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Diana Was The Target

From Conspiracy Tales,
A Monthly Newsletter By Brian Redman
Editor of Conspiracy Nation

Introduction by Rayelan Allan, Publisher, Rumor Mill News

In the article I wrote for Paranoia Magazine, "Diana, Was Not the Target", I said,

"If the original plan had been followed, only Dodi would have died. Princess Diana would have lived. But the accident and its aftermath would have filled her with such horror, she never again would make any trouble for the Palace and her "handlers".

The original plan was not followed. Somewhere between the MI6 document that made its way to the President, via the CIA and FBI Division 5; someone else, with another agenda, entered the picture. The story that has been released to the public states that Diana died from loss of blood due to a torn heart. The truth is so abhorrent and unspeakable, that even those who know it can not bring themselves to think about it, let alone speak it."

The rest of the article can be found on the Paranoia Magazine Webpage at this link:

Diana Was NOT the Target

Over the many months that have passed since the article was published I have had some second thoughts. The premise of the article is that Diana was NOT the target, Dodi was. The operative that gave me the information has supplied reliable information in the past and the story WAS definitely believable.

I was able to write Oswald LeWinter because he was still in prison in Austria and ask him to confirm or deny the premise. He did NOT deny it!

I checked out my information with one other source who was able to confirm many of the things that went into the article. Because I had confirmed it with three separate men who had sources within the intelligence communities, I went ahead and published it. But I still had a nagging feeling that something was NOT correct.

About a week ago, in a conversation with another researcher, I was able to pinpoint the nagging feeling! I realized that more than likely the story I was given was a COVER story that was created just in case the truth was discovered, the Mastermind of the operation would be able to save face with his family!

In other words, DIANA WAS THE TARGET!

Who had enough to lose that he took the time to create a cover story, within a cover-up? Who would do this? Who believed the truth about the murder would finally come out, and who was clever enough to engineer a cover-story that would let him off the hook, at the SAME time he was engineering the murder? Who stood to lose EVERYTHING if the people closest to him knew or even suspected that HE was the one who ordered the murder of Diana?

As I thought about this I realized that there is ONLY one person who would go to this trouble, Prince Phillip!

He must have realized that those within his family who were not PART of the murder plot would have the ability to find out WHO ordered the murder of Diana! Prince William is one who seems determined to discover who killed his mother as evidenced by this recent story.


Like Mohammed Al Fayed, I have always believed that Prince Phillip was the one behind the murder of Dodi. I NOW realize that he probably ALWAYS intended to kill BOTH Diana and Dodi. But he KNEW he would need to be able to "wash his hands" of any involvement in Diana's Death, therefore he decided to create a cover-story. Who was this cover-story created for? It was created for Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. It was created in case they discovered that their father/grandfather was behind the murder of Diana!

It is my belief NOW that Diana was always the target, but to save face in case the murder plot was unearthed, a cover-story was created that would allow Prince Phillip to save face with his son and his Grandsons.

He could tell them, "Look, I didn't want her to die! I only wanted to kill that "son of a bedouin camel trader!" Yes, I told the doctor to perform an abortion. I couldn't have the mother of the future King of England pregnant with a bastard "raghead"! I didn't know the abortion would kill her!"

His grandsons would hate him, but they would NOT hate him for ordering the murder of their mother. They would hate him for letting her die during a botched abortion in the ambulance!

Just as I was about to write an article on this revelation, my monthly copy of "Conspiracy Tales" arrived in the mail. It seems that my friend Brian Redman had been on the same wave length that I was on. He too had realized that DIANA WAS THE TARGET, and a cover-story within a cover-up had been created to throw select people off track!

While I DON'T agree with everything Brian says in the following article, I do agree with his statement, "... there was a cover-up within the cover-up."

Here is the latest from Brian Redman, the Editor of Conspiracy Nation, the oldest Conspiracy webpage on the Internet!

August 25, 2001

One Step Beyond...

"Diana Was Not The Target" is the title of a groundbreaking article by Rayelan Allan. [1]

I was privileged to be associated with Rayelan during the days and months following the assassination of Diana, Princess of Wales, as we both dug into the event, trying to find the true story. Her blockbuster report, "Who Controls Diana, Controls The World," premiered on my web site, "Conspiracy Nation." [2]. Author Robert Anton Wilson so connected Rayelan's premiere report with my web site, that he mistakenly attributes authorship to "Conspiracy Nation" in his book, Everything Is Under Control. [3] Rayelan followed up on her premier report in her book, Diana, Queen of Heaven, which book I was honored to write the foreword to. As mentioned, Rayelan's article, "Diana Was Not The Target," broke further ground in the quest to get at what really happened, in Paris, on August 31, 1997. This issue of Conspiracy Tales goes "one step beyond" Rayelan Allan's latest sleuthing, and demonstrates a cover-up within the cover-up.


Part of the detective work in solving crimes is to show that there was (1) Motive, (2) Means, and (3) Opportunity.

Diana was not shy about speaking her mind on subjects such as the British Royal Family, land mines, and (so-called) AIDS. Her divorce from Prince Charles was acrimonious and there was a bitter, ongoing, "family feud." Diana was a defector from the British monarchy. She had been ushered into the halls of power, via her marriage to the Prince of Wales; but she had sufficient conscience to finally rebel against the allure of power. [4]. Diana's relationship with Dodi Fayed further increased her political savvy. [4]. The popular princess went so far as to publicly refer to the British House of Windsor as "lizards" and "reptiles." "They're not human," she said. [5] Diana grew to believe that the British monarchy, with all its hidden power, were her enemies. [6]. In Great Britain, all members of MI5, MI6 (British intelligence agencies), members of Parliament, and military officers swear an oath of loyalty to the monarchy, not to the United Kingdom. [5] [6]. In the U.K., the monarchy is the state. By revealing royal family secrets, Diana may have been committing "treason."

Diana, nominated for a Nobel Prize, had become a "loose cannon" in the eyes of the Windsors. [6]. Her voice was heard internationally. And a new snag emerged: her romance with Dodi Fayed, an Egyptian and a Muslim. (According to the president of the American-Arab-Muslim Council, it was more than a romance; he claims that Dodi and Diana, before their deaths, had been secretly married, in Egypt. [7].) The Dodi/Diana romance was viewed by the state of Israel as a threat to its interests (national security). Any birth of an Anglo-Arab child to the internationally famous couple would promote world interest in Arab culture. [6]. There is speculation that Diana may have even secretly converted to Islam. [6] There was the dangerous (to Israel) potential that a Dodi/Diana union would be a powerful symbol to help unite the Arabs. (Ironically, Ariel Sharon is now also uniting the Arabs, though inadvertantly.) Suppose Dodi Fayed influenced Diana to denounce the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians? Her voice would have been heard.


Ex-British intelligence agent Richard Tomlinson says that MI6 (British intelligence, similar to the CIA) had assassination mechanics already worked out whereby to murder "a Serb leader"; he says the plan "eerily mirrors" the "car accident" deaths of Dodi and Diana. [8].

The American CIA, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), and other U.S. intelligence agencies had been spying on Diana for several years. [9]. The CIA routinely "bugged" her phone calls. [8]. The NSA admits it has 39 NSA-originated and NSA-controlled documents -- 124 pages altogether -- of top-secret information on Diana. [9] These U.S. spy agencies, as a matter of procedure, forwarded the results of their spying to their British counterparts. [9]. It was not just the demonized "paparazzi" who were intensely interested in what Diana was up to.

Reportedly, Diana's true killers belonged to an international conglomerate of intelligence services, known as Defense Intelligence Services (a.k.a. "Group 26"), based in Bristol, England. [10]. When independent journalist Sherman Skolnick began delving into this connection, he was warned off the story by one of the alleged members of Group 26, Gunther Russbacher. (This editor listened to a tape-recording of Russbacher's polite warning to Skolnick; apparently unknown to Russbacher: Skolnick had taped the phone call.) Dodi's actual murderer may have been what the Globe "tabloid" described as "a shadowy figure from the French underworld" with ties to British intelligence. [11]. He may have been the one who, immediately after the car crash, "reached into the car, as if he was checking to see if Dodi was alive," and broke Dodi's neck. [1].

Diana climbed into an ambulance after the car crash and the ambulance drove off, presumably rushing the princess to a hospital. As the Mercedes was Dodi's death car (though not via the car crash), the ambulance was Diana's deathmobile. Details to follow later, in this issue of Conspiracy Tales.


The Mercedes carrying Dodi and Diana to their joint fate left the Paris Ritz shortly after midnight on August 31, 1997. Also in the car were the driver, Henri Paul, and a bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones. Contrary to reports, Henri Paul was not drunk when he drove the car away from the Ritz. Ritz Hotel surveillance videos do not show Mr. Paul as being obviously intoxicated. Two days prior to the car crash, Henri Paul took an extensive medical exam necessary for his airplane pilot's license: the results of the medical showed no alcohol-related problems. [6]. The bodyguard, Rees-Jones, who survived the crash, insists that Mr. Paul was not drunk. [6]. Somewhere between the Ritz and the Pont l'Alma crash, Mr. Paul was poisoned -- intoxicated (toxic means poison). [6]. An abnormally high level of carbon monoxide was subsequently found in Henri Paul's blood, during his autopsy. [6] Mr. Paul was not driving erratically when he drove away from the Ritz. [6].

All 17 close-circuit cameras on the route from the Ritz to the Pont l'Alma tunnel were not functioning. [5]. This system of video surveillance had never before malfunctioned all at the same time. [5]. Simultaneous to the camera system failure, all police communications frequencies in central Paris went down. [5]

As the Mercedes neared the area of the tunnel, an unknown motorcyclist blocked an off ramp, thereby forcing the car to enter the tunnel. [8] In the Pont l'Alma tunnel, a flash of light (NOT "paparazzi" camera flashbulbs) from an extremely powerful "anti-personnel device" momentarily blinded Henri Paul. [6]. The car, stolen earlier that year, had been tampered with [6] A momentarily blinded Mr. Paul, poisoned, lost control of the vehicle and it crashed into a pillar. Contrary to erroneous press reports which had the car going much faster upon impact, the Mercedes was going less than 60 mph. [6].

Diana Was Not The Target

Diana was still very much alive after the car crash. [11] She was also 3-months pregnant. [5] [6] [7]. (Likely, the father was Dodi Fayed.) Stunned, she exited the car and walked around [1]. An ambulance arrived and she was assisted into it. It took over one hour for the ambulance to get Princess Diana to a nearby hospital. [5]. Why the delay?

The ambulance carrying Diana parked itself on a side street. There, an abortion was performed. The 3-month foetus was taken from Diana's womb. [1]. According to Rayelan Allan, Diana died inadvertantly, due to blood loss and damage to internal organs. [1] "Diana was not the target," she says. Her death was, according to Allan, not part of the plan.

Ms. Allan deserves more recognition for her efforts at getting to the bottom of the Diana/Dodi mystery. Her scenario is almost correct, except that Diana WAS the target. Is it really believable that after witnessing the demise of her lover and then undergoing a forced abortion, that the outspoken Diana would have kept quiet about it? She was politically savvy. She furthermore had a powerful ally in Mohammed Fayed, Dodi's multi-millionaire father. Diana had to be eliminated permanently; it WAS part of the plan. But there was a cover-up within the cover-up: Diana's pregnancy had to be hidden from autopsy doctors. It was not a botched abortion which killed her; it was purposeful "botching" which ensured that the princess would be delivered to the hospital on the verge of death. That ambulance was Diana's deathmobile.

"Paparazzi" Scapegoats

The world immediately sensed that there was something fishy about Diana's sudden death. Its grief and fury was supplied with a "patsy" for the death in the form of photographers who were near the scene of the car crash. A new word came into common usage: "Paparazzi." They were depicted as low-life scum who'd harassed the princess to her death.

But many of these "paparazzi" were actually mainstream journalists. [12]. They were also key witnesses, present at the crash scene during its immediate aftermath. They took a lot of photographs which are crucial evidence. Unfortunately, swift action by French police resulted in the confiscation of most of these "paparazzi" photographs. [6] (Some of the pictures, however, had already been wired to a press agency in North London. [8].)

The "paparazzi" were detained by the authorities and held incommunicado for days. They were warned that publishing any of the confiscated photos could be a felony, "obstructing investigation." [6]. When these normally communicative journalists were finally released from custody, they had by then all "clammed up." They weren't saying much. Meanwhile, within 12 hours of some key photos having been wired to the North London press agency, that agency was burglarized and the photos stolen. [8].

What do the "paparazzi" know? Why aren't they talking? Maybe they're afraid of "car accidents." Some "paparazzi" witnesses complain of being "stalked" and of having their homes and offices burglarized. [11]. Another, James Andanson, was found dead in a burned up car. "His mysterious death has never been explained." [11]

The LeWinter Affair

Oswald LeWinter was recruited into the CIA during the Vietnam War. He grew disgusted with the Agency and eventually turned renegade. [6] (By "renegade" is meant, sort of like Diana herself: "a loose cannon.")

John McNamara, Mohamed Al-Fayed's chief of security, says that in April 1998 his boss was contacted by high-power attorney Keith Fleer. Fleer arranged for McNamara and Al-Fayed to meet Oswald LeWinter in Austria. LeWinter claimed he had secret CIA files on Diana and Dodi; he'd sell them for $20 million. [8].LeWinter claimed that Mercedes driver Henri Paul had been poisoned and that the car had been tampered with; LeWinter produced documents supporting his claims. [6] But on April 22nd, LeWinter was pounced on by FBI agents. (FBI nabs him in Austria?) [5]. They said he was -- get this -- selling phony documents. LeWinter was arrested and charged with fraud. (FBI goes to Austria to nab someone selling phony documents?)

The LeWinter documents were not phony. LeWinter was offered a deal by the authorities: "Play ball with us; say that, 'Yes, the documents are fake,' and you'll get a simple fraud charge. Otherwise, you'll face charges of high treason (for stealing and disseminating classified information) in the United States." [1]

One of the supposedly fraudulent documents was published: first, in a Vienna newspaper; later in the London Mirror. Here is what it said:


Foreign Intelligence Information Report

Directorate of Intelligence


1. Relationship initiated between Diana POW and Dodi aF according to reliable intel sources in November 1996. Intimacy begins shortly after they meet. (Report filed)

2. Reliable source reports Palace seriously disturbed by liaison. PM considers any al Fayed relationship politically disastrous. Edinburgh sees serious threat to dynasty should relationship endure. Quote reported: "Such an affair is racially and morally repugnant and no son of a bedouin camel trader is fit for the mother of a future king." Edinburgh. (Report filed)

3. Request from highest circles to DEA attache UK for 6 on Dodi re: Cocaine. See file forwarded to UK embassy DC. (Copy filed)

4. U.S. liaison to MI6 requested by David Spedding for assistance in providing permanent solution to Dodi problem. Blessing of Palace secured (Twiz filed)

5. WHuse [White House] denies Spedding request. Harrison authorized only to arrange meeting for MI-6 representative with K-Team Geneva. (Twiz on file)

6. Meeting in Geneva reportedly successful (Report filed)

7. Al Fayed Mercedes limo stolen and returned with electronics missing. Reliable intel source confirms K-team involved. Source reports car rebuilt to respond to external radio controls. (Report filed) [1]

Diana Was The Target

Eliminating only Dodi Fayed would not solve the Diana problem, nor would eliminating both Dodi and the unborn child. Diana had to be silenced. Diana was the target.

Many reputable professionals agree: it was not an accident that Diana died; she was murdered. [6] [11] Governments kill thousands of people each day, in the name of "national security." What difference would 3-and-a-half more bodies make to them? "The State is the coldest of all cold monsters." [Nietzche]

Diana divorced Prince Charles on August 28, 1996. Almost exactly to the day, one year later, Diana was killed. Both Diana and the actress Marilyn Monroe were born on the first of the month. Both died, at age 36, in August. (The "loose cannon" Monroe's murderers restrained her and inserted a specially doctored Nembutal suppository into her anus; see Double-Cross by Sam and Chuck Giancana. ISBN: 0-446-36412-6.) Monroe, the Queen of Diamonds, and Diana, the Queen of Hearts, were the subjects of the Elton John song, "Candle in the Wind," which Mr. John sang at Diana's funeral.


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This issue by Brian Redman.

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