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Rumor Mill News Reading Room Archive

Chappaquiddick: Ted Kennedy Was Framed By The CIA!

Posted By: Wise1
Date: Tuesday, 10-Jul-2001 17:04:29

Charles Schlund read about *how* it was done in some [stolen] CIA documents in 1977.


From: chuck (
Subject: The Framing of Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.jfk
Date: 2001-06-26 23:12:44 PST

The following letter is how the CIA framed Ted Kennedy at
Chappaquiddick for the death of Mary Joe to stop him from
ever running for present of the United States.

Ted Kennedy. In the CIA files in the Don Bolles papers was the

files on the framing of Ted Kennedy for the death of Marry Joe
Kopechne at Chappaquiddick by the CIA. In the CIA files that
George Bush had removed from the CIA was Ted Kennedy's file.

After the CIA had assassinated John F. Kennedy and framed
Oswald for the assassination and after the CIA had assassinated
Robert Kennedy and framed Sirhan Sirhan for the assassination
they needed a way of stopping the last Kennedy brother from ever
running for the presidency of the United States. They believed that
if they killed him it would look like the CIA had assassinated all the
brothers so the CIA decided to allow him to live and to discredit
him to stop him from being reelected by framing him at
Chappaquiddick for the death of Mary Joe Kopechne. By doing
this the CIA planned on stopping him from ever becoming president
of the United States of America. The following is how the CIA
framed Ted kennedy for the death of Mary Joe Kopechne at

I no longer remember all of the details because of the constant
electronic torture of me which is still being used against me to
limit my freedom of speech and damage my memory and ability
to write using electronic torture and sleep deprivation. The
following is what I still can remember while I'm being kept
disabled and in a electronically drugged state. Ted Kennedy and
the other couple were at the cabin and Ted Kennedy and Mary
Jo Kopechne were getting ready to leave. The CIA had drugged
one of the bottles that they were drinking from. I do not remember
all the details but I do remember that the bottle had a drug put into
it which would result in Ted Kennedy and Mary Joe Kopechne
becoming unconscious after drinking from drinks poured from the
bottle. I remember that just before they left they all drank a drink
that had been poured from the bottle. I believe it was a toast.

Ted Kennedy and the May Joe Kopechne left and started back
with Ted driving. On the road on the way back was barricades
and a detour sign that the CIA had put into place directing Ted
down the road they needed him on to conduct their planed murder
of Mary Joe. The CIA had positioned one car ahead of Ted's car
and another car was behind him. As soon as Ted entered the
detour the CIA moved the barricades to block off where he had
turned down so no else could come down the road until after they
had taken over Ted and his car. Ted was monitored the entire time
by the CIA. Mary Joe had passed out from the drug and Ted was
starting to pass out. The CIA car in front of Ted's car slowed down
so they could use their car to stop Ted's car from crashing as Ted
passed out. This worked fine and they were able to stop Ted's car.
After they got the car stopped they took Mary Joe and placed her
in the back seat and took Ted to the other car. Then two CIA
operatives replaced Ted and Mary Joe with the man in the driver
seat and a women operative replacing Mary Joe in the front seat.
Then all three cars proceeded to the bridge and as they drove they
called back by radio and the gave the orders in code to remove the

The constable for that area was one of the CIA operatives in
charge of the operation. I still see him on TV saying how Ted
got away with murder. This constable was the person that set
up the car to go off the bridge which resulted in the death of Mary
Joe. He first prepared everything to make it look like Ted and her
were having an affair and that was why they turned down that road.
They were not having an affair. When they got to the bridge they
set up the car to send it off the bridge with Mary Joe still in the car.

The drug they had used was a special drug that would not show up
in the autopsy report because she would never be tested for that
drug. They had also planned on her stomach being full of water after
the crash. After rigging the gas pedal and steering and sending the
car off the bridge the car would not sink and floated nose down in
the water and was starting to float away. They got a rope on the car
and held it in place and one of them had to swim out to the car and
open the door to get it to sink It took the CIA 20 to 30 minutes to
make the car sink where they needed it to rest on the bottom.

They then prepared Ted Kennedy for the water. They put a injury
on him but I do not remember in detail what the injury was but it
was to make it look like that he was in the crash and was driving
the car that killed Mary Joe. They then took Ted Kennedy's body
out into the water on the side of the bridge and propped him up
with one of the CIA operatives holding him from behind. Another
CIA agent then injected him in the neck with the antidote to the drug
they had used on him. Ted Kennedy then slowly showed signs of
recovering. The antidote was mixed with another drug to make
Ted Kennedy confused and disorientated. They then got out of the
water and watched to make sure Ted didn't drown before he
recovered enough to get out of the water.

Ted Kennedy stumbled out of the water and tried to figure out
what had happened. He finally figured out that the car was under
water in the pond and he had no ideal of what happened. It took
him some time to recover enough to leave to search for help and
he was still badly disorientated from the drugs they used on him.
He was not drunk and had only had one or two drinks and Mary
Joe had only one drink and if I remember correctly she did not
drink all of it.

The CIA monitored and filmed all of this. As soon as Ted Kennedy
left to try to find help the CIA moved in and cleaned up all the
evidence to make sure it looked like an accident.

The next events are all history. They asked Ted Kennedy what
happened and he replied that he did not know and that Mary
Joe must of been driving the car. He didn't know because he
was not driving and was unconscious. The press and others then
attacked him and set it up to make it look like he was lying to get
out of the death of Mary Joe. At that time Ted Kennedy was
forced to take full responsibility with him not having any memory
of the accident. The papers and others then printed stories of how
she was pregnant which she wasn't and of how Ted was drunk
which he wasn't and of how the Kennedy's were buying their way
out of what had happened which they weren't.

The investigation into the crash was not real it was only the
framing of Ted Kennedy for the death of Mary Joe Kopechne.

The CIA assumed that by framing Ted Kennedy that they had
assured that Ted Kennedy would no longer be electable and that
they could force him out of the public eye and out of their hair. To
the amazement of the CIA it did not work and Ted was repeatedly
reelected to public office.

Ted Kennedy was now back fighting for Human Rights, Civil Rights
and the American people as his brothers had before him. The CIA
was now desperate to remove him from the public eye but it was not
acceptable to assassinate him because they believed that it may
interfere with the on going cover-up of the assassinations of his
brothers. If all three brothers died in public office no reasonable
person would believe that it was not the CIA that did it. They needed
another way of disabling him to remove him as a threat to their
empire. The director of the CIA George Bush in 1976 came up with
the way of doing this. The new remote controlled electronic torture
devices that the CIA had designed were now in service and when
used with a bugging device built into them they could be used to
remove targeted people under the protection of a warrant in an
investigation and under the color of law.

The Next operation we had was the framing of Ted Kennedy as
being a drug dealer to authorize the use of these new electronic
bugging and torture devices to disable him. We even had the file
on the briefing to the federal Judge for the warrant to be used
against him. The following was in the briefing to the judge. Your
honor what is so unbelievable that Ted Kennedy is involved in
the drug trade, after all his father was a boot legger.

The CIA had failed in removing Ted Kennedy as a Senator
from Massachusetts. Even after they discredited him before
the people by framing him at Chappaquiddick for the death
of Mary Joe Kopechne and even after they attacked him
repeatedly in the press and news, he was still repeatedly
reelected to the Senate by the people of Massachusetts.
The CIA did not like this at all and the CIA still felt that Ted
Kennedy was a great threat to their assassinations, drug
running and other illegal operations. They then started on a new
way of controlling Ted Kennedy. This new mode of control was
to be by the use of electronic stimulation of his mind and body
by the CIA to remove him as a threat to their covert operations
within the government. They first placed him under constant
surveillance and monitored his phones, mail and they even bugged
his cars and everything else they could monitor. All information
at this time was being illegally collected and that made it unusable
in the News Papers or in the courts. They decided that the best
way of authorizing the legal bugging of Ted Kennedy would be to
frame him as being a drug trafficker. To do this they first needed
evidence to present to one of the corrupt judges that they
controlled to obtain a warrant to monitor Ted Kennedy. They
collected his garbage and even followed him when he went on
week end outings in boats and other places.

They took sandwich bags from his garbage and from his boating
trips and checked these sandwich bags for his fingerprints. In
time they obtained some plastic sandwich bags with Ted
Kennedy's finger prints on the bags. They then proceeded to
clean the inside of these bags and then placed drugs into the
cleaned bags. These plastic bags now filled with drugs were then
given to a drug dealer that the DEA controlled and the bags were
then busted in a drug bust with Ted Kennedy's finger prints on
the bags.

The CIA had also designed a way of removing finger prints using
a special tape that they had developed and then reinstalling these
finger prints on other things as needed to target innocent targeted
people. I believe that this process was also used in the framing
of Ted Kennedy but I do not remember enough of this part of the
files to be 100% certain.

Now there was usable evidence for a real warrant and the DEA
could now takeover the operations from the CIA against Ted
Kennedy and do these covert operations under the cover of a
warrant in an investigation and under the protection of the law.
They then continued to frame Ted Kennedy as being involved in
the drug trade to further authorize the bugging and control of and
over him by the CIA using their covert operation the DEA to gather
the need evidence to frame Ted Kennedy as being involved in the
drug trade.

In the CIA and the DEA files we had where the orders from
George Bush for the bugging of Ted Kennedy using the new CIA
control, torture and monitoring devices. They had determined that it
was impossible to keep Ted Kennedy sick and disabled by just using
the devices in his clothing. He had to many clothes and was always
buying new clothes. The CIA and DEA researched if he wore any
jewelry that he never took off that they could install the devices in or

if there was any other way of controlling and bugging him without
injecting Ted Kennedy with implants.

When I was reading the files George Bush had stated in them that
he was paranoid that if they got caught using implants in Senators
and Congressmen that the American People would no longer trust
them and that the operation may backfire but to the best of my
memory he did approve the use of the implants against Ted
Kennedy which resulted in Ted Kennedy suffering horribly with
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This illness was an auto immune
response from the bugging devices and was designed to so involve
the targeted person in their own suffering and misery that they
would no longer be of a threat to the CIA, DEA or others that
were protected and above all laws.

Ted Kennedy's Chronic fatigue Syndrome went away in 1991 or
1992 because of my work with the FBI against the DEA and CIA.
I am uncertain if Ted Kennedy was injected with electronic implants
or if they used electronic devices in his clothing and jewelry to keep
him sick, disabled and under their control all of those years as they
monitored, tortured and controlled him. My direct information on
Ted Kennedy ended in 1977.

Charles Schlund a political prisoner of the United States


MARtin F. ABErnathy -------- [] ---- 7/10/01

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