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REPOST [12-Jun-2014]: David P. Crayford Replies To Questions By Reader Ms. L.

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Sunday, 28-Sep-2014 10:06:07

In Response To: Audio: David Sale of OITC interviewed by Rayelan in 2011 [reposts of recent David Crayford messages to follow] (MrFusion)

REPOST from 12-Jun-2014:
David P. Crayford Replies To Questions By READER Ms. L.

Posted By: Lymerick Date: Thursday, 12-Jun-2014 15:21:04

Dear Ms L.,

Thank you for your kind letter, it is very much appreciated.

One of the reasons why I spend time on being definitive is because this is a very convoluted historical subject consisting of a awful amount of "Top Secret" information and "Private Information" whereby I try to explain as much as I possibly can so that people can be educated away from all the propaganda that exists on this subject in the secondary media.

It is not an easy subject and even I have to refer to filed documents many times to ensure I get it right and read those documents correctly because 16th, 17th, and 18th Century Law is completely different to the law today, but still very valid when it comes to this subject. These are documents that others, as I have named before, haven't got and can not possibly make the comments that they do make without having read and understood these documents, hence why I am a little, well say a little frustrated when I read some of the articles by others which are so way off the mark they are totally misleading and largely supposition.

As previously stated, no one can not make comment on this subject when they have only a very small part of the story / history of the subject. If they do, one can be assured that much of that story is made up of supposition and speculation whereby the "Alphabet Boys" will use this sort of method to confuse the average person.

That is why, and I have stated this before, if these Collateral Accounts had been used correctly immediately following WW II, or even following what people refer to as the Global Settlements dated 10th January 1980, we would not have the financial and economic demise we have now, we would not have the harsh Austerity measures that exist in some countries, we would not have mass illegal migration by "Boat People", we would not have the enormous increase in poverty we have all seen in the last 30-40 years, plus many more factors.

It is therefore understandable why the TTTGC were effectively "Kicked Out" of their position as Administrators and Managers of the Collateral Accounts by the Royal Families and Nations of the World whose "Directives" were completely ignored over the 50 years term of the TTTGC.

Contrary to what people read and believe, the Royal Families and Nations of the World want to see the wealth of the Collateral Accounts utilised for the benefit of ALL Nations and ALL people of the World, and that is the only way that all the present problems can be resolved.

I am therefore pleased that you are becoming increasing informed. I hope this applies to many others as well as knowledge is a great asset. Applying that knowledge when necessary is a greater asset.

Apologies for that little diversion. Now I will respond to your question.

1. I appreciate that the responsibility for change, for rendering "the Monster" impotent, lies with us, the people; however, does the ITC/IOTC have any power of enforcement that may hasten the process?

Yes, there is power of enforcement that the ITC / OITC can use. It was not used, as far as I can remember, from 1995 - 2011 which does bring its effectiveness into question. Having stated that I can state that this power of enforcement is being used by the new ITC.

One example of this was with the Neil Keenan Law Suit submitted to the American Courts.

The ITC / OITC, as a "Sovereign Entity" holds its own jurisdiction and therefore the American Courts hold NO jurisdiction whatsoever over the ITC / OITC. When the subject of the Law Suit came up, we applied, in a proper legal way, to have this dismissed on the legal grounds of "No Jurisdiction". As many will know the Law Suit of Keenan's was dismissed and never brought before the Court in America.

There is a Second (2nd) and Third (3rd) instance now being applied which I can not discuss because it is in progress at this time, but it will be known about in due course. In fact you will probably read about it before I have had the time to write an article about it.

Fortunately, the new ITC is applying all means that are available to us to resolve the problems that exist. What I can say is that if the person responsible for enacting the official orders of the ITC on these matters does not undertake his duties according to the official orders of the ITC, then the ITC will not hesitate to dismiss that person and appoint a replacement.

Other matters are also being implemented, which again I can not discuss at this time, but that is the reason why, although retired or semi retired, I have been very busy giving assistance on these matters. Unfortunately, they do take a great deal of time to bring to a resolve.

2. It appears all the "paperwork" has been in place since the '90s, but has no teeth of enforcement; and, "the Monster", after all these years, still has free reins to do as it pleases...

You are correct in this statement. The paperwork has been in place since 1995 but never used or applied as far as I am aware.

On May 16th 2012 when the new ITC was officially appointed, he immediately got down to work and started to bring about the changes that were necessary, and ensuring that the powers and authority applicable to the ITC were fully used to resolve the problems. That is being done but it will take time because with 100 years of abuse it will never be resolved in a matter of days, weeks, or months, but it will be resolved that is one thing everyone can be assured of.

3. Do you find that the power of "the monster" is lessening, as more people are waking up, due to the super effort put forth to enlighten them, on the part of people like you?

This is a difficult question to answer because how does one measure the "Lessoning" or even the "Waking Up" factors without the use of very expensive "Pollsters".

Generally speaking, and this is made up of "Senses" and "What we know is happening behind the scenes".

There is a lessening of the power of the Monster but that is not easy to see by the general public. One way is to note the amount of people taking to the streets in various countries, demanding changes, and sometimes achieving their demands. Another way is to note the number of Senior Bankers who have left their jobs or have died in mysterious circumstances (The same applies to politicians). Those are the visible signs, but beneath the scenes there are a lot more that only people like us see, unfortunately.

People are waking up to the Truth and again that is shown in various ways. One of the ways is as stated in the paragraph above. Another way is monitoring the comments, and the actual wording on same, on the various Websites which have increased dramatically over the last 5 years. However, the awareness is still too low to be comfortable, so there is still a lot of work to do, whether by others or by myself.

The big question lies in the fact as to "How to educate the masses to obtain maximum enlightenment in the least possible time". Not an easy question to answer when there is so much propaganda out there on the same, or similar, Websites. We are doing what we can and any suggestions are always welcome.

4. David, I realize you may not be free to divulge what power of enforcement you, as the ITC/IOTC, are exercising behind the scene; however, are there any hopeful comments you can give us that the Collateral Accounts will soon be utilized properly for the good of mankind? I recall your mentioning, in an earlier article, the date of October, 2014, barring any undue interference.

Does that date still appear realistic?

We are still targeting October / November 2014. Hopefully with what I know to be happening at this time, it can be achieved. However, having stated that, it should also be remembered that we are dealing right at the top of the tree where the people involved have there own organizational set ups which are cumbersome, inefficient, inept, etc, so occasionally we do get held up. Frustrating as that is, we can not control that aspect of our work as we can not, and will not, become involved with the internal workings of any Country, Government or Banking operation.

What I will say is that we are not fearful of these people and do make some "Not so Diplomatic comments" to them quite regularly. It upsets them, yes, but occasionally they do need to be put in their place. They soon realise that we will not be messed around with and we expect answers, good logical, straight forward answers. Not the usual convoluted BS they usually give out to the public.

Once they start to realise who and what we are, they wake up and generally start to be a little more cooperative. Some are not so cooperative because as we have established recently, there are so many of their numbers that have, and are, involved with theft and fraud, they are fearful of being caught out and losing everything, so they try to make life difficult for us. On this later point I should point out, and I am smiling to myself as I write this; is that they do not realise that the ITC does hold the Power and Authority to "Blacklist" them as a country from receiving anything from the Collateral Accounts. There are already countries (4 in total) that are "Blacklisted", so let their people ask the question "WHY" and show their distaste in their votes at the elections.

As you have rightly stated"I appreciate that the responsibility for change, for rendering "the Monster" impotent, lies with us, the people;".

The people are part of the solution, not part of the problem, and they have to start accepting their responsibility for what their Governments do. Use that responsibility properly and legally to assist to bring politicians under control back to a proper Sovereign Constitution.

Did you know that under the "UN Human Rights Convention, the people hold the legal right to self-determination". That is different to what the US and Europe state in respect of the Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and even in many other countries that are no longer "Sovereign States" but "Limited Companies", and so on. Try exercising your rights of Self Determination in a country that has strategic values for the West, or where a Government structure things so that they can absolve themselves from any responsibility or liability in the future !!!!!!!!!!

Just look at the mess in Thailand caused by the Shinawatra Family (Great Friends of the Bush family). Another problem that may end up in civil war when H.M. King Bhumipol dies and all in the interest of the wealthy / elite to eventually convert a Constitutional Monarchy to a Republic with its eventual control by the elite.

One of the actual reasons for the above is because Yingluck Shinawatra was, just like her brother Thakisn Shinawatra, stealing, or attempting to steal the assets of the Collateral Accounts held in Thailand under the Custodianship of H.M. The King. This shows just how eyes are watching and eventual action taken against crooked Politicians. Other countries need to watch out because we are not burying our heads in the sand. In fact we are holding our heads high having achieved so much is 2 years. There is however still a lot to do. Let's see what the Second (2nd) and Third (3rd) instance now being applied, as referred to in section 1 above, results in because those are major situations and will hasten the changes.

The awareness, as you speak of in your questions, is still limited at this time so we have a lot more work to do yet, and we will not "Let Up" on this.

Thank you again for your questions. It is pleasing to see such determination to get to the truth. Let's hope others will follow your example.


David P. Crayford.

RMN is an RA production.

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