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Posted By: Patriotlad
Date: Sunday, 10-Sep-2000 21:01:50


Dear Friends, Patriots, and Half-breed Warriors Of Truth:

In 1861 the present-day boundaries of Nebraska were established by the reorganization of the Nebraska Territory, and assignments of land to what was then deemed The Colorado Territory, and the creation of The Dakota Territory. At its inception, the broad expanse of Dakota included a substantial portion of Montana and the northern half of Wyoming, parts which had previously been under the jurisdiction of the Nebraska Territory as formed in 1854. Some sections of what was still known as the Minnesota Territory were included in the new construct of Dakota.

From the year of 1854 onwards, the Territorial Legislatures of Nebraska, Colorado, and then Dakota -- each in turn -- issued their Laws with the Constitution of the United States included, along with the Declaration of Independence (and usually with the Organic Act creating the territory). In every edition of these statute laws so far discovered, the original Thirteenth Amendment appears in its proper position as the lawfully ratified and recognized Article XIII: it reads as follows --

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

Drafted in late 1809 and considered during the second session of the Eleventh Congress in 1810, the amendment was approved by the required 2/3rds votes, of the Senate and the House, and sent to the States on May 1st of 1810. In rapid order, the amendment was ratified by the actions of lawfully-elected State Legislatures.

By December of 1812, twelve of the seventeen States in the union as of 1810 had ratified it, with New York giving it a preliminary rejection: then, due to dissatisfaction with the administration of James Madison, Connecticut voted to reject it in 1813 (despite the fact that both of its Senators had approved it), followed by a final rejection of it by New York, and a rejection in 1814 by the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

Having had this amendment approved by its state Senate, the House of Representatives for South Carolina, in 1814, studied the measure in a committee and recommended rejecting it, but the matter was laid upon the table and never again brought to any legislative action. Virginia's law-making bodies had also been divided as to the article, in 1811, with no definite decision.

But after considerable delays, caused by a shortage of parchment and the exigencies of the War of 1812, included the sack of Washington, D.C., by a British expedition, the Virginians hit upon a plan to completely revise their civil code. A lengthy, two-years long procedure, the Revised Code of Virginia was ready for a final decision at the end of 1818, and early in 1819 the question was moved and final approvals of this Code were made.

The lawmakers voted then on a comprehensive, top-to-bottom set of laws revised and consolidated, and annotated; furthermore, many issues of law which had been left standing were "pretermitted," or passed over and held for final action later. Included in this new and completely Revised Code was the original Thirteenth Amendment, which was one of the items pretermitted. The law was passed, the Revised Code was approved, the printing costs were assigned and the printer set under bond to do the job.

Later on, the Legislature ordered that every Justice of the Peace and every prosecuting attorney and all the federal judges in Virginia were to receive copies of the Revised Code: furthermore there were copies designated for the federal House, Senate, both retired Presidents from Virginia and the Secretary of State.

All were eventually delivered and some were receipted. So, from March 12, 1819 through its last and final known State publication in 1873 by the State of Nebraska, and the final publication in 1876 by the Territory of Wyoming, the original Thirteenth was known to be the law by at least 2/3rds of the country.

In fact, the farther west one goes, the longer the knowledge of this Amendment lasts, and the later the dates of its publication.

The mention of "the Nebraska Navy" by Rayelan in her remarkable posting on Faction Two, brings to mind one other curious item: some years ago, as I was helping in the research on this lawful article of Amendment, a patriot scholar sent me an article which purported to show that the State of Nebraska, when accepted into the union, was described by longitude and latitude as laying in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

He could not say whether this was a foolish mistake which was perpetuated by error or whether there were -- in his words -- two Nebraska States, one real and one imaginary! Try as I may, I have not been able to reclaim the documents he sent me from a friend who borrowed 'em, and I quite naturally forgot about it until this post jogged my memory. So perhaps there is more to "a Nebraska Navy" than really meets the eye!

My research, along with that of other scholars who discovered the Nebraska publications in old law libraries, shows quite clearly that British cotton factors, or brokers, and their allies in the pro-slavery Democratic Party (as it was reorganized after the death of Andrew Jackson), were the parties instrumental in having this amendment suppressed. They were on the British payroll, or their business interests intersected with those of royalist Spain and in all events, they needed the cheap labor of slavery to keep cotton prices down and their profits ... way up. This is very much in line with what Rayelan has laid out for us all to see.

Their agent was then Secretary of State James Buchanan, who had been a smart young lawyer, elected to Congress at a young age, and then serving in the Senate. After his service as the Secretary of State, the federal official who had the lawful authority in those days to keep, control and assemble the documentary evidence which supports our Constitution, he was appointed ambassador to .... The Court of St. James, i.e., to Great Britain.

When James Buchanan came back from that service, Tom and John Slidell of Louisiana, with the connivance of their Senator Judah P. Benjamin, contrived to get him approved as the nominee of the Democratic Party for President. They turned back John A. Quitman of Mississippi, who was supposedly the leader of revolutionaries known as "the Cuban Filibusters." He was poisoned at one of the inaugural dinners held in Buchanan's honor and died six months later, a great hero in the Jacksonian mold slain by treachery.

Buchanan was indeed elected in 1856, despite the best efforts of the fledgling new party called the Republicans, and their great abolitionist hero and leader, the explorer John C. Fremont. The rest is, as we sometimes hear it said ... "history." One of the best lawyers in the country, with ample experience in government and foreign policy -- became the most indecisive, ineffective, and in fact, 'the worst President' ever to occupy the office. Except for the fact that Buchanan was most assuredly a gay bachelor, his regime bears many of the same markings of another "smart lawyer," one William Jefferson Blythe, nee' Rockefeller.

The onset of secession and Civil War was certainly seen as a boon by both the British, and the French banking community. They were both concerned, for differing reasons, with the rapid growth of the new union of States, with its republican governance, and with its anti-monarchical constitution. A scion of the Rothschilds banking house met with Judah P. Benjamin, the British West Indies born slaveowner and Senator from Louisiana, early in 1861, to assure him and Tom Slidell that there would be monies sufficient to protect and defend the mighty port of Louisiana, New Orleans.

He lied.

The men of law and medicine who sat in the Senate in the early years of this free and democratic Republic recognized all too well, how this weak and vulnerable system might be corrupted by moneyed interests, bearing Titles of Nobility, grants of land or pensions, presents and emoluments (i.e., campaign contributions).

A similar amendment was proposed when the Bill of Rights was in consideration in the first Congress, but it was tabled. But the persistent misbehavior (the "high crimes and misdemeanors," if you will), of Britain's ambassadors to the new republic, and the suspicion of the Federalists of all things French and democratic, made the natural antagonists of New England and the deep south into allies on this issue. The original Thirteenth Amendment was passed by a vote of 26 to 1 in the Senate, and 87 to 3 in the House of Representatives. The legislatures of Ohio and Georgia approved it by unanimous votes, and only the onset of a very unpopular war slowed its ratification and recognition.

While Andrew Jackson was president, it was printed in the law books of States as disparate as Connecticut and Mississippi, and it persisted in the western-most regions where slavery was most bitterly opposed, appearing in Kansas in 1868 and in Nebraska as a State, in 1873. Later on, western Nebraska was to become the home of large numbers of "Volgadeutsch," or Germans from Russia, the people who settled as tradesmen and mechanics in southern parts of the Crimea and Ukraine. Whether or not these people have any relationship to the Knights Templar, and whether or not the history of the western States holds something important for this issue is something of a mystery to me. However --

If the Knights Templar continue to struggle against the Society of Thule, and if their order is philosophical and religious in origin and in its functions, then it is not proscribed by the dictates of the original Thirteenth Amendment. If it is akin to the Knights of St. Patrick and the Knights of Lithuania, only ever-so-much more knowledgeable and potent, then the freedom to associate in a free Republic protects them as citizens, here.

The original Thirteenth Amendment was designed to frustrate the connivances of skilled British incendiaries, their spies and their useful idiots already in the government of the new United States; it was a bulwark against Bonapartist despotism and the grandiose plans of tinhorn agitators and their secret handshakes.

It was designed to protect our free elections, and to keep our military forces -- especially our navy -- from being tempted or corrupted by foreign mercenaries, freebooters, and royalist swine no matter what their country of origin. If the descendants of the Merovingians are loyal to the beautiful ideals of Jesus of Nazareth, and cognizant of the remarkable forgiveness shown to Mary Magdalene, and aware that every generation of men and women must fight for its freedoms in its own way, then I am with them.

They can call themselves Knights or Captains or Rock-N-Roll Champions, it matters not to me, so long as they are true to the principles I have just seen described in the Abwehr posting.

"Call me a rebel, call me what you will, call me old-fashioned, call me over-the-hill ...." I stand for the free and democratic Republic, this union of States, and for the sovereignty of every man and every woman, beginning with his or her ownership of his or her own body and DNA.

I will stand against all tyrants -- small and weak and frightened though I may be. I will shout about it until I am hoarse and I will fight until my life ebbs from my body and my children lie slain around me, if that is what it takes to frustrate the bad men and their satanistic, evil cabal.

That is my pledge to my fellow Half-breeds and Patriots: and this is where I have decided to make my stand, with my Crow medicine bundle and my scalping knife, and a stake driven into the good, rich earth of my beloved country. Not one step backwards.

The Original Thirteenth Amendment Is The Law!!

RMN is an RA production.

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