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Transcript Of The "Assault On Times Square" Video

This video was possibly made as a training tool to show members of a squad of soldiers exactly where they will need to be during their "mission" in Times Square 12/31/99. A video was made because showing up in Times Square with bunch of so ldiers would raise to many questions.

The video was then distributed, on base, to the men who are to participate in the mission. It was consequently given to a cousin of one of the soldiers, who then made a webpage [www.crowdedtheater.com] and released the video on the interne t.

The webpage was found, presumably, by this person's cousin or his superiors and taken down immediately - but not before I was able to download the video and put it back on the net for everyone to see and hear.

I have since been informed the site was taken down by the Department Of Justice (DOJ).

Here is the video transcribed word for word.
[in Times Square]


"OK, now you boys know that I'll personally land in a world of shit if anybody finds out I made this tape. But I just figured that since they decided we're not gonna do any on site manuvers, you guys could use a better look at where the de al's gonna go down.

Except for "Raven" none of you men are cozy with the area of operation. So I went ahead and I bought this camera. I'm thinking I'll give you an unauthorized "sit-rep" here. You could take it in the spirit that it's done - keep it eyes only and off the screen. This tape does not exsist.

[change of location]

This is where it all goes down. I'm gonna walk you throught it - take a look at the AO and give you a quick run down on the mission. OK? Let's look at it.

The containment pens and barricades run straight up and down from here, four pens per block. all your civilians lock up inside of them.

Alpha team, you're all here by 04:00 no later. This whole area is gonna be full up by then and you gotta be here before they close up the eight closest pens, north & south.

That's the structure that they dress up for the drop. Extra barricades all along this stretch here. Most of your civilian authorities are clustered right here.

"Cracker", you're over here. Lotta primin' the pump out along this way for a good quarter of a mile. Some of it, our people, lots of it's gonna be spontaneous event activity.

They're just startin' to hear about Austrailia by the time you get here. And by 18:00 they see the deal on Europe and Africa when it happens up there on the TV screens - so they'll be plenty spooked. Of course they're gonna calm down a lit tle when the word comes down that Austrailia has the juice back on around 21:00.

By then, you're bunk buddies with your little pen pals. You just keep throwing out your story to any of the caucasians near by. Hit'em on that black thing harder if you you got yourself a sympathetic ear.

Today, we're gonna get some for ourselves - all that shit. Stir that shit up.

[change of location]

These ten blocks here, from 47th to 57th, that's Bravo team. Concentrate north and take anything you can when you hit the L-Z. Most of your "just plain folks" are gonna be way back here - a lotta outta towners. They got here late and they won't be too committed to our location.

It shouldn't be too hard to get 'em so they start pushing they're way outta here and headed that way after zero. I want 'em running for their lives at that point. Very important that the push be north, toward the park.

[change of location]

OK, so our girl is gonna go and do her thing right here. She's jumped, she's stripped and she's screamin' by 23:10.

"Poison", you're right there in the front row, so you can make the most of it. Then the story's gotta spread up towards the north so be loud and keep moving to the left. Go up over your barricade and head out along the periphery. Everyone' s attention's gonna be initially focused up this way towards the TV screens up there. So you'll be walking right past they're line of sight. Just keep moving it along and disseminate the story up into this range. That should all be concluded by 23:30, by zero, your most of the way home.

[change of location]

"Raven", you're here at 40th by 16:00, There'll be "boucou" movement in and out of these pens here so you don't have to stay in one place. When you get here, you push your way up to where you're supposed to be or try and keep it in the gen eral vicinity. Again, there'll be plenty of preconditioning already in place, so you don't have to do too much explaining. You just walk around and "amen" any of the young brothers that happen to be talking about, "Yo, our town tonite", alright?

Again some of them are gonna be our people. Just don't go gettin' yourself busted before "Ball Drops". Keep it cool and watch where your standing and who your standing next to. If I could get you outta here any earlier, I would. Just hold off until you 'em coming in hard, then you give 'em a little of that "ammadu?" shit. Adgitate it, then once it gets going, you can start workin' your way outta here.

[change of location]

There's gonna be a lotta hot lead flyin' every which way all around here - be a lotta scramblin'. But you're workin' the range from 40th to 37th. So don't worry if you get swept with the crowd either direction. Just watch you don't take a hit from either side. Of all the teams, you're the most vulnerable to police arrest. It's very important that you do what you gotta do as early as you can. Just don't expect any favors from anybody in the NYPD. There gonna be looking at you like one of t he ring leaders if they do catch you.

I strongly suggest that if it starts gettin' too crazy in here, you consider heading over to 39th street and make tracks to the west. But just don't stay here too long, alright? You be back brother, we got people waiting on you.

[change of location]

OK, so that when it starts gettin' real heavy, zero. The lights go out and it's gonna be pretty fuckin' dramatic, especially if we got inclement weather or substantial cloud cover. I just want you guys to think on your feet, so if its dark , you go with the flow and ride it on out. The most important thing, make sure you got your withdrawal plan in your head - you "didi-mao" outta there as fast as you can.

I don't want anybody left on the island when the troops start movin' in. They're gonna sweep it clear at 03:00. Once they secure the perimeter - nothing and nobody is gonna get off this island.

[change of location]

"Hobo", you're the one that gets left behind - your ass is hanging out there in the breeze. I want 'em really mixing it up by 00:15, so you gotta make it happen if its not already on course. The stage with the dancers is a clean shot, righ t up there. You can use your discretion.

[change of location]

OK, so thats what it looks like. There's a lot of pressure from upstairs to get this thing done right. We gotta just get out there and do what we've been training to do.

If the situation is crazy enough, the civilian autorities are gonna have no other choice but to call in our boys to fix it. And like I said there'll be numerous operations goin' on all around here.

Concentrate on what you need to do, don't get held there trying to do to much. We just wanna get things started.

Alright? That's gonna do it from here."


Download the Video (Real Video 2.6M)

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