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Posted By: Esclarmonde
Date: Thursday, 15-Mar-2001 17:10:48

In Response To: 12TH PLANET UPDATE & CO-ORDINATES: Here, March 17? (PuzzlePieces)

Gigi and Friends,
Think its time to throw a little more fuel on the fire...


This Niburu furor has done exactly what it should do: People are pushing observatories all over this nation to turn their telescopes to LOOK for Niburu/PlanetX/Perturbor. If you go to the chatrooms and forums, you'll find that the Niburu posts on RMN have lit a fire under the Minds of the populace! Layers of 'ostrich-heads-in-the-sand' seem to be peeling away like an onion. There is one group in particular we should be thanking, but to draw overt attention to them could further endanger this unfolding story. They know who they are and we resoundingly say: THANK YOU!

CAVEAT: What I have to say next may be totally fiction disguised as fact from a paranoid mind...if so, it is clearly and completely my own. As it is my Mind that sees it as a possibility. So I shall apologize first. And then I will say this: If these conjectures are not true, they are NONETHELESS spawned by the lack of information from a Government gone awry. Out here in 'we-the-people' land, we can only put the pieces that we OWN together. If the Government sees fit to hide so much of the truth from us, then it is only natural that Mind is going to glean aspects of the truth from its own environment.

So at least consider the possibility. And maybe, if nothing else, it is the cry of one American Mind to the Spirits of our Forefathers: WE NEED SOME HELP DOWN HERE...NOW!

The fact is, there is some 'evidence' that at the basis of the Niburu Story lies the government-sequestered knowledge of this great celestial body. We would like to put forth what we KNOW to be true as well as what we 'suspect' MIGHT be true. Maybe others will fit it together with other pieces:

1. THE UNDERGROUND: Fact - In 1969 the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) System was being built in San Francisco. Market Street had been torn up when suddenly and inexplicably, all construction appeared to stop. This apparent hiatus went on for a year or more. The businesses along the route were seriously hurt; many went out of business. Everyone wondered what precipitated the long delay. 'Oh, we've run into trouble with bedrock' was the politically correct reply. 'It is going to take more money.' they lamented.

I do not remember the precise figures, but it seems to me that the cost of BART suddenly DOUBLED+ and the time it took to complete it was extended by a year or more. I believe that the Federal Government put up much of the extra monies required. (How good of them...) Most of the businesses along Market Street went out of business during that time. And what had once been pretty much the town center became home to its derelicts. (I have not been back in 20+ years so I cannot speak to the current state of Market Street.)

Many years later it became known to us WHY the delay had occurred when a story was related to me about a large UNDERGROUND FACILITY that had been built under the guise of the BART System and accessed through the evacuation tube between the eastbound/westbound tracks in the larger tube that goes under the water between SF and Oakland. This facility was self-sustaining and had living quarters to house 1800 people. It had its own infirmary, power, school(!), and full-ration storage, including cold storage. However, its existence was never communicated to the good citizens of San Francisco who nonetheless had to pay for it whether through city, county, state or federal income and property taxes.

I'm going to go out on a limb here: I think this tells us something about WHEN our government first learned about Niburu. You see, I think BART was delayed because the Federal Government decended upon the local (State? or City? We don't know.) governement at the time and told them that they needed an underground bomb shelter in case of nuclear war.

But the real reason was quite different: The CIA through its Remote Viewing Project had learned that a celestial body, far larger than Earth, made regular trips into our part of the solar system causing great havoc and devastating most of life on earth. Indeed, they were expecting just such a visit around the end of the Century. This was only 30 years away, after all, and when would they have a better time to 'hide' the building of a rather large structure in which to 'take care' of the local 'powers that be' and their families?

If the local politicians were sceptical, their reticence would have been easily taken care of: Better safe than sorry, yes? And, the clincher: The Federal Gov would pick up the tab. Hey, free money, folks. What the heck! No matter that businesses would dry up and blow away along its route. This was survival after all! Not survival of the 'fittest', mind you, but survival of the politically-well-placed.

Of course, to keep even them in the dark, the Powers-that-Be may have only told the politicians it was to save them in the event of a nuclear threat. They would have easily believed this if it came from the right place.

And indeed, you might argue that this was nothing more than a 'bomb shelter' due to the Cold War. But by 1969 people weren't building bomb shelters anymore. AND something else: If this were true, why wouldn't it have been designed into the complex FROM the beginning? It was not. And if the government was that concerned, why weren't they encouraging ALL citizens to build shelters or suggesting that they build numerous shelters to house many thousands of people? Why the selectivity? (Politicians are so genetically superior that they should populate the next race?....sure...)

And thus this argument is seriously flawed. But...all right, say that you wanted to stubbornly stick to the bomb shelter point: Then please tell us this: What about the NEW Denver Airport? Remember the Baggage System fiasco that cost a fortune and took inordinate amounts of time to fix? And all the reports of an enormous UNDERGROUND complex? And what about Mount Weather? And the recent complete refurbishing of Pine Gap in Australia where thousands of tons of furniture was purportedly delivered. (Probably the largest underground facility on the planet... though that is entirely a conjecture.)
I bet you would find that an UNDERGROUND FACILITY had been built in Los Angeles with its new Rapid Transit System. In fact, I bet if we looked around the country at any major municipal construction project that has occurred during the last 30 years, we would find enormous Underground facilities meant to take care of a few...but not all. Not you and me, of course; only 'THEM'.

What would keep people from 'telling' about these facilities? Survival, of course. And something else: The Feeling of Superiority; of exclusivity; the 'club syndrome'. "The Government thinks I'm better than the rest so my family gets to live in the tunnels while the rest will be left to die." Yup. The secret is safe especially when they are told that if the 'secret' gets out it means not only will they and their families be left out in the harsh lights of Niburu's fury, but they might not even live that long. Survival=Fear of Death: Good reason to keep things quiet.

AND, if I happened to be a politician with a conscience? What then? Why, I'd be killing my own family by revealing this fact. My loved ones. That is where they get us every time.

But there is more to this underground thing: There are ever more numerous reports of entire races of 'something' living underground from the LAST time Niburu came through. The Hopi's have ancient legends of their people living underground. Indeed, the Mescaleros say that there are underground caverns all the way from New Mexico to Canada! Then there are the stories about the Panamint Mountains and the Underground people in Utah. And the infamous David Icke's tireless conjecture that the Lizard People are real! Okay...we just wanted to mention that in light of the above, all these other things suddenly bear at least a little looking into...

2. THE PROBLEM OF THE HEROIC ASTRONOMERS: Astronomers are an eclectic bunch. The movie, 'Contact!' probably showed their sacred comraderie pretty well. This extraordinary science, visible to the naked eye's ability to see...coupled with Mind's ability to perceive...through the enhancement of telescopes and other technologies is almost a 'religion'. And rightly so. You cannot stare into the Forever and not be affected profoundly. Mind has to wake up! Is it any wonder that we should have heard the first faint rumblings out of this sector with Gigi's first post? We now know how this post came about, and believe it was absolutely genuine and provided with the best intentions long before it got to Gigi. However, we also think that providing any more specific information further ENDANGERS those who are involved.

However, generally, I believe there is a 'rogue' sort of group of Astronomers out there (and if not I would love to create one just because it is TRULY time for heroes!!!) who really want to help the 'good seed' left in mankind. These are folks of Spirit and Mind together who would love to tell us that they have found Niburu. However, the unsavory auspices of Tyranny in the form of the 'CIA' types which exist in every country, (especially France where Diana was 'killed') also are aware of the presence of our Telescope 'Heroes'. Thus, these Astronomers and their families, are very much endangered. The recent posts to these pages have made it more so.

To 'support' our point, we would like to suggest that PuzzlePieces research into the Gondola accident in France in 1999 is a possible doorway into...something. Was this a way of warning these heroic astronomers to STOP their release of information about Niburu? It is interesting that the Observatory that the dead Astonomers were attached to was never mentioned. Was it because they were attached to several...or that they were amateurs? Maybe Neuchatel is merely their 'code' name. It was a fine old observatory.

In the case that this incident may have been a warning, we would like to, by this very article, put the World's 'BAD SEEDS hiding behind pneumonics' on notice (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!):


If Astronomers or their family members ANYWHERE on this planet come up dead or harmed or 'disappeared', YOU WILL BE PROVING TO US THAT NIBURU DOES EXIST AND IS ON ITS WAY HERE. AND we will post the articles here on RMN and disseminate to every news group and forum we can find!

2. THE PICTURE OF NIBURU: The Smoking Gun...
On September 9, 2000 the Navy's own SOHO Satellite took the most extraordinary picture. We are linking to it so hopefully it will show up at the bottom of the page. If not, go here:
The one we want you to look at is top right of the page. (We just checked and it was still there...)

While a great deal of speculation has gone on regarding what this might be, no one who knows is telling. We think it IS Niburu/PlanetX/Perturbor. If we are wrong, then somebody PLEASE prove it to us. BUT do not bother with the excuses that it is a problem with the camera. That tired old saw has been used on EVERY anomaly that has come out of SOHO. In fact have you noticed how anything that doesn't fit the 'PARTY LINE' is either 'a camera error' OR 'national security'? (Or they simply turn off the camera for a while...but ALWAYS right after something TRULY extraordinary has occurred!!! See for more info)

THE CHEMTRAIL/FLASH RADAR DEFENSE: (Is that like the 'twinky' defense?)
Okay, before I am carted away to the Insane Asylum for my rantings, I have an excuse: DAY AFTER DAY I am being inundated with Chemtrails. Their Barium salts suck the moisture out of everything including our skin and eyes (and possibly my brain?)

In addition, we watch while the storms come to the border of our state and then the Flash Radar begins. WE can SEE the 'hole' in our environment that the radar causes. The storms then move south and north and go around us in a perfect semi-circle created by the radar. Indeed, we have 40% less WATER than normal and we are way ahead the rest of the state. There is no doubt in my mind that THEY are intending to dry us out of here and follow it with burning us up this summer... since they didn't succeed last summer.

Is this enough to make a person overly paranoid? Well, if I am, I am. And if I am fearmongering because of it, I severely apologize. It is NOT my Intent. I have hesitated for a long time putting this together on paper because I'm really a 'pollyanna' by nature. I would much rather be living in a different kind of world and I'd like to help create it. I think I may doing it by posting this. Maybe that is why the notices of Niburu by gigi and PuzzlePieces encouraged me. I'd really like to KNOW that those wonderful Astronomers exist! That there are More'Rayelans' out there who DARE! That somebody OUT THERE from the world of Science CARES enough about us to tell us the truth!

Indeed, I was supremely encouraged by the comments of Dr. Christian Barnard about Diana's death.

There must be more... And scientist, Alfred Webre's expose on the Seattle Quake's potential fabrication by electro-magnetic devices.

...And the science article on Flight 800 being shot down by an Electro-Magnetic Weapon;

...the recent posting about the Doctor who testified at a meeting where the Government (OURS) claimed that a weapon was considered non-lethal and could be tested on the populace as long as not more than 25% of the population would die from it!!!!!???

Okay, so they are beginning to come out and stand up and be counted. I APPLAUD THEM ALL!

Well, I'm no scientist. Just a little American who happens to have a brain, a few observable facts, a great imagination, and a very tiny bit of courage...
These are strange times indeed!
P.S. A delicious thought just occurred: Can you imagine a world with NOTHING but politicians, lawyers and corporate types? would serve them right, eh? ...and I wonder who would wash the dishes...mop the floors and...dig the gold..., eh, tau?

RMN is an RA production.

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