During the hey day of the frenzy, venture capitalists couldn’t say enough nice things about dear old Buzzy.

Now that the stock market looks as if it is on the edge of a cliff waiting to plunge, no one mentions Buzzy Krongard.

Many people credit him with taking the Nasdaq to its peak! Others, who roam deep in the basement caverns of Langley, whisper that Buzzy should also get credit for the organized collapse of the Nasdaq.

Who is Buzzy Krongard? Where did he come from and why does he say,

If you go back to the CIA's origins during World War II in the Office of Strategic Services, he explained, "the whole OSS was really nothing but Wall Street bankers and lawyers."

Do you suspect that Buzzy was trying to tell us something? Could that something be the fact that the CIA has had a secret financial division since the day it was created. The CIA owns and controls countless companies through a long and convoluted system of corporations, phony boards of directors, and Operatives who double as CEOs. I would bet that Enron is a classic CIA operation!

The CIA was behind the Savings and Loan scandal, the junk bond scandal and they are behind the meltdown of the Nasdaq and more than likely the bankruptcies of companies like Enron and Worldcom.

I hesitate to leap to condemnation due to the fact that a plan to bankrupt the Federal Reserve System, to rid the US of the parasite that is bleeding it dry, was hatched by OSS, CIG and CIA men... plus an Admiral or two!!

The following link is a compilation of many different articles which explains the plan to bankrupt the FED. Most of the men I met who were part of the plan to bankrupt the FED were Navy Intelligence officers attached to the CIA, or CIA operatives using aliases of Navy Intelligence Officers. All of them, with the exception of two, were from the Royal families of Europe which were exiled from their homelands after WWII.

Buzzy Krongard,

What do we Know about Him?

Buzzy, the Magic Genie

Lived by Langlee

And frolicked in the Shadow Mist

In the land of Siliconese

Little Georgie Tenet

Loved that Rascal Buzz

And bought him things

Like InQTel

And other nifty Stuff

Then one day it happened

The Silicon Valley lost its roar

And Buzzy, the Magic Genie

Was the first man out the door!

Oh... Buzzy, the Magic Genie

Lived by Langlee

And frolicked in the Shadow Mist

In the land of Siliconese

(To be continued by the gang!!)

Colorful Outsider Is Named No. 3 Man at the CIA

(GEE... the same as Gunther Russbacher!)

A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard, a cigar-chomping former investment banker and martial arts enthusiast, was named yesterday executive director of the CIA, bringing a fast-paced management style to the agency's No. 3 job.


Krongard, 64, former head of Alex. Brown & Co., an investment bank based in Baltimore, joined the agency three years ago as a counselor to Tenet. He switched careers shortly after helping engineer the $2.5 billion merger of Alex. Brown and Bankers Trust New York Corp., gaining $71 million in Bankers Trust stock.


Krongard exhibited the requisite secretiveness when asked to explain his interest in intelligence and how he came to land a job in Tenet's inner circle. If you go back to the CIA's origins during World War II in the Office of Strategic Services, he explained, "the whole OSS was really nothing but Wall Street bankers and lawyers."



The Ponzi Scheme

That is called the Nasdaq
Is an Organized Operation of the Intelligence Community!


I believe the country is on the precipice of a GREAT DEPRESSION, and I believe that the PONZI scheme that was called the NASDAQ is to blame.

If the people of the United States had men and women representing them in Congress instead of spineless jellyfish, there would be an all out investigation of the stock market and all the market fund managers.

The first thing I would check is their covert ties with intelligence agencies. MARK MY WORDS -- this NASDAQ PONZI SCHEME will eventually be laid at the door of the CIA.


The same people that were behind the junk bonds and the wild market of the 80s are the ones that are behind the current melt down -- it is phase 3 or 4 of the bankrupting of America! Wake up!

There is NO ONE in Congress brave enough to investigate this. The only thing Americans can do is desert both main parties -- en masse -- and form ONE NEW PARTY for 2002. Vote in good citizens! If there is a least one third OF US in Congress, there will be a chance that the little people can regain their sovereignty.




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Date: Wednesday, 21 March 2001, 3:02 p.m.

Mission Impossible meets Silicon Valley


"The idea is for In-Q-It to fund promising technologies..."

"The idea for the venture-capital fund was hatched in conversations between the new CIA director, George Tenet, and a former investment banker named A. B. "Buzzy" Krongard, who joined the agency in February 1998 as counselor to the director. Krongard had been CEO of Alex Brown, the investment bank that helped launch Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, AOL and dozens of other high-tech IPOs."

"Tenet floated the venture-fund idea to his CIA colleagues in May 1998, referring to it simply as "The Enterprise."

(Bill Clinton's CIA Director using Ollie North terminology? Could Bill have thought Tenet was a fox in the hen house? It's no wonder Bill asked Barak to kill him by targeting Arafat's office at the same hour Tenet was scheduled to meet Arafat. No wonder G.W. has kept him on. Are the lights starting to go on now? Do we have to draw you a picture?)

" "In" for intelligence; "It" for information technology, and "Q" in the middle because it was the code name for James Bond's technology wizard, and it just sounded cool."

(Isn't it a wee bit of a coincidence that "THE Q" uses the same initial? YOU DON'T SUPPOSE....? Oh dear... is there a FOX in the Bush? No.. there is a FOX in Silicon Valley, and he is about to take what's left of the dot.coms home with Mexico! Faction Three anyone?)"


(Okay -- two words!)


Never heard of it? Use the search engines on the Forum, the main page and/OR the two Yahoo archives. I saw it somewhere.. on one of the archive pages connected to this webpage!

And if you think this paltry story even comes close to telling you the truth -- think again. But those of you who have a nose will smell the coffee... but will you wake up?

The Washington Post

The CIA as Venture Capitalist

By David Ignatius

Wednesday, September 29, 1999; Page A29

If it were a Hollywood movie, the pitch would be: Mission Impossible meets Silicon Valley. But it's real life, and it's one of the oddest -- and most innovative -- things the Central Intelligence Agency has done in years.

The CIA has decided to create its own venture capital firm, called "In-Q-It," to help the agency connect better with the Internet revolution. The fear at Langley is that in a world of start-ups and instant millionaires, the CIA isn't getting technology's best and brightest anymore. So the spymasters have opted to create their own start-up, with plans for an office on Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto, where the leading venture capitalists hang out, and a $150 million kitty.



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Date: Wednesday, 21 March 2001, 4:01 p.m.

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This is Rayelan's archive link for OPERATION SLEDGEHAMMER.


Operation Sledgehammer

Q. In your story about TWA800, you mentioned an operation called
Operation Sledgehammer. You said that this operation had nothing to do with
sledgehammer missiles or the downing of TWA800. You said that it was an
economic operation. Can you say more about it?

A. Operation Sledgehammer was called into life during February of
1996. The operation is a joint operation by the Office of Economic Growth
and Regulation due to the many new corporations that are being founded in
the United States.

The group responsible for IPO's (Independent Public Offerings) stock market certificates, otherwise known as open corporations, had been draining lots of funds from the various FUND management companies.

The operation is being administered by the Federal Reserve Bank and the Securities Exchange Commission. They want to drive initial public offerings out of the Elite controlled stock market, and cause the stock market to adjust to what it was, before all these new upstarts caused the market to
reach all time highs.

The SEC is using the Company (CIA) to boot out all these upstarts--one way or another.

Companies are being fire bombed and minor acts of internal terror have been registered in the last 4-5 months. Many service oriented companies' stock prices are being artificially depressed by the floor traders at the exchanges. The wave of church burnings, in the southern and south eastern U.S. are attributable to this policy, because an usually high number of black companies have gone public. The KKK doesn't have anything to do with the burnings. At the same time of the burnings, black business men have received a rash of letters telling them to shut their doors and let the
price fall... or else. It is one of the most underhanded operation to come down the pike.

The effect is multifold in nature! It removes the new smaller
companies from the board; it will bring back a higher unemployment rate.

Right now the rate is too low. It will also cause interest rates to rise, spurning a slightly higher rate of inflation. It will cause the value of the dollar to seek its own level again. Prices such as $15.00 at the opening bell (on these new start-ups) will fall drastically over the course of the first few days of trading. The DOW and DJIA will experience less
capital moneys. That will cause older, larger and better funded corporations a better chance to survive, in a dog eat dog economy.

The upstarts will quickly fold, because they are underfunded, and can't pump more money into their corporations. The end effect of all this is that the U.S. economy will stagnate and slip sharply downward. The beginning of the end for the U.S. economy. Their main and only problem is that its taking too long.

A new wave of terror economics is about to be launched by a special operations group from the company. The effect will be felt by everyone.



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Date: Thursday, 22 March 2001, 3:17 a.m.






Spy Tech

Gilman Louie is Recruiting Local Companies to Build Technology with the Cloak-and-Dagger Set at the CIA.

Now All He Has to Do is Please the Agency, Congress, the Venture Capital Community and Private Sector Entrepreneurs. No Sweat.


Approaching the headquarters of In-Q-Tel on 12th Street downtown, there's no sense that you're entering the shadowy netherworld of spies and soldiers.

The building has a shiny, brand-new feel, and houses one of Washington's most prestigious law firms: Arnold & Porter. But one floor above the firm's law library is a paper sign taped to the wall leading visitors to In-Q-Tel, a new Washington venture capital fund.

It's an office like any other, but with one difference: this fund is backed by the Central Intelligence Agency and financed by the United States Congress.