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Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Wednesday, 13-Sep-2000 02:23:32

Will Bill Clinton Free Jonathan Pollard?

In 1998, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that Clinton free Pollard in return for Israel handing over the West Bank to the Palestinians.

At the time, Bill Clinton was still in shock from the humiliation he and his family had suffered due to the Monica Lewinsky Impeachment trial.

Clinton was desperate to have a foreign policy victory that he felt would erase the stain of the Lewinsky affair. Benjamin Netanyahu knew this. But Netanyahu knew much more.

According to newspaper articles and sources, a “bug” belonging to a foreign nation was found in the Oval Office. President Clinton even told Monica Lewinsky about it. She related the details in one of the telephone tapes made by Linda Tripp. Several newspapers reported that the bug was put in the Oval Office by the Israelis.

Sherman Skolnick, investigative reporter from Chicago, related that the head of the Mossad for the United States sat at a desk not more than five feet from the Oval Office. The man was Rahm Emanuel, who now lives and works in Chicago.

Before Benjamin Netanyahu moved to Israel and was elected Prime Minster, he was just another tough guy from Chicago. Is it a coincidence that during the time that Rahm Emanuel was an aide to President Clinton that the Oval Office was bugged by Israel?

Many people, including Skolnick and several women who were part of the CIA’s Project Monarch – the sex slave project, believe that Monica and her parents worked for the Israeli Mossad. Sources have told RMNews that Dr. Lewinsky and his wife were Mossad assets while they lived in Panama. According to one of the women who went through the mind control project that turns women into sex slaves, she was shown a picture of Monica and told that Monica was a Presidential quality sex slave.

So, let’s put the items in order.

• Rham Emannuel goes to work for Clinton

• Israel bugs the Oval Office

• President Clinton is seduced by Monica who snaps her thong at him and gives him the okay to have an affair with her

• Clinton is aware that a foreign country is bugging his conversations with Monica – he has them anyway

• Clinton’s affair with Monica begins to come out

• Two women with ties to the intelligence community figure prominently – Linda Tripp and Lucianne Goldberg

Congress is too cowardly to bring up the major crimes – such as selling our national security secrets to the highest bidder. Instead Congress tries to throw him out of office for having a sleazy affair with an intern and lying about it.

Even though he was not impeached, the President’s reputation was in tatters. When the opportunity came up for him to broker the peace between Israel and the Palestinians, he looked at it as the opportunity to erase the shame from his legacy and replace it with a history as a peace maker.

Benjamin Netanyahu knew that he had Clinton over a barrel. If Clinton wanted a peace agreement, then Netanyahu would see that he got it – IF – Netanyahu got what he wanted – and what Netanyahu wanted was Jonathan Pollard.

Pollard is one of the few spies ever convicted for giving our national security secrets to a friendly country. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Even Aldrich Ames, the CIA spy convicted of selling our secrets to Russia didn’t get a life sentence. Why is an American Jew with duel citizenship, who gave, not sold, national security secrets to his other country which happens to be an ally, being treated so much harsher than spies who sold secrets to our enemies?

Many people have speculated on what Pollard could really have learned, or what he still knows and has not told. William Northrup, a former special operations officer in Viet Nam and CIA contract agent believes the real reason Pollard is being held is because he uncovered a secret United States operation called the “Level Battlefield Doctrine.”

To Northrup, the term “level battlefield” remains a benign epithet masking he policy’s truest intentions. The name is akin, Northrup said, to the term “incident at altitude” used to describe a crowded jetliner blowing up in mid-air. The Level Battlefield Doctrine’s ramifications are anything but benign. However, it has become the basis of American Middle Eastern policy, all be it, a secret one.

The Level Battlefield Doctrine states that Israel is responsible for the tensions that exist in the Middle East. Under this policy, the United States has developed a “back door” relationship with middle eastern countries supplying them with weapons in return for oil.

In 1983 Israel and the United States signed a Mutual Exchange of Information Agreement. While withholding intelligence from Israel, Northrop points out, the United States shockingly provided detailed intelligence assessments of the Israeli Defense force to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis then passed this information on to the Syrians and the Iraqis who were both clients of the Soviet Union. This provided a virtual windfall for Soviet military intelligence.

Northrup also says that the United States routinely withheld information of impending terrorist actions from the Israelis while routinely passing the same kind of information on to the British, Spanish and Italian governments.

The tense relationship came to a head during the Reagan Administration after the United States had sold a battery of missiles to Saudi Arabia. Israel planned to attack and destroy the missiles before they became operational. Pollard says Pentagon sources held “off the record” meetings in which they pointed to several intercepted Israeli communications as proof positive that the Israeli government intended to launch an attack on the Saudi missile base before it achieved “operation status”.

The White House issued a warning to Israel stating that the United States would not tolerate an attack on a “loyal and valuable” ally. Saudi Arabia has oil. Israel does not.

If Pollard and Northrup are right, then Pollard is in prison because he knows that the United States-Israeli friendship is based on a lie. If Pollard discovered this, and if Israel knows that the United States, while pretending to be a friend to Israel, is in fact making behind the scene overtures to her enemies, then is it any wonder that Israel would have planted a bug in the White House?

If Pollard knew that the United States routinely withholds important information of terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens, then it is no wonder that Israel and Pollard view the United States as the enemy.

It follows that the Mossad would place one of its top agents as close to the Oval office and possible, and it is no wonder that Israel would bug the Oval office.

But Netanyahu took things one step further. He decided to set up the President and get rid of him so he could have a president that was more kindly disposed to Israel. Don’t forget that Mrs Clinton, who is now fighting hard to court the Jewish vote in NYC, once stated that the Palestinians must have their own state.

When the plane to get rid of Clinton failed, Netanyahu realized that he was not going to be able to deal with President Gore who loves Israel. Netanyahu then decided to make the best he could of a failed plan.

If Clinton wanted a peace deal to bring back his stature as President, then Netanyahu would demand that Clinton pardon Pollard and send him home on the same plane with Netanyahu.

The American intelligence community went into revolt when they realized that Clinton was seriously considering freeing Pollard. CIA Director George Tenant told Clinton that he would resign in protest is Pollard was freed. And THAT was just what he said that was made public.

After Clinton was fully briefed on the Israeli operation that had not only set him up with Monica, but leaked the information to various news outlets, he turned white with rage.

More than likely he wanted to give Pollard to Netanyahu and let them fly over a Navy Missile Firing Test hoping they would have “an incident at altitude” and be blown out of the sky. Clinton knew that if this happened, the Navy would be on his side due to the USS Liberty incident. The Navy has never forgotten or forgiven Israel for attacking the liberty and killing scores of American sailors.

Clinton was not fortunate enough to be given carte blanche to shoot Netanyahu out of the sky, so instead he sent James Carville to Israel to find an appropriate candidate to run against Netanyahu. If Clinton couldn’t shoot him out of the sky one way, he would do it another way.

Carville found Ehud Barak and helped him win the election. Not only was Netanyahu forced out of politics, but criminal charges are now being investigated and it is possible that he could face prison.

Benjamin Netanyahu set out to remove Clinton from office so he could deal with a President who he knew had a special feeling for Israel. Al Gore has proved his love of Israel this year in his choice of a Vice President. But Netanyahu’s plan was foiled. Even though Clinton would have given him Pollard in exchange for a peace agreement with Arafat, the American intelligence communities would not allow it.

Once Clinton had been fully briefed on what Netanyahu had done to him. Clinton vowed to revenge himself. Clinton is still in office while Netanyahu is not.

Now we are facing the possibility that Bill Clinton will pardon Jonathan Pollard in order for Hillary Clinton to be elected Senator from New York. If Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman are elected, they will eventually agree to free Pollard, even though they both deny it right now.

If Clinton frees Pollard, it means that Gore will not be saddled with this problem. If Bush is elected , Pollard will never see the light of day. Pollard knows too much about all the dirty little secrets of scandals like Iran Contra and the October Surprise.

One of our Sources states that the real reason Pollard is in prison is he knows the extent to which the United States AND Israel have used the Promis software to spy on friends and foes alike.

It is clear that the Pollard case is like an iceberg, only ten percent is showing. It is also clear that Democrats are pressuring President Clinton to free Jonathan Pollard so Al Gore won’t have to.

Will President Clinton free Jonathan Pollard this time? All odds are pointing in that direction. I wonder what the CIA thinks about this?

Rayelan Allan, Publisher RMNews

One last comment – The hidden United States Doctrine known as “Level Battlefield” belies something far more sinister that merely withholding intelligence from Israel and supplying Israel’s enemies with weapons.

The origins of this policy are rooted in a 1947 agreement to make Jerusalem the capital of a One World Government. Yasser Arafat alluded to this agreement during the Millennium summit that was held in NYC last week. If the Level Battlefield was based on the 1947 United Nations agreement, then it means that to achieve a One World Government, armageddon will occur and Israel will be destroyed.


DAILY MAIL, Saturday 24th October 1998

Peace deal put in Jeopardy by traitor.

From Mail Reporter
in Washington
A LAST-NIINUTE hitch was threatening to delay a historic land-for-peace
deal in the Middle East last night.

After more than 20 hours of negotiations conducted by Bill Clinton, a
signing ceremony involving the Israeli and Palestinian leaders was put on
hold because of a row over the release of a spy.

At the 11th hour, President Clinton refused to free Jonathan Pollard, an
American Navy intelligence expert serving life for passing an 'enormous'
quantity of military secrets to the Israelis.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister had insisted on the release
of tie spy in return for handing over disputed West Bank territory to
Palestinian control.

Mr Clinton, desperate for a major foreign policy triumph to restore his
image as a world statesman after the Monica Lewinsky scandal, had agreed,
according to Israeli sources.

But he is understood to have changed his mind after aides warned that the
release of a convicted traitor could unleash a damaging political backlash.

Shortly before dawn yesterday, Mr Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Yasser
Arafat thought they had secured a final agreement

following nine days of tense talks at the Wye Plantation, 50 miles

east of Washington. They were preparing for the signing ceremony at the
White House.

But then the U.S. mediation team announced there had been a
'misunderstanding' over Pollard. The Americans were making frantic
attempts last night to find a way around the impasse.

The deal would break 19 months of deadlock over the implementation of the
1993 Oslo peace agreement.

Under the terms of the proposed deal, Israeli troops would with-draw from a
further 13 per cent of the West Bank. That would give the Palestinians
control of almost a fifth of the West Bank.

The Palestinians would get a safe passage between Gaza and

the West Bank and their own air-port and seaport in Gaza. The Israelis also
agreed to free 750 of the 3,000 Palestinian prisoners it holds, and to form
a committee to discuss the release of thou-sands more.

They also dropped their insistence that Palestinian police chief Razi
Gebali should be tried on terrorism charges.

Mr Arafat agreed to rewrite the 34-year-old charter of the Palestinian
Liberation Organisation's ruling body to delete clauses calling for the
'destruction' of Israel.

He also pledged to draw up plans for the arrest of members of the Hamas and
Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations, after Mr Netanyahu's team abandoned
its insistence that suspects be extradited to Israel.

The size of Mr Arafat's police force would be reduced and illegaly-held
weapons surrendered for destruction.

During the talks at the Wye Plantation, the two delegations rarely sat at
the same table, and exchanged a series of insults when they did come

King Hussein of Jordan, who is gravely ill with cancer, left the U.S.
hospital where he is being treated to hold talks with Mr Arafat and Mr
Netanyahu and breathe new life into the summit.

If the deal is agreed, the two leaders will have have to sell it to their
own political machines and to the Jews and Arabs who have been at each
other's throats for Centuries

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