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Posted By: Rayelan Allan
Date: Friday, 10-Dec-1999 03:45:49




West eyes situation in Montenegro

Regular readers of rumor Mill News remember the articles that have been written regarding Montenegro seceding from Yugososlavia and becoming it s own nation. If you will remember, RMNews pointed out that Montenegro was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and is currently forging ties to Austria and Western Europe.

As the new cold war heats up, Montenegro could easily become the flash point that causes the Iron Curtain to return. Many of the European countries that were behind the Iron Curtain prior to 1989, will now be part of Europe.

Other former Soviet controlled countries will goback behind the Iron Curtain. The reasoning behind this is explained in an RMNews article titled Kosovo: The Real Story

West eyes situation in Montenegro
Friday, 10 December 1999 0:59 (GMT)

(UPI Focus)

West eyes situation in Montenegro
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9 (UPI) - Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark
Thursday said the situation in Montenegro remains tense after Serb
soldiers removed their blockade of the runway at the Podgorica airport.

"We are watching it very, very closely," Clark said.
NATO has made it clear to President Slobodan Milosevic that he must
not invade Montenegro, a democratic republic and the only remaining
partner with Serbia in the fractured former Yugoslavia.
The airport situation developed Wednesday, when Yugoslav military
forces took control of the airport.

In Belgrade, Yugoslav military authorities said the takeover was
meant to prevent the illegal construction of a hanger.

Military officials said the Montenegrin Interior Ministry had started
building a hanger in the military part of the airport without permission
from the Federal Defense Ministry. Serbian troops blocked runways with
trucks and stopped traffic for many hours. But the forces eventually
reopened the area and air traffic resumed.

The incident represents the latest sign of escalating tensions
between increasingly independence-minded Montenegro and the Yugoslav
federal government, largely run by Serbia.

Over the past several months Montenegro has undertaken a number of
measures to distance itself from Serbia. Recently Montenegro passed a
law calling for privatization of the airports run by Yugoslav
authorities and adopted the German mark as an alternative currency for
the inflation-wracked Serbian dinar.

Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic has demanded reforms in
Yugoslavia that would give more autonomy to the Montenegro, and Belgrade
leadership has shown some willingness to rework the relationship between
the two republics. But negations have so far produced no deals, and
Montenegro has threatened to stage an independence referendum unless its
demands are met.

Belgrade's show of force at the airport, however, was apparently a
sign that Montenegro cannot expect to leave the union without a fight -
raising new concerns in Western capitals about yet another conflict in
the Balkans.


Russia and China Pull Away from the United States, WTO and the New World Order

If we are lucky, the diastrous World Trade Summit in Seattle will have caused a fracture in the New World Order that cannot be healed.

Unfortunately, we may have to return to a Cold War status in order to KEEP from going under the totalitarian control of a One World Government.

With only one dominant power in the world, it is easy for One group of elitists to control the entire world. But with three equal powers-- who have a healthy distrust of each other-- and a heathy respect for the other's weapons of mass destruction-- the world MAY become a safer place.

How can this be?

If the three world powers are controlled by different Factions, then this means that no ONE power or government can usher in a One World Government.

If we are lucky, we will return to controlled brush wars and regional conflicts. There will be wars, but there will not be an all encompassing Third World War.

This outcome will only happen if the world can get through Y2K without any hitches, such as errant nuclear missiles; biological warfare toxins escaping from government laboratories, nuclear power plants melting down; a Chinese invasion of the United States, through Mexico, from the Panama Canal; anarchists attacking dams and power plants and crippling the United States; Russia and China taking advantage of our weakened position and launching a full scale invasion; and President Clinton surrendering to the greys.

As the United States media and politicians ignore the tension in the world, Russia and China cement a bond to oppose intervention from the outside---meaning the United States.

News | World | Russia

Hands off warn Russia, China

By Elaine Kurtenbach, AP

10 December 1999

Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his Chinese counterpart Jiang Zemin wrapped up a two–day summit today, jointly declaring their countries' commitment to oppose foreign intervention for the sake of human rights.

"No country can interfere in another sovereign country's attacks against domestic terrorism," said a summit–ending statement issued by the two leaders.

The statement underscored how close the fierce Cold War rivals have drawn this year, propelled by their opposition to NATO's war to stop ethnic purges in Kosovo and sharp Western criticism of Russia's military offensive in Chechnya.

Russia and China are also joined in opposition to US plans to amend arms control treaties to allow the building of a system to shoot down incoming missiles.

See link below: Cold War revisited as US expels diplomat

Kosovo: The Truth Behind the Headlines

What Is This Current Crisis Really About?

03.26.99 RMNews–Readers who have been following RMNews know that
there area two things we have been predicting, the return of the Iron
Curtain and the Second American Revolution. Our predictions of these
coming world events are based on conversations with men who have
been, and are privy to the great halls of power on a world wide basis.

In 1996, one of our best Sources told us that Continental Europe (this
means the UK is not included) was primarily responsible for the
“seeming” collapse of the Soviet Union and the freeing of the European
nations who were enslaved by the Soviets after World War Two.
According to the Source, this was done to free “some” of the European
nations that were given to the Soviets by the Allies at the end of World
War Two.

This source told us that the collapse of the Soviet Union was only an
“illusion” and it would be a temporary one. Evidently the deal that was
made would see that the USSR stayed in ruins long enough for the
European nations of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, Herzegovina and
Montenegro to become free from the Soviet yoke and become part of
Europe once again.

The source who gave us this information did not mention Poland, Serbia,
Romania or Bulgaria or any of the other countries that suffered under the
Soviets. RMNews does not know if these countries were intended to
remain part of the newly created European Union, or if they would fall
once more under the Russian boot once the Iron Curtain goes back up.

Our source told us that the small ethic and tribal wars that are raging
around the world troubled him. He said that in today’s world, it is much
too easy for a rogue nation or a rogue faction to create or buy nuclear
and/or biological weapons. And unfortunately, there are too many
“rogues” to keep track of. He said the only way to bring these rogue
nations and factions back under control was to bring back the Iron Curtain
and the Cold War.

He maintained that “peace” was far easier to keep when the United States
and the Soviets had their nuclear missiles pointed at each other. He
laughed when he said this, as if he knew the cold war was really a sham
which allowed the world to be divided between two Masters.

Just think how easy it was for Washington to raise our taxes and increase
our military when the Soviets had nuclear weapons pointed at us. If there
was no nuclear threat, would the American people hand over their money
to the IRS and allow the United States to spend billions on developing a
Star Wars system? The International bankers who are behind the New
World Order created the best enemy money could buy when they created
the Soviet Union.

The Two Factions
RMNews has written many times about the two factions that vie for
control of the world, but for the sake of those who have not read our back
issues, a brief explanation is in order.

Faction One is called the New World Order. It is made up of the
International Bankers who control the English throne, financed the
Russian Revolution, created the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, the
International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the United Nations, and the
modern day environmental movement through which humans become “an
alien specie” and become targeted for “population control,” i.e.

Faction Two was originally made up from a group of Continental
Europeans who believe that the International Bankers of the New World
Order destroyed their idyllic way of life, burned their Empire and
plundered their fortunes.

Many members of Faction Two are descended from the thrones that were
part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These people have knowingly done
battle with the New World Order since 1776. This was the year the
Illuminati threat to the thrones of Europe was exposed by the King of
Bavaria. Once exposed, the Illuminati agents were thrown out of the royal

After World War Two, many of these men were forced into hiding. Some
of them came to the United States and were put to work for various
intelligence agencies. At the moment, the leaders of Faction Two hide
within Navy Intelligence. The members of Faction Two are everywhere,
even in the White House and the Council of Foreign Relations.

The Illuminati is the driving force behind the men who keep alive the
dream of a One World Government which is be based on their version of
Utopia. Their Utopia would be an Idyllic Paradise where all rights flowed
to mankind from their government, and the only purpose for mankind was
to serve the government. The Illuminati spirit now runs the International
Banks and forms the basic belief system of the New World Order.

Faction Two claims to believe in an ancient Knights Templar Charter
which states:

Each living being possesses basic divine rights. The most basic right is
the right of self-determination. Each and every being upon Earth is
divinely given the right to control his own life.

Other inalienable (“in-a-lien-able”, meaning incapable of having a
“lien” placed on them)... Other inalienable divinely granted rights
included food, shelter, clothing, and fair compensation for work well

Faction Two appears to believe that all humans are granted divine rights,
given to them by God, simply by being born upon the Earth. One of my
sources, who claims to be a Knights Templar, became very angry when I
asked him how the Masons fitted into the Templar picture.

He angrily shouted, “Masons have nothing to do with Templars. The
Masons stole everything we had and perverted it. Don’t compare us with
the Masons! It’s like comparing Jesus to Lucifer.”

Returning to the Two Factions who are vying for world control, the main
difference in their belief systems lies in the question of rights.

Faction One believes that all rights flow from the government and the
government has total control of all its citizens.

Faction Two believes that all rights flow from God, and governments are
created to serve the people, not the other way around.

Faction One believes in slavery. Faction Two believes in freedom and self

Faction One, also known as the New World Order, created the Soviet
Union. By splitting the world into two major powers, many different
things could be accomplished. There are too many things to be mentioned
in this article, but the most important items would be Research and

Research covers everything from mind control to weapons.

Research that
would be frowned on in the United States was conducted in the Gulags of
the Soviet Union, far from the prying eyes of reporters.

Development covers all the items that are needed to insure that one side
doesn’t conquer the other, in other words, the necessities of war.
Sometimes these necessities of war were redesigned to become part of our
homes, such as microwave ovens and the Internet. With these creations,
even more money flowed into the pockets of the International Elite.

The Fall of the Iron Curtain

According to Faction One, the Fall of the Iron Curtain, happened because
their hand placed puppet, Mikhail Gorbachev, destroyed the USSR on cue.
The New World Order have planned to merge the Soviet Union and the
United States ever since the USSR was created.

According to Faction Two, The Fall of the Iron Curtain was arranged by
their “plants” in Faction One. Faction Two will tell you that the Soviet
Union had to be thrown into chaos so that the Eastern European nations
could be freed from the strangulation of Soviet rule, and joined once more
with Western Europe.

The Reason for the Return of the Iron Curtain
According to Faction Two, the world is safer when there are two super
powers, not just one. This is why Kosovo is so important. At the moment,
there is only one super power, the United States. The president of the
United States is a puppet for the New World Order and their world wide
club called The United Nations.

If the current status quo is maintained, the United States will become the
policeman of the world and every human will come under the rule of the
United Nations. If this happens, Faction Two will no longer exist. The
members of Faction Two who sincerely believe that all rights come from
God will be incarcerated or murdered, along with all of the other useless

Faction Two does not like this scenario. Therefore they have created a
plan which will return the former Soviet Union to power, and thereby
postpone the New World Order’s dream of a One World Government.

At the moment, Austria controls almost 99 per cent of the money from the
former Soviet Union. The Russian mobsters, drug smugglers and
racketeers have used Austrian banks to store their ill gotten gain ever
since the United States gave it to them!

What the mobsters, racketeers, former generals and such don’t know, will
definitely hurt them. Once the proper men are in place and the Iron curtain
is restored, the former Soviet Union will prove, in the newly created
world court, that the money in the Austrian banks was stolen from the
Soviet government. Austria will return the money.

Of course Austria could prevent this from happening by dragging out the
court case for a hundred years. But Austria doesn’t want to drag this case
out. Austria sees the return of the Soviet Union, under their guidance,
as the destruction of the New World Order... for a while at least.

Remember, a One World Government has only one super power. With one
super power you can control the whole world. With two super powers,
there is a stand off, therefore, No Government which controls the entire
world. At least this is what my Source believes.

The crisis in Kosovo is being orchestrated by the Continental Europeans,
i.e. the royal families from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Kosovo
crisis will bring back the Iron Curtain. With the Iron Curtain firmly
back in place, the New World Order loses its grip on the entire
world... for the coming 50 or so years.

The Crisis in Kosovo has been created to resurrect the old Union of
Socialist States. The NATO air strikes in Yugoslavia have already
triggered discussions in the Ukrainian Parliament about reevaluating the
country’s politico-military orientation. Pro Russian factions in Ukraine
and in Georgia will utilize the Kosovo crisis to push their own agenda.
This agenda will mean closer ties to Moscow. This will be the first step to
the restructuring of the old USSR.

However, Continental Europeans do not want the old Soviet Union
resurrected, they want their version of the Soviet Union to come back. The
Europeans do not want to be faced ever again with the threat of the giant
Soviet Bear camped on their door steps. They want a buffer zone.

This buffer zone will be made up of the Ukraine, Georgia, Byelorussia,
Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. These countries will be aligned with
Moscow and the Communists who will come back to power. But they will
also be part of the European Trading Zone. This is something that hasn’t
yet been created, but will be patterned after NAFTA, or what NAFTA was
promised to be.

Why Milosevic and Yugoslavia?

Why was Milosevic picked to be the bad guy? Because he happens to be
in the right place at the right time. Yugoslavia is very important to the
new European Trading Zone that is being planned. There is a river that
runs through Yugoslavia, and this river is about to become part of the
super highway of trade between the East and the West.

In 1996, a source told us that Germany was creating an “Inland Water
Way” which would open up trade from the Black Sea to the Baltic and
North Seas. One of the Rivers that would be part of this “Inland Water
Way” is the Danube.

The Danube starts in Germany’s Black forest region, flows through
Austria, Hungary, and Yugoslavia, in particular its capitol, Belgrade. The
Danube then become the border between Bulgaria and Romania before it
turns north. The Danube flows north to the city of Galati where it then
turns east and trifurcates before flowing into the Black Sea near Odessa.

When my source was telling me about the “Inland Water Way” that
Germany was creating he also told me about the “Robber Barons” who
built their castles along the banks of the Danube and charged huge
“passage” fees to all the boats that traveled the Danube.

If the owner of the boat refused to pay the fees, the boat was confiscated,
its cargo plundered and its crew held for ransom. If the ransom was not
paid, then the crew was killed. The most famous man to be captured by
these “Robber Barons” and held for ransom, was King Richard of
England, the absent King of the Robin Hood stories.

The European Trading Zone cannot have robber barons controlling
countries through which their “inland water way” travels. Milosevic could
easily become a thorn in the side of the new European Trading Zone by
becoming Belgrade’s Robber Baron or the Serbian Pirate Prince.

The Inland Water Way will provide a very inexpensive way of
transporting goods between Eastern and Western Europe, as well as the
East and the West. Yugoslavia could easily become a bottle neck. Roving
bands of thugs could hijack the ships and demand huge amounts of money
to let the ships through.

Milosevic himself could demand a large passage fee to allow the ships
and barges passage through his country. These large fees would defeat the
purpose of the inland water way. This inland water way was supposed to
decrease the cost of goods, not increase the costs.

Therefore, Milosevic must go. But not before he has pushed as many
Moslems out of Europe as possible. The Continental Europeans remember
their defeat by the Turks as if it happened yesterday. These Europeans
want the Islamic religion to retreat completely across the Bosporus and
leave the European Continent completely Christian.

Milosevic is being used for two purposes. His first use is to get rid of
Moslems who are living on European soil, and his second use will be to
resurrect the old Soviet Union. Keep your eye on Milosevic. I assure you, his REAL use is coming sometime down the road!

The time frame for this to happen is what is interesting.

The time table for the New World Order to take over the United States
and declare martial law is December 31st 1999. If a confrontation with the
Soviet Union arises prior to this date, then it means that the time, money,
manpower and energy that was going to be put into the martial law plan
will have to be diverted.

In the past few weeks, information has been provided to me that leads me
to believe that Faction Two has come into a ton of money. If this is true,
they can finance both sides of the Yugoslavian war and let it grow as big
as they want. They can keep it going or they can stop it anytime they want,
even if they have to insert their own men into the battle field on both

At the moment, we have two communist groups fighting each other.

KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) is a Maoist communist group that
finances its war efforts through the sale of drugs. One of the major routes
of heroin into the United States is the route from Afghanistan through Yugoslavia. The Albanians who live is Kosovo are Moslems. NATO is siding with Maoist drug dealers, and the United States is part of NATO.

NATO is also violating its charter by attacking a sovereign country. The
charter that created NATO said it could only intervene when a NATO
member was being attacked by an outside power, meaning the old Soviet

Regardless of all the complexities that are going on with Kosovo, Kosovo
is important to the restructuring of the world.

If the crisis in Kosovo proceeds on schedule, then a limited war similar to
the Viet Nam war will rage for a number of years.

More than likely an event, similar to the premature babies being thrown
on the floor by the evil Iraqis, will be staged to enrage the hearts and
minds of Americans. In light of the Serbian MIG’s being shot down near
Bosnia, where our troops are stationed, I predict that the event will
involve either:

The bombing and killing of American soldiers by Serbian planes. Of
course we will be told they are Serbian planes, but since there are no
longer any television cameras of independent journalists to capture the
scene, how can we be sure? And if NATO wanted to have the killing of
American soldiers fully documented, they could bring in Peter Arnett
from CNN and have a rogue CIA agent fly a Russian MIG and bomb our
boys in front of the rolling CNN cameras.

In other words, we have no idea what is really going on in Kosovo right
now. For all we know, Bill Clinton has hired Dustin Hoffman to plan and
direct the REAL “Wag the Dog” and this war footage is being brought to
us courtesy of Hollywood.

The other scenario for extending the Kosovo crisis so that the former
Soviet Union has the time to pull itself together, could be the “slaughter”
of innocent women and children by the savage Serbs. More than likely
this massacre will occur close to the border with Macedonia, where
NATO has many thousands of troops stationed just waiting to invade
Kosovo and kill Serbs.

In case you have forgotten, the Serbs are the Marxist Communists. I don’t
know if they deal drugs.

The Kosovo Liberation Army are the Maoist Communists. They deal
drugs to finance their Maoist communist schools for all the little Kosovo
Albanian Moslem children. They also bring drugs into the United States to
sell to all good little American children. But according to President
Clinton and NATO, these are the “good guys”. NATO and Bill Clinton
want you to support them.

I forgot to mention that the KLA also deal drugs to finance their wars.
China doesn’t give them enough money to fully arm themselves against
the Serbs.

China sells products to Americans that are made in slave labor camps, by
political prisoners. These cheap products compete with products made in
America by Americans. Americans always love a bargain, and so they
forgo the better made American product and buy the cheap Chinese one.

Because of this, the American workers lose their high paying jobs and
end up working at McDonalds and 7-11 just to feed their families.
President Clinton uses these “two job families” to tell Americans that he
has created more jobs than any other President in history. He fails to tell
you that you must now have TWO of his jobs to live the same lifestyle you
lived under President Reagan having only ONE high paying job.

But this doesn’t matter to the New World Order, the Chinese use the
billions of dollars they make trading with American under GATT and
MFN (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and Most Favored Nation
status) to finance Maoist Revolutionary armies all over the world.
The KLA is the first Maoist army that has come to the attention of
Americans.... AND our President says we must be on their side.

The Speaker of the House has called for the immediate release of the 700
page report on Chinese Espionage, but that article can only be found on
the Internet or at the back of your newspaper.

President Clinton has been accepting money from the Communist
Chinese since he was governor of Arkansas.

President Clinton has been having open affairs with hundreds of women
since he was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. Some of these women were
underage, some were raped, some of his sexual escapades were caught on
video tape.

Is William Clinton being blackmailed by the Communist Chinese?

Are we in Kosovo because his Chinese handlers told him to back their Maoist KLA army?

Then there are the Serbs who are being financed and armed by Russia.

Where does Russia get her money? From the United States, of course.

The Marxist Christian Serbs, backed by the American dollar and the
Soviet Union, are attacking and killing Moslem Maoist Albanians which
are backed by China, drugs and NATO.

NATO has entered this war using humanitarian reasons as their
justification. They cite the two thousand Albanians who have been
“slaughtered” by the Serbs.

In Ruanda, 800,000 Tsu Tsi’s were savagely hacked to death in the most
bizarre and torturous murder rituals anyone can imagine. Men, women
and children were dismembered with machetes. Wives and children were
raped and hacked to death in front of their husbands and fathers. The
United Nations was alerted to this genocide, but they said they could not
interfere in a sovereign nation’s civil war.

The 800,000 Tsu Tsi’s in Ruanda were black. The 2,000 Albanian
Kosovars are blonde and blue eyed. Will someone kindly tell the
Reverend Jesse Jackson that his friend Bill clinton only cares about Black
people when they vote for Democrats?

What we are seeing in Kosovo does not make any sense in light of the
information we read in the newspapers of the world. The only reason for
NATO’s involvement in Kosovo, is to resurrect the former Soviet Union.

The moment people from the United Nations and the New World Order
read this column, you can bet that the U.N. will try to stop what NATO is
up to. Because if this war proceeds on schedule not only will it remove
Bill Clinton from office, but it will set back the New World Order’s plan
to institute a One World Government by 50 to a hundred years.

Am I saying that the U.N. no longer controls NATO? I’m not saying this,
but I bet many people in the United Nation are wondering it.

Commentary of the Kosovo Events
By Ru Mills, Editor of Rumor Mill News

Other items:

A Source faxed me a short message stating that some of Faction Two were
murdered in the tunnel fire under Mt Blanc. I have no further data on this.
No names, descriptions, ages or anything. If the murdered men and
women were part of any intelligence agency, their names will probably
never be published. If anyone can find out anymore information of this, I
would like to see it.

I do know that Mount Blanc is near the location where the Charter for the
Knights Templars was written, and the place is still sacred to the KT’s.

RMN is an RA production.

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