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Vignettes From My Life With Gunther Russbacher

The Day I Met The King of The World
By Rayelan Allan Russbacher

I met the King of the World in July of 1990. I had been married to Gunther [Russbacher] about a year. Gunther had been in jail near St. Louis, the entire time. I was in California. I had not seen Gunther since he had been arrested two days after we were married.

I arranged for a film company, with whom I worked, to buy Gunther's life story for $40,000. The prosecutor agreed to take the money for bail, and released Gunther.

Gunther and I drove directly to Offutt Air Force base in Omaha. We stayed in VIP quarters on base. William Webster, the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence ) was on one side of us, Brent Scowcroft, the NSA (National Security Advisor), was on the other side. George Bush was across the hall, and Dick Cheney was at the end of the hall. At the time, Cheney didn't rate being in the inner circle, he was only the Secretary of Defense.

William Webster wore red shorts and a red Hawaiian shirt when he was in the room. We were there so Gunther could upgrade his SR 71 flying. Gunther had been in jail almost a year. They needed him to fly a top secret mission to Moscow and they wanted to be sure he still knew how to fly! On the mission with Gunther would be Brent Scowcroft, William Webster, Gunther's boss, the DCO (Director of Covert Operations) an Admiral named Wilhelm Johann.

There was a fourth passenger, but Gunther would never tell me who he was. When they got to the Moscow airport, there was no translator, so Gunther had to do the translation. He said there was an old KGB spy who was a friend, so he and Gunther did the translating for the group. The old spy gave Gunther a pack of Russian cigarettes. Gunther had them in the pocket of his flight suit when he returned.

The Russian delegation included Mikhail Gorbachev. Gunther and his covert group of high ranking United States officials carried a treaty to Moscow for Gorbachev to sign. The day of this flight was July 26, 1990. This was one day after April Glaspie met with Saddam Hussein and gave him the green light to invade Kuwait.

The meeting on Offutt was from July 19 to July 22. Gunther and his group left from Reno Municipal airport in Reno, Nevada, the afternoon of July 26, 1990.

I watched at the edge of the runway while the four SR-71's circled and came in for a landing. Three of the planes were painted in desert camouflage. Only one was the standard black titanium. Following the four 71's came a white Learjet. This was the same Learjet that Gunther and I had taken, a year before, when we fled his "handlers" and flew to Reno to get married. At the time we took it to Reno, it was black, with red pin stripes.

While we were staying on Offutt Air Force Base, William Webster called our room and told Gunther to look out the window. We were in a room that had full view of the flight line. We saw a white Learjet that looked just like our old "Blackbird."

I was listening on the phone when William Webster said to Gunther, "That's your plane. We painted it white and renamed it 'The Pigeon.'" Gunther shouted some colorful words and banged the telephone on the wall as if trying to hit Webster.

The sound of laughter came from the room where Webster was staying. It was so loud that it could be heard through the walls. Gunther stormed out the door of our room and went to pound on Webster's door. I stood in our doorway watching it all.

"Let me in", I heard Gunther roar.

"You think we're crazy?" a voice replied.

"I'll break this door down." Gunther threatened. "Let me in. I'm going to pound you into toast."

At that moment, two men dressed in dark suits approached Gunther. One said, "Captain, don't you think you should go back into your room before we have to get nasty?"

Gunther looked at them, calmed down and walked back into our room, slamming the door behind him. He went back to the wall that adjoined Webster's room, and pounded on it again.

"Just you wait, I'll get you guys. Your time is coming!" Gunther yelled this at the top of his voice.

I could hear laughter and voices, but I couldn't understand what they were saying.

On July 26, four SR 71's flew to Moscow, only three came back. One was left in Moscow, along with the pilot, a man I did not know. The other three planes, their pilots and passengers flew back in a close wing pattern that registered on radar as one plane.

We left Offutt on the 22nd of July. Gunther flew the flight out of the Reno airport on the 26th. We left Omaha and had driven non stop to Winnemucca, Nevada. We arrived at the Red Lion Hotel about 2pm on the afternoon of the 23rd.

Gunther requested a specific ground floor room near the front of the hotel.. Gunther and I had taken turns sleeping as the other drove for a day and a half. We were tired, but not sleepy. All we wanted was a hot bath and something to eat.

As we walked into the room Gunther said, "This is A CIA room. Turn on the television. There is a CIA training channel." I followed his orders, and sure enough there was a very unusual black and white film playing.

"Watch that," Gunther ordered. "It's a training film. It will teach you how to search a house with the owners home and they won't have the slightest idea what you are doing."

I sat on the bed in front of the television. Gunther went into the bathroom and took a hot bath.

In the film, there was a group of men sitting in a circle in a small room. I could not believe what I was seeing. There was a young William Webster, along with a young Zbigniev Brezhinsky, Stansfield Turner, Vernon Walters, and some I didn't recognize. They were discussing how to enter homes while people were present and search the home or plant listening devices.

There was also a narrator for the film. Instead of standing nearby and telling us what was going on, the Narrator was in a 1961 Cadillac convertible and he was taking us for a tour of a CIA community that had just been built in Florida.

The camera showed us the names of all the street signs. They all had names that sounded like sea creatures from Greek legends. The community had curving and circular streets. The streets were set up in such a way, that no one could enter the community without being seen, and they couldn't drive fast enough to do any damage and get away without being caught.

The top was down on the convertible and the driver's face could be seen very well. Behind the wheel of the convertible was a very young George Bush. He was the narrator of the training film. Bush said that it was 1961, and a Catholic had just been elected as President. Because of this, it was time to start selling Catholic bibles door to door.

The next scene involved Jean Kirkpatrick as a leery housewife who does not want to open her door to two unknown salesmen selling Catholic Bibles.

"What are you?" One of the men asked Kirkpartrick, "An atheist? Or do you just hate Catholics?"

"No," Jean, the housewife protested.

"Then you won't mind letting us come in and show you this Bible." One man said.

The two men walked past her into the house. One of them sat down in the living room and pulled out the bible. He began the sales pitch. The other man asked for a glass of water. Jean, the housewife, started to get up and get him one.

The man who wanted the water told her, ", you sit right there and look at the pretty pictures. I can find a glass by myself."

The man with the Bible, mesmerized the housewife, while the other man did whatever it was that he had come into the house to do.

Gunther later told me that part of this training film was the implied knowledge that a very powerful form of hypnosis was being taught to CIA operatives. This powerful form of hypnosis was imported from Nazi Germany after the war. A watered down version of it is called Neural Linguistic Programming. The man with the Bible, used this rapid form of hypnosis on the unsuspecting housewife while the other man did the dirty work. When he was finished, they thanked the housewife for her time and left with a $400.00 check for the Bible.

Gunther said he taught this Super form of NLP to CIA operatives at a school for Operatives in Waco, Texas in the early 60's. The school was called The Life Management Institute, LMI. William Sessions, the former Director of the FBI was a councilman in Waco at the time.

The film was longer. After the Bible session, George Bush came back on and drove around in the Cadillac convertible and talked a little more about something. Suddenly I was so tired I could not stay awake. I wanted to watch this film, but there was nothing I could do but close my eyes and lay back on the bed.

This was about 230PM. I awakened at midnight. I had slept almost 10 hours.

This was not usual for me. I am lucky to sleep continuously for four hours at a time, no matter HOW tired I am. Gunther wakes up every hour on the hour to do a perimeter check. He says it is a "leftover" from Viet Nam. But on this afternoon, both of us slept for almost ten hours.

When we awoke, we were both groggy. Gunther said we had been drugged. I looked at my arm, and sure enough, there was a tell tale needle mark. I did not remember anything about where I had been or what I had done. We were both so upset and wary about what had happened to us that we stayed awake until early morning, constantly on our guard wondering what else was going to happen. As soon as it was light, we checked out and drove to Reno where Gunther needed to pick up an SR71 flight suit.

A day later, Gunther flew his mission to Moscow. After he came back, we drove to Castle Air Force Base in Merced, California. We were told that Gunther was going to be promoted to Admiral and we were going to be given a post at Whidby Island in Washington State. Instead of this, he was arrested and our year long nightmare began again.

Many months later that I ran into an old friend I trusted. She was a hypnotherapist. I told her about the missing time and she suggested that we do a session. Once she had gotten me into a relaxed state, she asked me to talk about everything that had happened from the time Gunther was released from jail in St. Charles, Missouri to the time he was arrested on Castle Air Force Base by the FBI.

From the relaxed state I was able to remember two men coming into the room in Winnemucca and taking me out the sliding glass doors that led into the parking lot. I was dressed in white short shorts and a sleeveless pink blouse. One of the men grabbed a pair of sandals for me. They were not the kind of sandals that you would wear with shorts. They were 2 and a half inch wedge ankle straps. I saw that the men had backed a van up to our sliding glass doors. They put me and Gunther in the van.

When I got out of the van we were on a runway. I saw Gunther being led, as if in a trance, into a waiting plane. I was taken to a helicopter and we immediately took off.

The helicopter landed on a deserted World War Two base somewhere in the Nevada desert. The buildings looked like they hadn't been touched since the end of the war. I was taken into one of the buildings and put into a chair that looked like a dentists chair.

The man who was with me was the CIA station chief from St. Louis. A man I knew as Roger. He looked at the arm where they were going to put the needle. In that arm I had a rash that is called "Hoalie Crud". It is similar to athletes foot. I don't know how or where I had picked it up. I have recurrent flare-ups. Each time I have one, I have to see doctor for a prescription.

I hadn't had the time to see a doctor, so I still had the rash on my arm. Roger put a piece of scotch tape on the rash. He pulled it off and gave it to a man. The man left the room. When he came back, he had a swab that he handed to Roger. Roger swabbed my arm and that is the last I remember of that episode.

The next thing I remember is climbing out of the top of a vessel that looked like a submarine. The vessel was in a concrete tunnel or canal which could have held water. Or there could have been track under the vessel.

I was dressed in a pair of khaki pants, and wearing a white polo shirt. I had on the wedge sandals that the man had picked up for me. I was with Gunther's boss, the Admiral named Wilhelm or William Johann. The clothes I was wearing were his. He had worn them the night Gunther and I had dinner with him and his wife in the Officers Club on Offutt.

The pants were way too long for me. Someone had taken the cuffs and pulled them to one side and tied them up with rubber bands. The cuffs were tight around the ankle and puffed out like harem pants. From a fashion point, it looked good. I felt a woman had to have dressed me!

We were inside an underground base. The men who were there were wearing gray uniforms with yellow trim. There were two huge metal doors. One was directly in front of the submarine. The other was to the left of the sub. There was a long tunnel to the right of the Submarine that was filled with small cars, like golf cars, that were going to and fro very quickly.

The Admiral pointed to the huge door to the left of us. We walked over to it. There was a smaller door cut into the huge door. There was a button to be pressed. The Admiral pressed it.

"Why are we here?" I asked

"The King of the World wants to meet you," The Admiral replied sarcastically.

I wanted to ask who that was, but there was no time, a buzzer sounded and we entered a room that was a museum. The glass cases where the treasures were kept were incredibly low. I am only 5 feet tall, but the cases were so low that I had to stoop over to see what was in them. Most of what was there had the Templar cross on it somewhere. At the time, I can remember thinking, "so this is where all the missing treasures are."

The only thing I can really remember seeing is the Crown of St. Stephen. I do remember that I was looking as fast as I could for the Spear of Longinus. The Spear of Destiny that pieced Jesus side when he was on the cross. For some reason, I KNEW it was here in this underground installation.

A door at the end of the room opened, and a man, about 5 feet 6 inches tall entered. He had white hair and was wearing glasses with thick black rims. He was wearing a light blue shirt with an emblem on it. It was the compass from the center of the CIA logo. It was stitched in dark blue. The man who entered the room dismissed the Admiral as if the Admiral were a busboy. I realized that this must be, "The King of the World."

He put his arm around me and led me out the door from which he had come. To the right of me I saw a mess hall filled with hundreds of people. They were talking and laughing and acting as normal as any other group of military men and women I have observed.

To the left, I saw a long hall. The King of the World had his arm around my shoulders as we walked down the long hall. He was talking to me the entire time. I cannot remember what he said. And I do not remember anything more than the walk down the long hall, with many doors. The floor was gray linoleum tile.

At the end of the long hall was a door. The King opened it. The first thing I saw was a fountain in the center of the room. It was a round stone fountain. In the center there was a tree that grew about ten feet above the fountain. There was water flowing into the fountain down waterfall type walls that were near the trunk of the tree. I had never seen a tree like the one in the room. It looked like a very old bonsai tree. In other words, it appeared to be a tree that was supposed to be a huge tree, but it had been pruned and kept as a small tree.

The King said to me, "This is where we keep the spare parts from our cloning lab. Come, let me show you what we have here."

He steered me to the left side of the room. There were long, low metal tanks. They were about four feet in width and each one was about 20 feet long. There were three of them lined up next to each other. They were filled with a liquid that contained very fine minerals. It resembled sea water, but with a huge amount of salt and minerals.

In the tanks were small sea creatures of several different sizes. The sea creatures moved around, slept, searched for food, bumped into each other and floated in the mineral brine.

The King pointed at one of the sea creatures that was shaped like a triangle. "This one has a liver in it."

He pointed to one that was rounder and bigger than the others. "This one has a heart in it." He pointed to a small round one. "That one has an eye." Pointing to another one, "That one has a kidney."

He put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around, "Over here we have the arms and legs, hand and fingers." I saw that the other side of the room was filled with the same kind of long and low tanks which were filled with legs and arms and other things, including the strange looking sea creatures.

The King pushed me quickly through the cloning storage room and into a wonderful room filled with roses and orchids. At some point the King told me that when an organ was needed, they activated the tracker and found the one that had been grown for the person who was requesting it. All the sea creatures had implanted chips in them that were coded so the organs could be tracked and found when needed.

The sea creature was put in an organ transplant container... similar to the Coleman ice chests we take on picnics, and transported to where the transplant was going to be performed. The King told me that the creatures were not killed. They were "re-planted" with a seed from the original donor, and the creature was sent back to the lab where the organ would grow and be kept safe until it was needed again... if ever.

I remember walking through the roses and the orchids thinking how beautiful they were and how wonderful it was there.

And that is the last thing I remember from my meeting with the King of the World.

One thing I did recall very clearly, and it was my only real proof that something had happened to me. The rash I have does not tan. If you have a tan, and then get the proper treatment to cure the rash, there will be a white spot in the middle of you tan, where the rash used to be.

When I awakened from my missing time, there was a white spot where the rash used to be. I guess Roger treated the rash with the appropriate medicine before he injected me with whatever he gave me.

Gunther later told me that I was privileged to too many top secret conversations on Offutt, and all Roger was doing was putting in a block so I wouldn't remember anything.

I remember a lot of the conversations that happened at Offutt. While I was there, I had the feeling of being in a spy movie. For some reason, I remembered an old film I had seen as a child. I believe John Wayne was the star. It was about a soldier who was captured by the North Koreans during the Korean War and was subjected to brainwashing. He had a book a matches with him, and he wrote key things inside the book so they would jog his memory and keep him focused on what was really going on.

I decided to do the same thing. I figured the only time when I was safe enough to write myself notes, was when I was in the stall in the ladies room. I remember telling Gunther that I had a urinary tract infection. This gave me cover to explain why I was going to the bathroom all the time. I heard him tell this to someone who became suspicious as to why I kept excusing myself and going to the ladies room.

Even in the ladies room I wasn't really sure I would be unobserved. So I would sit on the john and bend over my purse, as if hunting for something. While my hand was in my purse, and I would write short keyword notes to myself, on scraps of chewing gum wrappers, receipts, or anything else that was at the bottom of my purse.

I have a habit of going through my purse every six months or so and throwing all the junk away. I know myself well enough to know that I write telephone numbers on scraps of paper, therefore, I have to go through everything that is in the purse and look at it before I throw it away.

It was several months after I had been on Offutt Air Force Base with Gunther that I went through my purse and discovered the cryptic notes I had written to myself in the ladies bathroom.. Each one jogged my memory.

I am sure there are still things I have forgotten, but I am also sure that I remember a lot more than I am supposed to remember.

One of my vignettes will be about the UFO's that landed in the Persian gulf shortly before Kuwait was invaded. Another will be about the 12 million aliens that are coming to earth. These are conversations that I overheard from Gunther's cousin Larry Pauley, A.K.A. Robert Steigler, and another cousin Garret Henderson, a man I later found out was Richard Brenneke's half brother.

Gunther told me that these two men were killed in Cambodia in 1994 on a mission to rescue the last of the POW's that came out of SE Asia before Ron Brown normalized relations with Viet Nam. All the rest of our boys who were left behind, were killed. However, I know that Larry and Garrett aren't dead. Their aliases are dead. But the men who played the part of Larry and Garrett are very much alive, or at least they were in November of 1999 when I met with them in San Antonio, Texas.

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