Story One:


By Rayelan Allan

Our story begins in the days before the Planetary Council had forbidden interplanetary trade with the small blue planet called Terra. Our first actor is Atalon, who came from one of the small planets circling the triple star, Sirius. His home planet was Obergon, the ruling planet of the Obergon solar system. From the planet Obergon, the court of his father, Lord Odon, ruled the smaller planets; (Felgon, Argon and Trigon) that orbited the star Obergon.

Obergon, Atreus and Sirius were the three stars that made up the Sirian Triple Star System. Obergon, the planet on which Atalon had learned the lessons of the physical world, bore a great similarity to Terra. Because of this similarity, Atalon yearned to rule Terra as he yearned to rule his home world, Obergon.

The young prince had learned the skill of interplanetary travel while still in his creation process, and thus was able to visit Terra whenever he desired. He would “think” himself wherever he wished to be and then materialize an appropriate body out of the local surroundings.

The blue gem called Terra spoke to Atalon in many subtle ways. On Obergon he was second to his sister, who was placed on the throne when their Father left. On Terra, he could make himself first with anyone, but especially with women. Atalon loved women because of the deep unacknowledged love he had for his sister. But he also felt mixed emotions of resentment and anger toward women because of jealously and hurt pride.

The story of how Atalon tricked his sister into going to Terra, and how he trapped her there, will be told later. Our present story tells how Atalon misused his power and consequently forced the Planetary Council to close the small blue planet to trade from other planets. An order of non-interference was issued. The punishment for disobeying the order was complete assimilation. Simply put, the offending entity would cease to exist as a separate being with a will of its own and would become one with the greater intelligence that rules the combined universes. Atalon was not the only space traveler who took advantage of the beauty and innocence of the planet Terra. There were many, but Lord Atalon is the one with whom we are concerned now. The story of his early visits to the planet Terra holds a special power for the human who bears the soul of Atalon. Somewhere on the small blue planet, a man looks up into the night sky and sees a bright blue star he feels is home. He has no idea why the star called Sirius speaks so sweetly to him. His memory of his life near that star is not yet fully awakened. And therein lies the reason for this tale.

It is now time for the sleeping memory of Atalon to awaken. Much has been learned from his stay on Terra, but it is now time for him and his family to leave, taking with them the knowledge and wisdom they learned in the Terran School. Atalon and his brothers and sisters are needed elsewhere in the universes where the special type of love that can only be learned on Terra is greatly needed.

Children of Obergon!
These biographical records are dedicated to you!

Allow them to awaken the secret knowledge that sleeps within you...

And let the journey begin!

Atalon and Shalma

Atalon made a fine looking human. His hair was the color of the Star Sol and his eyes were as blue as the oceans of Terra. Compared to Terrans, he was tall. His skin was golden while theirs was white or dark brown. The raiments he wore bespoke his noble lineage. His retinue of faithful servants showed his great power.

Atalon was a master metaphysician. In his studies, he had transcended alchemy and learned matter transmogrification. This skill is not uncommon on the planets of the universe where the nature of material illusion is understood, but on Terra, where a young group of souls was being schooled, these skills made Atalon appear as if he were a god.

Not only could Atalon change physical matter; he also had learned to alter the most private thoughts of Terrans. He could make Terrans do whatever he wanted. He did not have to force or coerce them. He could make them serve him willingly and happily. He could erase their minds, change their memories, program them to serve him, or even to love him. Atalon loved having this kind of power. He played with the humans of Terra as children play with toys.

Lady Shalma, eldest daughter of King Phylos of Atalontis and betrothed to King Xanos of Egypta, was in the garden caring for her plants when to the gate a handsome young man approached. Shalma had heard stories about the great god Atalon, but he had not appeared in Atalontis since the time of her birth. Eighteen years was a lifetime to Shalma, but to Atalon it had been only long enough for a quick trip back to his home world to attend his sister's betrothal celebration.

Atalon stood at the gate, momentarily mesmerized by the beauty he saw before him. Never on Terra had he encountered such physical perfection. The features, the texture, the color... everything was so perfectly flawless he wondered if this was one the many beings he had created. The quickening feeling in his breast assured him that Shalma was not one of his creations. He had never felt love for his own creations. As he gazed at Shalma, he felt something he had never felt before. He felt as if he was falling in love.

His eyes had never before drunk in such beauty, such grace, such poise, such love. Here before him, in the garden of his old friend Phylos stood a creature so rare and so fine that only she could be his soul mate. Atalon had fallen deeply in love for the first time. It didn’t matter if Shalma loved him. He would make her love him, even if it meant altering her thought patterns and memories.

Atalon truly believed Shalma was the soul created to be his other half, therefore he felt that anything he had to do to make her feel this also, was appropriate. If he had to erase the memory of her true soul mate, he would do it. If he had to change her thoughts so that she would love him, he would do it. If he had to program her to believe that their souls were destined to become one, he would do that also. He would do anything to possess the rare and lovely woman who stood in his friend’s garden.

Vowing to leave with Shalma as his wife, Atalon quickly pushed open the gate and entered the private garden. He frightened Shalma and she summoned her guards. The guards quickly rushed toward the intruder. Shortly before they reached him, Atalon put into their minds the picture of the God Atalon. The guards quickly prostrated themselves on the ground in front of him. Shalma was too astonished to speak. Her guards were the bravest and best trained in the land. They feared no one. They bowed to no one but her or her father. "Who is this brash young man?" Her thoughts held disdain and fear, as well as wonder.

Arise and tell your Master of my return." Atalon commanded the guards. They quickly left garden. He was alone with Shalma. Atalon rapidly scanned her mind to learn as much about her as possible. Shalma was totally oblivious to what Atalon was doing. As he was scanning her memories, he was changing the ones that did not suit his plans for her.

Shalma’s higher self, a part of her soul that had never incarnated in the material, understood the peril. Her higher self pleaded on her behalf and told Lord Atalon of the great mission that Shalma and her soul mate, Xanos had been chosen to perform. She told Atalon about the breeding experiment taking place upon the planet Terra. She reminded him that Terra had been chosen as the planet on which the developing souls from Atalon's home world would incarnate to finish their lessons on the material plane. She reminded him that the sun from his home had become a red giant and his planet could no longer support life. She told Atalon that if that if he proceeded with his selfish desires he would set back the breeding experiment by ten thousand years. She also added that this delay could imperil the combined universes.

Shalma’s higher self could not comprehend that Young Lord Atalon didn't care about the breeding experiment. He had heard about it, but he wasn’t interested in it. That was his Father and Sister’s project. He couldn’t have cared less about it.

Therefore, taking Shalma from Terra, and installing her as his first consort back on his home planet, would cause him no guilt at all. It did not matter that his selfish actions would set back the evolutionary progression for millions of souls in his own soul family.

Shalma's higher self sadly realized that she was dealing with a soul that had no compassion for other life forms, not even those who were part of his own soul group. She saw that he understood romantic love, and she made one final effort to save from erasure the love that Shalma bore for Xanos. Atalon was told that Xanos and Shalma were the two halves of a soul that had been split in two for a planetary purpose. Somewhere, deep inside of him, the truth of this rang a chord. He listened as he was told that the two halves had been preparing for lifetimes to perform the great mission that had been assigned to them. If Atalon removed Shalma from Terra not only could she never fulfill her life plan, but also she would forever be separated from Xanos, her other half.

Shalma's higher self saw into the future and knew that one day Atalon would tire of Shalma and leave her on empty world, served only by creatures that were created and programmed by Atalon. Shalma’s higher self pleaded for Atalon to leave the memory of Xanos in tact. Atalon also saw into the future. Atalon knew the pain of separation. In this moment of pure new love, he vowed he would never do that to Shalma. Even though he would not permanently erase the memory of Xanos, he would conceal it so deeply, that by herself, Shalma could never find it.

Atalon listened carefully to the pleadings of Shalma's higher self. The conversation lasted about an hour of Terran time, but to Shalma only seconds had passed before she heard the Lord Atalon laugh. As he laughed he sent back the silent reply to Shalma's higher self, "Before this day is gone, the love she bears for Xanos will not even be a memory. I, Lord Atalon, will be the only love of her life!"

Shalma's conscious mind had been totally unaware of the communication taking place between her soul and Atalon. She knew nothing of the pleadings to leave her and her soul mate alone so they could carry out the mission for which they had been created. The soul of Shalma begged Atalon once again to forget his own selfish desires and think about the other souls who were involved, the younger children of his Father, the Great Lord Odon. Atalon laughed once more, and ended forever all communication with Shalma's higher self. Henceforth Shalma's soul would never be able to reach her or Atalon.

Shalma now belonged Atalon alone. She looked up at the handsome and arrogant young man who was standing before her. At first she had wanted him thrown out of her garden, but now she was feeling something for him that she had never felt for anyone but Xanos. Unknown to her, Atalon was busy changing her thoughts and memories. Soon she would have difficulty remembering the name of her beloved mate, let alone the loveliness of his face and the gentleness of his touch.

It was easy for Atalon to have his way with Shalma for hers was a young soul group not yet skilled in dealing with the thought-changers. Given time, the newly incarnated souls would grow wise in the ways of the material plane and develop skills equal to those of Atalon. But for now the conscious mind of Shalma was swept away by the overwhelming love she suddenly felt for Atalon.

She loved him with her body, mind and soul. However, each time she swore the oath upon her soul, another presence would grip her and she would fleetingly remember sweeter days and a different presence. She was not and would never be free of her love for Xanos. He was her other half, the masculine part of her eternal soul, the north pole to her south pole. He was the mate with whom she would reunite once her journeys were complete. Her mind and her body may love Lord Atalon, but her eternal soul would forever bear the pain and humiliation wrought upon her by the young Lord from Obergon.

After consulting with his old friend Phylos, a quick wedding celebration was performed, after which, Atalon physically removed Shalma from Terra. He installed her in his palace back on Obergon. Shalma's soul knew that Atalon had no more love for her that he would have for a fine animal. He would soon tire of her and be off again on another adventure. But after Shalma, Atalon's adventures would never be the same.

While scanning Shalma’s mind, Atalon felt something he had never known before. The love between Shalma and her soul mate was mysterious and desirable. He vowed he would feel that kind of love. As the weeks and months wore on, Atalon slowly realized he did not love Shalma as she loved her soul mate Xanos. While life with her was pleasant, Atalon now had a mission in life… a mission that would keep him traveling to every planet in the combined universes, looking for the one soul that could make him feel the kind of love that Shalma felt for Xanos. He vowed he find his other half, even if it meant he had to meet every feminine soul in the combined universes.

The intensity of Shalma's love for Xanos had changed Atalon. He would never be the same. Shalma's love had opened a deep wound in Atalon. The pain was so intense he could not bear to look at it; therefore he never knew what was causing the pain. Without realizing that the secret of his own soul mate was hidden behind his pain, Atalon set off on his universal travels. This time his journey had a purpose, other than playing with lower life forms. This time Atalon set out to search the stars for a love he never knew existed. A love he could never experience until he stopped long enough to look within. Until Atalon was strong enough to face his own pain, he would never find the soul who had been created to join with him and become the other half of a new super-soul.

Because Shalma had a soul mate, Atalon assumed that everyone must have one. But this was not the case for Atalon. Even though it appeared that he and his other half were split souls like Shalma and Xanos, this was not the case. Atalon and his soul mate had burst forth from the womb of creation at exactly the same instant. The two souls were an experiment that had been sanctioned by the Universal Council. Atalon and his intended mate were created for the purpose of saving the Combined Universes. Whatever they did with their lives did not matter to the Universal Council. All that mattered was that they evolved, learned their lessons and accomplished their mission, before it was too late.

Atalon and his mate were created as two whole souls who will become geometrically more powerful than they were created, once their lessons are complete and they are permitted to join as one.

Shalma and Xanos were once one soul. They are now one soul in two bodies. After XanoShalma had matured to a certain level, their soul volunteered for a planetary mission, which required that they split into two halves. One half was the positive pole, or masculine side; one half became the feminine or negative pole. Because Shalma was a feminine pole, and Xanos was the masculine pole, they attracted each other like magnets.

Atalon could not attract his other half. He was created with the positive and negative poles within his own being. He was created whole, and could have felt whole, if the pain of his creation had not caused an open and festering wound. A wound so painful that he could not bring himself to look at it and discover what had caused it. Because of this, he doomed himself forever to walk the stars on a hopeless quest for a non-existent ideal.

Atalon chose to travel throughout the universe, while the other soul, (his sister, Raelon) the soul which was created to eventually unite with his, returned to the womb to help nurture the younger souls. Atalon developed his masculine nature, while the other soul developed the nurturing or feminine side of the soul. Atalon felt pain at being deserted. Because of this, he built a steel chamber to hide his pain. Until he opened the steel chamber and discovered what he had hidden in it, he was doomed to wander the universe like a blind man seeking sight. All he needed to do to become whole was to stop long enough to look within, but this truth was too simple and too painful for Atalon to understand.

The soul of Shalma, in great despair, brought her case before the Planetary Council. She set forth in detail the transgressions and manipulations perpetrated on the developing Terran souls by Lord Atalon of Obergon. She told how he had conducted his own breeding experiments creating women so beautiful that men from other worlds came to Terra to satisfy their own lustful desires. She told how Atalon enslaved some of the little Terran people, to work in his gold mines. Shalma spoke to the Council about Atalon's lack of compassion and how he influenced other souls until they became just like him.

Because Atalon was the powerful first son of the Great Lord Odon, the other souls felt that everything he did was correct and sanctioned by the Planetary Council. Many souls looked upon him as their Lord, their teacher and patterned their life plans after Atalon. If Atalon was selfish and heartless, these souls believed that this must be a desirable trait to possess.

Shalma’s soul barely mentioned her own misery, choosing first to protect her family and friends. However, just as Atalon could read the minds of humans, the members of the Council could read the thoughts of Shalma's soul. Her true plea was heard. The Council immediately understood the grave situation that existed as a result of Atalon's selfish and hedonistic actions. The Council acted without pause.

The Planetary Council was in charge of the breeding experiment, which was taking place on Terra. They knew about the traders and travelers from other planets who had met and bred with the daughters of Terra. They even knew about Atalon's own creations. But since the resulting offspring were so few, the Council had decided not to take action. In the case of Shalma, things were different.

A being from Terra had been physically removed against the desires of its soul and the plans of the Planetary Council. The being that was removed was not just an ordinary soul. It was a soul that had been groomed and prepared for a planetary mission. By removing this soul, Atalon had not only altered the evolutionary plan for that soul, but he had altered the Planetary Plan.

Shalma was an ordinary soul. The mission she and Xanos had agreed to do would be critical to the creation of the lighter and finer bodies that were needed for the next evolutionary stage of soul development. As souls mature, they need bodies that are capable of handling more of the soul energy. Denser physical bodies keep a soul at the primitive level of survival and reproduction. As souls mature, they require physical bodies that are capable of intellectual reasoning and philosophical discovery. These advanced bodies pave the way for an enlightening or awakening response which signals that the soul is ready to graduate from the Terran school.

When Atalon removed Shalma from Terra he removed her gene pool. This gene pool had taken thousands of years to create. Shalma was one of the most genetically advanced beings upon Terra. Her offspring from Xanos would produce the DNA necessary for humankind to reach the pinnacle of creation upon Terra. Without Shalma’s genes, the higher and finer bodies would not be created for tens of thousands of years. This meant that the Obergon souls, who were waiting for these bodies, would be delayed by that same amount of time. These souls were needed by Lord Atalon. Would he and his brothers be able to contain the threat at the border until his children were strong enough to join him?

After the Council became aware of the facts presented by Shalma's soul, they closed Terra to all trade and visitation. Even though their breeding experiment had been irrevocably altered by Atalon's interference, the council decided that the experiment could be saved if they closed the planet. They needed to make sure outside influence would interfere with the steps they needed to take to restore the Plan on Terra.

The Council ruled within moments of hearing Shalma's story. Terra was closed to all souls who are not officially assigned to Terra by the Planetary Governing Council. The punishment for disobeying the non-interference order was immediate absorption.

Their action was fair and of great importance to the humans of Terra, but for Shalma, the decision came too late. Even though Shalma's soul had acted within seconds, the difference in time between Terra and Universal Headquarters saw the passing of a thousand Terran years.

During this time, Atalon had transported Shalma to his home planet of Obergon and set her up in his palace as first consort. Shalma's soul had been right in predicting that soon Atalon would tire of her and continue his wanderings. They had hardly settled on Obergon before Atalon was off again. This time Atalon did not leave seeking adventure, riches or new toys. This time he went seeking for the one woman who would fill the emptiness within him...the one woman who would love him the way Shalma loved Xanos. This time he went in search of his other half.

While Shalma's soul was with the Council she was given a glimpse of the soul evolution of Atalon. She was given this insight because the Council knew the part she would eventually play in the joining of Atalon with the soul that had been created to join with his. Shalma was told that part of the growth pattern Atalon's father had developed for his children was for them to become whole within themselves before being told of their mission. They would never be told that while they were created whole, they were intended to join with another soul to create one super soul with powers far beyond any soul in the universe.

No wonder Atalon’s search would be in vain. His soul was not like Shalma's. Had he spent more time on Obergon, instead of wandering throughout the combined universes, he would have known this. But he refused to subjugate himself to teachers on Obergon who could have taught him all the mysteries surrounding his creation. He refused to have anything to do with the mystery schools of Obergon because his sister, Raelon was in charge of them. Because he refused to become a student, he never learned the secrets of Obergon's mystery schools. These schools were the only ones that could tell him the secret of his birth. There he would have learned that his destiny was different. But since he would not consent to study the secret mysteries in a school run by his sister, he would never know he was different and could not find love as others did.

Because he did not understand that his creation was an experiment, he did not understand the tremendous sadness and desperation that filled him. It was a sadness created from separation, a separation that occurred when souls were ejected from the womb of creation at the exact instant. It was a separation that was required in order for growth to take place. It was a separation that required a circular journey back to wholeness.

In the beginning he was whole, in the end he would be whole. But at the moment, he was in the middle of the journey, with no understanding of the beginning, no belief in an end, and no comprehension of how to complete the journey.


n his ignorance, he longed for the simple joys of Terran love. He desired the wholeness that he felt when he probed Shalma's mind and felt her closeness to Xanos. Atalon felt separated from all things. The kind of love he experienced in Shalma's mind was the only thing that could make him whole. He needed to be whole, and he would become whole, even if it meant spending eternity searching for it.

Atalon had acquired great material riches. Desiring them no more, he gave everything to Shalma. She wanted for nothing. Her palace on Obergon was far more resplendent than her father's home on Terra. But all the riches in the universe could not soothe her troubled soul.

Shalma spent most of her years alone because Atalon's relentless quest kept him traveling throughout the combined universes. It was from one of these travels that Atalon brought home to Shalma a most precious gift. He brought her a companion in the form of a teacher. A man from her home planet Terra who had studied with the greatest metaphysicians in the universe and had learned the subtle arts they had to teach. Atalon had been doubly impressed with the man. Along with his vast knowledge, the teacher possessed great humility and deference...especially to Lord Atalon.

The man was called Phraedros and the soul of Shalma leaped with joy when it behe1d him. There before her, in the body of Phraedros, was the mate she had left so long ago on Terra. There stood Xanos, her one true love. The soul of Xanos had never forgotten his love for Shalma, and even though it had taken him many lifetimes of study to learn the skills necessary to accomplish her rescue, he had remained true to her memory.

As Xanos stood before Shalma and drank in her rare beauty, he felt his soul cry out in despair. Shalma's conscious memory was still controlled by Lord Atalon. Xanos would have to bide his time and play the game carefully if he were ever to regain his love.

One of the skills Xanos had acquired was the art of future-think. This was a technique that Atalon had been too busy to learn and it was this skill that would eventually lead Shalma to her rightful mate. Xanos had the ability to look into the future and see the forming thoughts of Atalon. Xanos would then change his own thoughts to conform to every wish or command. By doing so, Xanos always remained one step ahead of Atalon.

Now that Atalon himself had opened the door to Shalma's rescue by bringing Xanos to Obergon, all that remained was for Xanos to awaken the love Shalma had for him. This was easily accomplished because of the loneliness Shalma knew, but it did not happen as rapidly as Xanos had hoped.

To awaken Shalma, Xanos had to spark her memory. As he taught his beloved the skills she needed to take her place among the star travelers, he also taught her about a young woman and a young man from the planet Terra. The two Terrans had been very much in love until a man who possessed the ability to change thoughts came between them.

Shalma felt the old memories stirring deep inside her, but it would be many years before her full memory returned. Until it did, Xanos had to remain only the tutor of his beloved. His arms ached to hold her and his heart cried out in pain whenever Atalon returned and casually used the woman Xanos worshiped.

Atalon could not love Shalma the way Xanos did. She was not of his world or of his father's creation. Her evolution did not follow the same path as his. Shalma had been created with a mate and Atalon was not it. Atalon knew this and even though his love for Shalma was not the same love he would give to his own mate, he did love her. This was the reason he brought Phraedros/Xanos to Obergon.

Possibly Atalon even knew who Phraedros really was; this is not known for sure. What is known is that Atalon wanted Shalma to have the same skills he had acquired. These skills would free her from Obergon and eventually take her back into the arms of the mate for whom she was intended.

Atalon knew he had kept Xanos and Shalma separated far too long, but a part of him still was jealous of them for sharing a love he had never known. He was despondent whenever he thought of their love. There was nothing he could do but continue his long and heart breaking quest for that perfect ideal. He felt he had to experience their kind of love, but this quest for love was truly an impossible dream for Atalon. Until he found his other half within his own heart, he would never be able to find the mate with whom he could experience the outward fulfillment of this love.

But by now Atalon was too driven to look within. His quest focused outward. Only a major blow could force him to turn away from his chosen futile path and look within his own being for the secrets which had been there since the moment of his creation.

And so, his famous quest continued. Legends sprang up here and there throughout the universe. Some told of the noble young lord who had given up everything he owned and walked the stars seeking his one true love. As the years passed this legend changed from seeking his one true love to simply seeking the One Truth.

Hordes of people, who had heard the legends, formed groups and joined the quest. The search for Truth became the main religion on many developing planets.

On Markos II the quest took the name of "The Search For the Perfect Bosom." On Phylon III it had become "The Movement For Inner Peace and Tranquility." On Terra it was called "The Search For the Holy Grail." Had Atalon known of these movements he would have been amused, but he was too driven by his own obsession to be aware of such things.

The more obsessed Atalon became, the more time he spent away from Obergon. His absences stretched into millennia; and Shalma, the beautiful Terran Flower, began to blossom and open during these absences.

For a thought-changer to have permanent success, it is necessary for him to totally obliterate all memories. Atalon respected the love Shalma had for Xanos too much to actually destroy the memory of it. What he had chosen to do instead was to throw a heavy blanket of illusion over it. This illusion was reinforced each time Atalon returned to Obergon. Probably the illusion would have held, even in spite of his long absences, had not Xanos in the guise of Phraedros been present.

Atalon was busy on yet another developing planet when Xanos was finally successful in igniting the spark in Shalma's memory that soon burst into the full reality of her love for Xanos. At first Shalma was so filled with joy she could think of nothing else. But when she remembered Lord Atalon and realized that he was the one responsible for her years of separation from Xanos, she felt great anger, an anger which almost overshadowed her love for Xanos.

In that moment, her only desire was to punish Atalon for the years of joy he had stolen from her. She wanted to make Atalon suffer the same loneliness that she had suffered. But as she listened to Xanos tell the story of Atalon's creation and his anguish, she began to weep. Compassion welled up within her and she vowed to do something to help him heal his pain.

Here was an entity who was in tremendous pain. Even though he was always surrounded by hoards of mignons, he was alone and lonely. He was seeking his other half in order to be whole. But he could not find his other half because he did not know where to look. Shalma felt Atalon's despair and asked Xanos if there was any way they could help him find the hidden part of himself.

It was this decision on Shalma's part which signaled success for the Terran experiment. Instead of feeling hatred, Shalma felt compassion.

When the two Terran lovers stepped inside the solemn chamber where the Planetary Council held Court, the members of the Council could barely contain the joy that filled their hearts. The council and three judges who sat upon the bench, had the ability to read minds. The moment Shalma and Xanos set foot within their chamber, the Council Judges knew they had come not to demand punishment for their tormentor, they had come to request help for him.

Xanos and Shalma stood before the bench and asked that Atalon not be punished, but be helped in his quest to find his other half.

The Judges looked at each other, and on a telepathic level celebrated their victory. The experiment on Terra was an overwhelming success! The planet was capable of producing souls with compassion!

The Judges and the rest of the council were so delighted by their achievement, that the request of Shalma and Xanos was temporarily obscured while the members patted each other on the back and congratulated themselves on the success of their Terran school.

Finally, the Judges and the Council Members focused their attention on the two Terrans. After a moment of pondering, the Council spoke, the High Judge delivered their combined statement. Their answer was no... they could not find Atalon’s other half and show it to him.

Shalma and Xanos looked at each other with sadness. Even though Atalon had done them great wrong, they understood why he did it and they could not hate him. In fact, his treatment of them as individuals had been more than fair. If he had not been the one responsible for their separation, they could have even called him a friend. They grieved for their friend. They understood his sorrow because his sorrow, the sorrow of separation, had been theirs. They knew what kind of pain Atalon was feeling. The two Terrans looked back at the Judges, and were about to question the decision, when the High Judge spoke again:

"It is not possible to show Atalon his other half, because he simply would not believe that this being was his other half. He would feel that we were playing a cruel trick on him. There is only one way for Atalon to find his other half, and he has been shown this path repeatedly, however, the terror it holds for him prevents him from taking it."

The Judge telepathically shared much of Atalon’s history. Shalma and Xanos realized that the only way Atalon could find his other half was to grow on an inner level. But to do that, he had to look within his own heart. Deep within him was the gentle nurturing part he had repressed for so long. It was the part of him that held his sadness and fear. It was the part of him that caused him pain. Because it gave him pain, he had erected a steel chamber around it. If he opened the door to his steel chamber, he was afraid the horror of his own personal hell would overwhelm him.

From the moment he was created he felt rejection and separation. Because he had these feelings he needed a reason for feeling them. He couldn't accept the fact that these feelings were normal. The feeling of separation is a normal process that the newly created soul goes through when it achieves individuation and is ejected from the womb of creation.

However, Atalon was different. Not only was he a powerful soul from a noble family, he was the First Born son of the Great Lord Odon. Atalon believed he was the First to individuate from Odon’s line. He believed this because for quite a length of time, he was the only child of Odon in the combined universes.

However, because his pain of rejection was so strong, and his sense of family position was so great, Atalon refused to seek help from the older souls who had been trained to help new souls come into being. They were not from his Line, therefore, in his mind, they had nothing he wanted to learn. Because of his refusal to learn from those he termed ““outsiders””, he did not deal with the pain of his birth separation. Instead, he used the pain to fuel his universal wanderings. When he needed an explanation for the pain he told himself it was caused because his Father preferred his sister to him.

Whenever he was called back to Obergon he reinforced his feelings of parental rejection and sibling rivalry. Atalon’s sister Raelon stood by her Father’s side and took their Father’s place when He was gone. Atalon believed his sister was not the first born. He believed the position she held should have been his.

In truth, all the brothers and sisters were created at the same time. Some achieved soul individuation sooner than others. Atalon and Raelon were the first to achieved it, and achieved it together, as ONE Supersoul. When they pulled their combined energy out of the Group Soul, the other children who were beginning to develop, or individuate, were set back in their process. It could have been labeled ““fear””, but since fear was not known to these developing souls, the feeling could only be described as a ““disturbance”” they did not understand, therefore they pulled back and waited until they understood what had just happened.

When Atalon and his sister individuated and were ejected from the Womb, Atalon burst forth and turned his attention to the Universe. Raelon turned her attention to the other souls who were still in the process of individuation. She sensed their trepidation and chose to return to the womb in order to calm their mixed energies, and help each one individuate in its own time.

Even though it appeared to Atalon that he was the first to achieve soul individuation and become a complete soul capable of being educated, this was not the case. Atalon and Raelon achieved soul individuation at the same time... because they are the SAME soul!

When Raelon chose to go back into the womb, this left Atalon alone in the universe. He did not know that he and Raelon had once been one soul. He thought that she was merely the eldest daughter of their Father. He also did not understand that she had chosen to serve the will of their Father by attending the younger children. She would have loved to have been by Atalon’s side as he sailed throughout the Universe, but she knew that her duty to family came first. Because Raelon was the first born who chose to stay with the family, she was the one who was taught the duties of being the first in line to the Great Lord Odon.

If Atalon had not misinterpreted his own inner pain and turned his back on everything that reminded him of it, he could have sat beside her and co-ruled. But instead, every time he returned home he felt slighted and insulted and inferior. He felt this way because he saw the way their Father depended on Raelon and he interpreted this as meaning their Father preferred the company of his sister to the company of Atalon.


talon believed their Father had given her powers that should have rightly have been his. Because of his pain and his perceived humiliation, Atalon spent very little time on his home world. He returned time and time again to the stars where he found his own school and his own path to enlightenment.

The council members knew that in order to show Atalon the soul that was his other half, and make him truly believe it, it would first be necessary for Atalon to discover the secret of his birth. To do this, he would have to return to a painful time, the time of individuation, ejection from the womb, and finally, separation from the other half of his soul.. But before Atalon could actually see and believe he had another half, he would have to open the steel chamber where he imprisoned all his pain.

Hidden among his pain was the pattern of his complete soul. This pattern held all the attributes of both Atalon and of Raelon. Atalon had denied the existence of this part for eons. He blamed anything that resembled Raelon for causing ALL his problems. Therefore, he would never admit that he had a part of himself that was like Raelon. Without first finding and accepting the part of himself that was like his other half, he would never be able to recognize her when he found her.

Without having foreknowledge of that which you are seeking, how will you recognize it when you find it? In other words, how could Atalon ever find his soul mate if he didn't know what he was looking for?

The only way Atalon could grow on a inner level, and thereby discover his hidden and imprisoned half, was for him consciously to give up his unbridled free will, the unprincipled use of his power and freedom, and to choose to study on a planet that teaches inner development and a reverence for all life; in other words: Compassion.

Neither the Council nor the High Judge and her cohorts, could force Atalon to make such a choice. The decision had to be his and his alone. And it would take a realization with the force of a supernova to make him choose to do this.

The Council further explained that although it would be difficult to help Atalon, it was not impossible. The solution had been with him since the time of his individuation. If Shalma and Xanos were willing to mold their futures around Atalon's, their request could be granted and Atalon could be helped to find his other half.

The Council gave Xanos and Shalma long and detailed instructions for carrying out the plan. Eventually the plan would bring the two inner halves of Atalon together. This wholeness would open him up to recognizing and receiving love from the soul which had been created at the same time his had been created, and was destined to reunite with him.

But to join with his other half, he had to develop both a positive node and a negative node. Both Atalon and Raelon were required to have two polar opposites in order to attract and hold the other half of themselves. When Atalon could finally accept the negative pole he kept imprisoned inside his steel chamber, only then could he open up to meeting an recognizing the other half of his eternal soul.

Once Atalon and Raelon were complete souls within themselves, they could join together to form a new and greater soul the likes of which the universe has never seen. There was a purpose for their creation, and their Father waited patiently for them to grow and develop and eventually carry out the destiny for which they had been created.

And so ends the story of Atalon and Shalma. Later we shall discover how Xanos, with the Council's advice, tricks Atalon into laying the seeds for his own undoing. In their father's absence Atalon convinces his sister, the Lady Raelon, to visit the planet Terra. There Atalon arranges events that trap her in the Terran cycle, making himself first in line to the throne of Obergon and acting ruler in his father's absence.


The players in this tale still walk the planet Earth.

If the names and the presences have felt familiar, look into your own heart and discover the secrets that have been with you since the moment of your creation.

©COPYRIGHT 2004 Rayelan Allan