From 1996 Rumor Mill News
by Our Europol Operative

Operation Sledgehammer was called into life during February of 1996. The operation is a joint operation by the Office of Economic Growth and Regulation due to the many new corporations that are being founded in the United States. The group responsible for IPO's (Independent Public Offerings) stock market certificates, otherwise known as open corporations, had been draining lots of funds from the various FUND management companies.

The operation is being administered by the Federal Reserve Bank and the Securities Exchange Commission. They want to drive initial public offerings out of the Elite controlled stock market, and cause the stock market to adjust to what it was, before all these new upstarts caused the market to reach all time highs. The SEC is using the Company (CIA) to boot out all these upstarts--one way or another.

Companies are being fire bombed and minor acts of internal terror have been registered in the last 4-5 months. Many service oriented companies' stock prices are being artificially depressed by the floor traders at the exchanges. The wave of church burnings, in the southern and south eastern U.S. are attributable to this policy, because an usually high number of black companies have gone public.

The KKK doesn't have anything to do with the burnings. At the same time of the burnings, black business men have received a rash of letters telling them to shut their doors and let the price fall... or else. It is one of the most underhanded operation to come down the pike.

The effect is multifold in nature! It removes the new smaller companies from the board; it will bring back a higher unemployment rate. Right now the rate is too low. It will also cause interest rates to rise, spurning a slightly higher rate of inflation. It will cause the value of the dollar to seek its own level again. Prices such as $15.00 at the opening bell (on these new start-ups) will fall drastically over the course of the first few days of trading. The DOW and DJIA will experience less capital moneys. That will cause older, larger and better funded corporations a better chance to survive, in a dog eat dog economy. The upstarts will quickly fold, because they are underfunded, and can't pump more money into their corporations. The end effect of all this is that the U.S. economy will stagnate and slip sharply downward. The beginning of the end for the U.S. economy. Their main and only problem is that its taking too long.

A new wave of terror economics is about to be launched by a special operations group from the company. The effect will be felt by everyone.

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