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Rumor Mill News Reading Room Archive


Posted By: texasgal
Date: Tuesday, 1-May-2001 16:25:34

I found this on the RMNews Updates page... It is long, but worth the read!

From: "News Viewz" <>
Date: Mon Apr 30, 2001 8:26 pm

Whoa! On, I just plugged in a few spelling variations of APOSTAKANE and came up with several hits -- even a URL!!! ? Man, what a shocker!

I haven't read any of the material in any depth, but it obviously relates to the anti-Christ ... does anybody know anything about this?

For example, is this name common knowledge amongst escatologists? Does the connection with 1962 and Syria fit in here?

I'm wondering if this "Apostikane craze" started before or after 1991 .... if anybody knows, this could be some very interesting research ... Steven
----- Original Message -----

From: News Viewz
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 4:47 PM


This is absolutely amazing ....

About 9 years ago, I received a prophetic word, through an old friend of my family: a guy named Bob (who, some years before, had led me to Christ).

The prophet's name was (the late) Rev. Charles Bernardi, and he was something like 90 years old at the time. Dr. Bernardi had a strong following of radio listeners who heard his prophesies, all over the country, on a regular basis. One Sunday, back in 1991, shortly before he died, he told his congregation (where Bob worshipped) that he had received a clear word as to the identity of the anti-Christ .... Bob was so excited he could hardly contain himself. He had seen several of Dr. Bernardi's prophecies fulfilled over a period of many years. Anyway, this is what he said (quoting my friend Bob):

"... the anti-Christ is a man, from Syria, and he was born in 1962 .... his name is [something like] APOSTAKANE".

[CAUTION: be careful with that last datum - I may have his name slightly wrong ... but that's the way it sounded when Bob explained it to me].

The prophecy was that simple ...nothing more, nothing less. At the time, we were in the Gulf War but there was no apparent reason to believe that Syria was an imminent threat to anybody. I met Dr. Bernardi a couple of times ... he was an amazing man ... he prophesied over me and, despite the abstract nature of his vision, I do believe that I saw his words come to life ... you might say he had a "very good track record" ... I would call him a Christian mystic .. he was clearly on another plane of thought .... but always healthy, intense, lucid and razor sharp - even at that time. As an old man, he was still quite an inspiration - even to the young adults of my own generation. I wish I could dig up some of his old material .... anybody remember him on radio?

In My Duty to Him, Steven

P.S. I checked the birthdate of Syria's Bashar al-Assad ... 1965 ... close, but no cigar

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2001 4:41 PM


Just a note, I am just stating the facts from the book, let your minds decide
whether Troy Lawrence is right or wrong and that Maitreya is in fact the

There are a lot of juicy details in this book that I am itching to tell you
about it. It is an out of print book and it is very hard to find. This is a
real scholar's book (books like these are gold to me), and I highly ecommend
it. You can probably find it at Barnes and Noble. I will have to brak it up
into parts and divulge it over many emails. First, the Author Troy awrence is
not the real name of course. He was a premier New Ager who worked at the TARA CENTER and he had access to files and secret memos that people would only dream about. After Maitreya had a no show in April of 1982 he had a change of heart and conversion after reading the book, "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" by Constance Cumbley. He said he quit the Tara Center studied Christianity and the World Religions for 2 years and did some serious soul-searching. He returned to the Tara Center and went undercover to find more about Lord Maitreya. He says his life has been threatened many times, physically attacked, been in a high speed chase in hopes of silencing him. He has never regretted going public even though his fellow laborer Randall Baer had been mysteriously killed.

He says that the paper trail for Maitreya goes from California to Karachi from
Pakistan to the inner chambers of the Ahmadiyya movement- from the Ahmadiyya movement to a small poweful group called the "Hassasines". A group so dangerous they have been coined "Assassines" by Troy Lawrence. Troy Lawrence sums it up saying that Maitreya is the leader of the Ahmadiyya movement in Islam. The Sufi movement alone contributes 15 million followers in every muslim nation of his worldwide network. This also does not include the millions of new agers who are ready to fall at this feet in America or other countries when he has his "Day of Declaration".

Troy Lawrence goes on to say that he is not presumptuous to say that Maitreya is indeed the Antichrist. Maitreya is the great-grandson of Ghulam Ahmad and thus the 5th Kalifa of the Ahmadiyya movement. He only awaits the death of this uncle (who has no son) Tahir Ahmad, who is now in ill health. (This book was also written in 1991, so I am sure Tahir Ahmad is probably a stiffie!) To the Muslims he is the long awaited Imam Mahdi, the Hindus Krishna, Buddhists he will be the long awaited 5th Buddha and for the Jews he will be their Messiah. (there is currently a Maitreya Buddha statue being built, supposedly the world tallest statue) could this be the image of the beast that speaks as mentioned in Revelation. Some unsuspecting Christians he will be Jesus Christ returned. Lord Maitreya arrived from Pakistan to England in the early 90's and he was born in Feb, 1962 which should make him 40?

According to occultists 1890 was an eventful year, the KING OF THE WORLD
(Satan) came above ground for a special appearance. He appeared in a Buddhist temple in Narabanchi, Outer Mongolia (in the Gobi Desert). (Gobi Desert is also the same place that Adoph Hitler was trying to find the Hidden Masters during WWII) A monk named Hukuktu recounted the event to a Russian Occultists by the name of Ferdin and Ossendowski. He said "Do you see this throne? One night in the winter, several horseman rode into the monastery... Then one of the strangers mounted the throne, where he took off his bashly or caplike head covering. All the Lamas fell their knees as they recognized the man who long ago had been described in the bulls of Dalai Lama, Tashi Lama, and Bogdo Khan.
He was the man the whole world belongs and who has penetrated into all the
mysteries of Nature. He pronounced a short Tibetan prayer, blessed all the
hearers and afterwards made predictions for the coming half century. (The Devil does Exist!!!!) This was 30 years ago and in the interim all his prophecies are being fulfilled. During his prayers before that small shrine in the next room this door opened of its own accord, the candles and lights before the altar lighted themselves and the sacred braziers without coals gave forth great streams of incense that filled the room. And then, without warning, the king of the world and his companions disappeared from among us. Behind him remained no trace save the folds in the silken thorne coverings which smoothed themselves out and left the throne as though no one sat upon it.

These are a few alternative Buddhist Lama prophecies that I found on Morgana's Observatory about Maitreya:
On a five-year expedition to the East, Roerich recorded the following
predictions of Tibetan Lamas. This information is from The Peoples Almanac by David Wallechinsky and Irving Wallace.] First will begin an unprecedented war of all nations. Afterward, brother shall rise against brother. Oceans of blood shall flow. They shall forget the meaning of the word Teacher. But then shall the Teachers appear and in all corners of the worldshall be heard the true teaching. To this word of truth shall the people be drawn, but those who are filled with darkness and ignorance shall set obstacles. As a diamond, glows the light on the tower of the Lord of Shambhala.(interpreted as the great spiritual kingdom, according to the Lamas.) One stone in his ring is worth more than all the world's treasures. Even those who by accident help the Teachings of Shambhala will receive in return a hundredfold. Already many warriors of the teaching or truth are reincarnated. Only a few years shall elapse before everyone shall hear the mighty steps of the Lord of the New Era. And one can already perceive unusual manifestations and encounter unusual people. Already they open the gates of knowledge and ripened fruits are falling from the trees.

The banner of Shambhala shall encircle the central lands of the Blessed One.
Those who accept him shall rejoice. And those who deny him shall tremble. The denier shall be given over to justice and shall be forgotten. And the warriors shall march under the banner of Maitreya [the coming spiritual leader of the world].

2. The great reformer arises. He will clear the world of therelics of
monotheism and lay the cornerstone of the temple of pantheism. I see the
peaceful beginning of an ethical era. The man determined in this mission is a
Mongolian Slav. He is already walking the earth. And I see the nations growing wiser and realizing that the alluring woman of their destinies is after all nothing but an illusion. There will be a time when the world will have no use for armies, hypocritical religions, and degenerate art.

What else happened in 1890. A Muslim man in India claimed to be the Promised One of all Religions. His name was Ghulam Ahmad. One of his descendents writes about him, "The Ahmadiyyah movement is not an old movement; it is only about 34 years old. (1924). The movement was founded by Hazrat (Reverend) Mirza Sir Ghulam Ahmad under a express divine command. He claimed to be the Mahdi, whose advent had been told by the Holy Prophet Muhammad and the Messiah, whose advent had been foretold in the Bible and in certain Islamic books... Ghulam wrote many books, organized the SUFI movement that extended all over the world. There
are Ahmadi mosques in every country of the world influencing and coordinating with the occult groups. The first Ahmadi mission to the West was started in London, England. (This is where Maitreya is currently based). When Ghulam died in 1908 he was succeeded by his son. Every successor has since been called the Kalifah-uh-Masih (Successor of the Messiah). If you ask how can Ghulam Ahmad be Maitreya, since he has been dead since 1908? The answer has a simple solution. Each Kalipha (Successor) of Ghulam was to carry his "spirit and power". Interesting to note, when Ghulam died in 1908, the fall of the same year, Maitreya entered into and possessed the body of Krishnamurti. (This possession failed). Yet, the evil spirit that possed Ghulam Ahmad, and Krishnamurti is now possessing a man called, " Maitreya" right now. Maitreya is said by Benjamin Creme to live in a Indo-Pakistani community in London. The Indo-Pakistani community in London turns out to be the London Ahmadi Community. Creme said "The Christ" flew by jet from Karachi, Pakistan to London, England in July of 1977 and he has been giving hundreds of presentations since that time.

The Ahmadi missionary has been giving presentations since 1950. Who
was giving the presentations in the 1950's. No other than Muburak Ahmad. Every descended of Ghulam, becomes the new Khalif is assigned to the London Mission as Missionary-in-charge. Maitreya is now that man Missionary-in-charge.

Maitreya is destined to become the Khalifat-ul-Masih V leader of fourteen
million Ahmadis. He is the great grandson of Ghulam Ahmad. In July, 1997 he was commissioned by his uncle , the Kalifat-ul-Masih IV, to take control of the London Mission of the Ahmadiyya Community. That month he flew from Pakistan to London.

Here are Scriptural Prophecies concerning Antichristos:

1. He shall be named Apollyon ( Rev. 9:11)

2. He shall be born from Asia Minor ( Rev. 2:13)

3. He shall have no desire for women (Dan 11:37)

4. He shall cause fire and lightning to fall from Heaven and perform

Satanic miracles (Rev 13:13, Luke 10:18)

5. He shall be worshipped as God in the temple of God (2 Thess 2:4)

6. The number of his name shall equall 666 (Rev 13:18)

Troy Lawrence makes an interesting insight, by saying that John the Revelator
was writing to Christians in the pagan and occult world. Therefore John the
Revelator used images, phrases, and symbols to get his meaning across to others, most people do not acknowledge this fact today. O.K., now Troy Lawrence goes on to say that in the occult initiated circles tell the unitiated that all religous reformers throughout the ages were equal manifestations of the "Force" of God. They believe that Jesus is one of many incarnations (avatars) of the "Force" as God as an Ascended Master for the betterment of man. Initiated New Agers believe that Vishnu the Second Person of the Hindu Trinity has reincarnated into 9 manifestations. Krishna and Buddha are 8th and 9th respectively. Jesus is considered only a minor Avatar, maybe 2nd or 3rd on the chart. Kalki is the name of the 10th final and greatest Avatar or the avatar of Vishnu. Troy Lawrence then goes on to say that the initiated new agers beleive Kalki has not come but he says that the initiated know better. He says that that this present age Kaliyuga (Dark Age) must be destroyed by the coming Kalki to create a new age and that they (the initiated elite) will become the new masters of the new age. In Sanskrit sacred tongue of the Hindus the name Kalki does mean "DESTROYER". Troy Lawrence goes on to say that the initiated revere Kalki as personage known as Appollonius of Tyana. Now is where it gets really interesting. John the Revelator says in Rev. 9:11 that the 5th angels had the keys to the bottomless pit and he opened it up and smoke came out along with locusts who had a king called Abbadon (Hebrew) Apollyon (Greek). A lot of biblical scholars have connected also the name Apollyon to Apollo a pagan God who symbol was the locust which plagues came out of. Apollyon is opposite of savior, being a destroyer. Apollo was the also called the son of Zeus, the solar king, the Lord of Death in the underworld and night who could shapeshift
into a serpent.

The Greek word for the pit (hell) is also Abaton = Abbadon.
Abaton is said to be by new agers to be the real pit along with a pagan temple
which priests and novices would sleep in overnight to be magically healed by
mother earth in a cycle of death, burial, and rebirth.

Appolonius of Tyana claimed to be the Son of Zeus. Now lets go to the
historical Appolonius of Tyana. He was born in Tyana, in Cappodocia, Asia Minor (Turkey) in the very same year that Jesus was born. Appolonius traveled extensively throughout the world but kept Pergamos as his home base. John the Revelator has something to say about Pergamos read (Rev. 2:13). He called it "Satan's Seat". As Jesus preached in Palestine, Appollonius preached in Asia Minor. The Seat of Paganism in Asia Minor was Pergamos. In Pergamos there was found an "Altar of Zeus" where he was worshipped as a God. Appolonius's birth was accompanied with popular forms of miracles.

In the Mahabharata the God Vishnu reveals himself as flash of lightening as bright as a thousand suns.

Flavius Philostratus of Appolonius's birth, "Now he is said to have been born
in a meadow, hard by which has been now erected a sumptuous temple to him; and let us not pass by the manner of his birth.... the people of the country say that just at the moment of birth, a thunderbolt seemed about to fall to earth and then rose up into the air and disappeared aloft; and the gods thereby indicated, I think, the great distinction to which the sagewas to attain, and hinted in advance how he should transcend all things upon earth and approach the gods.... The people of the country, then, say that Appolonius was the son of Zeus...

John the Revelator said that the Antichrist would make "make great
wonders, so he maketh fire fall from heaven" Rev 13:13.
Jesus told his disciples that "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven"

You would think that such signs would accompany Maitreya you think, read this:

At age of 16 he set himself up in a most rigid fashion of monastic rule much
like Pathogoras, renouncing wine, meat, and marriage. He professed to know all languages without ever having have to learn them, to know the inmost thoughts of men, and to understand the languages of the birds and the animals, and to have the power to predict the future. Appolonius believed in reincarnation, the transmigration of souls from body to body. He visited Persia, India, and the Nile. When Christianity made its beginning movements pagans constructed temples and shrines in Asia Minor to contradict or fight Christianity.

Appolonius power over spirits and demons made him a formidable rival to that of Jesus Christ. Appolonius is Latininized of the Greek version Appollyon which is also short for Apollo-Python. Read Rev. 9:11. Appolonius was said to have dressed like a Brahmin (Hindu Aryan) spoke Brahmim, and acted Brahmin. If you are interested in a little history of the notorious Brahmins, please read this..
Adolph Hitler also sent his Nazis to search for the hidden masters during WWII. Hitler himself belonged to two occult societies, the Vril Society and Thule Gesellschaft. The author of "Spear of Destiny" Trevor Ravenscroft said that the members of these societies took "irrevocable vows to serve Lucifer". Many Hindu leaders today, still openly praise Hitler, some even considered him to be mahatma (ascended master), almost like an avatar. He didn't eat meat, have intercourse, never married, and he always kept the visual incarnation of Aryan politely.

Back to Apollonius, when he visited India, it was said that the Masters
summoned him. Appolonius followed the messenger. Did the Masters see
Appolonius as the 10th and last incarnation of Vishnu, remember Kalki does mean Destroyer. Another interesting thing John the Revelator mentioned was the number 666. This number has puzzled people for centuries, was it a person? if so about a million people could qualify or maybe a computer? John the Revelator said," Count the number of the Beast" A lot of Christians referred it to the seven churches of Asia Minor that the book of Revelation addresses.

Reverend Hislop said the beast applied to Saturn. This is most interesting.
He writes, "As Mystery signifies the Hidden system, so Saturn signifies the
Hidden god. To those who were initiated the god was revealed; to all else he
was hidden. Now, the name Saturn in Chaldee is pronounced Satur; but, as every Chaldee scholar knows, consists only of four letters, thus ---STUR--- The name contains exactly the number 666.
> S=60
> T=400
> U=6
> R=200
> The name "Lat" or the hidden one, had evidently been given, as well as Saturn,
> to the Great Babylonian god.... the sun-god Apollo had been known under the name of Lat... The Indian god Siva... is sometimes represented as... the Roman Saturn...

(Anybody who has doubts about this whether he is correct, I will confirm it
because I took an Etymology (The study of root words) class when I was in

In Hinduism, Siva (pronounced Shee-vah) is the Destroyer aspected of the
Trinity. Lateinos also adds to 666. Hislop writes more saying that," it was
long ago noticed by Irenaeus, about the end of the second century, that the
name Teitan contained the Mystic number 666; and he gave it as his opinion that Teitan was "by far the most probable name of the beast of the sea". Irenaeus was a Christian who learned Christianity at the feat of Polycarp who, in turn, learned the faith at the feet of John the Revelator. Hislop also says that the Babylonian Mysteries came from Asia Minor. Teitan is just another synonym for Typhon, the Malignant Serpent or Dragon... Another type of Sun Divinity, or Teitan at Rome that was worshipped was the Epidaurian snake, worshipped under the name of "Aeculapis", that is the man instructing serpent".

Pagans believe that Apollonius was an incarnation of "Aeculapis". The name
Teitan also equals 666 in Greek. The Apollo-Python represented the sun-god,
Saturn, in his two forms, Light and Dark. Apollo represented the light of
day, goodness, health, dryness, and life. Python represented the god of night,
darkness, wetness, evil, and death. Apollo-Python was the Lord of Death.
Apollonius peformed a lot of miracles, but Eusebius an ancient Christian
historian said he used demons to perform his miracles. Being that Teitan
equals 666, it is no wonder why the early christians in Asia Minor had no
problem identifying the antichrist. Apollonius fits every description of what
you would call a Pagan Christ, the role model for Antichrist. Apollonius and
Jesus were complete opposites. Apollonius used demons, but Jesus used the real
thing (Holy Spirit). Jesus fulfilled the Law of the Prophets, he taught one to
respect authority and love one another. Apollonius taught reincarnation,
astrology, necromancy, healing with crystals, and Social Darwinism. Jesus fed
the multitudes of poor, and gave the living waters of life. Apollonius praised
the Brahmin (God-Men) of India who lived their lives in luxury while they
enslaved the lower castes. Jesus ate with sinners and publicans. Apollonius
worshipped the "Self" as god. Jesus said that he who worships "Self" shall die.
(Luke 18:14). Okay now I have finished the comparison, now lets look at the
present. Christians are waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ and
Luciferians (occultists) are waiting for the return of Apollonius whom they
call Kalki the Destroyer. Now, lets compare some quotes between Apollonius of
Tyana and the modern day Maitreya. Could Apollonius of Tyana and Maitreya the
Christ have the same spirit inside of them. Lets see if they at all resemble
the bibilical quotes of Satan.

Apollonius traveled very much in Asia Minor, Philostratus once recorded while
he came to the border of Babylon, the king refused to let him pass. Apollonius
said to him, "All the earth is mine, and I have the right to go over it and
through it" The king supposedly shrunk like a child. This is very similiar of
the biblical quote of Job 1:7, Lord questioning Lucifer, "Whence comest thou?"
Then Satan answered the Lord and said, "From going to and for the earth, and
from walking up and down it"

Now lets take a look at the modern day Maitreya and one of his quotes. In one
of Maitreya's channeled messages to Benjamin Creme he said "Manifest yourselves
around you that which I pronounce and become as Gods"

This too, has a fimiliar ring to it lets look at Genesis 3:4-5. "And the
serpent said to the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in
the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods."

Another interesting tidbit, is how prophets described Lucifer before his fall.
Ezekiel ( 28:11-19) and Isaiah ( 14:12-15) describe how Lucifer became
corrupted first because of his pride in his beauty. Ezekiel said he was
perfected in wisdom and beauty. Lucifer does mean light. Now if you would
think that if Satan would incarnate into a human being he might have some of
the following characteristics of pride, beauty, and wisdom. Take a look at
Kevin Eggena's webpage and the pictures of Maitreya.
Would you not think there would be some striking coincidences?

Good Links:

Jean Dixon Prophecy on Maitreya.

New Age leaders and propagandists accepted her vision on the birthdate of
Maitreya. Feb 5, 1962, Dixon claimed to have had a vision of the New Age
Messiah. She claims that during her vision she saw Pharaoh Ikhnaton and Queen
Nefertiti, patron saints of occultism, with a child in their arms. In the
vision the Queen held out her hands as an offering to the world. Dixon
described the child as "all knowing... and full of wisdom and knowledge".. As
the child grew there was a cross seen above his head which grew and grew till,
"it dripped over the earth in all directions". She says simultaneously,
peoples of every race, religion, and color each kneeling and lifting the arms
in worshipful adoration, surrounded him. They were all as one. "Dixon
believed this "Messiah" would bring together all mankind in one all embracing
faith... the world as we know it will be reshaped and revamped into one without
wars or suffering." Dixon now has repented and has become a Catholic. Her
view of the "Child of the East" have changed. She now wrote that she thought
he was going to be the Antichrist: "The circumstances surrounding the birth of
the "Child of the East" and the events I have since seen taking place in my
life make him appear so Christlike, yet so different, that there is no doubt in
my mind that the child "child" is the actual person of the Antichrist, the one
who will deceive the world in Satan's name. Dixon was claimed to have some of
the "state's evidence" against the "Child of the East" that she had at first,
hoped to save the world. She says that the child will become aware of his
mission at the age of twelve (1974). Dixon proceeds, " He will then expand his
influence, and those around him will finally from a small nucleus of dedicated
followers when he reaches the age of nineteen (1981). He will quietly work with
them till he is twenty-nine years or thirty years old (1991-1992), when the
forcefullness and impact of his presence in the world will begin to bear the
forbidden fruit. Dixon says that just as Jesus Christ and his disciples spread
the Gospel, the disciples of the antichrist will spread the Gospel of his God
(Christ Conciousness). She says that the main difference between the latter is
that Maitreya's disciples will not stand alone, they will have the propaganda
of the United States backing them advancing his cause, " beyond anything ever
possible". Apparently Benjamin Creme hasn't heard of Jean Dixon's second
opinion either. In Share International's Questions and Answers December 85'
issue Creme was asked if Dixon's prophecy of the Messiah was Maitreya. Creme
said he agreed with Dixon and he believed that Mrs. Dixon had "Correctly turned
into an actual thought form of the return of Christ"

Benjamin Creme and the False Prophet.

In "The Late Great Planet Earth" christian author Hal Linsey made an
astonishing statement about the future false prophet. " When John the Baptist,
one of the greatest prophets of all time, first saw Jesus coming toward him, he
said, "Behold, the Lamb of the God that takes away the sin of the world" (John
1:29 NASB). In this statement he summarized the whole significance of the Old
Testament. It all pointed to Jesus. So we see will who will worship the
Antichrist. Everyone will worship him who has not put his faith in Christ.
It is possible to project our thoughts toward that time when the entire world
will look upon one human being as the supreme leader. The Antichrist will need
a lot of help to carry out his schemes. His staunchest ally will be the False
Prophet. In Rev. 13:11-13 we are introduced to this famous character. This
person who is called the Second Beast, is going to be a Jew. Many believe that
he will also be from the tribe of Dan, which is one of the original progenitors
of the nation of Israel. The False Prophet (he is called that in Revelation
19:20 and 20:10) will be a master of satanic magic. The future False Prophet
is going to be a devilish John the Baptist.

Now here is Troy Lawrence's scholarly work. "I first hit a brick wall when it
came to Creme since he was a Scot. I then discovered that he is Jewish on his
father's side. His father was a Russian Jew who immigrated to Scotland. What
about Creme and the Tribe of Dan? Jews are the Tribe of Judah, not Dan. Troy
Lawrence ask himself, " How can Creme be of the Tribe of Dan when the tribe is
among the "lost" tribes. Lawrence then made a startling discovery in the
occult doctrine, "Anglo-Israelism" It is held by occultists and a few
christian groups that the lost tribes of Isreal (Tribe of Dan) migrated through
Europe to Great Britain and Ireland. Troy Lawrence asked himself another
question, "How can the False Prophet be of the Tribe of Dan when the tribe
doesn't exist anymore? Obviously, the false prophet (according to Hal Linsay)
will claim to be a Jew, and of the Tribe of Dan. Occultists (estorcists) like
Creme can do this, and that itself would fulfill Biblical prophecy. We already
know that Creme is a Russian Jew. (Linsay calls Russia the Land of Magog) Creme
is also a Scot. Now what do the Anglo-Israelites say about the Scots? An
Anglo-Israelite propagandist B.W. Weldon in his book "Evolution of Israel" -
The North was inhabited by the two peoples: the Scots and the Picts. The Scots
originally came from Ireland, and they have some connection with the famous
Tuatha De Danaaan and the Tuatha De Danaan may have had some connection with
the Ancient tribes of Dan. Dan represents modern Scotland!!!

Another Anglo-Isrealite book called, "Dan, The Pioneer of Isreal was written by
the Royal Keeper of the Crown Jewels, Col. J.C. Gawler. In the book he gives
page by page evidences that the Danites are now the Scots. This is the
accepted gospel among occultists. Remember, Hal Linsay said that the false
prophet would be a "devilish John the Baptists?" Glenys Roberts, a reported
for the The Shropshire Star (A British Newpaper published in Wellington)
interviewed Creme and his wife. She wrote: " How would you feel if your husband
woke up one day and annouonced he was John the Baptist?" That is more or less
what happened to Phyliss Creme, a perfectly rational 39 year-old lecturerer in
communication styles at North London Polytechnic, whose 59 year old husband,
Ben, has taken on the mantle of the wandering prophet. (The Shropshire Star II
May 1982) She titled her article " The latter day John the Baptist" N.W.
Hutchings a christian writer for Southwest Radio Ministry Church pointed out
that almost all major world religions "have a forerunner" for their promoted
messiah. Hutchings finds it interesting that "Creme contends that he has been
called to prepare the way for Lord Maitreya". Hutchings thinks this is a ploy
for Satan to decieve the world. Dave Hunter, who listened to Creme at a news
conference described Creme as the perfect spellbinder, the man with the most
believable, satanic, cosmic message for the world today. Recently on the "Merv
Griffith Show", Creme held his host's attention for ten minutes-- to the
extent of committing the unforgivable TV sin of having passed over the

Benjamin Creme works for the TARA center. Creme describes Tara as meaning,
"Great Mother". She is also know as Tara in Tibet, Diana and Athena in Greece,
and Ashtaroth to the Hebrews. The Canaanites and the Hebrews often followed
abomidable sacrafice of children to that goddess. This included cannabalism
and blood sacrafice. She is known as "Mother Earth" and Gaia. History shows
that she is cold and cruel and demands blood to satisfy her. She is know as
Kali in India. It is now very obvious why John the Revelator called her the
"Great Whore". According to the book, "Encyclopedia of Mythology". Tara
Hindu goddess and wife of Brishaspati bore an illegitimate son by another Hindu
God, Soma. The child was so handsome and intelligent, that the husband and
Tara named him as their son. Maitreya who was supposedly born 2,600 years
ago, can be identified as the illegitimate son of Tara. It makes sense, that
the Tara center is now promoting him to be their Messiah. Tara and her
god-like son became the basis for Druidism. Druidism and the worship of Tara
became symnonymous with the appearance of the Illuminati movement under the
guise of the Masonic Lodge. If you look in Tara Center's publications you will
find that illumnati terminology is mentioned often. Tara is anything but a

The Ascended Masters

The Religion of Babylon. One might ask what the Religion of Babylon was like.
You could find much about the Religion of Babylon through the religion
Hinduism. Hinduism basically contains a mass of philosophies, doctrines, gods
and practices. In short, too much Mumbo Jumbo. No straightfordward truth like
the Bible or Word of God. The Bible simply condones the religion of Hinduism
of astrology (Duet.4:19, 17:3; 2 KINGS 17:16, Isa 47:3, Zeph 1:5) necromancy
(Lev 20:27, Isa 28:7, 1 Chron 10:13, 2 Chron 10:13, 33:6, etc) nature worship
(Judges 3:7) and the immorality that accompany these practices. The name of
given by the Bible on the Babylonian Religion was Baal, Baalim, and Great
Mother worship.

What is Baal Worship? Baalim means Masters. Just as there is Christ, so is
there Antichrist. Christians believe that there are seven archangels below God
as described in Revelation, so also there must be seven archangels below Satan.
The Bible clearly names these Seven Arch Demons in the Bible as Master Meon
(Num 25:3; Duet. 4:3), Master Perazim (2 Sam. 5:20), Master Shalisha (2 Kings
4:42), Master Tamar (Judges 20:30), Master Zebub (2 Kings 1:2) and Master
Zephon (Ex. 14:2) these seven are Satan's Baalim.

In Theosophy, the names are Sanat Kumara (Satan) and under the Seven Masters:
Master Morya, Master Koot Hoomi, the Venetian Master (Djwal Kul), Master
Serapis, Master Hilarion, Master Jesus (not the real Jesus, but Apollonius),
Master Prince Rakoozi (a.k.a. Master of the Count). Troy Lawrence believes
these are just new names for the biblical Satan and his Seven Archdemons. New
Age doctrine says that Godhood is the Masters ultimate goal to help mankind
achieve a higher state of conciousness from our immature state to be closer
with Sanat Kumara (Satan). These include Seven Levels 1). Physical, 2) Astral
3) Mental 4) Institutional (Buddhic), 5) Spiritual (Nirvanic) 6) Monadic
(Anupadaka) and finally, 7) Divine (Adi). In Ancient Babylon in the Mystery
Schools they believed you couldn't do this in one lifetime and needed a
continual cycle of birth, death, burial, and reburial to achieve higher
consciousness and enlightenment. The bible contradicts this, saying that once
you die, you are appointed to be judged (Heaven or Hell). In Mesopatamia they
built Ziggarauts which were SEVEN layered. New Age doctrine focuses Self as
the object of worship and being able to exalt oneself to Godhood. This is also
the worship of Satan. The sin of Lucifer before he became Satan was him saying
in his own heart, "I will ascend to heaven, I will exalt my throne above the
stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of congregation, in the sides of
the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be most like
the "Most High" (Isa. 14:13-14) It's interesting compared to what Jesus said of
Masters, " Neither be ye be called Master: for one is your master, even Christ.
The major publishing company of author Alice Bailey, channeler for Ascended
Masters is called Lucis Trust, formerly LUCIFER TRUST. Alice Bailey and her
small following made major attempt in the 1960's via the Hippie Movement and
won incredibly. America forever had changed. Do you not find it interesting
that during this time the "Beatles" each had there own guru straight from India.

Good links:

What is Maitreya's Real Name?

Who is Maitreya? Let's see what we have now. We know he goes by a common
Muslim name. We know he speaks in Pakistani dialects and wears Pakistani
clothes. We know he is from Pakistan. He is a spokesman for the
Indo-Pakistani community. He is a direct descendant of Ghulam Ahmad. We do
know that the "Divine Light" the ultimate Mahdi will bear the spirit and power
of Ghulam Ahmad. (Christians call this generational witchcraft). Ghulam Ahmad
claimed to be the promised one of all religions (which technically includes
Lord Maitreya). If this person is the promised Caliph technically he also
will be named Lord Maitreya.

The first man to assume the title of Caliph was by the name Mu'awaiya, a Sufi,
whose descendents ruled the Ottoman Empire era. The last of his descendents
died out 600 years ago. His family name was the Umayyid and they orginated in
Damascus, Syria. Many believed that Mu'awaiya committed a great act of
blasphemy of assuming the title of Caliph whose numerical value equals that of
666 (remember this). Benjamin Creme has been quoted saying that Maitreya has
an "affinity with the ancient Caliphs". Benjamin Creme stated that the
Ascended Master Jesus (as Apollonius of Tyana) lives now in the body of an
Assyrian that is 600 years old. The last Umayyad Caliph was assassinated in
1358, and he was, of course a Syrian. Isn't it interesting that the Sufis went
underground for 600 years and now all of a sudden they reappeared. This is the
spirit of the antichrist.
Dave Eels is the man, (that is man of God).

The Ahmadi Khalifas have always had a double standard, much like their Aryan
brothers (or Catholic princes, chuckle chuckle!!) and have been caught going to
nude clubs, and one Khalifa even raped a maiden servant. Ahmadi Caliphas have
been known to always anger the more Puritan-like Orthodox Muslims.

Khalifas rule the Ahmadis with an iron fist. They spread Sufism via secret
societies across the globe. Currently there are about fourteen million
Ahmadis, with tens of thousands of Sufi Masters. Now with all these Khalifas,
there is going to be one last Khalifa. He will be called the, "Divine Light",
and remember Ghulam, he said that," he will be of thy own seed and thine own
progency and race. His name will be Emanuel and also Bashir. This "Divine
Light" will be a direct descendent of Ghulam Ahmad who will be given many
messianic titles and possibly the ," finally appointed Mahdi". Could this also
be Maitreya? According to Ghulam's revelation, the "Divine Light" will appear
with "Fazl". Could this Fazl be the same Fazil Karim, Sufi Master? Below are
a list of Ahmadi Khalfas:

1: Hazrat Moulvi Nur ud Din ( Khalfat-ul-Masih I)

2: Hazrat Mirzar Bashir ud Din Mahmood Ahmad( Khalifat-ul-Masih II)

3: Hazrat Mirzar Nasir Ahmad (Khalifat-ul-Masih III)

4: Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad ( Khalifat-ul-Maisih VI) Tahir is the

present Head of the Ahmadiyyah Movement who became so in 1982. It

was supposed in 1982 that Maitreya was going to make his

announcement. Tahir Ahmad was currently ailing in 1982, and his

replacement was being made.

What is his name? It is Rahmat Ahmad. He will become the Khalifat-ul-Masih V.
He will be in control of the Ahmadis, the Sufis, and the entire New Age
movement. Since the present head of the Ahmadiyyah Movement has no sons (he
has four daughters), Rhamat is next in line for the title of Khalifate. Only
one of his closest disciples knows his true identity as the last of the Caliphs.
Rahmat has interesting connontations. In 1936, a Sufi master in India, U. Ali
wrote a book Mohammed In Ancient Scriptures. Basically, he talked about the
coming Maitreya and he made an interesting comment that "Rahmat is the arabic
equivalent of Maitreya". Benevolence, loving kindness, friendliness,
compassion, mercy or mercifulness, all words are similiar to the arabic word of
RAH_MAT. In the book Egyptian Myth and Legend by Donald A. Mackenzie the
Egyptian god RA is the lord of the air and the god of Mendes. It is not
coincidence that the Apostle Paul called Satan the, "prince of the power of the
air" in Ephesians 2:2. In Hebrew the term "prince" is Sar, which can also mean
captain or chief. Mendes refers to the sacred caverns in Egypt. Occultists
throughout the century have worshipped the "Goat of Mendes". Sad, that they do
not know that the Goat of Mendes is also the biblical Lucifer. RA is just
another name for Lucifer. Egyptian pictures have RA carrying a hammer and a
sickle. This is the symbol of the Communists and the Muslim religion (if I am
correct). One thing Maitreya will do for certain is gain control of all New
Age Religions going from East to West. MAAT was seen as Mother Nature, or
Mother Earth, or Egyptian Isis, Indian Kali, Palestian Ashteroth. Her, Baal
(Satan), were worshipped with the Baalim (Masters). Who was their chief enemy,
JEHOVAH. RA-MAAT (RAHMAT) is the ultimate Yin-Yang symbol in occultics. Hindus
believe that God is divine, good and evil. They also worship death or Kali. I
do not know about you who are reading this but if I were to worship a god who
represents good and death I would be a bit confused. To be confused is right
because there is no such god. But, the bible does mention someone who
"transforms himself as an angel of light". Who is that? The bible says that
is Satan (2 Cor. 11:14). Now if you were evil and deceive someone you would
first have to appear as a savior to the world (Lucifer) but as one follows him
and his ways ultimately you are being deceived and led down a dark path to
blackness where Satan resides.

Now, Ghulam Ahmad practiced spiritualism, narcotics, reincarnation, and karma.
If Ghulam Ahmad's spirit and power is past on ancestrally (generational
withchraft) we should expect him also to preach and practice the same things.
Will Rahmat Ahmad be 5th and final Caliph? Maybe or maybe not, but most
certainly one of his descendents sure will. The Holy Spirit does restrain evil,
so years is no real factor because it can be any time. One thing is for certain
and that is that Maitreya is possessed by an evil spirit from the pit, what
new agers call Shamballa. One last quote which comes from P. Thomas which
says, "Vishnu will appear in the world as Kalki riding on a charger, waving the
sword of destruction in his right hand". This is a remarkable statement if you
are a christian familiar with John the Revelator. Rev: 6:2 "I looked, and
there in front of me was a white horse. Its rider carried a bow, and a crown
was placed upon his head; he rode out to conquer in many battles and win the
war". New Agers also have a prayer they call the "Great Invocation" which
calls forth Maitreya and pleads " Let the Rider from the Secret place come
forth". If you can interpret esosterics as well as I can the "Great
Invocation" is a Satanic "Our Father" which chants to Satan to come of his
secret place (Shambhalla = Hell) to kill all christians and all people in
general. Not a very pleasent thing. If you read this and you are not a
Christian, a Muslim, a New Ager, an atheist I am not condemning you, in fact I
am reaching out my hand to this new and exciting life of Jesus Christ who is
the water of life and TRUTH.

I hope through this article you too may become clean throught the blood of
Yeshua. Amen

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