamala Harris has probably arrived.

Polls on Afghanistan are already under way in the United States, plunging Biden and Democrats.

The video you will see is typical of the climate prevailing in the Pentagon with the Generals boiling against T. Biden

An Afghan woman journalist weeps and asks the Pentagon spokesman for an explanation. "Where is our president, we do not have a president, we have nothing, we have no flag."

The Pentagon spokesman almost cried! See his face. "I understand. We all understand, no one at the Pentagon is happy with the images we have seen in recent days. " That's what he managed to say.
CNN: "The big hole in Biden's discourse" - His deconstruction
CNN even went so far as to deconstruct Biden's entire discourse. Mention features:

"President Joe Biden said in a speech to the nation on Monday that he was committed to the Trump administration's agreement with the Taliban to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan. However, the reality is different.

First, the Taliban never complied with the terms of the agreement, including the promise to sever ties with al Qaeda.

Second, the agreement said the Taliban would begin genuine peace talks with the Afghan government. That did not happen either.

Third, the US-Taliban agreement was reached without any help or input from the Afghan government - which was, after all, the country's elected government. Convenient for the Taliban, they do not believe in elections.

Thus, the Biden government felt committed (!) To an agreement reached by the previous government with a group of insurgents that had excluded the real government of Afghanistan.

"Do like Trump"
Much earlier, the Trump administration withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. This agreement was in fact kept by the Iranians, according to the American intelligence community.

That did not stop Trump from abandoning the 2018 nuclear deal with Iran, which he often described as a "terrible deal," even though it worked.

Now, the Biden administration says it had to abide by Trump's really "terrible shit" deal with the Taliban, even though it didn't work at all.

What the government has done in Afghanistan does not make sense. Biden could easily say that the Taliban withdrew from their agreement with the United States in order to continue to maintain a relatively small US military force in Afghanistan to advise and assist the Afghan Army and support the Afghan Air Force against raids. of the Taliban.

Biden also argued that the United States could not sink into endless wars, even though the US presence in Afghanistan had shrunk to just 2,500 troops - very few. The U.S. Army counts 1.3 million personnel. This small force helped maintain the Afghan army physically and psychologically, especially with close air support.

Now Biden has withdrawn them unilaterally, dismantling the morale of the Afghan ED and the people of Afghanistan. It also caused the withdrawal of thousands of Western troops and many mercenaries who kept the Afghan Air Force at a high level.

Washington is "boiling" against Biden
The recapture of Afghanistan by the Taliban and the humiliating, chaotic withdrawal of the United States is a political disaster for Joe Biden, whose failure to coordinate a coordinated exit comes as a major blow to his presidency and leaves a black mark on the legacy. comment by American media, such as CNN.

The cauldron of anger, the BBC notes, is boiling between politicians and former generals in Washington against Biden, who went on to add his own mistakes over the same two decades with catastrophic mistakes by the US and its allies, with misunderstandings of the political landscape and of culture in Afghanistan, a mixture to which were added the responsibilities of the corrupt political leadership of a failed country.

Critics accuse Biden that his decision to pull the US out of the longest-running conflict in its history overturned 20 years of hard work and sacrifice and paved the way for a humanitarian catastrophe, once again calling into question Washington's credibility.

And with the fall of Kabul on Sunday, many are wondering whether it is time for American voters to regret their president's decision to deliver on the old promise of a US withdrawal from Afghanistan, with some media commenting on the impact on the US international image:

"Should we rely on America? "Lessons for Asia as Biden leaves Afghanistan to its fate," comments Time magazine.

"Biden's departure from Afghanistan raises questions about its foreign policy performance," the Wall Street Journal reported, citing experts who warned that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan could provide a safe haven for terrorist groups.

While The Atlantic in an opinion article speaks of "betrayal of the Afghans by Biden", which will tarnish its backwardness.

Afghanistan will haunt its presidency
US President Joe Biden's decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan could haunt his presidency, according to an article in The Economist.

In the short term, Afghanistan's ouster of the Taliban after nearly 20 years of US involvement - images of panicked fleeing and calls from terrified Afghan allies, Mr Biden's allegations that:

"America is coming back"
Belief in democracy and compassion for the oppressed have a place next to selfishness at the center of foreign policy and that,
At least, after four years of swearing, the American leadership is capable again.
New York Times: The Burial of the American Dream
The rapid recapture of the capital Kabul by the Taliban, two decades after the West's costly and bloody effort to establish a secular government with operational armed forces in Afghanistan, is basically a tragic event.

Tragic because the American dream of the United States being the "necessary nation" to shape a world of human rights, women's empowerment, and religious tolerance remained what it was.

And it is even more tragic as it is certain that many of the Afghans who worked with the American forces and believed in the dream - especially the girls and women who embraced a degree of equality between the sexes - have now been left at the mercy of a ruthless enemy.

Countless Afghans who have worked with US troops, political organizations, aid organizations and journalists for years were suddenly found dead on Sunday as the Taliban stormed Kabul - members of the government, including President Ashraf Gany ran to escape.
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