Russbacher's Credentials

A copy of official records from Offut Airforce Base, showing Russbacher's status as captain, captains' pay grade as Grade 6, assigned to ONI, with authorization from Commander-in-Chief, Pacific.

The following documents are from Rodney Stich's "Defrauding America".

At the bottom of each document is an explanation of what the document is.

You will find the name GUNTHER RUSSBACHER, OR RUSSBACHER, GUNTHER KARL on each document.

In spite of these official goverment documents, which have never been challenged, the United States Goverment still denies that Gunther Russbacher was ever in the United States Navy or the CIA.

From the Office of the Vice President, George Herbert Walker Bush. a confidential letter of appreciation to Admiral John Poindexter. Please notice the last paragraph where V.P. Bush offers his graditude to the CIA and their agents... and one is named Gunther Russbacher.

A memorandum from Oliver North to John Poindexter, describing a snag in negotiations in Terhan, involving Robert Hunt and Gunther Russbacher, among others.

A letter from Mossad Agent (and later critic) Moshe Ben-Manash to Robert Hunt, which also identifies Gunther Russbacher as ONI.