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Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Saturday, 16-Sep-2000 05:07:06


The Time of Armageddon Has Finally Come

(From the Obergon Chronicles)

As you know, the times are changing. Many have stated that we are in the end times, some have even said that the time of Armageddon is upon us. This is true. The time of Armageddon has finally come. The closing chapter is finally being read. The final act is being played. All things on earth have beginnings and endings. This is true whether it is a human being, a nation, a continent or an epoch. This epoch of humanity is closing. The lessons that were being studied have been learned and there is no more reason to keep teaching the same old lessons. Therefore, a closing must come.

Ancient ways and ancient days

Will only hold you back.

Prophecy has it that Armageddon must come before the world is delivered into peace and happiness. A thousand years of peace and prosperity will fall upon the earth after Armageddon comes. But what is Armageddon? What are the trials and tribulations that will accompany it all about? Do you have anything to fear, or will you be able to walk through all of it unscathed?

What will you be asked to do?
Who will provide the hidden clue?
Who will help you
See this through?

The world you know is ending. Is this so bad? Are you really going to miss the old order? Can you honestly say that you like the world the way it is? No, of course you can't say that? Maybe a few years ago you would have been content with the way things were. But now it has gotten so out of balance that only a very few are content with the way things are. And none of these few are enlightened peoples. Only the greedy dark masters wish to cling to the old ways.

Maybe you should start rethinking the Biblical prophecy of Armageddon. If it is frightening to you, maybe you should ask yourself who you have been serving. Maybe you should even begin questioning who wrote the Bible and for what purpose. If Armageddon sounds the death knell for a selfish way of life that benefitted only a few greedy and power-hungry individuals, then doesn't it make sense that only those greedy individuals should be experiencing fear? If you aren't one of these people, why should you live in fear?

Armageddon is the time to clean up our acts. If you have been living out of balance with God's law, then you will be asked to change your way of life. Some people call this sacrifice. Some have said that when Armageddon comes we will all have to sacrifice. We will have to give up things. But remember that by sacrificing you will get in return a thousand years of peace and prosperity.

Sacrifice has been made into a cruel word. When you hear it, your mind conjures up images of ancient priests carving out the hearts of innocent young virgins. Remember that sacrifice comes from the word sacred which comes from a Latin word which means to make holy or to return to God. are being asked to sacrifice. But if you understand that the sacrifice you are being asked to make is simply to return the planet to God, then the sacrifice will be much easier to make.

Returning this planet to its pristine state is the sacrifice you will be asked to make. Returning everything upon the planet to the same state of innocense and purity that existed before you arrived...that is your mission. Armageddon is about destroying all that is out of balance. Armageddon can be compared to the cleanup crew that is sent in to put a house back in order after a raucous party. Those of you who are on this planet legitimately have nothing to fear from Armageddon. Those of you who came to this planet to learn or to teach have nothing to fear.

There are others upon this planet who did not come to learn, they came to plunder. While they have been here, they have enslaved many of those who came to learn. We in the angelic kingdom did not rush in to interfere, we simply manipulated the invaders so that they could be used as teachers. They were savage instructors at times, but please remember that the earth plane teaches lessons of the material plane. Some of these lessons are so horrible that one student would never be able to help another friend and student learn it.

It was in cases like these that we were able to utilize the presence and skills of the invaders. They have served as useful tools. But if we allowed them to continue to run amok, they will destroy the planet. It is time for their games to end. They have used and enslaved the race of students who came to earth legitimately. We in turn used them to help us make the students strong, cunning, fearless, and intelligent. They have served their purpose, now it is time for them to leave.

Those souls who came to the earth school to learn their lessons have learned them. Those souls who came to the earth to rape, pillage and plunder will no longer be allowed to do so. We are shutting down the earth school and all those who have not completed their lessons will be asked to do so immediately. Even the invaders will be asked to wake up and ship out.

Salvation and Wholeness

Do you not like the way we have put things? Do you believe that you will not be asked to sacrifice? Do you believe that sacrifice is for someone else? Or do you believe that no sacrifice should be asked of anyone? Do you believe that you should simply turn your faces to God and say loudly and resolutely, "We are here and we know you are our God. Come save us and take us into a thousand years of peace and prosperity." After you have said this, then you will stand back and wait while the heavens open up and the great hand of God reaches down from heaven and lifts you up into heaven where you will be saved.

Is this what you want to believe?

Or are you one of the ones who wants to believe that the planet earth will just keep turning and turning until all of you have died and a whole other group of believers and skeptics occupies the planet. Do you believe that every generation has its prophets and false prophets who proclaim the end times and howl and cajole their spineless and stupid followers into paying a very good price for the salvation that only the prophets can bestow upon them?

When will humans realize that no one can save them? They can't buy their salvation with worthless earth money. Salvation has its origin in the word "safe". Safe comes from a Latin word meaning whole. People who are seeking salvation simply want to be saved, to be made safe, to be made whole once again.

To be made whole, you must join with that part of yourself that never became caught up in the earth experience of material illusion. You must become one again with the higher and greater part of yourself. You must come home to the God who created you and from whom you have been separated. This is salvation, this is wholeness. Wholeness can't be bought. It can't be begged.

Wholeness is a condition that will exist when certain conditions are met. Wholeness is a state no different than baking bread or fixing a car. You do certain things, and certain results will be achieved. There's nothing magic about wholeness. You want it, you ask for it. You ask to be shown the way to wholeness and then you do what God tells you to do. Every human has a path to wholeness. There's no one path for everyone. That's why religions only enslave.

Religion comes from the French word "religiere", which means to bind back. Religions hold you back. God and only God can move you forward. That's why if you are seeking salvation, don't try to buy it, because preachers don't have it to sell. Ask God for wholeness...and then listen and let your inner spirit move you in the right direction.

The end times are here. How do you prepare yourself? What have you been told to do by your priests and preachers?
Pray and pay. Pay and pray.

Take out the "r", and you have pay and pay. Give the "r" to father and repeat once again the few sacred words that haven't been perverted. "R" Father...

Let's B Sirius now...
Seriously now!

"Our Father who art in Heaven...
Hallowed be Thy name...
Thy Kingdom come...
Thy Will be done...
On Earth as it is in Heaven."

The Path of Wholeness

In the previous writings we have given you many clues as to what you can do to awaken. We have shared with you the secrets of awakening prose and explained how you could use the channeled poems to help you awaken more rapidly. We have explained how the times are changing and just how you will be affected. We have told you what you can do to accelerate your shift into this new state of consciousness.

Those of you who receive these writings are a very select and advanced group. Do not think that I am flattering you. I do not believe that flattery serves any purpose except to make one feel temporarily superior to others. I am only stating truth. Those who receive these messages are souls who have spent many lifetimes upon the earth school studying and preparing for the work that would be required of them in the last days upon the earth.

Those last days have arrived.
And now I say to you..
It is time.

You must awaken now and accept your duty as it was given to you in the beginning. We have given you many different techniques for discovering and accepting your duty. But we cannot accept it nor find it for you. Each and everyone of you upon the earth was given freewill. You can choose to awaken or you can choose to stay asleep. We would be violating our prime directive if we interfered at this point. We can encourage you, but we are not allowed to do it for you. The choice to awaken or to stay asleep is up to you. But you must realize that the consequences will also be borne by you...and be borne for the rest of eternity.

You are in a critical time upon the earth. The planet was invaded eons ago by the dark brotherhood. These dark workers have worked throughout the ages to enslave mankind and keep him attached to the planet in a state of slavery and servitude. As these dark lords grew more savvy in the ways of the earth, and as their intelligence grew sharper they were able to devise more effective methods of enslaving and controlling the innocent humans. Humans are too trusting of everyone and everything. Simply look at the sweet innocent lovelies of the New Age movement and see how easily they fall dupes to any wise guru who sits cross legged and chants Oms of peace and love.

You have no idea how many lovely young men and women have become the helpless mind-controlled slaves of cult leaders around the world. You all remember Jim Jones and Jonestown. This was only one experiment in mind control. It was an experiment that went sour and was just about to be exposed. If those people had lived to tell their stories, the world would have been made aware of the horror that was just about to descend. The mind controlling techniques of the great dark brotherhood are so horrible and devious that they truly defy description. But these methods are fact and they are here upon the earth today.

The mind-controlled become helpless tools of the strong. They become the meek who shall inherit the earth. But what will be left of the Mother earth when they finally inherit her? The strong will mine and use everything that earth has to give including her human slaves, and then the invaders from other worlds, the dark brotherhood who have enslaved mankind will move on to other more fertile worlds. Worlds that have not yet been raped by their dark kind.

The invaders are just about to make that jump to other worlds. They realize that they have depleted the earth of her resources, and since they don't want to take the time to restore and replenish the planet, they will simply make one last push to create the tools and machines that will transport them to other worlds that haven't yet been despoiled by their kind. Virgin worlds where innocent young souls can be exploited and enslaved just as the humans were so many lifetimes ago.

But before they make their exit to other worlds they have to make sure that they take with them everything that is of value upon the earth. All the precious metals. All the precious stones. All chemicals and atoms that will help them in the creation of their new kingdom.

And how are they going to gather up these things in record time? Why my dears, they already have a pack of slaves ready for the working. Whether it is mining the gold or building the rockets. The slave masters have the humans working at breakneck speed to create the ships of plunder that will leave in the night with all that is valuable from the planet. Possibly even the water and the air.

When these dark lords leave, they will leave behind a planet that is unfit for human habitation. At least that is their plan. Of course, they also plan to enslave several group souls and take them also. Certain prime body types will be chosen for their DNA and these human bodies will be used to breed the new slave race on other worlds.

Do not think that we are writing in parables as we write this. For too long now we have been gentle in the way we have delivered our messages. But you have now finished your coddling period and it is time for you to know the truth. It is time for you to accept that you are being called upon to do something. You must make your own voice heard. You must rise up and do something before it is too late for you, your family and your world.


Is it the curse or the cure?

In a few short years there will be a united world. This has to be. Only a world that works as one can protect the itself from being raped and destroyed by plundering invaders from other worlds.

But realize this and realize it fast...

At the moment those who are clamoring the hardest and the loudest for a one world government are the very ones who have invaded and plundered your world.

Read the last sentence again. Make sure you understand it. Your very existence depends on you understanding what we are saying and realizing the urgency. Read it once more:

"At the moment those who are clamoring the hardest and the loudest for the one world government are the very ones who have invaded and plundered your world."

Right at this moment both the legitimate dwellers on these planet and the invaders are vying for control of the planet.

If the invaders win,
You will all become their slaves.
This enslavement will not just last for one life.
It will last for all eternity.

If your present body is too old or too frail, then you will be enslaved at a physical level just long enough to be enslaved at a soul level and then you will be killed and forced to incarnate in a stronger and sturdier body so that your slave masters can work you until you drop and then force you back in another body. This pattern will continue to repeat itself until your masters have no further use for you and then you will be discarded like the trash you will have become.

Will it be possible to salvage you at this stage. Maybe yes, maybe no. Some may be salvageable, others will simply have their soul essence dispersed to the far ends of the universe, and they will become one with all that is.

Are you beginning to understand the seriousness of our words? This is not a game you are playing. You cannot go to church and ask forgiveness and hope God will reach down and pat you on the head. God sent those of us who dictate these messages to our scribes on earth to tell you that it is time to wake up and begin to shake off the lies you have been fed. It is time to remember who you are and get on with the task of reclaiming the earth from the false lords who invaded with their advanced technology and enslaved and fooled you.

Wake up!
You must take control of your world
Before the invaders do.
And the invaders are very close to winning right now.

To Win The World,
They must first capture the USA Look at what they have done to your country in the past few decades. Do you really think that good honest Americans could have destroyed your country the way it has been destroyed? The invaders have taken control of the minds and bodies of your politicians. Those that they have not been able to blackmail or buy they have brainwashed or controlled with powerful techniques of mind control.

Drugs and hypnosis are being used
On the Congressmen, Senators, Governors and Presidents
Who claim to be acting in your best interests.

Oh, do not roll your eyes and wonder what type of inflammatory messages we are dictating tonight. You know in your heart that what we are saying is the only thing that makes any sense in these times.

You have been purifying your heart and your soul. You have been doing this so that you can better serve your God. And now your God is telling you that if you don't serve Him and serve Him now, then you may never get another chance.

The Invaders are about to seize the planet and take complete control of Her. To do this, they must stay in power in the United States of America. To prevent them from gaining control of the world and establishing their version of the one world that is based on a slave state...then you must take back control of your country. Take back the United States of America and return it to its original purpose which was to be a beacon of truth and light for the whole world.

You have purified yourself and you have become strong. And if you doubt me when I say you have become strong just realize that you will be tested now or later, but there will never be a point in your string of lives when you are stronger than you are now. You are at the pinnacle of your lifetimes. This is the mission for which you have prepared for eons. Look back into your past lives and see the old teachers who gave you the tools and strength to play your part. Do not let the torture and programming at the hands of the dark lords throw you off your path. See through their illusion. Accept your place in the world. Look into your heart and see where and how you can help.

You must take back your country, because it is only in reclaiming your country that you can stop the onslaught of the invaders who will continue to dupe and control naive souls... until they control all the souls upon the earth. Do not forget, their mind control techniques have been perfected to such a high degree that they can also control the disincarnate soul.

In other words,
You don't have to have a body
To become their slave.

But they are not invincible.

They are already preparing to leave. They can read the signs of the times better than you can. Armageddon is coming. It's time for the rats to be thrown out. Wake up...throw them out now so that they don't enslave you and take you with them.

In Search of a New Form of Government Look at your legislators. Do you want any of them as your representatives? There must be another way. Go find it. Start talking to your friends and to your neighbors. What can you do to restore this country to the principles on which it was founded? Or were those principles also part of the illusion set forth by the invaders? Can any law ever be written that binds humans together into a country? How can the world be governed for the highest good of all?

Has it ever been done upon the planet?

A one world government must be implemented to save the earth from destruction and depletion. But it must be a government based upon the Will of God, not upon the wills of the invaders who only came to mine the riches of the earth, and enslave the little people to do the dirty work for them. As they overstayed their welcome, they grew to like the power that enslaving the simple humans gave them. They strutted and basked in the play and pretense of power that enslaving the little people gave them. These invaders have their own world and their own life plans. They are not of our worlds. They do not honor our God. They do not fear His wrath. And they have turned many of you from the path of your God. Many of the slaves became so much like the slave masters that over the lifetimes it has become almost impossible to tell them apart.

The wake up call has been sounded.
It is time to rise up
And make yourself and your message known.

If not now, when and if not you, who?

Each soul on earth has a part to play at this crucial time in the evolution of the earth souls. If you don't play your part, then who will. And if your part isn't played, will the play be lost?

For want of a shoe, the horse was lost.
For want of a horse, the battle was lost.

For want of your piece of the puzzle,
The whole future may be lost.

Can you afford to take this risk?

What can you do right now?

You have been given the tools to awaken to your higher wisdom. Use them and all others that come your way. Be careful at this time not to become enslaved by the dark brothers who are using subtle techiniques of mind control, hypnosis and energy work. Be very careful about the people you allow to touch your body or work with your mind. Be careful of the groups you attend. The best advice right now is to be your own council, teacher and healer.

Spiritually you have come as far as you need to come to be able to do what you need to do. Now you need to take the tools you have learned from your years of inner work and go out into the community and apply them.

Become active politically right now. Register to vote and join a political party. It doesn't matter which party. All parties need to be cleansed of the dark brotherhood. Become active. Take your light out into the community and shine it.

Speak your truth.
Speak it loud and strong for all to hear.
Reclaim your country, reclaim your school.
Become the masters of your destiny once again.

Cast off your shackles.
Rise up and take your place next to your God.
He is returning.

Throw out the dark lords!
Return your Father's planet to the beauty
In which He left it.

You will have help in doing this. As we have said in previous updates, the feminine creative force is returning to the planet. This force always returns as the ages close. This is your true spiritual Mother. Do not confuse Her with the Mother Earth. Mother Earth is the nanny who raised you. In these End Times you will have the help of both your Father and your Mother. Call on them often.

Things to Remember

The dark lords use you to enslave yourself. You have been programmed in other lifetimes to believe you are not good enough, not spiritual enough, not bright enough. They did this to keep you in your garden meditating while they stole your world.

You are pure enough to be a receiver. But do not receive blindly and deafly. Remember that there are darklords who have been trained in the art of mind-control through telepathy. The moment a human opens up to receive, they can begin dictating their misinformation and disinformation.

Misinformation is easy to see through because it is all lies. But disinformation is harder to detect because the lies are woven in between truth. You have developed your heart mind in the last few years. Now is the time that you must put this heart mind to use in detecting the lie. Not just the lie in your own transcribed information, but in all information. Information that comes in the form of scribed work, as well as in newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Your heart mind now holds the key to truth.

Now is the time to begin in earnest your inner work
As well as your outer work.
It is only with the combination of the two
That the lies will be exposed.

First you must inform yourself.
Then you must act.
An informed society is a free society.
The truth will set you free.


From Rayelan:

I will soon post how and where this came from -- It is included in The Obergon Chronicles
See the following URL to read more about it.

RMN is an RA production.

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