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Rumor Mill News Reading Room Archive

Re: Al-Fayed Background

Posted By: Rick
Date: Thursday, 18-May-2000 13:38:21

Steve -

Barry Chamish offers a possible French connection to the Rabin Assassination in that: "To digress, Jean Frydman, the French media mogul, invested the same figure $6.5 million, in a campaign to promote the Oslo Accord in 1994. The same Frydman also paid for the rally where Yitzhak Rabin was murdered in a security services plot in 1995. Thus, it is very safe to say, that the French had a serious investment in an Israeli capitulation to the PLO and the payoff began in late 1989." (1)[]/getdoc.xp?AN=569155657&CONTEXT=958662609.176160796&hitnum=35

Since the Rabin assassination at time of the rally is considered a fake assassination attempt by Barry, then does it follow that Diana's death could have been an assassination by staged accident directed by your "Patrick Riou et al". Is there a French connection between Jean Frydman; Eduoard Seroussi and "Patrick Riou et al".

Also, was TWA 800 brought down because Mohammed Samir Ferrat was aboard?

Philip "Rick" Henika

(2) Subject: Re: Al-Fayed Background From: Steve Reed Date: 2000/05/17 Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.princess-diana [More Headers]

Now I've had an e-mail from the author of UT ("Fayed Biog") corroborating "anonymous correspondent" and including new information - for my eyes only. This is extremely frustrating, because, although I wish to discern, for my own satisfaction, exactly how MAF[ my comment - MAF= "Mohammed Al-Fayed"] came to be working with the CIA's fifth column in French intelligence (Patrick Riou et al) in an assassination which killed his own son, I am much more interested in demonstrating - to people who still think him a wronged fool or a teller of foolish lies - that he was working for such people, PERIOD. He is not naive and he is not a romancer. He knows exactly what happened, and his version of events, which was worked out before the crash so that it could be told afterwards, is a clever mixture of truth and falsehood. Indeed, the purpose of the crash was to create the situation in which MAF COULD present this version.

I am still hoping to persuade UT-author to let me release his latest - so keep on lurking. ANY GERMANE comments on 1) this thread, on 2) "Patrick Riou, Terrorism Specialist" or 3) "The Doctor and The Policeman" (see alt.conspiracy.princess-diana) would be welcome, however (since there hasn't been a single one, as yet :-))))

In article , Steve Reed writes

:In a phone-call this afternoon, a sometimes reliable source told me two
:things which should be added (with queries) to the material below
:(another anonymous source - sorry about that)
:The correspondent said
: 1) (which is corroborated in "Fayed-biog" below) that MAF was
:associated, through BCCI and Clinton's First Trade Secretary, Ron Brown,
:with running arms to Bosnia, while the US-inspired arms-embargo on
:Yugoslavia was in force.
: 2) that, according to CIA-files, which he (my correspondent) has
:seen, MAF is described as being connected with the Kennedy assassination
:["through George de Mohrenschildt?", I asked. "Yes", was the reply.]
:Note that the Kennedy assassination took place only eight months before
:MAF turned up in Haiti, and that his contacts there (whom he must have
:known previously) were also contacts of De Mohrenschildt.
: 3) that MAF had interests in a German finance house, known as
:"Die Ansbacher Bank" which were used, by the Vatican, to channel funds
:to the IRA. It was the cover-up of this transaction, among others, which
:led to the Sindona affair and the mystery of the "missing briefcase".
:Further to this phone-call, I have also received an e-mail from the
:author of the "Fayed-biog". In reply to my remark -
:One thing is certain: MAF is still news - and this is news
:>>about MAF! Bowers' biography steers well clear of BNL, Charles, Brown
:>>and Prosper Avril.
:[is written]
:and Bush....that is why he is protected.
:- which I assume to mean Mohammed Al-Fayed!
:>As I said in previous send, the Bower biog has maf inhaiti only in last half
:>basically of 1964, well after the jfk assassination. M dimmemory is that
:>george diMor was ther earlier than that. but i could be wrong--am I?
:>Interestingly, the ower biog offers no indication that maf made ucks as
:>armsdealer==des;pite fact that hisbrotherinlaw and original mentor obviusly
:>was neck deep in such.
:>sure wd like to know more aboutbower, who reads as an entirely competent sort
:>who managed to irk both rowland and maf.
:Yes. I wonder about published authors generally. Nothing gets into
:print without the okay from up-top. Did you see Gordon Thomas'
:"Gideon's Spies"? And what about Donald Goddard's "Trail of the
:Octopus"? Both rather spooky gentlemen (especially Thomas) presenting
:limited hangouts, IMO. So why was Bowers okayed? That's what I would
:I've just been looking at my "Fayed-biog". It isn't really that - it's
:more a hodge-podge of essays, jammed together higgledy-piggledy. It's
:very difficult to read. I'll see if I can find the bit about MAF in
:Haiti in the 60's.
:Sorry. I seem to have lost it. I'll have to summarise from the hard
:"In the early 60's, President Duvalier ... granted exclusive operating-
:concessions...Speculators...attracted...series of visitors...have in
:common a lack of conventionally traceable business-background...One
:business-gambit involved the then 25-yr-old ... Mohammed Al-Fayed, who
:arrived in June 1964...he received exclusive contracts which gave him
:control of the oil-industry, shipping and the port....he became a
:Haitian citizen...he ran into opposition from the West India [sic]
:Trans-Atlantic Conference of Shippers and the US-Gulf Haitian Conference
:of Shippers, who protested to Duvalier.
:"At a meeting of the Conference, Fayed did not show up and Duvalier
:admitted that there was trouble...that he was searching world-capitals
:for Fayed...that a large sum of money had left Haiti with him (December
:Al-Fayed connections up to this time included Adnan Kashoggi (brother-
:in-law) Ron Brown (Duvalier's lawyer, later Chmn US Democratic Party and
:Clinton's Trade Secretary) Clemard Charles (Duvalier's banker) and Lt.
:Gen. Prosper Avril (Duvalier's Minister of Finance, later President of
:Haiti, following CIA-led coup)
:MAF's main associate in Haiti was Clemard Charles, proprietor of the
:"Banque Commerciale". According to US-Congress (HSC on Assassinations,
:Report, 1978) Charles was recruited by the CIA, in 1963, as part of an
:abortive plan to overthrow Duvalier that year. Charles' CIA-liaison was
:George de Mohrenschildt, who, like CIA Director, George Bush (with whom
:he seems to have had a connection) was an active member of the Houston
:Petroleum Club.
:A CIA-memo obtained by HSC states that Dorothy Matlack (Asst. Director,
:Army Office of Intelligence) assumed direct contact with Charles, in
:1963, "because of the potential, political information Charles could
:give about the current situation in Haiti".
:The text wanders off into a discussion of the subsequent dirty (and
:politically seismic) dealings of Charles and Brown, in Colombia,
:Florida, Iraq and Bosnia, to name but a few hot-spots, and links Brown's
:illicit arms-imports to Bosnia with Adnan Kashoggi and Mohammed Al-
:Several pages later, it is said that, in the 80's/90's, "Al-Fayed was
:business-partners with Ron Brown [died in plane-crash in Bosnia, 1994,
:was it?] and Mohammed Samir Ferrat" [died on TW-800, 1996] and that he
:participated (a) in "First American Bancshares" (which received monies,
:via BCCI, from CIA drug-trafficking operation "COREA" [the drugs-
:pipeline associated with the bombing of PanAm 103, 1988])
:and (b) in BNL, Chicago Branch, whose Chairman, Alfred Hartman, was also
:on the board of BCCI [BNL channelled many millions of dollars of BCCI
:money, via Adnan Kashoggi, to Iraq "during the Gulf War"] and
:(c) BNL, Brescia Branch, where he (MAF) arranged the shipment of arms to
:Bosnia, on behalf of Brown and Kashoggi.
:This will give you some idea of the breathless density of this text.
:Any corroboration of this stuff, about MAF, in Bowers?
:The point seems to emerge that MAF knew Brown and Charles (as well as
:Kashoggi, of course) BEFORE he went to Haiti in June 64 - that he went
:there BECAUSE he knew them already. Later, his associations with them
:are clearly the stuff of globalist-political, arms-for-drugs
:skulduggery, and, earlier, THEY appear to have had connections (de
:Mohrenschildt) with the Kennedy assassination.
:Unfortunately, I don't seem to have anything on pre-Haiti, MAF-Charles-
:Brown connections, but that they might have been through Kashoggi,
:appears likely.
:Steve Reed
:>>>>> As a throwaway question in this context, why hasn't maf been indicted
:>>>>>his admitted bribery of government officials? That's a crime, supposedly,
:>>>>>the u.s.
:>>>>Good question! Help anybody?
:>>>Because they don't want to open the floodgates?
:>>MAF's exposure here on the acpd is sort of like a hit man for
:>>bribery corruption. Like, if you want to compromise an upcomming
:>>witness or such, you go hire MAF, he offers them free gifts at the
:>>Ritz complete with brown paper bags of money and then photographs,
:>>records, and has hidden witnesses come in to character assasinate
:>>the target. Like, yes they took bribes, etc.
:>Quite. What's more, I think the fall of the Major government - and
:>MAF's part in that - should be seen in the context of the similarly
:>rigged scandals which have been used to topple centre-right governments
:>(or, in the cases of Germany and Israel, to prevent centre-right parties
:>returning to government) all across Europe and Asia. Italy and Japan are
:>the most notable examples - but don't forget Spain, which was implicated
:>in the German scandal (covert funding to centre-right party, revealed
:>just before the last elections, which that party then lost) In France,
:>entrapment, betrayal and scandal-mongering of this sort has been used
:>against the centre-right President (Chirac) and against "undesirables"
:>(such as Strauss-Kahn) on the Centre Left, at the same time. This also
:>happened in Germany - don't forget the mysterious resignation of Oskar
:>Lafontaine. This is before we start on the right-wing governments, such
:>as Indonesia, which have been brought down by the engineering of unrest.
:>Until a few years ago, the CIA - or ops run directly from the White
:>House - concentrated on keeping the right and centre-right in power and
:>working, meanwhile, on the centre-left, so that it could take over from
:>the centre-right, thus giving an appearance of democracy, a continuation
:>of centre-right financial policy and an enhanced drive towards CFR-
:>approved goals (loss of sovereignty, virtual abolition of democratic
:>processes, allegiance to the tenets of globalism in their most extreme
:>form) As CFR-guru Zbigniew Brzezhinski said (1970) "A more controlled
:>and directed society will evolve - one in which the elite will not
:>hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern
:>techniques for influencing public behaviour and keeping society under
:>close surveillance and control."
:>As the nemesis of Aitken, Hamilton, Smith et al, MAF qualifies as an
:>ally of the CFR, in the power-shifts it has engineered, and is
:>engineering, through its client governments (NAFTA Council, European
:>Commission, Bilderberg Group) their secret services - notably the CIA -
:>secret-service links with organised crime and its own "Corporate
:>Program" which involves the world's top 500 companies.
:>MAF's connection first appeared as an entree through the CIA/organised
:>crime (there isn't much difference, anyway) arm of the octopus, when he
:>went to Haiti as the invitee of the notorious spook-crooks, Ron Brown
:>and Clemard Charles. After Haiti, where a CIA-led coup was taking shape
:>while MAF was there, MAF worked extensively with funds channelled
:>through the CIA's black-ops bank, the BCCI, and then with its daughter
:>BNL-branches, running guns (and, inevitably narcotics also) in
:>partnership with Adnan Kashoggi, to (and from) places which the CFR
:>desired to destabilise, notably Iraq and Bosnia.
:>With his takeover of House of Fraser, and Harrods, MAF begins to achieve
:>a respectable high profile and begins to lose the arms-and-drugs taint
:>which hung about his earlier dealings, but his entrapment of Tory
:>politicians, one after another, the death of Pamela Harriman (a big
:>investor in BCCI) in his swimming pool, and the death of Diana, in one
:>of his limousines, serve to show that he is still in business and
:>working for the same people - even if he is now so well-funded that he
:>can spin almost any accusation into oblivion.
:>Steve Reed
: -- Steve Reed

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