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Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Tuesday, 26-Sep-2000 10:26:42

In Response To: FEMA 3: EXECUTIVE ORDERS (PART II) (Rayelan)


In September 1998, a $63 million lawsuit was filed by Massachusetts attorney Ray Kohlman, on behalf of his client, former Green Beret William M. Tyree. Filed in the U. S. District Court, District of Massachusetts (Case No. 98-CV-11829-JLT) against defendants: CIA, L. Scott Harshbarger, A. Paul Cellucci, George Bush, and Dois Gene Tatum—alleging drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations. What is of particular interest are the statements concerning the origin of FEMA and the source of its operating capital, namely, from Operation Watchtower—a very touchy subject with the intelligence community.

In Tyree’s 101-page complaint (obtained by The SPECTRUM, and which, combined with the affidavits and supporting documentation, constitute approximately 5 inches of hardcopy), he very clearly spells out dealings and top-secret operations which the CIA and the shadow government would prefer never see the light of day. Fortunately these documents on file with the federal court are now a matter of public record and not cloaked under the all-too-frequently employed veil for “national security”. These particular documents are also secured in other places, and some are posted or may be purchased from the Internet website, which is run by former LAPD officer Mike Ruppert, who puts out a monthly newsletter “for those committed to the fight against CIA drug dealing”, called From The Wilderness. (P. O. Box 6061-350, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413. The cost is $35 a year. The web address is:

Tyree, who is now serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife (a case so similar to the famous Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald case that it is frightening) has also filed suit against the U.S. Army in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., civil action no. 99—CV—2709. This case also contains some very interesting and revealing information.

What is the current status of this federal complaint in Boston? On September 30, 1999, Federal Judge Joseph Tauro issued an Order. The CIA’s Motion to Dismiss the case was granted, without prejudice. On November 1, 1999, Tyree’s attorney, Ray Kohlman, filed a Motion to Amend, which has been denied. The case is now closed.

In his May 17, 1998 edition of From The Wilderness, Mike Ruppert has this to say about Tyree: “In a moment you will read about former Special Forces trooper Bill Tyree, who is the nail in the CIA’s coffin. I am in possession of documents about Tyree and the CIA Watchtower missions, which are the hammer to drive that nail. As Bill Tyree fights for his life and puts the evidence necessary to hand the CIA on a platter for us, he has been food poisoned three times, and as a possible pardon or a new trial for him becomes a possibility, his life is increasingly in danger.”

Just a word of explanation for you, the reader. In this intricate selection of quotations from several sources, you will be introduced to a great number of “players”. Do not be disturbed if you are unfamiliar with some of the names mentioned. The purpose for including these portions will be clear as you continue reading. Remember, Tyree is the one who has charged in his Federal lawsuit that FEMA’s funding came illicitly through “Black Operations” sources, specifically cocaine money laundered by various operatives through a wide range of banks in various countries. So, again, just read through this portion of the story as if you know the people involved. Some names will be familiar to you, as you recall the Iran-Contra scandal and the widely publicized hearings before Congress. Oliver North was a key figure in this entire scenario, as you will see.

Author Rodney Stich has a lot to say about Bill Tyree’s case, the CIA, and Operation Watchtower, in his monumental and well documented book Defrauding America: Encyclopedia Of Secret Operations By The CIA, DEA, And Other Covert Agencies. Among other things, here is what Stich has to say about Tyree:

I made initial contact in 1994 with Tyree, who then furnished me with considerable details and documents on Operation Watchtower and Operation Orwell, and other covert operations in which the military was involved. I am convinced that Tyree was framed, by military officers and prosecutors in Massachusetts, for the murder of his wife.

Tyree prepared several highly detailed affidavits describing what he himself had observed of the drug-related Watchtower operation. He elaborated on Operation Watchtower as a U.S. Army Special Forces secret operation.
[Now moving forward, Stich explains:]

The Cutolo Affidavit described another unlawful mission, Operation Orwell, which consisted of spying on politicians, judicial figures, state law enforcement agencies, and religious figures. Compromising information was distributed to certain members of the military-industrial complex. Colonel Cutolo stated in his affidavit that the compromising information was needed to silence these people if information on the criminal activities leaked out.

The Cutolo Affidavit described the killing of an Army servicewoman, Elaine Tyree, who had knowledge of Operation Watchtower, which she described in her diary. To shift attention from the actual killer and his connection to the ongoing drug operation, the military charged Tyree’s husband with the killing.
[The Cutolo Affidavit, continued:]

It was too risky to allow a military court to review the charges against Pvt. Tyree, with Operation Orwell still ongoing and Senator Garn’s office requesting a full investigation. Pvt. Tyree therefore had to stand before a civilian court of law on the criminal charges.

At the first military hearing, the presiding judge found no reason to bind Pvt. Tyree’s husband over for trial for the murder of his wife. This decision risked further investigation and possible exposure of the corrupt operation. Army pressure caused the county prosecutor to indict the husband for murdering his wife, even though the army knew the actual killer was someone else. The Cutolo Affidavit stated:

On 29 February 1980, Pvt. Tyree was convicted of murder and will spend the duration of his life incarcerated. I could not disseminate intelligence gathered under Operation Orwell to notify civilian authorities who actually killed Elaine Tyree.
[Moving to another section of Stich’s book, Defrauding America, we read:]

Operation Watchtower was one of many drug trafficking operations from Central America consisting of the placement and operation of low-frequency radio beacons to guide low-flying pilots from Columbia to Panama. It also consisted of making available to the pilots the radio frequencies and schedule of drug interdiction aircraft so as to avoid detection. Because of the extremely low altitude that these drug-laden aircraft flew, often at only five hundred feet, they could not receive the line-of-sight radio signals ordinarily used. Radio signals from an aircraft on a particular frequency actuated a relay at the radio beacon site that started up the gasoline-engine-powered generators and the radio transmitters.

[Again quoting from the Cutolo Affidavit in Defrauding America:]
I have seen other men involved in Operation Watchtower meet accidental deaths after they were also threatened.

It then identified the people who died in strange fashion and who had posed a danger of exposing the drug trafficking.

Sgt. John Newby received threatening phone calls and then died in a parachuting accident when his chute failed to open.

Colonel Robert Bayard was murdered in Atlanta, Georgia in 1977, as he went to meet Mossad agent Michael Harari.

Colonel Cutolo died in a one-car accident near Skullthorpe, England, in 1980, while on a military exercise near the Royal Air Force base at Skullthorpe. Cutolo’s death was under strange circumstances, and occurred shortly before he was to meet Harari.

Colonel Baker died while trying to determine if Harari had killed Colonel Cutolo.

Colonel James Rowe was assassinated on April 21, 1989, in the Philippines, within three days after Mossad agent Harari arrived in that country. Rowe had been investigating Harari’s links to Cutolo’s murder and to CIA operatives Edwin Wilson and Thomas Clines.

Pearce was killed in a helicopter accident in June 1989 under mysterious circumstances.

Congressman Larkin Smith died in an airplane accident on August 13, 1989.

The affidavit stated that Mossad agents associated with Operation Watchtower were being protected by CIA Director Stansfield Turner and George Bush, and that Washington military authorities had approved the drug trafficking operation:
Harari was a known middleman for matters involving the United States in Latin America [and] acted with the support of a network of Mossad personnel throughout Latin America and worked mainly in the import and export of arms and drug trafficking.

[CIA operative] Edwin Wilson explained that Operation Watchtower had to remain secret.... There are similar operations being implemented elsewhere in the world. Wilson named the “Golden Triangle” of Southeast Asia and Pakistan.... Wilson named several recognized officials of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Korea, Thailand, and Cambodia as being aware and consenting to these arrangements, similar to the ones in Panama.

Referring to the huge profits received by the CIA from the drug trafficking, the Affidavit continued:

Edwin Wilson explained that the profit from the sale of narcotics was laundered through a series of banks. Wilson stated that over 70% of the profits were laundered through the banks in Panama. The remaining percentage was funneled through Swiss banks, with a small remainder being handled by banks within the United States. I understood that some of the profits in Panamanian banks arrived through Israeli couriers. I became aware of that fact from normal conversations with some of the embassy personnel assigned to the Embassy in Panama. Wilson also stated that an associate whom I don’t know also aided in overseeing the laundering of funds.... Wilson indicated that most of Operation Watchtower was implemented on the authority of [Thomas] Clines.

Referring to Operation Orwell, which spied upon politicians for subsequent blackmail:

I was notified by Edwin Wilson that the information forwarded to Washington, D.C. was disseminated to private corporations who were developing weapons systems for the Dept. Of Defense. Those private corporations were encouraged to use the sensitive information gathered from surveillance of U.S. senators and representatives as leverage [blackmail] to manipulate those Congressmen into approving whatever costs the weapon systems incurred.

As of the date of this affidavit, 8,400 police departments, 1,370 churches, and approximately 17,900 citizens have been monitored under Operation Orwell. The major churches targeted have been Catholic and Latter Day Saints. I have stored certain information gathered in Operation Orwell on Fort Devens, and pursuant to instructions from Edwin Wilson have forwarded additional information gathered to Washington, D.C.... Certain information was collected on suspected members of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group. Among those that information was collected on were Gerald Ford and President Jimmy Carter.

Edwin Wilson indicated that additional surveillance was implemented against former CIA Director George Bush, whom Wilson named as a member of the Trilateral Commission.

It is easy to understand why members of Congress can be blackmailed into covering up for criminal activities involving personnel of intelligence agencies or the Justice Department when information on their personal lives is secretly collected by the FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies for blackmail purposes.

The affidavit described some of the weapon manufacturers who received this CIA information:

Edwin Wilson named three weapons systems when he spoke of private corporations receiving information from Operation Orwell. (1) An armored vehicle. (2) An aircraft that is invisible to radar. (3) A weapons system that utilizes kinetic energy.

Edwin Wilson indicated to me during our conversation, which entailed the dissemination of Operation Orwell information and the identification of the three weapons systems, that Operation Orwell would be implemented nationwide by 4 July 1980.

The affidavit made reference to classified information and “the activities of the CIA in the United States and in Latin America”. Referring to people working with Edwin Wilson, the affidavit continued:

Each operation had basically the same characters involved . . . with Edwin Wilson . . . Robert Gates and William J. Casey....
As Colonel Cutolo suspected, Neri was killed, apparently to silence him. Paul Neri [an NSA employee] was one of the people who Cutolo entrusted with the affidavit and who had been requested to make the affidavit public upon his death. In distributing the affidavit to members of Congress and the media, Neri wrote:

Both Col. Rowe and Mr. Pearce agreed to go public, after the meeting with Larkin Smith, to call for a full investigation into the events described in Col. Cutolo’s affidavit. But both men died prior to the meeting with Smith.

Referring to the Mossad, Neri’s cover letter stated:
With the deaths of Col. Cutolo, Col. Baker, Col. Rowe (and Col. Robert Bayard named in Col. Cutolo’s affidavit), it is hard to believe the deaths of these men are not the work of the Israeli Mossad. It is equally easy to attribute the death of Col. Cutolo directly to Operation Watchtower inquiries.

Meeting the same cover-up response that I received for the past thirty years from the establishment media, Neri’s letter stated:
For your information, a copy of the affidavit will be sent to the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Boston Globe.... The men who died so far...were good men. They attempted to let the public know what really occurred in Latin America, and in the never ending drug flow.

In 1980, Col. Cutolo died in an accident while on a military exercise. Just prior to his death he notified me that he was to meet with Michael Harari, an Israeli Mossad agent. It is my belief, though unsubstantiated, that Harari murdered Col. Cutolo because of the information Col. Cutolo possessed. I believe that Col. Cutolo died in his attempt to [expose] Operation Watchtower....

Colonel Baker enlisted the aid of Colonel James N. Rowe, and between Col. Baker, Col. Rowe, and myself, we set out to prove that Harari murdered Col. Cutolo, and that Operation Watchtower...netted Edwin Wilson and Frank Terpil of the CIA a large sum of tax-free dollars.

Prior to getting very far into the investigation, Col. Baker died.... We had no doubt as to the guilt of Thomas Clines, whom we suspect was the mastermind behind Operation Watchtower.
Neri went on to describe how Harari and Col. James Rowe were in the Philippines when Rowe was assassinated and that “It is my unsubstantiated belief that Harari murdered Col. Rowe or arranged it.” Neri’s letter continued: “I believe Harari’s motive for murdering Col. Rowe was due to Col. Rowe’s inquiries about Harari’s movements and relationships to Edwin Wilson, Thomas Clines and Manuel Noriega.”

Referring to another death in the small group seeking to expose Operation Watchtower and the associated deaths, Neri wrote:
In June 1989, Mr. Pearce was killed in a helicopter accident. The accident has a story of its own I am told. Both Col. Rowe and Mr. Pearce agreed to go public, after the meeting with Larkin Smith, to call for a full investigation into the events described in Col. Cutolo’s affidavit. But both men died prior to the meeting with Smith.

Paul Neri continued:
Since the Israeli Mossad openly trafficks in arms and drugs in Latin America, a theory that Clines, Wilson, Terpil, Harari, and Noriega engaged in Operation Watchtower is very easy to believe at this time, especially following the Libyan situation and the Iran-Contra affair. It all fits, this entire scenario carried over from Operation Watchtower directly into the Iran-Contra affair with the same characters.

[End quoting from Rodney Stich’s masterpiece Defrauding America.]
In the May 17, 1998 (Vol. 1, No. 3) edition of From The Wilderness, Mike Ruppert has this to say on the subject:

In 1995 I also made contact with unnamed sources at the National Security Agency who confirmed key elements of Cutolo’s affidavit and led me to believe that a doomsday file, which he secreted there before his murder, was the source of the affidavit. It was written by Cutolo’s colleagues, after his murder, as a result of his murder. It remains, to this day, the single most frightening document I have ever read.

Adding further weight is the fact that the daughter of Cutolo, a resident of New Mexico, has confirmed elements of the story to Dee Ferdinand, daughter of Albert Carone, a CIA-Mafia connected money launderer who also held the rank of full Colonel in Army Intelligence. Carone was murdered in 1990. Tyree knew Carone from the Watchtower missions and confirmed his role as a “money man”.

I have held Carone’s personal phone book in my hands, and in it I found the home addresses and telephone numbers of both William Casey and Gambino crime boss Paul Castellano. My investigation of Carone has already been given to intelligence committees from both Houses.

In spite of overwhelming evidence of Tyree’s innocence, it is questionable whether he will be granted a new trial. The case sounds hauntingly like that of Geronimo Pratt, the former Black Panther who served 27 years for a murder he did not commit. Rather than grant Pratt a new trial, which would have proved the existence of a conspiracy, the government released him last year. Like Geronimo Pratt, there are witnesses willing to place Tyree in another town at the time of the murder. Recently Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts wrote to the FBI asking them to reopen the case. The FBI declined, stating that there was insufficient evidence. Bill Tyree has been food poisoned three times recently. He was then punished when he was unable to report for work. He has appealed his case as a political prisoner to the Organization of American States. They, according to Kohlman, have received the appeal and will be looking at Tyree as a political prisoner.
[End quoting]

For those of you who may want to contribute your support and encouragement, letters may be written to William M. Tyree at P. O. Box 100, S. Walpole, MA 02071. It is never an easy path to follow when efforting to awaken we-the-people to The Truth. And in the Big League, the game can get very rough and discouraging.
Let’s now turn to words from one of the key senior players in this Big League game, as prelude to an examination of some gems of information in Tyree’s lawsuit itself.


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