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Posted By: Phoenix
Date: Friday, 31-Aug-2001 23:57:31


This is dedicated to Diana.

This is an amazing true story of the power of innocence and life to bring light into darkness and madness.

Phoenix is a white calf born in the UK on Good Friday the Thirteenth (4-13-01) by artificial insemination, meaning the sperm from her Charolais bull father was put into the uterus of her Belgian Blue mother.

When Phoenix was 5 days old Foot and Mouth disease was found on the neighboring farm. Although the disease was not found on her farm the regulations dictated that all the cows and sheep be killed by lethal injection. This was accomplished on Wednesday 4-18-01. She was left to die on the bottom of a pile of carcasses and the barn doors shut.

Five days later, on Monday 4-23-01, more men from the Ministry came to disinfect the putrefying mass of carnage. When they opened the barn doors Phoenix got up from beside the body of her dead mother, mooed and walked toward them.

The startled Ministry men informed Mr. Board, the owner who then named her Phoenix.

The Ministry insisted Phoenix must die even after a Maff vet gave her a clean bill of health. Mr. Board defied the Maff official, slaughterman and policeman who came to kill her.
Maff was furious: “Phoenix has to die. This stand will not alter what we have to do.”

Phoenix fired a national outrage and transcended the circumstances.

Downing Street soon followed with an announcement that overruled Maff. The law had been changed so that healthy animals in neighboring Foot and Mouth farms will no longer be killed.,7369,480158,00.html,7369,478810,00.html,7369,485667,00.html

The Phoenix saga is a ray of light in the darkness.

It is a testimony to the power of standing up in the name of Light and Truth in Darkness.

Many are aware that the Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK may be an act of bioterrorism perpetuated by those with an agenda to control and manipulate. Unfortunately there are many examples of this type of insanity such as Klamath Falls and Plan Columbia that are indicative of a direction leading to a Global Corporate Fascist State.

Our current dilemmas and dramas have been enacted through the ages.
The conflict between those who wish to LIVE vs. the inverse, EVIL, is a prevalent theme.

In remembrance of Diana let’s explore the deeper meaning in the symbolism that the stand of the innocent white calf Phoenix offers us.

First of all, on this side of the Atlantic, there is the correspondence to the fulfillment of the Prophecy of the White Buffalo Calf.

Miracle, the Sacred White Female Buffalo Calf, was born on the farm of Dave, Valerie, and Corey Heider during the morning of August 20, 1994. She is extremely important to the religious beliefs of many American Indian tribes. The Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations (known collectively as the Sioux) are considered her primary spiritual guardians and she plays a pivotal role in the fulfillment of their most revered prophecies.
She is seen by a vast number of people as a symbol of hope and renewal for humanity and for harmony between all peoples, all races, in our world today.

Miracle holds special significance for Native Americans. She's female, and the bull that sired her died, just as in the prophecy.
While on the other side of the Atlantic, Phoenix is also a female white calf whose mother instead of the father died.

"This is like the second coming of Christ on this island of North America," said Floyd Hand, a Sioux medicine man from Pine Ridge, SD, "The legend is she would return and unify the nations of the four colors -- the black, red, yellow and white."

Joseph Chasing Horse, traditional leader of the Lakota nation, explains that 2,000 years ago a young woman (White Buffalo Calf Woman), who first appeared in the shape of a white buffalo gave the Lakota's ancestors a sacred pipe and sacred ceremonies and made them guardians of the Black Hills. Before leaving, she also prophesized that one day she would return to purify the world, bringing back spiritual balance and harmony; the birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that her return was at hand.

One and half years ago, during an unusual event involving this prophecy, I had the honor of holding Miracle, The White Buffalo’s hair. It was as if singing fire went through me. I was told it was very important for me to understand that The White Buffalo Woman was the same as the one who has appeared who we call Mary.

Phoenix was born on Good Friday, which was also a Friday the Thirteenth.

Good Friday, of course, is associated with Easter and the idea of resurrection.

Phoenix was aptly named for she certainly embodies resurrection!
The Phoenix was also known by the Egyptians as the Benu Bird.
The Phoenix is a symbol of transcendence, transmutation and the immortality of the human soul.

Other associations of the Phoenix with Christ are building a nest of frankincense and myrrh and the mystery of initiation. The phoenix is a fitting symbol for this spiritual rebirth.

From: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolic Philosophy by Manly P. Hall

From the same text (pages 90 and 91) it is also stated that the most important of all symbolic animals was the Apis, or Egyptian bull of Memphis, which was regarded as the sacred vehicle for the soul of the god Osiris.

The similarity between the story of Osiris and his consort Isis and Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene has been noted elsewhere.

There is a tenuous connection between the Phoenix’s artificial insemination conception and the Immaculate Conception (or parthenogenesis?). Both do not require the sexual act, although Phoenix did have the sperm from her father.

It is also significant that Phoenix was born on a Friday the thirteenth.
The Last Supper is associated with the number thirteen for Christ and his twelve disciples.

Also, up until the Middle Ages when pagans continued to celebrate symbolic pagan days, Friday the 13th was thought to be especially lucky because it combined the goddess’s sacred day with her sacred number (drawn from the 13 months of the lunar year). As a result, Friday the 13th was a celebration and festival day for many Pagans.

For our discussion, I feel the following is just as significant if not more:
Friday the thirteenth of October 1307 was a fateful day for the Templars and one remembered in superstition to this day as the original unlucky ‘Friday the thirteenth’.
Using the Inquisition, based upon an agreement with the Pope, late in the evening, agents of the French king Philip IV struck. In a lightening raid, they swooped and arrested Templars throughout the country. The date was been chosen to coincide with visits to France by several leading Templars, including the Grand Master himself, Jacques de Molay. But when the deputies burst into the Paris Temple, the Templar headquarters, they found that all the records and, more importantly for Philip, the treasure had been removed. The deputies also moved to seize the Templar fleet, the largest in Europe, which was moored at La Rochelle. But again they were frustrated — the fleet had already set sail.
The Templars were tortured for several years, perhaps to find the Templar's treasure, which vanished without a trace, along with most of the Templar fleet. On the 14th March 1314. Grand Master, Jacques de Molay was publicly burnt at the stake.
From: The Second Messiah by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas

For info on the current relevance of The Knights Templar:

This brings us to the Grail mysteries and France; the location of many a battle between darkness and light.

Phoenix’s father was a Charolais bull, a breed that originated from the area of Lyons, France. It is from here that the Pope’s Inquisition armies gathered to begin the persecution of the Cathars that many recognize as a greater mass slaughter than the Holocaust. Part of this persecution is known as the Albigensian Crusade.

There is a chilling similarity to the current slaughter being done in the name of Foot and Mouth Disease.

In the Albigensian Crusade (1205 to 1214) the Crusader's Army, at Montpellier, first target was the walled city of Beziers, whose citizens, sympathetic to the gentle Cathars among them, would not open their gates. Although constituting only a small minority of the population of Beziers, they looked exactly like their Catholic neighbors. How were the attacking Crusaders to know the difference when the slaughter began? They put the question to Arnald-Amalric, the papal legate. His reply ranks as one of the most memorable quotations in military and religious history.

"Kill them all," he said."God will recognize his own."

The Cathars beliefs revolve around the duality of light and darkness and they are a group associated with the Grail mysteries.

There is an association of the Grail with the bloodline of Christ. This is a most intriguing and worthwhile line of inquiry. However, at this time, I suggest that unless DNA testing is done from a remnant of Christ it will be extremely difficult to definitively document this connection through historical texts. Instead, perhaps we can think of bloodlines and the blood of Christ as referring to our higher spiritual nature and genetics.

In this regard recall that Phoenix’s mother was a Belgian Blue (blood).

Now in the same area of France that the Cathars were prosecuted were a line of Frankish kings know as the Merovingians. This is one of the groups linked to the bloodline of Christ. Many discussions of them are embroiled by speculations of political and elitist intrigue.

The former Princess Diana, who was not only of Merovingian descent, but the mother of a future monarch and a woman of great heart and charisma found herself at the nexus of such political intrigue and power struggles.
There is some evidence this led to her death and that even after her death there is the intent to use her as part of a controlling agenda, perhaps as part of Project Blue Beam. This is described in Rayelan Allan’s book Diana, Queen of Heaven and:

It is of interest that her car hit the thirteenth pillar and that she died under a Merovingian temple to the goddess Diana.

Regarding bloodlines, how about if we go beyond political intrigue and elitism to see how this may be significant to all humans?
What if the link between the Merovingians and Christ is to show the way to our true history and vast potential as spiritual beings?
The root Mer refers to the sea or mother, vine is the genetic link through time. It has been suggested that the legend of the quinotaur father could refer to King and Bull. These clues direct us to Atlantis, a continent some say existed in the Atlantic until about 12,000 years ago.
The point is not whether Atlantis existed, but that perhaps knowledge of our true heritage and history is important to further our understanding of who we are now.
See The Merovingian Mythos: It’s Symbolic Significance and it’s Roots in the Ancient Kingdom of Atlantis at:

And: The Sumarian Origins of the Iconography of the Templars, Masons and Merovingians at:

What if it is this knowledge of our true heritage that the Vatican and other controlling institutions find so threatening?
What if it were known that ALL of mankind has great spiritual gifts and potential that can be used in the ageless LIVE/EVIL dramas?
What could happen if we fully focused our heart and intent in the Now?
This in fact, is our birthright.
Is this part of the message of Phoenix and Miracle, the two white calves from either side of the Atlantic?

May I humbly suggest that the fabric of the Universe is Love and that HOLY is the:

H armonic O f L ove in Y ou

That Light and Life is then Truth.

The Tyranny of Darkness has no place here.
With the help of Diana the Huntress we will penetrate the heart of darkness.
As we contemplate the power of the innocence and light of two white calves on either side of the Atlantic may we remember who we are.


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