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Comment from Rayelan: When I wrote the book, Diana, Queen of Heaven, I labored over what image I would use for the cover. I searched every book on the goddess religion I could find, but there was no image that was instantly reconizable, as a female deity.

In one of the books, I discovered a picture of a statue of the Goddess Diana at Ephesus. Underneath the picture was a comment that was written by the author. It was the author's opinion that the Christian church that was built at Ephesus, and dedicated to Mary, Mother of Jesus, was done so in order for the citizens of Ephesus to continue to worship the goddess Diana.

The point the author was making was that the new religion was being built upon the foundation of the old religion. If the citizens of Ephesus resisted giving up their female diety, then a concession would be made, and these people would be allowed to worship Mary, the Mother of God, as if she were the goddess Diana--the Mother of All.

In this case Mother Mary replaced the Goddess Diana. In my book, Diana, Queen of Heaven, the point I am making is that a new Goddess religion is scheduled to replace the patriarchal religions.

After much soul searching, I decided that the cover image that would immediately grab the readers and make them understand what is being planned by the New World Order, would be a picture of Diana, dressed in the traditional and easily recognized garb of Mother Mary.

I chose one of the most famous pictures of Mary, and a friend copied it and then painted it with water colors. For the face, we chose a photo of Diana that captured the gentleness of Mother Mary.

When the book was released, I received several angry letters from Catholics stating that I had desecrated the image of Mother Mary. The depth of their anger proved to me that I was correct in choosing this image as the cover for my book.

Once I explained that if Christians do not stand up and fight the New World Order, then in a few short years, we will begin to see the merging of Princess Diana with the Goddess Diana who will usurp and replace Mother Mary.

The only woman, in modern days, that is associated with diety, is Mary, therefore I speculated that the New World Order would probably dress their Goddess Diana in the traditional Mary garb.

Once my angry Catholics realized why I did what I did, they understood my reasoning and embraced it. One woman ordered a dozen books for her church.

In the book, I postulated that the change from a patriarcal religion to a matriarcal religion could come in two ways. It could rise from the ashes of a world destroyed by natural or man made diasaters -- or it could take the gradual process, over decades, where society is slowly re-educated into accepting a Mother Goddess, instead of a Father God.

During this slow re-education process, the legend of Princess Diana would grow, until she was known the world over, as the most beautiful, the most loving, the most giving woman who has ever lived. I postulated that soon holographic images of Princess Diana would appear in the sky, dressed as Mother Mary.

My book was published in February of 1999. Ten months after the publication of my book, I am seeing the first of the signs that I predicted. I truly did not expect to see one this soon. The following article, published by the BBC, talks about a statue of Princess Diana dressed as the Mother Mary.

The people of Ephesus resisted a patriarcal religion. To ease the new religion into the area, the emphasis was placed on Mary, Mother of God, rather than on Jesus as God. Mary was called the Mother of God, and as such was equated a position of reverence equal to the female diety that had been worshipped in the area, the Goddess Diana. The new religion, Christianity, was slowly being introduced, into the area, by building upon the existing legends.

And now it has come full circle. In London, the first public display of Diana as Mother Mary is taking place. The Goddess religion, is surepticiously being foisted upon an unsuspecting public. The subtle, subliminal message of the Diana/Madonna statue, tells us that Diana and Mother Mary are equal.

Compare the photos of the statue (left) and the cover of my book (right).

Photo of Statue Cover of Book

Wednesday, 8 December, 1999, 14:18 GMT Storm over Diana 'Madonna' statue Lord Alton said many would find the exhibition "deeply offensive"

A controversial statue of Diana, Princess of Wales portrayed as the Virgin Mary is to go on show in Liverpool on Thursday.

The figure, on show at the Tate Gallery at the Albert Dock, shows the late princess dressed in the traditional robes of the Virgin Mary.

It is part of Heaven, a collection of work by artists from around the world. The artist behind the Diana sculpture, Luigi Baggi, is also behind a 15ft fibreglass statue of Jesus Christ, which is displayed on a floating pontoon.

Lord Alton, professor of citizenship at Liverpool John Moores University, said many people would find the exhibition "deeply offensive".

But Bishop of Liverpool James Jones, called the exhibition a reflection of today's society.

The Bishop of Liverpool calls the exhibition "a sign of our times"

He said: "This controversial exhibition is a sign of our times. It reflects our culture and shows the huge gap that exists between traditional beliefs and the spirit of a new age."

He said he had not yet seen the exhibition in full, but had discussed its contents with the gallery's curator.

The Bishop added: "Like it or not, the church has to face up to the fact that although people are spiritual, many do not find the church fulfils their hopes.

"I see this exhibition as a challenge to Christians to communicate our faith at the end of this millennium with great imagination and compassion."

The Archbishop of Liverpool, the Most Rev Patrick Kelly, said he would not be able to visit the exhibition because of other commitments.

In a statement, he said: "I would suggest we keep three things in mind.

"Firstly, Roman Catholic devotion to Mary is rooted in the Gospels which set before us Mary of Nazereth, her poverty, and her surrender to the word of God.

"Secondly, over the course of 2,000 years appreciation of Mary has been expressed in many forms of art no one of which would ever claim to tell the whole story.

"Thirdly comparisons might be made between the story of Mary, guaranteed to aspire the Gospels, and the story of anyone else, for example Princess Diana, and that would determine the authenticity of linking these stories through an art form."