August 14, 2005

Banned Agents - Do NOT post information from these people, unless cleared by Rayelan

I do NOT ban an agent without good reason. Some have been banned because they were government agents, others have been banned because they were liars, still others have been banned for various reasons bordering on fraud, and other illegal activities.

I do NOT state the reasons I ban agents, but if I have banned one, then you know that

1. I damn well had good reason to do so

2. I consulted with many advisors before I took such actions

3. I deemed that said agent did NOT have the best interests of RMN at heart


4. the banned agent presented a clear and present danger to the continued existence of RMN.

Reading this might also help you understand MORE of what I have gone through over the years from agents who very cleverly maneuver around the rules...


Or... "Pass Me the Hammer I Want to Help Pound the Nails at Rayelan's Crucifixion!"


When an agent is banned from Rumor Mill News, they can no longer post; therefore, no current RMN Agent can post their work. The same rules apply to the posters in the RMN Reading Room

TheMelinda - Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Revel (Andrew S, email 'kutclean') - ad hominem attack, language

VK Durham a/k/a watcher51445

Michael St. Clair - Abusive behavior toward other agents and other publishers and friends of RMN.

Fintan Dunne

Joe Vialls

Barbara Hartwell - You will not find posts by Barbara, she demanded that they all be pulled down.


rosalinda - He published a false story about a man in Belgium. The man threatened to sue me.


Cliff Mickleson

The Mule - The mule never posted ONE thing of value. I believe the only reason she wanted access was to spy on the Lounge.

Lawgiver1 - Lawgiver1 demanded that all his posts be pulled. The ones in the lounge are still there. (UPDATE Nov 21, 2009 - We understand the Lawgiver1 name and password had been acquired by Michael St. Clair, and certain peculiar posts were made by StClair under the Lawgiver1 name. The real owner of that name later requested all posts be removed to put an end to that confusion.)

Seidr - Quite honestly, I have forgotten why Seidr was banned. Someone will have to remind me.

Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick - general disinformation and wanna be FBI agent. She has a long history of being in and out of mental hospitals. She is really a great writer.... too bad!

9_of_11 - He resigned because I edited something he posted because it didn't conform to RMN standards. It was probably an ad hominum attack but I honestly don't remember.

FreeThinker or FreeMan - He kept posting images that were just one step away from being pornographic and to me were totally disgusting. I told him to stop it. He didn't. I deleted the image. He resigned due to CENSORSHIP.

'tau'- banned because NO ONE understood him except tena... and I got tired of the emails from readers asking me to explain what he said. I considered his posts "space wasters" - since no one but tena seemed to understand them

TruthPassion - aka Daphne - Daphne was a friend for many years before she became an agent. She's an Australian. I banned her... and lost a friend, because of her constant "hate-America" drum beat. We all need to be critical of our government. That's the ONLY way to keep one's freedom. There are MANY good things about the United States of Ameircan... but if you listened to Daphne... you would NEVER know it. The one thing she and many others writers from other countries do... is equate the American people with the American government. Daphne's unending parade of "hate America" posts... with vitually NO let up... became MORE than I could take. That's why I banned her. BTW... Every Australian Agent has been anti-American...

JohnGalt - government op

-- MKZombie - John Galt's other personality


This is a list of KNOWN disinformation agents that I also don't want posted on RMN

Victor Thorn

Lisa Guiliani

Pam Shuffert


JohnHammel was banned as an Agent because he could NOT control his anger and profanity. I believe VERY strongly in what John does, but he is his OWN worst enemy. Denying him the right to post at RMN was an attempt to keep him from shooting himself in the foot! Dr. Robin Falcov and others can post his info under their names

John Kaminski is NOT one of my favorite people. I don't know of ONE thing he has ever written that I agreed with. But he is NOT banned... unless he pulls something like he did here when he called Barbara Hartwell a small-minded, pre-programmed intellectual whore.

Ad hominem attacks are NOT allowed... and an agent can't use a reader to attack another agent. If a reader sends in something like Kaminski did... then you should send it BACK to the reader and ask for a rewrite. Just tell them that ad hominum attacks are NOT allowed on RMN. Anyone can attack a person with insults, but it takes a real writer with proven intellect to counter something an agent or reader has said.

I will have to add the rest as I find them in our files or other agents remind me of who they are. I don't have the time right now to go back and find them all. If anyone has the time to check the lounge for others... let me know.