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Rumor Mill News Reading Room Archive

Re: UFO'S, The Greys And The Secret Government.

Posted By: devin01
Date: Tuesday, 19-Sep-2000 03:11:05

In Response To: UFO'S, The Greys And The Secret Government. (Shadow)

I think we have listened to a little too much Art BS BAEL! Where does this stuff come from? Where is there any evidence of this photos, audio tape, technology etc.... This is exactly the kind of stuff that will lead people into a great decption. This kind of stuff leads people away from the REAL TRUTH and gets them off on wild speculation. We must avoid this kind of propaganda at all costs!

The following information was emailed to me just today, and if
: you will read what is here you will begin to see what is
: the truth, and what is fiction about a lot of things that
: have been covered up over the years by our own U.S.
: Government, and why we have achieved the fantastic level of
: technology in the past 100 or so years after being
: basically primitive for Thousands of years! Some of this
: information was leaked to the producers of the Television

: Show "Dark Skies", which was pulled after being
: on for just a few seasons and is still running on cable
: stations, the Sci-Fi Channel. I believe that most of the
: following is true, and can be validated just by doing
: research on the internet since this information has been
: recently declassified.

: The Greys and the Earth Agenda

: A 1995 Alex Collier Lecture

: Interaction Between Gizeh Group and Nazi Germany The Greys
: made contact with a world governmental body for the first
: time in 1931. This was in Germany. The Greys were however
: turned away by the German go-ernment, because it had
: already committed itself to involvement with the Gizeh
: intelligence. Now, I don't know if you know who Gizeh
: intelligence is, but I will tell you that it is a renegade
: group of human extraterrestrials that were headquartered
: under the Gizeh plateau in Egypt. They were predominantly
: Pleiadians at the time. Ashtar was part of that group,
: Kamagol was part of that group. Even Jehovah was part of
: that group for some time. They did their own thing. They
: came down here and "played God" with us, and
: people worshipped them as "Gods" because they had
: this technology. They abused their power. The Germans were,
: in the 1930's, building rockets and starting a space
: program because of their contacts with extraterrestrials -
: the Gizeh intelligence.

: Technology was developed and used to create weapons, because
: the German gov-rnmental bodies involved were concerned that
: there was going to be an alien invasion. The Gizeh
: intelligence told them that the Greys were here. However,
: there was not an actual invasion, per se, in progress.
: Weapons, such as sound devices, lasers, neutron bombs,
: particle beam weapons were created, although many of these
: were actualized later on in history. The Germans were given
: a lot of this technology by the Gizeh intelligence. These
: technologies also included free energy devices and
: anti-gravity technology. Tripartite Interaction: US, USSR
: and Britain. The United States was the first to open its
: doors to the alien race known as the Greys. I have been
: told of a contact in 1934, wherein the Greys made their
: presence known to the United States government in
: Washington State. It wasn't until 1947 that actual contact
: occurred with the aliens and United States officials, due
: to the shooting down of an alien craft in Roswell, New
: Mexico. This pressed the Greys into contact earlier than
: they had anticipated. After this crash at Roswell in 1947
: the United States, the Soviet Union and the British, at the
: very highest levels of government, became
: "blood-brothers".

: Now, these governments did not know what Germany was really up
: to at that time in history. The Germans were very very
: secretive about their contact with Gizeh intelligences.
: What was going on in Germany and what was going on between
: these other countries were two separate issues.

: The Roswell incident created more of an urgency to develop a
: true space program in order to defend the Earth. Again, the
: United States government and the Soviets thought that there
: was a threat due to the technologically advanced state of
: the aliens they had encountered. The true space program as
: an "underground" development that we are just now
: beginning to hear about. It was originally financed by
: members of the Club of Rome. Now, you will need to do some
: homework to find out who those members are, and don't be
: surprised at who you see. We'll talk more about that when
: we discuss the moon. The Greys assisted the "black
: government" with the building of some of the first
: facilities on the moon and Mars.

: Prior to all of this, between 1850 and 1950, there were
: instances of the mutilation of both cattle and humans. The
: NSA, which was created in the 1950's, knew that aliens were
: responsible. How they knew this, though, I have not been
: told. I will try and get more clarification on that. In
: 1952, the government prepared itself for the realization of
: ongoing alien contact.

: When our military radar systems started to bring down craft,
: the Greys realized that in order to perform their genetic
: experiments on such a large scale, in an attempt to
: genetically save their race, they would need the
: cooperation of a political body of a high caliber. In other
: words, they had to come to terms. A select body in the
: United S-ates was designed to be the liaison between the
: Greys and earth humans. The military was very enthusiastic,
: in the hope of exchanging raw materials for alien
: technology. This liaison group, the political structure,
: was the National Security Agency. This is what its original
: purpose was.

: The Agreement and Contract

: In May of 1954, the United States go-ernment made the
: agreement with an alien race. Some of the terms of this
: agreement featured the exchange of technology of
: anti-gravity, metals and alloys, environmental type
: technologies, free energy and medical technologies geared
: toward dealing with the human body. All the Greys asked for
: in return, they said, was to be allowed to study human
: development in terms of consciousness and emotional makeup,
: and to be allowed to stay here on Earth. The agreement took
: place at Holloman Air Force Base.

: This single act involving the signing of a
: "contract" with an extraterrestrial race was the
: most significant event in human history, because it
: launched mankind in a direction we were never intended to
: go in the first place. It also thrust us into a role that
: we were not prepared for, either, of being host to an alien
: race. This also essentially "handcuffed" the
: Andromedan Council, and those benevolent extra-terrestrial
: races from being able to take a more active role in our
: evolution. In effect, it has placed the burden squarely on
: the shoulders of humanity, to enlighten itself relative to
: the facts, and to consciously create ascension on an
: individual basis, because outside help was now unavailable.

: The particular treaty was agreed upon between these aliens and
: the Ultra unit in the NSA, which is in actuality a
: government unto itself. Now, pay close attention, because
: this is the first time I have ever mentioned this.

: The particular document and originally exchanged materials may
: be found today in the NSA facility called Blue Moon,
: underneath Kirkland Air Force base in New Mexico. The
: entrance to this base is in the Manzano mountains. Also, at
: this location is the private Department of Energy (D-E)
: technological base. Currently, the building of free energy
: devices for use in space is ongoing in this particular
: facility.

: Much of the alien technology has been reconstructed and sent,
: via a connecting tunnel, to Los Alamos and an area located
: underneath the cliffsides of Los Alamos canyon, where huge
: vaults are built into the earth. This facility is 29,000
: square feet, and contains laboratories equipped to study
: light, thought, and pure energy. This facility is also used
: as a jail for aliens captured by black government factions.

: Now, the NSA is exempt from all laws in the United States,
: unless it is itself mentioned in any creation of law. This
: is because of its interaction with alien species and what
: it sees as necessary intervention into the civil and
: constitutional rights of the American people.

: The Underground Network and Its Management

: Corporations that are currently assisting the various alien
: groups and the "black government" are: Standard
: Oil, Lockheed, Northrop, McDonald-Douglas, AT&T, IT&T, the
: A. Matthews Construction company, the Robbins Company, the
: Utah Mining Company, and a host of others. There was a
: great deal of private money used by the NSA to build alien
: technology, and to keep humanity under control, and the
: status quo secure. Even the CIA doesn't know a lot about
: money used by the NSA to build alien technology, and to
: keep humanity under control, and the status quo secure.
: Even the CIA doesn't know a lot about the Ultra unit or the
: Blue Moon unit in the NSA, which deal with alien technology
: and information.

: Now, Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 (under Blue Moon) control
: compartmentalization, building and applications of alien
: technology. According to the Andromedans, Alpha 2 is MJ-12,
: and MJ-12 is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even though we
: are led to believe that it is at the top. Alpha 2 also
: controls the release of information and the security of
: that information. MJ-12 meets in a facility called the
: "country club" in the mountains of Virginia. The
: "country club" is owned by the Rockefeller
: Foundation. The vital meetings are held underground, and
: the members of MJ-12 are taken via a small subway to the
: town of Warrington, Virginia. From there, they are taken to
: an underground city called "Ravenrock", which is
: located just south of the Blue Ridge summit in
: Pennsylvania. The effort and energy they put into keeping
: all of this secret is incredible. It's nice to know that a
: race 2.2 million light years away knows what is going on
: here.

: Most of the underground tunnel system across the United States
: is between 2,500 and 3,500 feet underground. The Boeng
: Aerospace Company built and created fuel batteries and
: power generators to operate this subterranean highway
: system that is apparently all across the United States.
: Apparently, in these fuel cells, they mix chlorine and
: hydrogen and electricity is created, as well as hydrogen
: chloride, which is then reseparated again into hydrogen and
: chlorine. The process continues forever, creating
: electricity forever. It never wears out, apparently. (JW
: I've
: never heard of that one before.)

: The planning and implementation for blueprints and designed
: for the tunnel connections underground was handled by the
: Navy. The National Research Council was responsible for the
: underground tunneling systems across the United States. The
: management of all these facilities is handled by the
: Department of Energy. Now, the machines that were built to
: create this underground tunnel system and the underground
: facilities were built by the Ja-va Corporation of Ohio, the
: Morrison-Knudson Company out of Boise, Idaho, and the
: Robbins Company in Washington State. Most of the financing
: for this program, and all of these facilities, has been
: done through the NSA.

: Part 1.

: John Winston.
: >

: Love and Light
: Paul E Jones
: >
: ********************************
: Check out my web site: UFOs, ascension, lightwork, Ashtar
: Command, Pleiadians
: Bible, Jesus, Theosophy, Kabbalah, Keys Of Enoch
: Buddha Quest, Bahá'i Truths, ascended masters, angels
: metaphysical, divine energies, soul traveling, earth mysteries
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: There is no religion higher than truth

: Check out our web site: UFO's, ascension, Lightwork,Ashtar
: Command, Pleiadians,soul traveling,Bible,Jesus,theosophy,
: Kabbalah,Keys of Enoch,ascended masters angels,earth
: mysteries/pagans/shamanism.
: >

: There is no religion higher than truth
: The truth will make you free

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UFO'S, The Greys And The Secret Government.
Shadow -- Saturday, 16-Sep-2000 18:17:13
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devin01 -- Tuesday, 19-Sep-2000 03:11:05
Re: UFO'S, The Greys And The Secret Government.
Shadow -- Tuesday, 19-Sep-2000 03:24:13

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