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Rumor Mill News Reading Room Archive

THE OPAL FILE --The Australian "Gemstone"

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Tuesday, 6-Mar-2001 12:26:51


This was sent to us by an Australian contact... who typed every bit of this himself!!

Date: 16 Feb 91 00:56:13 GMT

**************** THE OPAL FILE ******************************



Long, approx 60K and contains some very amazing information, such
as Swiss Account Numbers of high profile people on Mafia Payrolls.
You may be surprised at some of the names mentioned here.

It also contains references to CIA operations to place subliminal
TV broadcasts throughout Australia and NZ, and other countries.

Happy reading.

The Opal File

The Round Table Financial Takeover of Australia and New Zealand

- A 20 Year History In Brief

"Fear them not, therefore; for there is nothing covered that shall
not be revealed; and hidden, that shall shall not be known. "What
I tell you in darkness, that espeak in light; and what ye hear in
the ear, that proclaim upon the housetops." Matthew

18th May, 1967: Texas oil billionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt, using a
sophisticated satellite technique to detect global deposits,
discovers a huge oil source south of New Zealand in the Great
South Basin.

10th June, 1967: Hunt and New Zealand Finance Minister reach an
agreement: Hunt will receive sole drilling rights and Muldoon will
receive a $US100,000 non-repayable loan from the Placid Oil Co

8th September, 1967: Placid Oil granted drilling rights to the
Great South Basin.

10th May, 1968: Hawaiian meeting between Onassis and top
lieutenants, William Colby and Gerald Parsky, to discuss
establishment of a new front company in Australia - Australasian
and Pacific Holdings Limited - to be managed by Michael Hand.
Using Onassis-Rockefeller banks, Chase Manhattan and Shroders,
Travelodge Management Ltd sets up another front to link the
operations to the US.

Onassis crowned head of the Mafia; Colby (head of CIA covert
operations in S.E. Asia) ran the Onassis heroin operations in the
Golden Triangle (Laos, Burma, Thailand) with 200 Green Beret
Mercenaries - ie the Phoenix Programme.

Gerald Parsky deputy to ex-CIA/FBI Robert Maheu in the Howard
Hughes organisation, took orders from Onassis and was made
responsible for laundering skim money from the Onassis casino
operations in Las Vegas and the Bahamas.

Mid-July, 1968: Placid Oil Co and the Seven Sisters (major oil
companies) begin Great South Basin oil exploration - hunt finances
45.5% of exploration costs, Gulf Oil 14.5%, Shell (US) 10%, B.P.
Oil 10%, Standard Oil California 10%, Mobil 6.5% and Arco 6.5%.

12th October, 1968: Hunt and Seven Sisters announce confirmation
of new oil source comparable to the Alaskan North Slope - gas
reserves estimated at 150 times larger than the Kapuni Field.

Early 1969: Mafia consolidates its banking operations; David
Rockefeller becomes Chairman of Chase Manhattan; Wriston at
Citibank and Michele Sindona captures the Vatican Bank,
Partnership Pacific launched by Bank of America, Bank of Tokyo and
Bank of New South Wales.

24th February, 1969: Onassis calls Council meeting in Washington
to discuss strategy to monopolise the Great South Basin discovery.
Council members included Nelson Rockefeller and John McCloy, who
managed the Seven Sisters, and David Rockefeller managed the
Mafia's banking operations.

McCloy outlines the plan to capture all oil and mineral resources
in Australia and N.Z.

10th March, 1969: Parsky and Colby use Australasian and Pacific
Holdings to set up a 'front' company in Australia. Using old banks
-Mellon Bank and Pittsburgh National Bank, they buy control of
near-bankrupt Industrial Equity Ltd (I.E.L.) managed by New
Zealander Ron Brierly.

A'Asian and Pacific Holdings' 'consultant' Bob Seldon helps
Michael Hand set up the new organisation. Seldon took orders from
Mellon and Pittsburgh National Banks, while Hand was directly
responsible to Gerald Parsky and William Colby. Ron Brierly would
take orders from Hand.

24th July, 1969: New board established for I.E.L. includes Hand, Seldon, Ron
Brierly, plus two Brierly associates - Frank Nugan and Bob Jones.
Both are appointed consultants to A'asian and Pacific Holdings Ltd.

Jones will help Brierly launder funds into real estate
(Brierly/Jones Investments) while Seldon and Nugan will channel
funds into oil and mineral resources through I.E.L.

October 1969: Chase Manhattan begins new operation in Australia
with National Bank Australasia and A.C. Goods Associates - Chase-NBA.

J.C. Fletcher appointed chairman of Seven Sisters' company -
British Petroleum (N.Z.).

17th February 1970: Gerald Parsky sets up a new heroin-dollar
laundry in Australia - Australian International Finance Corp.
using the Irving Trust Co New York.

April 1970: Onassis, Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters begin
setting up the shadow World Government using the
Illuminati-controlled banks and the transnational corporations. In
Melbourne they set up the Australian International Finance
Corporation using:

* Irving Trust Co. N.Y. - linked to Shell Oil, Continental Oil,
Phillips Petroleum.

* Crocker Citizens National - linked to Atlantic Richfield (Arco),
Standard Oil of California which is Rockefeller-controlled.

* Bank of Montreal - Petro Canada, Penarctic Oils, Alberta Gas, Gulf Oil.

* Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ).

Meantime, Japanese members of One World Government move into New
Zealand, helped by Finance Minister R. Muldoon; Mitsubishi and
Mitsui make a profitable deal buying up rights to ironsands helped by Marcon a Corp. (US) and Todd (Shell/BP/Todd). Todd rewarded with sole New Zealand franchise for Mitsubishi vehicles, Muldoon helps Mitsui (Oji Paper Co) obtain a lucrative 320 million cubic foot Kiangaroa Forestry contract with Carter Holt.

November, 1970: Fletchers extend the Rockefeller Travelodge
operation by buying control of New Zealand's largest travel
company - Atlantic and Pacific Travel.

Manufacturers' and Retailers' Acceptance Company (in 1970 changed
to Marac): This firm specialises in leasing and factoring (buying
debts at a discount). It also finances imports and exports. The
major shareholders are the Fletcher Group (38.0%), the Commercial
Bank of Australia Ltd (24.7%), NIMU Insurance (7.7%), Phillips
Electrical (3.8%), National Mutual Life Association (2.4%), New
Zealand United Corporation (4.0%). The CBA is a partner in the
supranational Euro-Pacific Corporation, the other partners being
the Midland Bank (UK), the United California Bank (USA), Fuji
(Japan) and Societe Generale de Banque (France).

Early 1971: Onassis and Rockefeller begin global operation to buy
influence for the One World Government concept. They use Lockheed,
Northrop and Litton Industries 'agent' Adnan Khashoggi, to
organise operations in the Middle East, Iran and Indonesia. I.C.I.
set up $2.5 million slush fund to Australia and N.Z.

Finance Minister Muldoon changes law to allow Mafia-controlled
banks to begin operations in New Zealand. Links also made by
N.Z.I. in preparation for Paxus control with Hong Kong and
Shanghai; Wells Fargo with Broadbank; Chase Manhattan with General
Finance; Bank of America and Barclays with Fletchers and Renouf in
New Zealand United Corp. All members of the Business Round Table

Late 1971: Gulf Oil and their man Brierly begin organising chains
of Shell companies and dummy corporations to conceal their
takeover operations of oil, gas and mineral resources and related
industries such as vehicle franchises, vehicle spare parts and
finance services - all part of the Seven Sisters' controlled car

To extend links to the US banking operations they buy control of
I.S.A.S. (NSW) and I.S.A.S. (Qld), which hold sole franchise for
construction and mining equipment produced by International
Harvester Credit Co, which is part of Chase Manhattan Bank and
associated with First National Bank Chicago (Chairman Sullivan
also Executive Vice-President of Chase Manhattan), Continental
Illinois (linked with CIA and Mafia Michele Sindona of Vatican
Bank) and Rockefeller's Standard Oil of Indiana (AMOCO).

I.S.A.S. (Qld) also has strategic holdings in North Flinders
Mines, Flinders Petroleum, Apollo International Minerals.

February 1972: Onassis and Rockefeller help associate Adnan
Khashoggi buy the Security Pacific National Bank in California and
take control of the United California Bank through CIA-linked
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. Both banks used by Onassis and
Khashoggi to funnel bribes and payoffs via the CIA's Deak Bank to
captive Japanese and other crooked politicians. Security Pacific
also used to 'launder' over $2 million for Nixon's re-election
campaign. Khashoggi also buys 21% of Southern Pacific Properties,
which is the major stockholder in Travelodge (Aust), thereby
establishing direct links to New Zealand, and U.E.B. and Fletchers
through its equity links with Travelodge (N.Z.).

April 1972: Mafia banking operations expanded through New Hebrides
with establishment of Australian International Ltd to finance
Pacific development by the oil companies (Seven Sisters). Banks
involved include Irving Trust NY, Bank of Montreal, Crocker
International, Australia & N.Z. Bank and the Mitsubishi Bank,
whose president, Nakamaru, is appointed Chairman.

26th May, 1972: Gerald Parsky installs Michele Sindona as 'owner'
of Franklin National Bank, helped by the Gambino Mafia family and
David Kennedy - Chairman of Continental Illinois Bank and Nixon's
Secretary of the Treasury.

Pacific Basin Economic Council Conference in Wellington, NZ.
Vice-President Shigeo Nagano also chairman of Nippon Steel and
member of Onassis and other World Government organisations.
Chairman of NZ sub-committee, J. Mowbray is also GenehAo National B

Meanwhile, Michele Sindona, acting as the go-between for the Mafia
and the CIA, was the conduit between US and European banks.
Michele Sindona's Vatican Bank and associate Calvi's Abrosiano
Bank was used to finance CIA neo-fascist Italian/Latin American
operations through Licio Gelli's P2 Lodge, which helped to
organise the 'death squads' of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. This
aided the P2 -@+%rs sukh!as Klaus Barbie ('The Butcher of Lyonsf,(" Rega
organiser of the A.A.A. in

Aoh August, 1972: Gulf Oil associate Bob Seldon helps establish
new banking operation, first NZ international banks include Bank
of New Zealand, D.F.C. (Aust), N.Z.I., Morgan Guaranty Trust,
Morgan Grenfel and S.F. Warburg.

Fletchers begins expansion overseas with deals signed in
Indonesia, Fiji and New Guinea.

December 1972: Kirk elected Prime Minister of New Zealand.

February, 1973: Gerald Parsky, William Colby, Michael Hand, Frank
Nugan and Bob Seldon move to further consolidate the Mafia banking
operations. In NZ they acquire 20% Fletcher subsidiary Marac,
using the Security Pacific National Bank helped by Marac Corporate
secretary Alan Hawkins.

Frank Nugan and Michael Hand use Fletcher and Renouf and their NZ
United Corporation to link with I.E.L. and Brierly Investments
through cross-shareholding agreement.

In Australia, the Nugan Hand Bank begins operations with 30% of
the stock held by A'asian and Pacific Holdings (100% Chase
Manhattan Bank), 25% by CIA's Air America (known as 'Air Opium'),
25% by South Pacific Properties and 20% held by Seldon, Nugan and

The Irving Trust Bank's New York Branch establishes US links
between the CIA and Nugan Hand, a worldwide network of 22 banks
set up to:

a) 'launder' money from Onassis heroin operations in the Golden
Triangle and Iran;
b) as a CIA funnel to pro-US political parties in Europe and Latin
America, including Colby's P2;
c) a spying conduit for information from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
and Thailand;
d) finance arms smuggled to Libya, Indonesia, South America,
Middle East and Rhodesia using the CIA's Edward Wilson.

Colby and Kissinger use key CIA and Naval Intelligence officers to
oversee the operation, including Walter McDonald (former Deputy
Director CIA), Dale Holmgren (Flight Service Manager CIA Civil Air
Transport), Robert Jansen (former CIA Station Chief, Bangkok) etc.

Heroin flown into Australia by CIA's Air America and trans-shipped
to Onassis lieutenant in Florida, Santos Trafficante Jr, assisted
by Australian Federal Bureau of Narcotics officials and
co-ordinated by CIA's Ray Cline.

14th June, 1973: Inauguration of the Onassis shadow World
Government - the Trilateral Commission. Includes over 200 members from the U
Europe and Japan - bankers, government officials, transnational
corporations' top executives, trade unionists, etc. Of the world's
largest corporations, 24 directly represented and dozens more
through interlocking directorships.

* Trilateralist strategy: monopolisation of the world's resources,
production facilities, labour technology, markets, transport and
finance. These aims backed up by the US military and industrial
complexes that are already controlled and backed up by the CIA.

18th August, 1973: Ray Cline and Michael Hand meet in Adelaide to
discuss CIA plan to establish spying operations in NZ.

September 1973: Seagrams, with strong links to Chase Manhattan
Bank of Montreal and Toronto Dominion Bank, buys 2,800 acres of
prime land in Marlborough helped by Peter Maslen.

17th February, 1974: Mafia sets up New Hebrides Bank - Commercial
Pacific Trust Co (COMPAC). Banks include CBA, Europacific Finance
Corporation, Trustee Executors and Agency Co, Fuji Bank, Toronto
Dominion Bank, European Asian Bank and United California Bank,
COMPAC to be used as a cover for heroin dollar laundering

26th February, 1974: Michael Hand meets Bob Jones in Wellington to
implement plans for the CIA's new spying operation - countries
targeted include France, Chile, West Germany and Israel.

Using the Brierly/Jones Investment funnel, Jones buys building in
Willeston Street which will be rented to France and Chile, another
at Plimmer Steps to house West Germany and Israel.

CIA will set up eavesdropping communications centre inside the
Willeston Street building and another at 163 The Terrace which
will link with equipment installed in the Plimmer Steps building.
Four CIA technicians will run the whole operation.

April 1974: Finance Minister Rowling appoints Ron Trotter to the
Overseas Investment Commission, whose chairman, G. Lau, is also a
member of the Todd Foundation (Shell/BP/Todd) investment board.

Whitlam and Kirk

Mid-1974: Gough Whitlam and Norman Kirk begin a series of moves
absolutely against the Mafia Trilateralists. Whitlam refuses to
waive restrictions on overseas borrowings to finance Alwest
Aluminium Consortium of Rupert Murdoch, BHP and R.J. Reynolds.
Whitlam had also ended Vietnam War support, blocked uranium mining
and wanted more control over US secret spy bases - e.g. Pine Gap.

Kirk had introduced a new, tough Anti-Monopoly Bill and had tried
to redistribute income from big companies to the labour force
through price regulation and a wages policy.

Kirk had also rejected plans to build a second aluminium smelter
near Dunedin and was preparing the Petroleum Amendment Bill to
give more control over New Zealand oil resources.

Kirk had found out that Hunt Petroleum, drilling in the Great
South Basin, had discovered a huge resource of oil comparable in
size to the North Sea or Alaskan North Slope. Gas reserves alone
now estimated at 30 times bigger than Kapuni and oil reserves of
at least 20 billion barrels - enough for New Zealand to be
self-sufficient for years. Oil companies completely hushed up
these facts. To have announced a vast new oil source would
probably mean a decline in world oil prices, which would not have
allowed OPEC and Onassis plans for the Arabs to eventuate. N.Z.
could be exploited at a later date, particularly since the North
Sea operations were about to come on stream - Kirk was the last to
hold out.

September, 1974: According to CIA sources, Kirk was killed by the
Trilateralists using Sodium Morphate. Rowling's first act as NZ
Prime Minister was to withdraw Kirk's Anti-Monopoly Bill and the
Petroleum Amendment Bill.

Later, Rowling was to be rewarded with ambassadorship to
Washington. Incidentally, the Shah of Iran was murdered the same
way as Kirk on his arrival in the US.

6th October, 1974: Ray cline implements William Colby plan to oust
Australian Prime Minister Whitlam. Nugan Hand Bank finances
payoffs to Malcolm Fraser and other pro-US politicians. A joint
bugging operation commences between CIA and ASIA.

Rupert Murdoch, playing his part, uses his newspapers and
television network to spread lies and misinformation. Whitlam, as
well as refusing to waive restrictions on overseas borrowing to
finance the aluminium consortium, had plans to ensure that all
corporations were at least 50% Australian-owned. This interfered
with the Seven Sisters' plans to build three oil refineries at
Cape Northumberland in South Australia to exploit the Great South
Basin discovery.

December, 1974: Australian Governor-General John Kerr joins Ray
Cline's payroll and received his first pay-off of $US200,000
credited to his account number 767748 at the Singapore branch of
the Nugan Hand Bank.

11th November, 1975: Governor-General Kerr sacks the Whitlam

August 1975: Rowling re-introduces unrecognisable Commerce Bill,
designed to aid monopolisation of the NZ economy and repeals the
News Media Ownership Act, allowing more foreign ownership of NZ
media. The new legislation does not define monopoly, competition
or stipulate permissable maximum market share, or even ascertain
what the public interest is - resulting in a sell-out to big business.

December, 1975: Election battle between Rowling and Muldoon. Oil
companies pour thousands of dollars into Muldoon's campaign via
National Bank (NZ), whose general manager Mowbray is also a member
of Todd Foundations; Investment Board Director Tudhope also Managing
Director Shell Oil and Chairman Shell/BP/Todd. Muldoon wins.

February, 1976: Muldoon implements pre-election secret agreement
with the NZ Seven Sisters' oil representatives of Shell/BP/Todd
for helping finance the National Party campaign.

Muldoon removes the $3 per barrel oil levy for the New Zealand
Refining Company, which increases the oil companies' profits by
100% at the taxpayers' expense and with all future oil prospecting licenses,
the Government has the option to take 51% of any discovery without
meeting exploration costs. This is designed to discourage further
exploration, thereby keeping the lid on the Great South Basin

Meanwhile, in Australia, new P.M. Malcolm Fraser reopens uranium
mining and opens the way for takeover of mineral resources with
big tax breaks for oil exploration, coal and mining.

Muldoon returns a favour to the oil companies by arranging $US200
million loan for Maui Gas Development for Shell/BP/Todd.

September, 1976: With captive politicians in place in both
Australia and New Zealand, the Internationalists can now proceed
with their strategy of takeover of the economy and exploitation of
natural resources. "In New Zealand, the elimination of unnecessary
competition is fundamental to a sound economy," Brierly says.

Parksy and Colby use Brierly/Jones Investments as a vehicle to buy
into A.B. Consolidated Holdings in New Zealand.

Associate of R. Jones, Pat Goodman, is appointed 'consultant' of
A'asian and Pacific Holdings.

November, 1976: The Internationalists (Mafia) set up a NZ money
'funnel' using Brierley's City Realties. National Insurance Co
acquires 33% of the stock. Largest stockholders in National
Insurance are the US Firemen's Fund
- Chairman and President Myron Du Bain also Vice Chairman of
American Express (Amex). Chairman of I.E.L. linked International
Harvester, Archie McCardell, also Amex Director. Amex linked with
Chase Manhattan and seven Sisters' Texaco and Mobil. Du Bain also
Director of CIA-linked United California Bank, which is a partner
in Commercial Pacific Trust.

To complete the money funnel, National Insurance becomes a
stockholder in Chase Manhattan's Chase-NBA.
Brierley's declared assets reach $100 million, with shareholder's
capital of only $2.5 million - all cash acquisitions.

3rd February, 1977: Parksy and Colby close down the Brierley/Jones
Investment funnel and open up seperate channels for Brierley and
Jones. Jones will be supplied with 'laundered' funds via Sydney
branch of the Nugan Hand Bank, while for Ron Brierley, Gerald
Parsky uses Myron Du Bain, Dierctor of United California Bank and
also chairman and president of the US Firemen's Fund, which are
the largest stockholders in National Insurance (NZ). Funds to be
'laundered' via Chase Manhattan Bank through National Insurance to
City Realty and via United California Bank through
COMPAC (New Hebrides) to National Insurance and City Realties.

To expand the Bierley/I.E.L. 'front', Parsky establishes
Industrial Equity Pacific (Hong Kong).

September 1977: Brierley's new holding company begins operations -
A.B. Consolidated. H.W. Revell appointed Deputy Chairman and B.
Hancox General Manager, while newly-appointed directors include S.
Cushing, B. Judge, O. Gunn and P. Goodman, linked with Renouf,
Fletcher and Papps through I.E.L./N.Z.U.C.

* Strategy: To target and divide key sectors of the economy for
takeover, exploitation and monopolisation. Operations to extend to
use Hong Kong facility, I.E.P. Fletchers to extend the
Khashoggi/Rockefeller Travelodge operation by taking holdings in
Vacation Hotels and Intercontinental Properties (Renouf

October, 1977: Muldoon and JOhn Todd - Shell/BP/Todd - sign an
agreement. NZ Govt would take 24.5% holding in the Great South
Basin for $1.65 Billion. Hunt would reduce his holding from 45.5%
to 27.5% and Arco would sell its 6.5%.

* Reason: Hunt did not possess the technology to pump oil from
deep water; Gulf possessed the technology but did not tell Hunt.
Arco was not told anything and were swindled out of its 6.5% concession.

November, 1977: Muldoon introduces the S.I.S Amendment Bill,
designed to keep the economy free of obstruction and to help
uncover obstructive elements. Telephone taps, mail tampering and
other surveillance methods approved after CIA input on contents of

Late 1977: Muldoon travels to the US to meet top Rockefeller
officials, including Trilateralists' Deputy Secretary of State,
Warren Christopher, and Richard Bolbrooke, who were in charge of
the new "South Pacific Desk" at the State Department established
by Rockefeller to target exploitatin of both New Zealand and
Australia. In Los Angeles, Muldoon meets top Rockefeller
officials, Robert Anderson (Rockwell Chairman, also Director of
Kashoggi's Security Pacific National Bank) and P. Larkin (Rockwell
Director, also Chairman, Executive Committee Security Pacific
National Bank and Director of Marac).

April, 1978: Muldoon sets up Petrocorp. New Zealand taxpayers
pay for the exploration costs but the oil companies control all
distribution outlets. Muldoon blocks development of Maui B as
restructured supplies mean higher prices and bigger profits for
Shell/BP/Todd. South Island gas market not developed as Great
South Basin fields closer than Kapuni. Plans develop for
re-opening of National Parks for mineral exploitation.

22nd July, 1978: Director of Australian Federal Bureau of
Narcotics suspends his invetigation into the Nugan Hand Bank after
pressure from the CIA and Australian politicians controlled by
Mafia, particularly Malcolm Fraser.

Brierly's declared assets reach $200 million, with shareholders'
funds only $17 million.

May, 1979: Trilateral Commission secretary Zbignieu Brzezinski
appoints Muldoon chairman of Board of Governors of IMF/World Bank
on orders of
David Rockefeller. Muldoon would head three-man administration
committee which included Canadian Finance Minister Mitchell Sharp,
key figure in the Mafia Council and the Trilateral Commission.
Australian Treasurer McMahon also involved.

8th June, 1979: Michael Hand, Frank Nugan, Brierley and James
Fetcher meet in Hand's Sydney penthouse to discuss the
establishment of the New Zealand Mafia organisation.

Mid- 1979: Gulf Oil using its man Brierley, begins operations
designed to capture key sectors of the economy. A.B Consolidated
restructured into the Goodman Group and Goodman to run operations
but with the majority of the stock held by IEL and Brierley using
Shell companies plus dummy corporations.

* Strategy: To take over food and produce resources, Brierley and
Fletcher restructured a small private company, H.W. Smith, using
Cyril Smith as Chairman but with key executives Judge, Collins and
McKenzie. Bob Jones helps.

Private company used, as no Commerce Commission control, accounts
not published, no public disclosure of transactions. Bunting is
established as a shell company and the South Island is targeted
for asset-stripping and takeover, as well as key sectors of the
automobile industry.

Unlimited funds channelled through City Realties, NZUC and Marac.
UEB extends Travelodge operations by buying control of
Transholdings, which has strategic holdings in Vacation Hotels and
Tourist Corp. Fiji Holdings.

17th August, 1979: New Zealand Mafia inaugral meeting in Sydney
including Hand, Brierley, Fletcher, Goodman, R.Trotter, Alan
Hawkins and L.Papps.

Key sectors of the economy would be taken over- food, using
Goodman; forestry and farming, using Fletcher and Trotter;
property, using Brierley and Jones. Brierley, Hand and Papps
would be responsible for banking, insurance and finance, while
Hand and Hawkins would be responsible for setting up new "laundry"
channels into New Zealand.

The economy would be taken over using cheap loans of less than 5%,
while consumers would pay 28%.

October, 1979: BP Oil begis $100 million joint venture deal with
Fletcher and Trotter at Tasman.

Muldoon makes secret deal with oil companies which effectively
robs New Zealand taxpayers by giving Shell/BP/Todd the Maui Gas
deal. Normally the granting of drilling rights on public land is
done using a worldwide system which incorporates an auction tender
system. Muldoon bypassed this. Also, Shell/BP/Todd pays no tax
on Kapuni profits, while putting funds into Maui development.

19th November, 1979: Secret meeting in Auckland between Muldoon,
Fletcher and Trotter to transfer 43% Tasman Pulp and Paper held by
New Zealand Government to Challenge Corporation (Chairman Trotter)
and Fletchers. Tasman has lucrative 75-year contract for cheap
timber signed in 1955.

Muldoon paid off with a $1 million 'non-repayable' loan - $500,000
to be paid into account number 8746665 at New Hebrides branch of
the Australian International Bank.

November, 1979: Muldoon drops restrictions on foreign investment.
AMAX (Stnadard Oil of California subsidiary) captures the Martha
Hill goldmine.

Muldoon unveils the Government's plans (instructed by Rockefeller)
to form New Zealand into an offshore production base for the
multi-national corporations as benefits include government export
incentives, stable government, cheap labour, and so on.

27th November, 1979: Gerald Parsky's lieutenant, David Kennedy,
meets Muldoon to deliver $US100,000 cash to Muldoon for
implementing the Internationalists' Mafia Think Big plans.

These plans began with big contracts and guaranteed profits for
the Seven Sisters, Bechtel, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Nippon Steel,
Internationalists' Mafia banks.

With the experimental petroleum plant, the oil price has to be
$50/barrel to be profitable, yet Mobil's profits are guaranteed.

New Zealand Steel is to be expanded 500%, even though there was a
global steel glut of 50%.

Fletchers own 10% of New Zealand Steel and are majority
stockholders in Pacific Steel and control monopoly over wire rod,
reinforcing steel. Aslo, New Zealand taxpayers subsidise
Fletchers' profits.

Muldoon introduces the National Development Bill with 'fast-track'
legislation, to keep the economy 'free of obstruction' for
long-term monopolisation.

C.E.R. plan introduced, designed to integrate the economies of
Australia and New Zealand with the Trilateral Commission for the
purpose of exploiting the South Pacific countries and as a
'back-door' entrance into China - the world's largest untapped
consumer market. New Zealand is also the closest country to
Antarctica, which has a vast mineral resource for future

THE OPAL FILE --The Australian "Gemstone"

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Aquasana Home Water Filters


Organic Sulfur 4 Health

Aquasana Home Water Filters




Provided free to RMN Agents

Aquasana Home Water Filters

Organic Sulfur 4 Health




Provided free to RMN Agents

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