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Posted By: Patriotlad
Date: Monday, 2-Jul-2001 18:45:36


Dear Friends, Patriots And Warriors of Truth:

Dr. Chiappalone has delivered a robust, if not 'spirited,' attack on my complaints concerning the missive written by him and posted here on the Rumor Mill News Agent's Forum: not having the same academic credentials as this "august" gentleman, a sense of conscience and my personal ethics require as detailed a response as I can muster. Some folks seem to enjoy reading my articles of propaganda analysis and media critique, and what I have to say goes forth primarily to them; I am not out for blood but rather seeking vindication from what is unfair, base and scurrilous.

"This chap manifests terminal madness for sure. Instead of trying to find out what is going on, his fear sends him into a spin."

No sane and sentient human being, who has lived through the madness of the Cold War, the madness of the Viet Nam War, the madness that was Disco, and the further maddening and ridiculous events of the Third Part of the War for Greater Serbia can really describe themselves as being completely free of madness. Like mob violence, this kind of deception seeks to deliberately make a man or a woman detached from reality, only it operates with a slow and painless leaching effect. Like arsenic, the poison of this craziness is cumulative. It may be terminal, but for sure no man or woman among is going to leave this life alive, for we are born mortal and must, therefore, die.

"He relies on his very limited knowledge and prejudices to refute what suits him not. Fair enough, he is limited. But to attack as he does confirms gross stupidity and ignorance."

Of course my knowledge is limited. Of course I have prejudices. I was raised in an environment of racism and the false prejudice that such emotionally debilitating social conduct brings with it.

However long my life lasts, I will have to struggle against these demons -- for racial hatred and prejudice based on skin color is, in my opinion, truly demonic -- but the point is that I struggle.
When the good doctor asserts that I am grossly stupid, does he mean that I am stupid to the 144th power, or just 144 times more stupid than he is? Just as I am ignorant of his accomplishments in the world of medicine, so he is ignorant of my efforts to tell the true history of this bountiful country, its free and republican form of government, and its tragic, sordid, pathetic and humorous turning points or critical junctions. To that form of ignorance I plead guilty, guilty as charged. My schooling did not take me into medicine although I have had the privilege of working with and for some of the world's greatest scientists.

My education did not take me into the study of demonology, although I have had the privilege of learning from some of the finest scholars of religion and philosophy; my program of self-teaching begins with R. Buckminster Fuller in 1967 and continues, to this day, by those means that I have at hand and that I can muster. Whenever I have had access to the great libraries of this country, I have used them, and always with an eye towards improving the United States and fighting for freedom.

"What have personal degrees got to do with what is written? How does he know what I do and don't do for a living?"

Having worked with MD/Ph.D candidates at Yale, I can be candid in saying that I have enormous respect for anyone who pursues such a strict and rigorous academic program. I find fault, extreme fault, in those who use their academic qualifications to inflict defeatism and the despair of self-loathing on others. I have seen more than enough of it in this world, from the wealthy, the powerful, the richly appurtenanced, the glamour girls and the joy boys of Hollywood, and all who parade and cavort in that circle.

"A demon is just one like him, who is suited by the ignorance of darkness and is blinded by any Light of Truth. Does he still believe the Earth is flat?"

Four and 1/2 years ago I discovered the truth of the original Thirteenth Amendment, blundering into it on the way towards finding something else. I was too far gone into talking about it, in a public fashion and in the public world of politics here in New England, to pull back or withdraw from it once I realized how deep-seated the conspiracy to suppress it really was. And in the process of investigating that 160 year program of distortions and lies and fabrications, I discovered that many things which I had accepted as being true were false, and that many historical facts were either inaccurate, incomplete, or manufactured.

Those who have gone through this sort of realization, which is almost like a revelation, know very well how disturbing it is and continues to be, in the daily cycles of living, how corrosive it is to the spiritual side and how bad it is for your family. Yes, I have young children. Yes, I have come to comprehend the threat which lies in the blackened hearts of the New World Order. No, I have never accepted their possible victory as being ineffable and uncontestable. I have fought the New World Order with whatever means I had at my disposal, day by day, ever since awakening.

To accuse me of being a Flat Earth afficionado is precisely the kind of arrogance that I find most despicable, in this world: I don't care which side of the factional fight the Doctor is on, if that is the residue of his arguments -- what good is his "help" if it merely amounts to a dram of poison or another dry well?

"He is one of the sods who will have to experience the end to believe it -- even then he will try to tell himself his mind is playing tricks, believe me."

The power of a loving God has saved me from certain death three times so far in this life. I believe in that, not in you, Doc'. And while I am on the subject: no paleskinned, thin-lipped white man need call me "a sod." One half of my family pioneered this country and the other half was here already, waiting on them in the high plateau country, carefully studying these palefaces so as to figure out a way to steal their horses. You can call me a horsethief, a renegade, a half-breed dandy or a radical patriot but "sod" only brings out the worst in my already bad temper.

"It is the sort of response of some sceptics who cannot afford to let go of their egotistical stance regarding UFOs. When they sight one which goes close enough to them to singe their nostril hairs, and cover them in angel hair they rant about illusions and delusions and what have you."

Personally, I have never seen a UFO or anything even remotely similiar to what I have heard about, or read about, or learned about from other souces. The overwhelming accumulation of facts and evidence led me, many years ago, to believe that UFOs or alien visitations were quite real and not imagined. At about the same time, I calculated the possible negatives in openly saying or writing about what I believed, and it was too large of a burden for me to bear. It was clear to me that something was happening, and I met some people who were very courageous in regard to researching UFOs.

Basically, I learned as much as I could from them and then kept my mouth shut. I do believe that "UFO encounters" have produced both "illusions" and "delusions" in the minds of those who have had them, and in the body politic as well. There was never any forum for me, prior to finding Rumor Mill News, to take up these questions and so I didn't, mostly to protect myself. Forgive me for not having the courage of Hercules, or the sagacity of Carl Sagan. Some folks just don't got that.

"If he knows nothing about existential duality and consciousness, how can he dispute points about them? With his ignorance? That is the only thing apart from his profound fear he has demonstrated with HIS GARBAGE."

Frankly I am not a Buddhist and I find all such ramblings to be both incoherent and anti-social. My understanding of this life tells me that there is Mind, Soul, and Spirit -- which means that consciousness is Triune and not dual in its nature. Since Bucky Fuller showed that the tetrahedron was the fundamental structure of universe with the most stability, then the structure of life must have a fourth component (which is, perhaps, our knowledge of time), and thus, six degress of relationships within life itself. There is much, more to be discovered there, not so? I am sure I have not grasped all of it, but then, who has?

Each level of knowing intersects with the other two levels, and for many, many people, this Triune relationship appears to be triangular. The true psychics I have met -- mostly women with great mental gifts -- all seemed to be obsessed with that triangularity: only a few ever sought a fourth component.

It has been my experience that all dualities are false, or incomplete: there is positive, negative and neutral, at the very least, in the basic structure of atoms. Certainly I am willing to entertain the existence of a fourth elemental power.

"And besides, only cowards hide behind the limitations of Science which now is used to uphold the illusion. To mount a defence of one's ignorance using the ignorance of limited Science is to confirm the very point I am making about the prosaic reality."

To eschew science because it has not obtained "all the answers" is equally ridiculous: yes, science is limited, but we humans can use it to improve our conditions and our understandings. And I might add, that I care little for defending my own ignorance, as I know that there are many things I will never learn, and that there are many more things which I will never even get to know about, in order to think about learning them. We all must live with The Unknown Unknowns. That is the peril of being mortal in this world, and I make no apologies for being a mortal human.

"Using the very fraudulence of Science to argue against observable facts is the very mechanism of those of Untruth and tautologically which binds one into cycles of ignorance and absurdity. Only bigots and fools argue in such ignorance as he does!"

History, especially as taught by those of British Zionism, is full of fraud: the science of human psychology is full of Marxist perversions and National Socialist dogma in camouflage. But much of what we call science is scientific, or do the atoms not spin and the electrons not pulse? Who is the bigot, here? And who is the fool? Refried Hinduism offers no solace for the weary and no weapons to use against the Scions of the New World Order. Science exists. We must use it. Chemicals combine and break down. Plants grow and replicate. The planets turn in their orbits. Or am I just another poor, deluded 'sod,' who deserves to be fleeced of his last shekels by the Mighty Doctor And His Travelling Medicine Show? Do tell.

So far as I can remember, I have never been possessed by demons.

So far as I can forget it, I am ashamed of having ever worked for those who wield the levers and controls of tyranny, but the hour of knowing didn't come to me when I was nineteen, and I spent so many years just going along to get along. So far as being a coward goes, when the madness called Viet Nam was in motion, I did what I could to resist it. When I was overwhelmed by events I returned to my family's home in Texas and awaited the call of the draft board. I wasn't going to Canada and I wasn't going to starve myself down to 102 pounds (which is how some of my friends escaped the draft). The call never came. I still don't know why the draft board in Galveston County didn't conscript me, when I was living at home and working on a road-building crew. The year was 1969 and the casualties were enormous. Other young men that I knew were taken and some never returned. I was ready to go and never got tapped. So when the option was open to go back to college and retrieve my exemption, I took it. If refusing to leave my country, when it is engaged in an unjust war, is cowardly, then I will own it; if being a foolish cowboy romantic and loving tequila more than money -- at age 25 -- is cowardly, I will own that too. But I never worked for Wall Street and I never pillaged the widows & orphans' fund and I never cheated at poker.

And unlike Bill Clinton, I don't play golf.

For more than five years I have worn the moniker of Patriotlad and I have sought to fight for human freedom and dignity. That is all that I am equipped to do, and in so doing, I have shorted my own children and those I love the most. Shorted them on time and on money, as I have spent my savings pursuing the truth, seeking to divine the intentions of the New World Order and then to make myself as useful to as many people as I could meet -- to build up a constituency -- in hopes of finding a political solution. I have not yet given up hope.

However -- that was little enough for me to do, considering all that was done for me by generations now past. Buckminster Fuller taught us all that there is a loving God in universe, and that it is mankind's destiny to be both successful and just. To be part of universe and to counter-act ENTROPY by our acts of love, kindness and integrity, or SYNTROPY. That is the scientist for me, the one who never quit learning until his final hours. That is the kind of scientific realism I follow, nothing less. If the doctor is a healer then let him be about healing. What causes him to publish his bile on me, or on us all? Give up? Why? Sue me if you don't like it, but spare me the Buddhist nullifiers and the Taoist metaphors that turn in upon themselves.

Those who have achieved more in this world than I have, in science, medicine, or the healing arts, generally get my unconditional respect. Those who sow defeatism and uncritical skepticism are worse than the enemy, however, to my way of thinking: they have more and they own more and they damned sure know more -- so they ought to know better -- but they refuse to bear the patriot's burden or to shoulder arms in what promises to be a bloody, terrifying war against tyrants and tyranny. I do not think fighting the New World Order is a high-school dance, nor do I see it as being like a seance; it is not a parlor game, it is not "charades," it is not Fun With Ouija.

My hidden agenda is this: I stand for freedom and for human dignity -- and against all the sappers and saboteurs who have sold themselves and their souls to Satan or Lucifer or maybe just to the Big Creep -- but I do not pretend to have all the answers.
I don't even know all of the questions, and never will.

Do I wish for more learning and for better weapons? Yes, you bet I do. I hope that some will arrive soon. Am I scared? Yes, of course I am. I do hope for better understandings and for a deeper clarity of mind, but my purpose is indefatigible.

Like a Comanche warrior, I have loaded my rifles, put a stake into the solid ground of my beloved country, and tied myself to it. I have declared myself to be an enemy of tyranny. This patriot sees the storm of war in the clouds ahead, and lifts his horn to make the clarion call -- let all True Americans hear it, and know -- that in this fight that is coming, there is either victory or death. Fearful or not, I have determined to fight the New Worlder Order and if necessary, to die with honor. I know my weaknesses, only God knows my strengths; but let all the readers and News Agents know this --


The Patriot

To Be A Citizen Of The United States

RMN is an RA production.

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