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Rumor Mill News Reading Room Archive

Faction 4 Rogues Without A Cause

Posted By: Ru Mills
Date: Thursday, 21-Oct-1999 21:14:03

Sources just told RMNews today that there has been such a defection from Faction One.... (the NWO) and Faction 2.... (the original opposition to the New World Order, which originated within the royal Houses of continental Europe....)that the pinions of Faction 1 and Faction 2 are just about to break.... ergo, the collapse of the Federal Reserve as well as the IMF, and the Stock Market.

The early defections from Faction 1 and 2 came from men and women who woke up and realized what they were part of.

The people who are left in these factions are the OLD OLD Order.... they are steeped so badly in the juices of their ancestors that they can't see anything except what they have been programmed to do.There is no way these people will ever wake up and realize that what they are doing is not in keeping with the highest good for all concerned.

Many of these people have been programmed with the belief that they are the chosen people, or they are superior race. with programming like that, these people can never work for the highest good of all concerned. They would rather kill the inferior races and the unchosen, than work with them, after all, the other races are only animals... cattle to be slaughtered... and/or subhuman retroverts.

All of these people claim to believe in God. And they believe their God commands them to behave this way.

The Faction One holdouts believe that God chose them to be His representatives on earth and anything they say is Law. The Faction Two holdouts believe that they are descended from God through the blood, therefore they are in direct communication with Him and they are doing His work.

Both Factions have tired very hard to kill each other for centuries. They have worn different disguises as they have passed down through the ages, but the same bloodlines and families have passed on their beliefs to new generations, and the same conflicts continue.

The war is between these two groups. The rest of the world has just gotten caught up in other people's wars.

The innocent people who were recruited by Faction One and Faction Two are the ones who have recently awakened and deserted their former masters. They were shown that another way exists, and for the first time in history, a world exists where deserters can survive without being killed.

Almost half of the ruling powers that were in Faction One and Two have deserted and joined Faction Three. Faction Three believes that there needs to be a new way of doing things on the planet.

The Old World Order isn't a lot better than the New World Order. Under the Old World Order we paid our taxes to a King... Now we pay our taxes to the Federal Reserve.

What we need is a bank that belongs to the people of the United States of America. We need a Central American Bank that is owned an controlled by the people of the United States.

The defections have been so great, and the people who have defected were so high in government and banking, that the first thing they realized is there MUST be a central bank.

If the Federal Reserve is allowed to continue, there will be no change. So the first item on the agenda is the creation of a Central United States bank... the one that was created by the consitution. Once this bank has been set in motion, the Federal Reserve will be allowed to wither on the vine.

The people who are left in Faction One and Faction Two are beginning to feel like they are rogues without a Cause. They have decided that they are going to form a new Faction.... Faction #4.

They don't realize the Original rogues from Faction 3, have already joined forces and have begun to call themselves Faction Four. These original rogues were pushed out of Faction 3 when the first defectors from F-1 and F-2 took over Faction 3. Rogue Agents follow no one.... not even the good guys. They follow no one because they trust no one. they have seen too much to trust anyone but themselves. They have seen how money and power courrupts even the noblest of spirit. And if the promise of money, power or sex can't corrupt a man, then they have seen how mind control can be used change a man's beliefs.

These rogues are the good rogues... Many of them are actively working with Faction Three, even though they are keeping their distance.

However, there is a second wave of defectors coming out of both Faction One and Two. These defectors are trying to convince the Old Rogues that they have all been betrayed and they only way they can ever get any of their power or their country back is to join together to create anarchy.

And now you know what the remnants of the NWO are trying to create in order to stay in power.

At the moment, there are secret meetings going on that are establishing a Central Bank for the United States of America. It will be free from the control of the Federal Reserve, and it will ge funded with the trillions of dollars that has been in trusts for about one hundred years or so. It will also be funded with all of the ill gotten gain that our politicians have stolen from the American people and stashed in off shore accounts.

All of this payoff and bribery money has been reclaimed with the use of software that created a backdoor. Faction Three was able to use the back door to seek, find and raid all illegal banks accounts world wide.

The money is ready to be redistributed. And this is the reason for the creation of a new Central Bank.

However... as always... when things appear as if they are really going in the right direction... people who want the world tp stay the way it is, try to stop anything that will take their power away. And so they are trying to stop everything right now.

The rocket attack in the former USSR is the begining of what could become the Third World War. What no one is stating is this conflict is a religious war. The Islamic people want their own Islamic Nation. There are people living in their lands who do not want to be forced to convert to Islam. When the war begins to rage on a larger scale, it will take in all of the Balkans as well as most of the southern provinces of the former USSR.

The only way that the Confederation of former soviet States will be able to hold itself together is to return to Communism and reinstitute the Cold War. This is the only way they know how.

King Juan Carlos of Spain was scheduled to become the next Hapbsburg Emperor. He comes from a Hapsburg line, but he is not the ranking Hapsburg. After WWII, the NWO told the Hapsburgs that if they wanted to retain control of their titles and their money and lands, that they would have to swear to never try to restore the Hapsburg monarchy and they would have to cooperate with the New world Order and their goal of a One World government.

Many of the Hapsburgs signed onto the agreement and they were given their Crowns, lands and titles back. King Juan Carlos of Spain is one of these Hapsburgs. The NWO decided that he was going to be made Emperor of all of United Europe... other wise known as the European Union.

But other people have other plans... In fact, at this moment there are 14 separate plans laid out by fourteen separate groups... all of whom believe that they are going to ultimately be powerful enough to grab control of the world.

Needless to say, follow the money. That is how you are going to know who is winning.

The media is still controlled by the NWO. They are going to distract you at every turn.

AS soon As RMNews has more information on this. We will post it.

One Source told us to look to the mountains of Oklahoma for some rumblings and shakings. Does anyone have any information on any kind of earthquake or diasaster that has hit the mountains of Oklahoma? When RMNews asked for a more precise location, we were told, "Follow the Trail of Tears".

If anyone can figure out this cryptic message, please post it.

As for the Rogues Without a Cause, hopefully the Original Rogues will take them under their wings and do some counseling!


RMN is an RA production.

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