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American People                                                Case No. 1:19-cv-0060


vs                                                                 Suit in Equity

                                                                Redemption of America               

The Custodian of the Alien Property                        50 USC ch.53 sec. 4309(a)



A Complaint was filed (1/11/2019) in U S District Court of the District of Columbia (1:19-cv-0060) to compel the Redemption of America from the Federal Reserve Banks and return America to solvency and prosperity via discharge of the debt.

I have been gnawing on this bone and pulling on that thread for over 20 years. Two years ago, I was unceremoniously deposited into the belly of the beast, Washington, DC, a territory steeped in history carefully archived within marble and granite walls. Mining the depths of the Library of Congress I made an important discovery that promises to change the course of America today.

I not only discovered evidence that the funds already exist to discharge the national debt and redeem America from the Federal Reserve Banks but I discovered a gateway to redemption. The gateway, or path to redemption is so clear and unambiguous that there is no doubt that the people can redeem America from the Federal Reserve, here and now.

Neither the President nor congress/senate can redeem America. ONLY the American people, the true sovereigns, can redeem the property from the provisional/occupational forces that administrate America today. After all, it was by our consent (assumed consent that is) that conveyed the property to the trust in the first place.

In 1933 the people Pledged/conveyed their property to the Public Trust with the intent of resolving the economic emergency that was the Great Depression. Today the President of the United States, as well as the congress and senate, gain 100% of their authority under TWEA and NOT the constitution, including the right to seize your property for any failure to voluntarily convey it. Public Policy, the codes and statutes, are the law of the Public Trust and the rules for the Public Citizen.

TWEA is clear that the non-Public Citizen/ Private Beneficiary to the trust has an absolute right to the net earnings; To a full acquittal and discharge of all charges against those net earnings. The net earnings sit in the bank (IMF) awaiting the return of the sovereign to claim the property. Once claimed, the Custodian has a fiduciary duty to settle the account, discharge all charges/debt against the account and release and return the net earnings to you, the rightful beneficial owner of the funds.

FACT: It is all about trusts! TWEA establishes a trust relationship with an enforceable indenture!

FACT: The Trading With the Enemy Act (TWEA) is the heart and soul of the Public Trust. All of the power and authority, duties and limitations, rights and remedies concerning the provisional/occupational force that administrates America today resides within one U S statute, The Trading With the Enemy Act. (TWEA) 50 USC ch.53 sec. 4301 et seq.

FACT: Under TWEA, the property of the American people has been ‘Pledged’ and conveyed to the Public Trust in accordance with FDR’s 1933 New Deal;

FACT:  As a result:

The American people have become Party to a trust relationship. Within that trust relationship;

Under TWEA, the conveyance of your right, title and interest in the land known as America, as a sovereign owner thereof, establishes the trust relationship.

Under TWEA, the birth certificate is prima facia evidence of the conveyance and a certified copy thereof shall be accepted in evidence in any court of or in the United States for a full acquittal and discharge of any charges against the account.

TWEA states that our sole relief and remedy exists within TWEA. But first one MUST fulfill the conditions precedent to gain Standing to access those net earnings.

Secret Accounts are NOT SECRET but Private

There have been those who claim that there are Secret Accounts to be accessed to discharge the debt. The truth is that these accounts are NOT SECRET but private! Only the private non- Public Citizen Beneficiary may access. The secret to accessing these net earnings is in the fulfillment of the conditions precedent, to wit: The filing of a Notice of Claim in the form and the content as set forth by congress within TWEA. Until one fulfills the conditions precedent any/all attempts to access the net earnings is considered to be FRAUD. We all know of those who are still in prison for their attempts to access the net earnings having failed to fulfill the conditions precedent.

Once one has gained Standing to access through the fulfillment of the conditions precedent, they have an absolute enforceable beneficial right to a full acquittal and discharge of all charges as a set off against the net earnings.

Trust law is extremely cut and dry. TWEA mandates a Suit in Equity where just the facts placed in evidence pertain; no opinions are allowed! The facts are all contained within the trust indenture including identification of the Parties as well as their rights and duties to the trust and to each other. The evidence is contained in the public records, to wit: your birth certificate that evidences both the conveyance and establishes your ownership of the property immediately prior to the conveyance.

The birth certificate evidences the conveyance and trust relationship while TWEA sets forth your beneficial right and the trustee’s fiduciary duties to the trust, the trust res and the beneficiaries.

The American people’s right to a full acquittal and discharge of all charges/debt (both public and private) is so clear and unambiguous giving rise to numerous legal methods for the enforcement of that beneficial right.

There are those who have worked diligently to access the Equity Courts in America today with various degrees of success yet have never quite obtained the remedy they seek.

TWEA is clear that IF your property has been conveyed, whether voluntarily or by seizure, your sole relief and remedy resides within TWEA. Our sole relief and remedy within TWEA mandates a Suit in Equity (jurisdiction) and establishes the venue (U S District Court).

The U S District Court, an At Law statutory court IS NOT an equity court, but takes on the characteristics of an equity court with the power and authority to span multiple jurisdictions in order to provide you an equitable remedy.

There are forces in the world today who are attempting to instate yet another bankruptcy of the United States that will bind the American people even deeper into the grips of the Federal Reserve Banks. A Claim has been filed with Treasury and a suit in Equity filed in the District Court to compel the United States to resolve the National Banking Emergency facilitating America’s emergence from receivership and a return to solvency.


For more facts concerning TWEA, your right to a full acquittal and discharge of all charges via set off against the net earnings owed to you visit us at http://the-national-voice.com/.

For more information on the federal case for the Redemption of America (including all documents and discussions on the working theory being employed) and to learn how you can become a Co-Claimant in the suit please visit us at http://the-national-voice.com/.